21 July, 2010

Re-Examining the Madoff Swindle

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There’s more to the Madoff scandal than meets the eye:


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  7. 16 Responses to “Re-Examining the Madoff Swindle”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      A very revealing article. I like the bit about how jews using the tradition of the “court jew” managed to con millions out of European super rich gliterati, ‘aristocrats’, and their hangers-on. Serves them right, I have no sympathy for them, but ultimately it is the White working man who will have to pick up the bill in the form of higher taxes.
      As long as there ‘aristocrats’ have their fine wines and fancy limos they couldn’t give a shit about White people in their ever darkening countries. If they had half a brain they would start pushing money in our direction. Just think what we could achieve in publishing and radio/tv with some real money behind us.

    2. Curious Says:

      Interesting, how Madoff was alienated from his fellow Jews.

    3. Doug Says:

      So the SEC might have ignored him for a while due to his high-standing in the Jewish community. SEC needs to be dismantled, like most govt agencies; stealing tax money and not doing the explicit job it’s supposed to do. It’s good that at least a few jews got fleeced by him, but seems many more Europeans and whites were the late comers to the scheme, and the early older jew inventors got the top of the Ponzi pyramid. Social Security is a ponzi scheme we’re forced to put $ into.

    4. treese Says:

      Did anyone ever do a study which reveals how many Jewish Americans have died in this middle eastern war? The Jewish scholars get sooo much money for all their studies which ultimately lead to ripping off the taxpayer that no one has ever did a study on that!! How many of their sons have died in this war?

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Dr Kevin MacDonald is doing an excellent job of deconstructing Jewish parasitic behavior.

    6. Mark Midgard Says:

      One of Obama’s cabinet members; part of his “economic team” is a woman by the name of Mary Schapiro who was head of a government agency that became aware of Madoff and his doings in the late 1990’s. She, like his entire economic team, is also a Jew — and in fact, she hired Madoff’s son to work for her agency!!

      She knew what was happening — but allowed it to continue; didn’t report it — and he just went on his merry way for many more years.

      Here’s a diagram of all her dirty Jewish connections in our government and our country:


      The article Alex has referred us too simply confirms what we’ve known for many decades — that the Jews here in America are parasites — like they’ve been everywhere else; and are milking us and destroying us at the same time.

      Note too how under the new financial overhaul bill the consumer protection department will be placed under the Federal Reserve — headed by another Jew.

      Why don’t I feel safe? — when the part of the bill to protect us has been given over to the stewardship of more Jews…

      Incredible! — and the time has come to do something about it.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Social Security is a ponzi scheme we’re forced to put $ into.”

      I agree. The motherfuckers take a big chunk out of your measly paycheck for all those decades that you have to work for The Man. And what do they do with your confiscated loot? Is it put into some kind of Social Security savings account with your name engraved on it, ready for you when you retire? No, your money disappears down a Federal rat-hole as soon as they get their shit-hooks on it.

      What a racket and a scam Social Security is. It’s the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised, much biggger than anything even ol’ Bernie could have dreamed of. My guess is that it shouldn’t be long before the whole rotten SS scam/racket becomes insolvent, thus provoking a popular uprising.

    8. Mark Midgard Says:

      Social Security became insolvent decades ago — during the 1970s.

      It was during the 70s when it crossed the income/outgo threshhold where the contributions no longer could sustain the fund.

      This was partly due to the fact that ZOG had already been stealing from the fund — using it for other pet projects.

      Since then, the only reason why SS has continued is due to borrowing and politics.

      Every year ZOG has to borrow more and more money to send out the SS checks — because the contributions are not only inadequate — they’re not being used to fund the payments. Gore described it as a “black box” — and that it is; a black box that ZOG has stolen from for all these years…

      So — Social Security is just a debt-ridden mirage; and will never become whole or “fixed”.

      All the politicians have been doing is kicking the can down the road — leaving the catastrophe for another generation to deal with — or to suffer with; per usual.

      Reminds me of all the State pension funds which the State governments haven’t been funding properly (have stolen from) — and now they’re all in big trouble; imagine that?!

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mark, you’re right about SS’s insolvency going back to the 1970s and how it’s been funded with borrowed money and IOU’s ever since. Excellent point.

