4 August, 2010

An Epiphany

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by Arch Stanton.

Last night I had an epiphany. It came after watching a movie titled “Russian Ark.” This 2002 Russian film is aptly titled as it encapsulates and preserves Russian culture as it was before the jewish/Bolshevik revolution of 1917. A lavish production filmed inside the state Hermitage in St. Petersburg , the film is a dream-walk through what Russia was before Tsar Nicholas was murdered and Russia was destroyed. The Empress Elizabeth Petrovna commissioned construction of the winter palace in 1754. Catherine The Great then built the adjoining, small Hermitage in 1764 to house her art collection. The “great hermitage” was built in 1771 and eventually declared a state museum by the communist overlords. The movie takes the viewer back through history using the character of an 19th-century French diplomat as a guide. It provides a fascinating look at various historical periods from Catharine The Great to Tsar Nicolas. The film employs an astonishing number of actors. The sheer panorama makes it difficult at points to think one is not actually looking through a window of time.

As the movie progresses, the lavishness increases until the end where the viewer finds snapshots of the spectacular parties and political functions of Russian court. Unlike an American movie that would undoubtedly portray such lavishness as a sickening feature of the white race thankfully lost, the Russians embrace their heritage. They portray their ancestors in a more loving light by the fact that they are not critical of, nor do they assign any blame for, their actions. These “slice of life” vignettes have literally hundreds of fully costumed historical figures in attendance. The splendor of the Russian court is visually astounding to the point where one actually feels humbled watching it. The last shot in the movie features panoramic views of the characters walking though the Hermitage. The men are dressed in a complex array of military and diplomatic service uniforms, while the women are delicate and beautiful in their display of elaborate gowns from the various eras. It is a breathtakingly beautiful display of white culture at what was probably its zenith.

When the screen finally went black, I suddenly felt that everything was tightly connected. It was as if I could see the whole of history in one long chain of events, stretching all the way back to the Bible. I felt like I could see everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern laid out in front of me and I realized we were all a part of it and all trapped by it. I could see everything western culture had lost; not just the pomp and circumstance of its royal courts, but its very soul. My first thought was, “the jews really have destroyed it all; everything precious to western culture has been debased to its rudest elements or destroyed outright. The fat lady really has sung.” My second thought was that the first reaction most Americans would exhibit towards this film is a disgusting, egalitarian counterpoint to the Russian nobility: they would imagine the horrible conditions of squalor and misery suffered by the Russian peasantry. White western man is so imbued with guilt that he can no longer view beauty in its own right. He must always contrast the beauty of western civilization with the few ugly parts of it.

The classic perception of the screw-the-little-guy, “let them eat cake” syndrome (a statement never actually made by the lovely Marie) is typically ascribed by moderns to the nobility of previous eras. Yet, how many Americans have any knowledge of the actual social conditions of the peasant classes or their feelings towards the nobility? How many will ever think to contrast the typically-perceived horrific conditions endured by these peasants with their eventual slaughter by the jewish commissars who “liberated” Russia from its monarchal “oppressors”? How many know why Peter and Catherine of Russia were assigned the title of “great” by the very peasant classes they supposedly oppressed? Did anyone ever spontaneously assign the title of “great” to a communist politburo member? How many descriptions of these times have been squeezed and filtered though the lens of the jewish propagandist?

This movie provided an intense impression of a white woman’s culture now destroyed; a culture that strove to achieve high standards of beauty and excellence. Perhaps misguided at times, these standards were nonetheless essentially native to a culture that once valued poise, a demure nature, porcelain white skin and carefully coiffed hair. These were the women young girls dreamed of emulating; women who set social standards worth striving for.

The lack of body-piercing or tattoos in the movie was, of course, glaringly obvious. I couldn’t begin to imagine where an American director might find the same number of unmarked and unsullied women for such a film (i. e., women who have yet to embrace the jewish message “revel in your status as a worthless shiksa whore; after all, you’re no longer a lady, you’re a half-dead goth slut! Hate yourself! Hate your race! Show your hate by defacing your natural beauty! Tattoo and pierce your perfect skin! Roll like a dog in the filth of your debased status! Mate with the lowest form of life that can walk upright, spread your legs for it twice a day!”)

