1 August, 2010

SB 1070 Ruling Invalid?

Posted by Socrates in federal power, illegal immigration, immigration, immigration bills/laws, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 7:36 pm | Permanent Link

Interesting take on the federal court ruling which blocked most of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law:


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  7. 30 Responses to “SB 1070 Ruling Invalid?”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Keep on doing what you were doing, Arizona!

      Keep on, Sheriff Arpaio!

      What is Obama going to do, send down federal troops to protect the “rights” of illegals?

      Call his hand! Other states will be emboldened!

      Screw Obama and Holder.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      If the nation was still governed according to constitutional law then Judge Bolten’s ruling is null and void and the case must be retried before the U.S. Supreme Court. But don’t forget the Constitution has been a dead letter for quite some time and those portions of it that are an impediment to the naked power grab are simply ignored and activist Attorneys General like Holder and activist liberal judges like Bolten arbitrarily make laws that will facilitate the implementation of the Jewish agenda.

      The state of AZ should move full steam ahead regardless of black supremacists Obama and Holder or any dopey, illegal alien coddling federal judges.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Barry Sotero and Eric Holder are both uppity Ivy-League educated mulattoes, creatures who have always posed more of a danger to Whites than the primitive, jet-black Congoloid types have.

      But like Sgt. Skull says, ZOG doesn’t pay any attention to the Constitution anyway. That’s what you get for expecting some crumbling 220 year old document to protect your rights. YOU have to protect your rights, White Man.

    4. Jim Says:

      If we are ever to reverse the mestizo invasion, we must adopt a strategy of “us” versus “them”. This is a strategy that the jews have always used and to say that it has been a successful policy for them would be an understatement. Jewish Liberalism, Jewish Christianity, and Jewish Marxism have foisted on our Race a fantastic and illusory world view of a future world united in Peace and Brotherhood with all the races of the earth holding hands and singing “Koon by ya”. In reality, what this jewish scam means is a dumbed down and bastardized populace of isolated individuals devoid of any racial consciousness, and addicted to niggerball, eating at McDonald’s, and shopping at Wal-Mart. The day will come, of course when this jewish house of cards will collapse from its own internal contradictions. The chaos and anarchy that will result from the breakdown of the Jewish Money System will provide an opportunity for a new White beginning—-If at least ten per cent of the White population is fully awakened and a White Leader emerges at the right time.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent post as usual, Jim, but I would just add “Jewish capitalism” and “Jewish media” to your list of Semitic poisons.

    6. Blackshirt Says:


      Constitution this, Constitution that… WTF. Is this a revolutionary White racist website or Fox news? Why are any of us talking about the Constitution? It is so goddamned frustrating to me to see some of you still hanging on to this system for dear life.

      You have to make a choice, what is the most important thing to you guys- the Constitution OR the White Race? I say the hell with ANYTHING that stands in the way of our survival, and that includes the Constitution, the states, the courts, and every damn part of this evil system!!!

      PLEASE, I’m pleading with some of you to THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Tim and Jim are already there.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Blackshirt. I’m glad I can be classed in the same category with you and Jim.

      I appreciate the article about the un-constitutionality of Judge Susan Jewess’ SB1070 ruling…I’m sure the author means well. But really, what’s the friggin’ point of dissecting the wording of the Constitution? It reminds me of the various Christian sects who are always interpreting and re-interpreting every passage in the Bible in order to make them fit their particular beliefs. The Constitution, like the Bible, is so poorly and vaguely written that it’s subject to literally thousands of interpretations.

      Besides, the Courts have given themseves the final say in deciding what the Constitution “really” means, so the “patriot” community should quit banging their heads against the wall. But they will keep on doing just that, because they have no imagination and no balls. They are gluttons for punishment who stupidly believe they can “take America back” and “restore our Constitutional Republic” by “voting the rascals out”, forming a third party and putting “God back in the classroom”. Pfft.

      And I’m sick and tired of that word “unconstitutional”. Anything the Jews and liberals don’t like is automatically deemed “unconstitutional”. The Jews and liberals have rendered the Constitution meaningless, a tired old joke. They’ve also ruined many other once-cherished American institutions, like the military, states’ rights, higher education, becoming a citizen and marriage. They are truly destroyers.

