8 July, 2010

The End of Patriotism

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“As I said, this is really a big and important change in the nature of things. The Jews always were impatient with our old-fashioned sense of patriotism. It gave them a handle for manipulating us, but they always were a little afraid of it, always a little worried that it might turn against them someday. So now they’ve changed the equation of patriotism. Now they’ve dropped the pretense. That’s one more step in the remaking of America in the Jewish image, and judging from what some of the more reckless Jews have been saying recently, they feel pretty good about it. At least, they don’t have to apologize any longer for the sort of statistics I just cited on Vietnam casualties. Now they can simply cite their success in evading service as proof that they’re smarter than we are.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 05-08-1999.

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  7. 43 Responses to “The End of Patriotism”

    1. Virgil Says:

      Blame Karl Marx!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, it was fashionable for the anti-war crowd to wave North Vietamese flags at rock festivals, campus demonstrations, etc. Of course, neither the Jews nor the mass media had any problem with that. (I was against that insane war and could not have cared less if South Vietnam fell to the North…It was none of our business.) The only ones who complained were the usual comical right-wing reactionary groups, like the John Birch Society and the DAR. Since the Jews did not whip up any hate-hysteria against the North Vietnamese, the public had no real enthusiasm for that war. Ditto for the Korean War.

      But what if a bunch of young Americans of draft age during WWI or II had waved German battle flags in public as a protest against America’s involvement in those wars? Would the Jewish press have allowed such effrontery to go unpunished? Would Woodrow Wolfsohn or Franklin Rosenfeld have stood for it? No, there would have been mass arrests and nationally broadcast sedition show trials, followed by mass executions, all with the full support of supposedly “liberal” news publications like TIME, The Saturday Evening Post, The NY Times and the rest of that scurvy Jew-crew.

    3. Jim Says:

      Exactly right Tim. In the jew’s perverted logic Germany had to be totally destroyed in 1945, its ideology discredited, and its Leaders demonized forever with absurd lies. In the phony “Cold War” era, however Korea and Vietnam provided the jews an avenue by which they could get large numbers of Aryan men killed and maimed, make huge profits on military hardware, integrate niggers into the Armed Services, and in the case of Vietnam, to distract public attention so they could poison the well, by instituting such jewy “reforms”, such as feminism, hippyism, fagism, and the drug culture.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      ” If that means turning that majority into a minority by thinning out some of its components, then so be it. And if it means abandoning the concept of democracy itself, at least temporarily, then so be

      What ever was Dr. Pierce thinking here? I mean who the hell wants democracy permanently or temporarily?
      The real elephant in the room that carries water for the jew world ordure, is the Xian religion, I’m surprised Dr. Pierce didn’t mention that crowd. Go to any Xian church and you’ll who really is the promoter of war mania

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Maybe the jews do believe, patriotism could turn against them, but I think their greatest fear would be for the herd to break out of the religious corral

    6. Mikhail1965 Says:

      http://www.circumstitions.com/USA.html says:

      “The role of infant circumcision in the United States of America is mysterious. The US is the only country in the world where the majority of baby boys have part of their penises cut off for non-religious reasons. Yet this extraordinary custom is very much taken for granted. If it were being introduced today, it would certainly be rejected as barbaric ”

      If I were circumcised, I would be defenitely spitting on a flag of
      such country. Piece of flesh being removed from your body in acc
      ordance to jewish law?! For that I would do sabotage and flag burnind. To stand fo country wich circumcised children is subservience to jewish masters. And those many wars were in jewish national interests!
      Wish to die for jew, be circumcised? Your choice.
      Jews bring you bible, metizos, negros, multiracialism, colonic irrigation and Holliwood. If. There is. Jewish lobby. Then one cannot ot be patriot of America. In America jewish lobby is florishing.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’d rather see the fruited and nutted plain, dotted with Buddhist and Hindu temples, than with all those strip malls and Xian jeboo cult churches

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Damn does this shit never end? Like the frog being boiled in hot water. Well I agree with Robert Frost , I’d rather end the world with ice instead of fire, but on the other hand I’d like to see all those kikes and shabbaz goyim and niggers in the belt way fry real slow

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I think the ‘kwa was fukked from the beginning, first off the English puritans were able to enforce their judaeo-milleniunism cult on the young Republic, secondly the same bunch of fanatic Christards of both North and South brought in a bunch of monkees to compete with White labour to drive down prices.. you really believe the founding felons were concerned about anything more than their own bottom line? Get real, take a look at this monkey, and just ask yourself who in the hell would bring in boatloads of um and give um jeboo? Even ole Stonewall Jackson helped establish jeboo churces for niggers.
      Sad thing that all the other European nations succumbed to Britannia

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Take a good look, is this something you would have drug into the
      new nation, and allowed up until 1808 to continue to come in?