It took countless millennia for white civilization to climb out of the slime pits of animal savagery. Yet it took only the briefest moment for it to return to the abyss. When I look around America, I am sickened at the thought of how it is almost impossible to find white women without tattoos or body-piercings mutilating their perfect beauty. Even the very young have rings through their noses like the sluts they are to become. The other day I happened to pass an exquisitely beautiful white girl. She, not more than 14, was pandering to the blackest savage, who looked freshly arrived from an African jungle. The young girl, bright and alert, was dialing her cell phone while the savage looked on, dull and stupefied – not so much with disinterest as with a total lack of concentration or cognitive thought. My mind flashed on what this girl might look like after birthing a brood of half-breed savages who would forever remain with one foot mired in the African jungle. As dimwitted subhumans pop out one after another from her birth canal, this beautiful white girl will be transformed into an ugly skank, working the streets to support her savage stud’s crack habit. I had to leave quickly to distance the thought from my mind.

Where is the public disgust at young girls mutilating their bodies with piercings and tattoos and becoming sluts at 14? Where is the moral outrage concerning these same white children being turned over to Negro savages? (Contrast the latter to a really big public outrage, pedophilia: what are the real numbers of pedophilic predations compared to the Negro’s predations upon young white females? Which do you think poses the greater threat to American society, pedophiles or Negro role models openly presented to white teenagers as the finest mating material?).

After comparing old St. Petersburg to the modern West, one is hit with the realization that it may take hundreds of years for the white race to emerge from the slime pits of the jew’s cultural latrine. Only obscure images on film will recall the white man’s former glory, a glory that might have been the foundation of an even greater civilization had it not been infiltrated by the vile jew.

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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Wilton Says:

      5 August, 2010 at 7:22 pm

      I don’t think Russia is in such great shape, the Nouveau Riche of Russian society act just like the degenerates of other Western countries. Then you have loads of other social problems there like alcohol consumption, heroin use, race mixing, abortion, Mafia, corruption, bribery, Jewish pedophile rings, etc. Russia looks nice from the safety of the internet, but the situation on the ground is bleak, I don’t think I’d want to live there.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 5 0

      Well, let these conditions be the spark for a anti body to sprout quickly and heal itself and be cleansed!

      NYC is it really better than Moscow ?

      Tell us why, graffiti in Moscow is likely to get you a severe beating not to mention jail time.

      A society as our that NOW has spray paint on every frieght train and highway sigh in the most remote areas due to savage invaders drivig in every part of the Western US and Canada says alot.

      One thing it says is that the TPTB cares more about VNNF and NNNF is saying than what savages are doing.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gentlemen, I just read this in The (Jewish) Week. I think you’ll agree that it’s very troubling:

      Novozavidovo, Russia

      “Russia’s Obama”

      Russia has its first black elected official. Jean Gregoire Sagbo, a native of Benin, won one of the 10 city council seats in Novozavidovo, a small town just north of Moscow. Sagbo’s election has caused a nation-wide sensation, with the media calling him “Russia’s Obama”–a nickname first given another West African who ran unsuccessfully for a local office last year. Sagbo, 48, came to Russia as a college student during the Soviet era and has a RUSSIAN WIFE AND KIDS (emphasis added). “His skin is black, but he is Russian inside,” said Vyacheslav Arakelov, the town’s mayor. “The way he cares about this place, only a Russian can care.”

    3. Ein Says:

      How interesting that article was printed in the “Jewish Week.”

      Why would the jews consider this an item of Jewish interest?

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Why do jews promote the niggers in Russia, or anywhere else? You can read countless jew writers, and they’ll tell ya why, why its even in the Congressional record. ” we will promote the dark races in sports and entertainment, at the same time promote guilt among the Whites, this will result in race mixing, and bring the whole world into our hands.” Hell they don’t make any secret of it.. Just for that Jews deserve a death sentence, they know it… Just don’t get caught up in the Russians are going to save us hypnosis, it took the jews alot of money from the New York banksters who are now interlocked with the DC elite through marriages like Slick Willies octoroon daughter, and Al Gores daughter to head kikes. It also took the Russian masses .

      The jews have alot going with the Christ-tard scenario that Russia is some threat to the jew world order, as Gog and MaGog, although in reality these are just names of jewish askenzi tribes.

      Only a revived West can effectively smash the jews

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder if the Ukrainians would put up with any West Africans living in their midst and breeding with their women? I’d like to think they wouldn’t.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I wonder if the Ukrainians would put up with any West Africans living in their midst and breeding with their women? I’d like to think they wouldn’t. Tim says.

