13 August, 2010

America: Everything We Do, We Do for the Jew

Posted by Socrates in 'Middle East', Iraq, Israel, Israel - the facts, jewed Congress, jewed foreign policy, Socrates, Zionism at 11:13 am | Permanent Link

Jew #1: “American troops aren’t staying in Iraq for Zionism. No. They’re staying in Iraq for…uh…for…let’s see…”

Jew #2: “For democracy and freedom!”

Jew #1: “Yes, yes…for that!”


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  7. 8 Responses to “America: Everything We Do, We Do for the Jew”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      The U.S. “Government”:

      OF the jew
      BY the jew
      and FOR the jew.

      Divorce yourself from these impostors.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent article, the kind that Amerikwan columnists should be writing. So much for our “free” press. Hopefully I will have the chance to personally deal with them when the time comes. I’d really like that.

      Under the great Saddam Hussein, Iraqis enjoyed freedom of and from religion. Women could live secular or religious lives if they wanted to. He was even having the ancient capital of Babylon rebuilt, a great public works project that employed thousands and lifted national morale in the face of murderous Jew-imposed sanctions.

      And under Saddam, the USA could have had a strong secular ally in the region to help fight Al Qaeda and other such Mohammedan fanatics. Iraq was a decent, second-world country under his rule. All Saddam wanted in exchange was not to be assasinated or overthrown.

      Keep pushing for more and more war, you vile, hateful Jews. It will just make it that much easier to watch you burn come the inevitable Day of Revenge.

    3. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Worthy sentiments Mr. McGreen! My sole critique is that the “inevitable Day of Revenge” isn’t terribly inevitable, UNLESS WE RELENTLESSLY AND CONSTANTLY PLOT FOR, STRIVE FOR AND YES, KILL FOR THIS. When EVERY DAY THAT A JEW POLLUTES THE SURFACE OF OUR PLANET IS MADE A DAY OF JUSTICE, ONE OF RIGHTEOUS PUNISHMENT OF JEWS FOR THE CRIME OF BEING JEWS, until there are NO MORE OF THEM, then and only then can we pursue natural, normal lives. We’re blameless for this, but not for failing to do our Noble Duty.

      Lest any new readers retain the delusion that somehow a gross abomin-nation such as “america” EVER was anything “good,” I will here re-iterate the Aryan Revolutionary Truth that this chancre upon the planet was funded by jews, for jews, with the express intent of MURDERING OUR RACE from the very time that Cristobal Colon and his kosher kockksuking navigator, Amerigo Vespucci, first swindled King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castille into funding their exploratory voyage in 1492, the sea was polluted by the jew.

      The masonic revolts of the 1700s merely made more overt what had by then a century become the English Status Quo, namely, enslavement of Aryans to jews for religious psychotic reasons. The puritans made the jew theo-slavocracy their policy from Cromwell’s dictatorship onward. And for THIS FOOLS observe “Thanksgiving!”


    4. J.J Says:

      Saddam Hussein was a great man, a true leader who kept the radical backward Islamic filth from destroying Iraq. His only ‘sin’ was that he was pro Palestinian and anti Zionist. Unfortunately the jews accomplished what the Islamists couldnt, murdering the man, his sons and destroying Iraq’s entire leadership. Now we have in Iraq exactly what the jews wanted, a fractured destroyed country, a complete mess which will never again be a able to pose a threat to the jews.

    5. J.J Says:

      Oh and FUCK THE USA!!!!

    6. th Says:

      The problem with Saddam was he finally stood defiant and said no. Wrong words. The propaganda machine started its spin, oh Saddam executes child molesters, rapists, murderers and traitors. Well the word ”no” is unacceptable in the jew run world, so he had to go. Those of us that remember desert storm, Saddams soldiers captured several coaltion troops, fed them, gave them medical attention and released them, they even cooperated with finding and recovering the remains of the same. Doesn’t sound like a terrorist to me. And all that after these assholes illegally invaded his prosperous and free country for no damn reason. Saddam is gone, thanks to a fair trail, bullshit, but he died an honorable man. Something that most of the worlds leader will never know. Where the fuck is the outrage?

    7. jews give me PMS! Says:

      Madeleine Albright gives me pms!


    8. the haas Says:

      did any body notice the jew owned cameras at tolls and all over.a lot of police forces are combining forces going regional,all these low life asshole cops doing any thing the jew federal goverment tells them,hassleing working people they no they could milk money out of to keep there license,while letting dissability welfare clowns run down road .dwi stopps all over late at night hammering guys with trailers inpounding cars towed by there jew tow company kick backs on storage.then it goes to a jew court system to fuck over non jew citizens.a nother angle the jews are using is putting white people on dissability easily then white trash assholes on dissability get there kids on dissability.so mom gets 1000 month kids get 1000 each,so one house hold could bring in over 3000 month.this is true theres people down road i met at business doing it.so these white people the jews got them voting for them bragging up how great america is yeah of course it is getting over 3000 month.i make 2000 month working 40 hrs and it pisses me off.these cops today in these small shit towns are on same welfare ride,i wonder how long this crap goes on with out people speaking there mind from fear of being antisemetic .we should all hand out information to web sites like this david duke real zionist news to get word out of propaganda by these scummy jews