5 June, 2010

Still More About Jewish Genetics

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Jews aren’t a race? According to the standards used by one U.S. government agency (the Census Bureau), they are a race [1]. It’s time for “race” to be redefined by the scientific community to include not just Jews but other people who are heavily inbred:


[1] go [Here] and scroll 7/8 down the page to “Census Bureau”

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  7. 6 Responses to “Still More About Jewish Genetics”

    1. Captain Slappy Says:

      I am going to write the IRS and say:

      “Dear Sirs,

      I am the current Planetary Overlord of Uranus, and hereby demand superior equality to your inferior races. Argument with me, without you immediately acknowledging my superiority, will immediately be declared an act of war on your part, and I will take over your Banks, your Government, your Media, and your People.

      Oh, and I want the same tax breaks that the Jews get.
      We heard that was pretty sweet, since they run the Federal Reserve and two Countries…..and have never paid taxes in 80 years. And those mega-corps they run tend to only pay the annual amount of 10% of what they actually owe….assuming they even file (which we hear they do not over 50% of the time).

      Yours Truly-
      The Big Kahuna
      Uranus Conglomeration & Confederation”

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      This is what I have waited for—genetics DISPROVES the Khazar hypothesis.

      Case closed.

    3. Ein Says:

      “The study,…rejected a highly controversial idea that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars in Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism — an idea that has recently been used in an attempt to discredit the idea that Jews belong in Israel because it is their historic homeland.
      The study shows that there is “clearly a shared genetic common ancestry…and that traces back to the Middle East,” said geneticist Sarah A. Tishkoff”

      OF COURSE they’re going to say that! To say otherwise would imply that they have no rightful claim to Palentine/Israel. The Zionists would not tolerate that.
      It even says above that it’s “a highly controversial issue”. The LA TImes isn’t going to touch it.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Ein makes a good point.

      The whole thing could be political.

      Time may tell.

    5. Captain Slappy Says:

      Really? 7 down?

      People need to eat more fiber and bran or something…..

    6. Kuda Bux Says:

      jews are neanderthals?