2 August, 2010

NATO Member Netherlands Quits Afghanistan

Posted by Socrates in Afghanistan, democracy, democrazy, global government, globalization, international Jewry, internationalism, jewed foreign policy, nation-building/nation-wrecking, NATO, Socrates, tikkun olam, UN at 6:55 pm | Permanent Link

Wait!…come back…what about Pakistan, and Somethingstan, and Somethingsomethingstan?…your work for Big Jew isn’t finished yet…what about tikkun olam and democrazy?…


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  7. 22 Responses to “NATO Member Netherlands Quits Afghanistan”

    1. Klassikality Says:

      As long as World Jewry has big badass Uncle Samuel, they’re okay. Getting other nations on board for these grand democracy-creating adventures is just a formality to make it look like there is a broad “coalition” of support. As long as Hymie has the awesome might of USA World Police Force Inc. acting as his bully boy, he wont worry too much about the Dutch or other nations exiting the mess.

      This just in from Fox News…… Phone Sex O’Liely says: “Cowardly Dutch leave Afghanistan quagmire, apparently they forgot about how “we” saved their sorry clog wearing asses in WW2.”

    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      Expect the jews to come down with both stinking feet on the Netherlands. Here are the lines to watch for:

      1. The Netherlands is full of Muslims. How regrettable. They certainly aren’t a Western area any longer. In fact, they are no better than the Palestinians! And ought to be treated the same way!

      2. The Netherlands owes jews more reparations. There are TONS of Nazi gold hidden away in old drawers and under mattresses up there! Jewish groups must gang up and squeeze fresh new billions out of the Netherlands.

    3. Klassikality Says:

      Good point about Reparations Sean. Yes, the World Jewish Congress may very well put the squeeze on the Netherlands, (remember the whole debacle when they got billions from the Swiss?) perhaps play up the whole Annie Frank angle in the media. Undoubtedly, “anti-semitism” will be on the rise in the Netherlands.

    4. tbow002 Says:

      Stop wasting your blood on jewish wars. Smart move.

    5. festerbestertester Says:

      Will the Jews ban Dutch exports?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Getting other nations on board for these grand democracy-creating adventures is just a formality to make it look like there is a broad “coalition” of support.”

      You stole my thunder, Klass. You’re absolutley correct, this “coalition” in Afghanistan, like President GH Bush’s “coalition” to “liberate” Kuwait from Iraq 20 years ago, is a sham. 80 percent of the occupation forces in Afghanistan are from the US. The rest are British, with a smattering of token support from various crip-crap countries like Holland.

      I think a big reason why the Kwan occupation of Afghanistan failed is because the Afghans have no respect for the Kwan army, nor should they. Compare this situation to when the US began its occupation of Japan right after WWII. Even if a lowly American Army private walked past a Jap, the Jap would bow deeply as a sign of genuine respect for his conquerer. But if the Kwan army of today (as opposed to the more respectable and decent American army of the past) had invaded Japan, the Japs would have strapped live grenades to their own children and thrown them at the Kwan invader rather than submit.

      It’s a pretty simple lesson, I should think….If you want to conquer someone else’s country, you have to make those people, friend and foe alike, fear AND respect you! But the modern Kwan army, with its retards, misfits, bullies and psychos, is worthy only of contempt.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I read an article recently in the Willis Carto newspaper about a study that shows how the average US soldier of today is more disposed towards vicious, pitiless behavior than was the case with the Doughboys of WWI or the GIs of WWII and Korea. Back then, American soldiers were much less likely to commit attrocities. There was a genuine revulsion on the part of most American soldiers towards cruelty or the unnecessary shedding of blood.

      That is no longer the case. The Kwan soldier of today seems to regard the enemy as nothing more than a video game opponent. In fact he’s trained using video games and has been raised on them. Additionally, he is instructed by his Jew Commissars not to show any compassion or respect towards the Muslims he encounters. Nor is the average Kwan soldier raised in a household where there is a repsonsible father figure present.

      All of this is not only bad news for the Muslims. It will also be bad news for us, because when ZOG starts to collpase, they will sic their psycho ZOGbots on us. It’s a fact that most Kwan soldiers would have no problem with being ordered to attack their fellow Kwans inside of the Kwan. All they need is permission to do it.

    8. R CROSS Says:

      Could this be a ploy,to placate geert and remove one of his objections,or is this the price that the commies in the Dutch perliament must pay in order to form a coalition?personally we should leave the wogs to get on with killing each other,and nuke the winners.

    9. Brigantes Says:

      Please send the troops here where they are needed most.


    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Oh vey! The impudence of those Netherlanders! Don’t they know that six billion sheenies died in a holocaust on European soil? Therefore, Euros are to be economic and military slaves of the bandit state of Izzy until the end of time to atone for this grievous sin.

      The juden press will probably “discover” a couple of WWII era gas chambers in the Netherlands in retaliation for their withdrawal. That or they’ll weave a yarn about billions of dollars being confiscated from Jews in WWII and hidden in the Netherlands that must, MUST be recovered. We all know how the yids operate especially where gentile Euro dogs are concerned. We’ll hear how it’s 1933 all over again, but it always 1933 in the warped mind of jews.

      BTW, notice how our much ballyhooed “coalition” is created by bribes, arm twisting and outright threats?