    11. festerbestertester Says:

      The Jew fears the internet. There used to be NBC, ABC and CBS, all controlled by their Zionist masters. All White men were Archie Bunker and all people of color were oppressed minorities. But now with the internet, a lot of White people no longer accept their lies. But as the years progress, look for the Jews to try to shut down any web site that does not treat them as the “chosen”

    12. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Indeed its so, Fester. Throughout the 20th Century, the Jews held a ruthless monopoly on the information “industry”. All forms of information or entertainment had to pass through a Jewish filter. Even multiple Jewish filters, before reaching the public.

      Now, the Internet has done an end run around that, making it possible to reach the public directly. That must have them terrified. The Jews worst nightmare is the gentiles getting out of control.

      And we know – from history – that they wont tolerate that. They will do whatever is necessary to stop it.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Patriotism is a bit like religion, it can only provide comfort within a reasonably homogeneous society. How can any thinking person feel patriotism in this atomized multi-culti society? Most city dwellers have no connection with the productive land and have since school days been fed a diet of guilt-trip history.
      Recently the jewK had ‘Armed Forces Day’, and the local park had lots of military exhibits, you know stuff like, ‘it’s a great life in the army, join the Queens’ Own Kamakazi Highlanders and get your head blown off’. A military band was also present playing ‘The Dambusters’ theme. All total BS.
      Another recent sign of increasing jew desperation has been the repatriation of servicemen killed in Afghanistan to a rural village near a large military airfield. The flag draped caskets are paraded down the main street and the local people, 100% White, dutifully come out and pay their respects. All designed to engender patriotic feelings. But the jews overplayed things by having a bunch of muslims, complete with baggy robes and head towels, shout abuse as the cortege passed by.
      It’s a big problem for jews and their globalist friends, on the one hand they want to continue their nation wrecking activities, but they also want White men to fight and die in their wars. They can’t have it both ways.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      CW2 says:It’s a big problem for jews and their globalist friends, on the one hand they want to continue their nation wrecking activities, but they also want White men to fight and die in their wars. They can’t have it both .

      Who would have thought that we would still be in Iraq and Afghanistan for nigh on a decade? Only one I know was , gee what’s his name? Oh yeah, Osama bin Laden!
      But then the cracks are appearing in the wall now ever so faintly, its hard to detect. The war machine is grinding down, heh it even happened to Alexanders phalanxes, time is the great equalizer, even jew must obey

    15. Nom de Guerre Says:

      CW2 says:How can any thinking person feel patriotism in this atomized multi-culti society? Most city dwellers have no connection with the productive land and have since school days been fed a diet of guilt-trip history.

      The problem of atomization and disconnect from the land is compounded 10 fold here in the KWA.

    16. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, just to let you know that my son Dana did change his mind about joining the military. He will not attend UTI but is working in a garage.

    17. Henry Says:

      All the best to him!
      That may keep him alive.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m glad the Evil Empire won’t be wrapping its slimy tentacles around your son, Miss Karen. Just think, no living in a barracks with 400 noisy niggers and spics. No strange innoculations with unpleasant side effects. No bizarre medical or pyschological injuries that the Army will claim are “pre-existing conditions”. No raping and killing 14 year old Iraqi girls. No civilian massacres. No waking up in the middle of the night screaming because of nightmares for the rest of his life. And no psychiatric medications for the rest of his life, either.

      Wow, he’s going to miss out on so much….Make sure you give him a big, embarassing mom-hug!

      PS………….Death to the Empire.

    19. Karen Says:

      Thanks guys!!!