      As far as those state pension funds being underfunded is concerned……GOOD! Most state employees aren’t worth a damn anyway, so to hell with them and their fat, undeserved pensions. Almost no one in the private sector (AKA, the real world) has the luxury of a pension anymore, so why should govt employees still have one? And union representation, too! Those slugs have had it too good for too long, I say.

      Really, what balls…..getting 30 days paid vacation every year, along with every single state and federal holiday off with pay. And not having to pay anything into their medical or dental insurance plans. And then a lot of them have that arrogant sense of entitlement, because they know you can’t fire them. Well, I’m glad to see that gravy train is about to get derailed.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      Rust never sleeps, and must be sand blasted, and the surface repainted.

    11. ED! Says:

      “Americans need to ask themselves if parties with this larcenous and nomadic tradition are appropriate stewards of our national institutions.”

      I do not believe that the stupid American people will ever ask that question even when they are sitting jobless, homeless, and starving in the ashes of yet another Jewish wreaked nation!


    12. CW-2 Says:

      I don’t know if aristo Otto von Habsburg (they guy who fancies himself as King of Austria) got stung by Madoff’s scam, but I was just watching him kiss the mud ass on youtube. Pretty revolting. I don’t know which is worse, the jew disease organism or White traitors. Both are going to feel our mercyless vengance.

    13. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “I do not believe that the stupid American people will ever ask that question even when they are sitting jobless, homeless, and starving in the ashes of yet another Jewish-wrecked nation!”

      I hate to agree with that, but I really have to. Its true.

      And yes, even after all of that, fully half of those brainwashed “stupid American people” will still be defending the Jews for everything, and the fools will be willing to pounce on you if you say even a word against their holy ‘Chosen Ones’. How dare you criticise The Lords people?

      And no, Jews don’t have any media control, any money, any government power!!! What on earth are you talking about?

    14. Yahoody Doody Says:

      I think that name “Madoff” is classic. As in Bernie “Made Off” with the loot. (He sure did!)

      Its perfect!

      I never heard of the name before; its not common to say the least. But it certainly fits him.

    15. zoomcopter Says:

      “As Kirtzman’s Laurelton informant said of her and Madoff’s hometown, “The more money, the better your things…The more money, the more esteem. The more money, the more people looked up to you” (27) — a revealing comment on the importance of financial success within the Jewish community.”

      Money is their God, and Madoff was their prophet. They are a sickness which envelopes our entire culture, now.

    16. Susan Says:

      Tim, I agree with you mostly about state employees. I certainly agree that many of them (mostly niggers) get WAY too much in pensions. They were lousy, lazy employees while they were employed and are undeserving of huge pensions after they leave employment.

      However, having said that, I was a state employee for twenty years. I worked my ASS off every day, with so much paperwork I could barely handle it all. Could the private sector have done a better job? Probably. But, that wasn’t going to happen in this country. The jigs made up far too many of the gubment payrolls, and now almost all new employees of the gubment are niggers.

      I was first hired at my last gubment job in 1989. At that time, most of the agency was White, probably 70% at least. Within a couple of years of being hired, my agency began to hire ONLY niggers. Every new employee class was either ALL nigger or 3/4 nigger. It became clear to us that the agency was being turned into a jobs program for jigs. We were actually told by someone (probably one of the jews there) that there were no Whites eligible who were applying. NONSENSE!!!

      For the first ten years of my last gubment job, I worked overtime every Saturday–the workload was that much. Again, if the jobs could have been privatized by Whites only, the situation would have been far different. But, that was never going to happen.

      No doubt about it, the Whites were the far superior workers there, in every way. The jigs did very inferior work. They simply didn’t have the intellectual firepower to do really thorough, complete work. But, there were enough jews in enough positions of authority to make sure that the workplace would continue to be “diverse”, with Whites in the minority. There were a huge number of dykes and fags there too……and they were a very vocal group.

      In fact, I began working there right when the AIDS epidemic hit this country. Fags were dropping likes flies. I’m not kidding. We probably had at least ten or more fags die within a 2-3 year period. One of them continued to come to work with red sores all over his face. Until he died.

      But, back to state employees: the only thing I can say in support of some gubment workers is that even after twenty years of employment, our salaries were only forty to sixty thousand dollars annually, only a fraction of what someone in the private sector would be making after all that time.

      Of course, NOW I wouldn’t work for the gubment for ALL the money in the world.