      All ties to the present System must be severed. There is nothing to save, nothing to salvage. We need to be White revolutionaries, NOT right-wing reactionaries!

    8. Jon Says:

      Now, let’s take a gander at how they deal with the problem in the Zionist state:

      “Israel on Sunday approved new residency criteria that could result in the deportations of hundreds of children of migrant workers.

      The decision by Israel’s Cabinet represented a small step by Israel to clear up the status of thousands of foreign workers in Israel.

      Under the decision, children of migrants whose parents entered Israel legally may remain if they are enrolled in school, speak Hebrew and have been here longer than five years.

      An Israeli advocacy group, the Hotline for Migrant Workers, estimates 700 of 1,200 school-age children are at risk of deportation, along with their parents.

      About 200,000 migrant workers live in Israel, mostly from the Philippines, China and Africa. About half have overstayed their visas, thousands for many years. Many have children who were born in Israel and know no other home.

      Some Israelis complain that illegal migrants are taking jobs away from citizens. Others worry that the non-Jewish workers could upset the Jewish nature of the society.

      At the Sunday Cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with the critics. “This is a tangible threat to the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel,” he said.

      In another step to limit the influx of foreigners, Israel is building a fence along its rugged 130-mile (200-kilometer) border with Egypt. Thousands of asylum seekers and illegal migrants cross the Sinai desert border every year, many guided by Bedouin trackers who live in Sinai.

      Netanyahu said the border fence would be completed by 2013.”



    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ah yes, the old Jew double-standard taunts us once again. Jews love to brag about their commitment to (non-White) human rights and equality…Except inside the Jewish State, that is.

    10. old dutch Says:

      It will be interesting to see if someone does make a noise about Arizona SB 1070 not going directly to the Supreme Court.

      Of course someone like Justice Ginsburg or Justice Sotomayor, might be the one to make the temporary ruling. LOL.

    11. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “In another step to limit the influx of foreigners, Israel is building a fence along its rugged 130-mile border with Egypt.”


      Why doesn’t someone hold up Israel as an example? Why does nobody ever do this? We could just say that we’re doing what Israel is doing. That should shut up all the critics quickly enough! How could they possiblly continue to sustain such hypocrisy when the example of Israel is publicly put on display?

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      Hama and Obolder sending trops to Arizona or arresting sheriff JOe! It would make everybody mad! Lets make it happen.

    13. Jürgen Says:


      I appreciate all of the posts,
      but does anyone have the
      e-mail address of the people
      in Arizona who need to do,
      TODAY, what’s suggested in
      this article?

    14. Jürgen Says:

      ADDRESS ?

      I appreciate all of the posts,
      but does anyone have the
      e-mail address of the people
      in Arizona who need to do,
      TODAY, what’s suggested in
      this article?

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Why doesn’t someone hold up Israel as an example? Why does nobody ever do this? We could just say that we’re doing what Israel is doing.”
      Some people have indeed had the temerity to hold up Israel to the same standards that are expected of other nations. But what invariably happens whenever they do that? They are accused of “crypto anti-semitism”, which, although never explained, is apparently one of the worst crimes in the world.

      Then they are treated to a tendentious lecture on how “unique” the Jewish state is and how it was founded on the ashes of the Holohoax. Therefore, Israel doesn’t have to abide by the same rules, or to any rules, that apply to everyone else.

      Only Israel can have an illegal arsensal of nuclear weapons. Only Israel can practice racial profiling, religious discrimination and ethnic cleansing. Only Israel can legally practice Aprtheid. And only Israel has the “right” to deliberately shoot and kill unarmed civilians, especially children.

      Just ask prominent Jews like Joe Lieberman, Alan Dershowitz or Michael Bloomberg what they think of Israel’s policy of ruthlessly guarding its borders from unwanted illegal immigrants. And then ask them if they think the USA should have the right to do the same thing to protect ITS borders. Golly, I wonder what they would say?

    16. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      General questions relating to the Attorney General’s Office can be emailed to [email protected].

      The Governor’s Office is located in the
      Executive Tower at the State Capitol

      The full mailing address is:
      The Honorable Jan Brewer
      Governor of Arizona
      1700 West Washington
      Phoenix, Arizona 85007

      Telephone (602) 542-4331
      Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883 (within Arizona only)
      Fax (602) 542-1381


    17. Justin Huber Says:

      Good posts by Blackshirt, Tim and Jim.