    11. Wilton Says:

      I post on a more mainstream forum and so many of the members there can believe how I don’t support the troops. A lot of them claim to be against the war but still support the troops, that don’t make any sense to me. The soldiers in the military now know what they were getting into when they joined the military, they know or should have known the country is run by a bunch of blood thirsty Jews. The way these soldiers blindly follow orders, what makes you think the wouldn’t kill American citizens if they ordered to? When the idiot patriotards start talking about terrorist, I point to their beloved troops, and ask them if they woke up tomorrow morning and the Chinese military were occuping their city, wouldn’t they consider those Chink troops to be terrorist? That is how the US troops look to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, they are the terrorist, they traveled thousands of miles to kill people.

    12. Zoroastro Says:

      Oy, veh, we can expect a generous batch of new Annie Frank soap operas and fairy tales…

    13. Virgil Says:

      The queen of Holland apparently hates Geert Wilders because she thinks he is waycist and islamophobe. It would be poetic justice indeed if she were to be kinapped and beheaded by those dear muslims whom she is so fond of. Diversity unto death, indeed…

    14. J.J Says:

      Geert Wilders is Neocon Zionist scum, he is not a real Dutch nationalist.

    15. Natvan Says:

      Totally right J.J. He should be regarded the same as any other Neocon Zionist scum. He should not be admired or respected. He is a foremost enemy. A deceitful scheming tool of the jew.

    16. Jim Says:

      For the most part, the average ‘Kwan soldier today is just a mindless mercenary for the Jew World Order. At least the U.S Army of WWII was made up almost entirely by White Men (except for the niggers who mercifully had their own units). If you ever the kike produced propaganda film “This is the Army” starring “Rotten Ronnie Reagan” you will know what I mean. White Men are practically a minority in today’s “diverse and multiracial” Red White and Blue Killing Machiine (as David Lane so aptly called it). There can be no effective Army without espirit de corps, and no espirit de corps without racial homogenity. The morale in the Kwan military is nonexistant and will become more so, until the final collapse of this insane system. Be ready White Man for the day is coming when we will form a new ARYAN ARMY.

    17. Wilton Says:

      Americans just can’t fathom how much I loathe the US military. They don’t realize how degenerate the average military member is today, so many screw ups, race mixers, psychopaths, Mexishits, niggers, gook chasers, tattooed drunkards, etc. These military lovers still think the military is protecting “our” freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan! How stupid can you be, we’ve lost loads of freedom since the start of these wars, the government basically has a free pass to spy on American citizens! The only people these soldiers benefit are Jews and companies connected to the government.

    18. Klassikality Says:

      While it is very depressing and sad to see so many dead, wounded, maimed and traumatized White soldiers, you have to remember that it is still an all volunteer military. Once you sign up you are property of ZOG.

      I hear what you are saying Wilton, about the “quality” of people in the military today. I am sure there are a lot of good, though severly misguided young Whites, who do realize that they, like the American public, have been lied to. What I despise is the psycho/sickos who think that murdering innocent people makes them some big tough hero, and expects all of us to kiss their asses when they come home.

      I have the same animosity towards all the kwanservative military ass-kissers/bootlickers. If you don’t “support the troops” as fervently as they do, you are a bad American, not a “patriot,” a traitor whatever. One of the most obnoxious things I’ve seen was a bumper sticker that said: “My son is fighting in Iraq. Enjoy your freedom.”
      What a crock of shit.

    19. Justin Huber Says:

      This might sound bad, but I don’t support any of the branches of the armed services-at least not in their current form. All you have to do is just watch one of their recruiting commercials, which seem to be directed more and more towards the recruitment of minorities.

    20. Wilton Says:

      I think the “support the troops” crowd makes me hate the troops more then anything. They are biggest pieces of crap around today. These bastards never admit the wars are being waged for Israel, they wont make a negative comment towards Israel/Jews if their life depended on it. They know Iraq was no threat to the US, but they were to Israel. They talk at length about terrorist, but our military are the terrorist. They are the ones doing the vast majority of the killing, destroying property, etc. That way of thinking is copied straight from the Israelis playbook, who paint themselves as as the victim of Palestinian “terrorism.” It makes me think of that old saying some smart man coined “The Jew crys out in pain as he strikes,” or something very similar to that.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is a mini-series on PBS about life on a moden US Navy aircraft carrier. I haven’t watched the whole thing but from what I saw of it those carriers are nothing but huge floating welfare sex-hotels. They’re stuffed to the rafters with Negroes, Spick-O’s, Hom-O’s, pregnant mammies, squaws and pepperbellies, along with a few fucked in the head niggerized White sailors. What a pathetic, affirmative action mess. Admirals Nimitz and Farragut must be spinning in their graves.

      But I’ll wager all the Navy and Marine fighter pilots on board are normal, heterosexual White men. Even anti-White scum like Barry Sotero and Nancy Pelosi have no choice but to realize that there’s no place for affirmative action in the cockpit of an F-14 Tomcat.

    22. jews give me PMS! Says:

      It’s all sickening. Stupid people willing to die for Rahm Emmanuel, Madeline Bitchbright, Tony Blair, George Soros, all the jews and their whores. But the stupid goyim allow themselves to be brainwashed. The goyim keep feeling sorry for themselves instead of taking responsibility for their own stupidity. How stupid can you be when you think you have to drop bombs on a European country that never sent a missile to your country, Serbia. The world is full of retarded goyim and the jews just keep laughing.