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It would be nice if some “furrin” entity would kick Zogs ass down the stairwell of history, or even if Zog would go full throttlle and launch some spastic full scale attack on an unsuspecting target that it didn’t hem and haw like it does with Iran over UN Sanctions.
      I agree with Dr. Pierce, the Zog Joopers have no loyalties to anything but the job, especially no loyalties to the Kwanservativess who are always bleating about supporting “our” troops.
      I got a really dirty stare from some middle aged bitch the other day walking into mud infested dollah General Store, then I read the bumper sticker on her care ” Get behind our troops, or in front of them”. Yeah they’d fukkin shoot you in the back just like the Commies did when attacking Finland, or using peasants as shieldss.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Sometimes I get the feeling, that we haven’t seen the last of Slick Willie, remember Willie was the kind to pull a fast one, and to come out smellin like a rose, or was that in the rose garden, to tell an
      applauding media he’d just fried about 87 men,women and
      children. You have to appreciate Willies style, compared to say
      a Dubbya, or Rumsfeld, I mean he came out on the side of the
      Viet Cong, while Rush Limpdick, Dubbya and gang at least
      pretended to be patriotic. One knows maybe they’ll all
      stab each other in the back,

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Sometimes I have to shake myself from disbelief, that The Empire has carried on this furrin escapade on behalf of the lil shitty for so long, itz fukkin boring. The only thing breaking the doldrums, was the Russian spy ring(patriots?) nice looking babes swap for a couple of Russian traitors, what gives here? Seems like the Zog can’t even produce its own spies or traitors. At least in Orwells novel they occasionaly trotted out some traitors, or Eurasian joopers for the crowd

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      BTW, Karen, I did not mean to imply that your son would ever participate in the rape and murder of a 14 year old Iraqi girl. I meant to say that he will not be able to witness such a crime now that he has decided against enlisting.

      I’d like to see every White mother pull her son out of the US military. All that baloney about “serving your country” and being a “patriotic hero” is nothing a lie designed to lure in naive young White men so they can fight for Israel and the military-industrial complex.

      You want to be a REAL hero? Be a good dad and a good son. Help out your less fortunate White neighbors and friends. Adopt some stray cats and dogs. Just be decent.

    24. O*R*I*O*N Says:


    25. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Sorry to be off topic guys.
      I have tried posting a comment on the open thread, but it was rejected a couple of times.
      So I had to test whether it was due to length or not.
      the test came through allright. So it was probably too lengthy then.

    26. Henry Says:

      I don’t think that is the case… because there are some EXTREMELY lengthy posts here. They come through.

      It has to be something else, I don’t know what. Maybe some word that refuses to go through a filter.

    27. Henry Says:

      “You want to be a REAL hero? Be a good dad and a good son. Help out your less fortunate White neighbors and friends. Adopt some stray cats and dogs. Just be decent.”

      Who was that woman who was here a few months ago? She handed out sandwiches in Newport Beach CA, I think it was, and helped out people who were down and out. In other words, she helped in her own way, in whatever way she could. I don’t remember her name now. SHE was a good and decent person! Yes, just be decent, that’s all you can do.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, I too remember that woman in Newport Beach. Do you think she’ll be profiled in the local news as a “hero of the week”? I doubt it. After all, she’s only helping White people. It’s not as if she was doing something really wonderful, like going to Haiti to feed the stupid lazy niggers.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Sometimes I get the feeling, that we haven’t seen the last of Slick Willie, remember Willie was the kind to pull a fast one, and to come out smellin like a rose……………..”


      No, we certainly have not seen or heard the last of Slick Willie Clinton. That sleazebag has absolutely no sense of shame. If there’s a TV camera around, he’s there in front of it with that “aw, shucks” expression on his blotchy red face. This is the guy who had dozens of people around him bumped off, people like his former business partner Jim McDougal, a guy who could have spilled the beans to the Feds about Bill and Hill’s Whitewater scam, among many other things. How convenient that he should suddenly die of a heart attack while in custody. Convenient for Bill and Hill, that is.

      Clinton also gave a speech where he said he “looked forward” to the day when Whites would no longer be the majority in the US. He was responsible for killing 80 White women and children at Waco and for ordering missile attacks on Baghdad and Belgrade whenever the Monica Jewinsky scandal started to boil over.

      It wouild literally take the rest of the evening to list all of the Clintons’ crimes. But it was the crimes of the Clinton White House that caused me to become Jew-wise. His administration was infested with those creatures and so was the press that kept making excuses for him. Even the so-called “conservative” press that served as the token opposition was Jew-controlled. The extent of Jew control shocked me. Then it enraged me. I have remained in a continous state of rage since 1997.

    30. Nordlander Says:

      The thing about patriotism: it is natural to feel for your own country’s people, same as you feel for your own family. And you want to feel part of a whole. In Europe, the Left was strong and spit at patriotism, so it was left to the Right, conservative and nationalist. But in America, patriotism was too strong to be spit at. Instead the establishment corrupted it. There was the threat of being called a racist and a Nazi if you were a patriot, but then the deal was offered: include Negros in uniform, applaud them too, and you’re off the Nazi hook.