    18. Blackshirt Says:


      Now some of you are going to write the governor of Arizona and contact the Attorney General too. While you’re at it, why don’t you go out and campaign for some Republicans? How about join the Tea Party? I hear Palin is looking for support if she runs in the 2012 presidential election. Just your speed, Old Dutch.

    19. Sean Gruber Says:

      Don’t worry, Blackshirt.

      These white rabbits won’t actually write anybody.

      Death to the jews.

    20. Sean Gruber Says:

      Who is the safest person in the United States, with or without bodyguards?

      Susan Bolton, the judge preventing Arizona from defending its life.

      She is the safest person in America, despite what stories like this tell us:


      (Enter that address as one unbroken line.)

      Why do I say she is the safest person in America? Because it is a GUARANTEED LOCK that NO WHITE PERSON will lift a finger to do anything about this bitch.

      When I say “no white person,” I mean something very specific. I mean that if we were to separate into their own group the white people who would do anything untoward to this judge, and count them, the total would equal zero.

      Note the contrast. You mess with a jew, you have to watch your back. You mess with a nigger, you have to watch your back. You mess with a spic, you have to watch your back. BUT, you murder a state of white people…and…nothing happens!

      She is laughing over these “threats.”

      She knows what white people are.


      White rabbits.

      They not only won’t do anything to her (and God forbid they do, of course…), most of them won’t even write her a letter quoting the Constitution at her! LOL

      The safest person in America is the person who messes with whites. Whites – not even one of them – will do a single thing about it, guaranteed.

    21. Jürgen Says:

      shabbos s shabazz thanks! you R-O-C-K brother!

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Public officials like the Jewess Bolton recieve death threats all the time. Barry Obongo is supposedly recieving more death-threats than all previous US Presidents combined. But so what, none of those threat-makers will have the guts to actually do anything. And ZOG knows it.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      The extreme murderous radiocal enemy aliens in Boston and Providence want to prosuecute “Jeffereson Davis years after the Civil War was over.

      The Supreme court of that day told them to shut up and forget, for if it went to trial it would be shown the South was correct and it would be entitled to reparations etc.

    24. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Good luck J. I stopped voting in ’68. I had sympathy for Sy Leon’s movement, the League of Non-voters. Voting is not to change anything- it is too give the illusion that the system is “voluntary.”

      Been waiting for the collapse ever since. . .

    25. Virgil Says:

      All of the protesters against the sb 1070 law deserve to be mowed down by crossfire from 50 caliber heavy machineguns! Vigilantes awake!

    26. th Says:

      The supreme court violates everything that is aryan. They are on a crusade to protect baby killing jews, niggers, mexcrement, gooks, fags and all other refuse that makes to our shores. It’s no surprize to see that they support illegal shit eating invaders over the white citizens of Arizona. Their job is to interpret the law according to the constitution, not according to their nigger and race traiting bosses in dc. That document is as dead as honor, truth and hard work, which are the aryan traits that this shit hole of a country wants to rid. Fuck this place as a country, it’s all about aryan survival plain and simple.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Shabbos, is it true you voted for Pat Paulsen in 1968?


    28. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      I voted for Milhous- Richard Milhous Nixon. I still feel guilty for supporting this system.

    29. The Red Skull Says:

      The Chutzpah never ends!—-I just found out the Fed judge who blocked the Arizona Law—-is a certified queer himself.Of Course he’s going to rule against it!!How can he go home and take it in the ass from his homo lover when he didn’t block a law queers want to stop??I would say his view from the bench is a bit biased and brown-eyed……..


      Good Grief Charlie Brown!!Lucy was a Jew who duped ol’ Charlie Goyim Brown everytime.What were the jews trying to tell us with the football thing………

      The Day of The Rope can’t come soon enough.

    30. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Tim McGreen

      Herr Mcgreen, your above post of 2 August commenting on the Jews and why they are never held to the same standard is priceless!–An exellent synopsis of the “unique” “jewish question”,that is accurate and funny at the same time……

      Then if the “Crypto Anti-Semite”(great term by the way) doubts the “myth of Israel” or questions The Holocaust(R),they are immediately consigned to the nether regions as Infidels WHO QUESTION,or doubt.

      One Standard for the Jews…..Another for the Goyim…