29 July, 2010

Knowledge and Discipline

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“As I was preparing this week’s broadcast, the news story causing the most excitement in the controlled media was a series of drive-by shootings last weekend in Illinois and Indiana by a 21-year-old student at the University of Indiana, Benjamin Smith, who killed himself as police were trying to arrest him. In addition to himself Smith killed only two other people — not much to get excited about by today’s standards, when drive-by shootings are a nightly occurrence in a number of our larger cities. What really had the media people stirred up about Smith, however, was the fact that he was a member of a pro-White church, and his targets were all non-Whites: Blacks, Jews, and Asians. A Black and an Asian died.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 07-10-1999.

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  7. 6 Responses to “Knowledge and Discipline”

    1. Virgil Says:

      Sieg Heil!

    2. CW-2 Says:

      In our less sober moments many of us dream, as I do, about going into the offices of MTV and clearing the place out, office by office. Of course that would be a big mistake. As the good doctor reminds us in the last paragraph of his talk; “….let us remember that with growing knowledge and growing self-discipline among our people, we, not they, will prevail.”
      So a certain level of passivity within the White population isn’t such a bad thing. The moderation and even temperament that define our people can work to our advantage by giving us more time to educate, train, and consolidate.

    3. Andrew Says:

      I know this is off-topic, but has anyone heard anything about Craig Cobb, recently? Last I heard he left Canada under mysterious circumstances and was in Montana. Podblanc has been down for weeks, of course…

      I remember when Craig “Chain” Cobb was one of the leading lights of VNN – back in the days when VNN was good, that is. Do any of you even know who he is? Do you care??

    4. Craig Cobb Says:

      Benjamin Smith was indeed in WCOTC, as I was, and he was intelligent, sensitive and honest enough to personally and forcefully address the low to medium grade worldwide racial war we are presently losing so badly.

      I am in Kalispell, MT. Have been here since July 6th. I walked 60 miles from Elko, BC–half of it through the Columbia mountains–the Kootenay Rockies section– half on the highway till a Montana militiaman I didn’t even know picked me up north of Olney, though I wasn’t hitchhiking.

      I hope Podblanc comes back online. My three laptops were seized by the RCMP; thus,I am out of contact with the other members of the Podblanc cell, and have no way of reaching them till I earn enough for a laptop and can at least try to reach them on Skype.

      If all else fails, I will learn Drupal and try to replicate a Podblanc approximate clone. People have not very much contributed to Podblanc, despite our former wide influential reach (Quantcast at one point had us ahead of every WN site in the world except Tom Metzger’s http://resist.com and Stormfront) and our “top 10” rangings into many google news story categories. It has been a severe disappointment that no financially well-off Whites have come to our aid during this 4th in 3 years mirrored servers ADL-instigated boot. If we had been broadcasting jew pornography, we wouldn’t be having any of these “free speech” problems. Alex asked me how it felt to be run out of so many countries for just talking–ha!

      I will run for political offices in Montana, and soon at least make a blog. It is really distressing to listen to Kwan “right wing” radio and hear the poor levels of understandings of the racial war we are losing to jews, nigs, Mexicans et. al. I am showing a video at the Kalispell public library on September 9th, 2010 under the Creativity Religion Creators– Chthonic Actinoid Eminences Grises Creating Life and Fighting WDNA Ermordungs of Planetary Extinction.

      I tried to pitch the escape from Canada to CBC (Matthew Ramsay in Vancouver and Helen G. in Toronto), Maclean’s, The Toronto Globe and Mail and numerous other Canadian papers. They’d rather front page feature brown johnson butthole heroines and mud invaders in their pages and on their airwaves. That’s the way it is. It is the “reality” we have allowed to manifest and assume current levels of Neo Weimar destructive power. It’s also up to us to change it all.

      Benjamin Smith was too young and inexperienced to choose important targets. Yet he “got it”. I met a guy in his late 20’s here who was incarcerated in Lompoc and several other prisons for over 8 years–including a stint as a temporary type of intern aide at Florence. He told me how the showers at Florence are rigged to hydraulically be “planted” in front of the underground door to each prisoner’s cell. That’s what Matt Hale is enduring. Somehow, there is more reality in the hydraulic planting shower that ploughs in front of Matt’s cell than there is in most of your Fox News/CNN/CBS lives. Just you wait and see.

    5. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Knowledge and discipline will always prevail over disorganization and ignorance! Look at what Germany achieved in 11 short years between 1933 to 1945! Unfortunately the Germans were much more educated than the Americans are today! I don’t mean in numbers of years of schooling, which is meaningless, but in terms of quality of education. What is the point of having the worlds’ knowledge at your fingertips when you can’t read or write. Reading and comprehension is the key to being able to process useful information, use it and pass it on to others. Most people under 40 in the USA I am very sad to say, are barely literate! Perhaps one of the things we could do to organize and unite White people is to organize classes all over the country under the guise of improving reading and writing skills for our people. At the same time we could be also be teaching many other useful skills. Need I say more!

    6. torrence Says:

      Craig – Good to hear of and from you. Were you not at one time in Latvia? Were I well off, you’d be supplied replacements of those 3 laptops stolen from you by end of next week. The system is creaking, it is becoming manifest. Hope you will regain stability and situate yourself once again into purposeful activity.