      With patriotism corrupted, nationalists began despising it. Like the Marxists have always done, they got cynical, pointed out mistakes in patriotism, asked, “what’s a country anyway?”, laughed at the innocence. All old ideas have some innocent and naive ingredients – making them easy to attack. Plus, there are plenty of lemmings in America, same as in all countries, to point to and say, “Should I belong to the same country as that one? Never!”

      Nationalists substituted a belief that was purely about the race, no nation involved. But this is too abstract for most people. They also doubt that other peoples in the race have the same pure attention to genetics, not soil. It’s just not workable, they say. And that’s a big problem with White Nationalism today. Patriotism was handed over completely to the Jews. A few racialists, like Edgar J. Steele, have ignored this hijacking, talking of American Nationalism, but most have not.

      White Nationalism – too far up, too abstract. Patriotism has its place on the first level, WNism on the second. You shouldn’t exclude either of them.

    31. Mikhail1965 Says:

      Patriotism derived from Pater – Father. And if ruling classes do not resemble your father due to their nationality or allegiances, then patriotism is void. Jewish lobby, pentagon and financial lobbies are ruling US de facto. To be loyal to America is to be loyal to one of those groups: to banks, to Israel or to military.
      I m sorry, but in the most countries it is the same regime.

    32. Dave Says:

      Annie Oakley was the lady who fed the less fortunate whites.She posts on other sites and is a very sweet person.

    33. Jim Says:

      To the jews, any nation, except Israel is only a piece of Real Estate, to be filled up with as many dissimilar races as possible. A REAL Nation is a Nation based on Blood and Soil. It is inhabited by only ONE race, or closely related sub-groups of the same core race; ie Nordics, Alpines, and Mediterraneans. True patriotism is loyalty to family, folk, and Nation. What the jews have turned the ‘Kwa into is a bastardized anti-nation, that deserves only our contempt.

    34. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “I m sorry, but in the most countries it is the same regime.”

      You mean the new boss is same as the old boss?

    35. Guest Says:

      Increasingly, patriotism and is being managed and controlled by international sporting events. During the World Cup for example, we were treated in Britain to commentators and newsreaders trying to get English fans to support other countries’ teams with the same fervour as England after England was knocked out. The message was obvious. Support your national team, but only as a football team because country doesn’t exist under globalism. It’s like that in international sports now. You are currently lucky in America as your government, local and national, don’t use the police, Marxist thugs and anti-white non-whites to harass and intimidate people who fly the national flag. They say it’s racist to fly our flag because Muslims and non-whites object. The way I see it is they can all go and live in a country they like instead of wrecking ours.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      I watched some of that World Cup game the other day and I noticed a bunch of young Germans running through the streets waving that red, black and gold flag of theirs, the symbol of German surrender and castration. I guess the only kind of patriotism that Germans are permitted to display these days is when they cheer their racially diverse soccer team at sporting events.

    37. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Jim Says:
      To the jews, any nation, except Israel is only a piece of Real Estate, to be filled up with as many dissimilar races as possible. A REAL Nation is a Nation based on Blood and Soil.

      Very good post there, Jim. Exactly right! Just a piece of real estate. Youre making me have some hope for you after all. And the boundaries of the gentile nations, for them (the Jews), dont even exist. Theyre as indifferent to gentile nations and borders as the birds that migrate through the air. Those borders dont apply to them.

      What you cite is the Germanic view , according to the concept of Fichte. But that is exactly diametrical to the faddish Neo-con concept of Podhoretz, Kristol, and all the ex-Trotskyite gang that holds sway in Washington today (including Axelrod, Imanuel, and all the Obama crew). They support the notion of the “Proposition Nation” or “Creedal Nation”…. in other words, anybody can be ANYTHING they want to be, if they really want to. Your nationality is just a matter of ZIP code.

      This is the view that is currently destroying the nations of Europe, right under our eyes.

      Of course, no such view exists in Israel. (Needless to say.)

    38. Jim Says:

      A very good post, Yahoody. Post more of this stuff and less of that bullshit attacking Tim McGreen, and I will have some hope for you also.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Jim Says:

      12 July, 2010 at 8:25 am

      A very good post, Yahoody. Post more of this stuff and less of that bullshit attacking Tim McGreen, and I will have some hope for you also.”