      They aren’t as spoiled as White Americans are, they still are largely aware of Whiteness. But give the jews time and television networks spouting nigger ball and white women dancing with apes, and I belief they could be broken at the wheel. In fact it might take a lot a less time than it did in America.
      Its not enough to expose somebody to that sort of jew brainwashing to realize nobody is immune

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      We need to be just as secretive as the jews are, Machivellian to the hilt.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      As much as I hate to concede the scenario painted in Wilton’s August 6 post, it certainly summarises the way things are presently headed. We need to turn up the volume to max and hope zog acts prematurely. It is just possible that some crystallizing event will occur or a politician will speak out of turn.

    9. war is a racket Says:

      Yes the jews, along with the muslims are to blame for destroying great white empires and tsardoms; Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia. But the biggest traitors have always been the English…the Scots, Irish, French all hate the English, never mind the Slavs…the English have always been whores of the Jews and the Jews could never have destroyed great white empires without Anglo greed and betrayal. The English and the Jews are the same race as far as I’m concerned. When the coming battles are over, I hope they never allow an anglo to set foot on any Slavic soil, except, of course, Croatia.

    10. war is a racket Says:

      Oh yes, I too have been to Russia and walked the halls of the Hermitage, seen St. Basil’s cathedral in Red Square and visited the Belgrade palace of the Serbian dynasty. Oh, and unlike most unilingual anglos living in Amerikwa, I can speak Slavic languages. What amazes is y’all talk so much about Russia, and it’s so damn hospitable of y’all to have “hope” that they will save themselves, and of course, you anglo/amerikwan computer philosophers. You know nothing of the Slavic mentality. The Russians don’t need your “hope” and warm, fuzzy good wishes. They know who their enemies are and they know what their struggle is about. So y’all can sit around waiting for the muslims, niggers and albanians to start their home invasions, when they gang rape and murder your daughters right in front of you (because that’s what’s happening in Kosovo right now), which y’all had nothin’ to do with, or y’all can get off your asses and go over to Serbia and volunteer to help those people who are literally getting attacked and murdered from all sides. Otherwise, go get some guns and point them at your own heads, ya useless, fat, retarded white amerikunt morons. Hate y’all more then the joooosss!

    11. war is a racket Says:

      Well, well, lookey here, even them German sourkrauts hate you dumb anglo amerikunts and yer mcflouride puke food that makes y’all retarded and fat: das ist gut, ja!


      Neo-Nazi assaults US national for speaking English
      Thursday, December 20, 2007 5:34:32 PM · by camerakid400 · 26 replies · 148+ views
      Monsters and Critics ^ | Dec 20 2007
      Gelsenkirchen, Germany – German police said Thursday they are seeking a man, believed to be a neo-Nazi, who beat up a US national because he was speaking English in a McDonald’s restaurant. The victim, 54, was taken to hospital with serious injuries after the incident on Saturday, which has not previously been reported. The victim had been talking to his female partner in English in the fast-food eatery in the industrial city of Gelsenkirchen when the stranger interrupted and demanded they speak in German. The girlfriend replied that her partner only knew a little German. The assailant, described as having…

    12. war is a racket Says:


      And just go to your local Walmart. White Amerikwans have degenerated and devolved past the point of repair. Isreal should be gracious and send those missiles, y’all been payin’ for so many years, right your way. Blow ya’ll up real good so the rest of us don’t get contaminated.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      war is a racket Says:

      29 August, 2010 at 9:25 pm

      Howdy to you !

      The NKVD servants have had their way spying on Whites as the regime masters obliterated the Fourth and First Amendments, in other words the Rule Of Law.

      The new taxes and many other items that will be arriving will be right in the face of Conservative/Liberial NPR types sooner than later. It will be interesting to see that sleep walkers rubbing the media out of their eyes one morning.

      The regime since the Mass Murder and Insurance in NYC has spied on every single White Poster/reader since that crime in NYC, in other words those who would not believe the Media/disinfo IMO.

      Ordinary White people who read, or speak anything anything out side of the FLOX or NPR brain washing tripe are to be watched.

      All the While Thousands of hostile Non Whites are flooded in the US every day so called legal and illegal, but that matters not.

      As for the English, it is interesting that in N.Z. serveral business men of English Heritiage told me with Dismay that the English are the most brain washed White’s that exist, and will never stop believing out right lies.

      As for Serbia, I remember beer gutted fools who belly ached and blustered about Clitooon for his whole 8 years, and when we attacked Belgrade at night from the air, these fools actually about faced and cheered Clitooon ! I was as dumb founded as Kardasian was at the O.J. trial!

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      war is a racket Says:

      29 August, 2010 at 9:25 pm

      Oh, any White of any cuntry being in a MacDonald’s IMO shows me he is just as ignorant a fool as any one else, and that is a fact.