      Thanks, Jim. If there’s any more retarded bullshit being slung around here it won’t be thanks to me.

    40. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Jim says…“Post more of this stuff and less of that bullshit attacking Tim McGreen”

      Jim, I reveal an infiltrator where I find one. Its the right thing to do. And I name a Jew where I find one too.

      Doesnt the heading above say, “No Jews. Just right.”?

      Also I have NEVER been the abuser, the foul mouth, or the attacker.
      Can you deny that? WHY are you so blind to that fact? WHY do you defend the infiltrator in our midst, but you blame those posters who see him and call attention to him? There have been many others before this, and besides me.

      When “Timmy” gets really, really frustrated, he starts sputtering curses in Yiddish and reverts to his typically Jewish toilet talk. Thats his last resort — the toilet. Nice, huh? No arguments or answers (because he doesnt have any), just excrement (hes got plenty of that). How can you be so blind not to see it? When Jews get really mad, they drop the genteel veneer and the Jew stuff comes out.

      Thats how he drove New America away, some months back — with a barrage of Jewish-style filth that NA couldnt take (a very effective Jewish weapon of last resort). NA was too gentlemanly, you see. NA was getting dangerously close to figuring him out. NA knew something strange was going on and was getting the writing of these various “personalities” analysed by a professional. Now NA is back again, and “Timmy” is extremely upset. I notice that NA is getting bombarded with supiciously many thumbs-down — just as Orion is, and CW (two others “Tim” hates). Very strange. Notice how his new “sockpupppet” Milhail is attacking NA, instead of “Tim” doing it directly. And meanwhile “Timmy” complains that hes the one being picked on!!!

      Theres an old Polish proverb that goes:
      “The Jew cries out in pain as he is beating you.” …. Exactly so!

      Jim, you are doing us no service, even while you are helping the Jews to put one over. He has attacked and abused MANY people here for a LONG time, has disrupted and diverted and changed many a discussion. You have only to read the archives. And all the time he is laughing behind your back, enjoying the joke on you. Poor fool!

      If you cant see that plain and simple fact, Jim, then its just sad. I dont know what else to say to someone as trusting and blind as you. Its just very sad.

      Anyway, “Tim” is getting ready to morph into some new incarnations, like an insect that goes through stages. Hes gone through many, many before, as anyone who reads the archives can see. Thats already started, in fact. I sense that “Tim McGreen” doesnt have too much longer to go. Hes been hinting at it himself.

      But you dont catch on! As Ive said before, the boys in the back room must be hilarious: “Oy! Ve haf fooled da stoopid goys again!” Well, they haven’t quite, Jim, not all of us. Maybe theyve fooled you, but not everyone.

      Think about it. You really need to.

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yahoody, I can be a very polite and civilized individual……..When I am in the company of other such people. However, when I encounter troublemakers like you and your cabana boy ZOG, two worthless idiots who just want to stir up a lot of animosity and mistrust around here without contributing a damn thing, then I become like Billy Jack….I go beserk.

      Funny thing, I have never accused either you or ZOG of being trolls or being Jewish. Only dimwits would carelessly toss such accusations around, thus making them worthless.

      Bottom line….Just lighten up, for Christ sake.

    42. Yahoody Doody Says:

      You know what, folks? Instead of poking fun, we really oughtta feel sorry for poor “Tim”.

      This has turned out to be one damn hell of an assignment. HQ didn’t tell him it would be like this!

      Goys are supposed to be docile and trusting. Theyre supposed to believe what theyre told, and not talk back. “Tim” was supposed to the the Star here. What the hell went wrong?

      Some of these goys have gotten out of control. With Blackshirt on vacation cruising the gay bars in Provincetown, Timmys left all alone now. Theres no one here to protect him.

      Well, its a job. Its a paycheck. At the very least, I really think “Tim” should put in for hardship pay. Don’t you?

      Sigh. What’s a Jew to do?

    43. Jim Says:

      Yahoody, I have tried to be fair and objective in analyzing this ongoing pissing contest between you and Tim McGreen, but lately I have come to the conclusion that it is YOU who is adding fuel to the fire by your relentless ad hominem attacks. You have posted some really excellent material on this website and I greatly respect your opinions WHEN they deal with REAL issues. I think you are suffering from such a sense of paranoia that it makes me wonder if YOU may not have a little touch of kike blood in YOU.