13 August, 2010

Suspected Serial Killer is an “Israeli”

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Wait a second: if striking a Jew is like striking God, then arresting a Jew is like…oh, no! God’s in jail!


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think this Ali-Babba Shazam guy is an Israeli Arab, not a Jew. Imagine how pathetic this clown is….All those Jews in Zionist Occupied Palestine just begging to get blown to pieces and this dopey Arab comes over here to kill a few shiftless niggers instead?

    2. Justin Huber Says:

      I think you might be right Tim. This lunatic was working at some camel jockey’s party store here in Michigan at the time he started this rampage.

    3. torrence Says:

      Getting so sick and tired about Jews. We need a non-Jew environment to free the soul and awaken the mind. These people are so temporal and materialistic, it stifles pursuit of the spiritual and noble.

      ……To have lived in Germany during the 30’s and breathed in the exhilaration of renewal!!

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      Hey, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Who cares if he was a Jew, Arab, or whatever? What matters is that for once the niggers were made to feel the same kind of fear and loathing we White people have had to deal with for the past 40 years. I wish he never got caught, niggers might have had to keep walking around looking over their shoulders. Now it’s back out in the ‘hood going ape without a care in the world…

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      For a minute there I thought we had a white lone wolf on the loose. I’m kind of let down.

      But then again I have to agree with what Tim said on another thread about not wasting time or effort in hunting street negroes, instead a hunter should be focusing on the big shots who have gotten us into this mess. Still, I love to see the spooks get spooked!

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Supposedly this guy is a Palestinian Christian residing in Israel. Curious to what his motivation might be but it just goes to show you how intolerant other non-white racial groups are of niggers.

      I recall an article in a British newspaper about 1-2 yrs after our invasion that Iraqi insurgents were directing their attacks at U.S. forces with the most nigger troops since Africans on Iraqi soil was a supreme insult to the Arabs. Often times one must seek out foreign sources of information to get the truth since the U.S. media is so PC and hyper negrophilic.

      When whites go the way of the dodo bird sometime around 2100 blacks will wish they were never brought into this world as the mestizos, Asians and Arabs will be hunting them for sport. But who knows, maybe the latter two groups will mass convert to Christianity and become kaffir lovers but I highly doubt it.

    7. Wilton Says:

      SGT, there are actually around a million plus niggers living in southern Iraq for a couple hundred years now. They were brought there as slaves by some Islamic Caliph I believe. They aren’t treated as regular Iraqis, but to last that long there they have to be tolerated. I suppose Arabs don’t see niggers as an equal, but they have been mixing with them for hundred of years because of that Islam thing. The Chinks will probably do away with the niggers, but the Arabs will just convert to Islam….. That is how the Semitic religions work, all souls are redeemable as long as you follow their God/s. I don’t know what set this Arab off, there are reports he worked in a store with a bunch of niggers and supposedly got along with them. People are saying he changed after a divorce, maybe his white mudshark or Arab wife left him for a mandingo? As some of the other fellows on the thread said, he should have went after some worthy targets instead of ghetto niggers who would probably been killed by a fellow nigger or found a lengthy stay in prison eventually.

    8. Emily Says:

      Not a Jew. Obviously went beserk. Lost ‘it’. What sacrifice these people have gone thru. It’s traitorous, who their foreign installed kings are awa w/paid militias. M Abbas is a Palestinian Iranian- Jew, why he’s so cozy w/US& Israel. Because they hv no voice, their homes, lands taken away, destroyed, murdered, name it–it has happened to them. Most w/your money, resources–well you know the facts. This land is home to early civilization–the fertile crescent–and because it is home to its indigenous population, just like we in America,let’s say “us” @98% vs. ‘them”@ 2%, the 2% have achieved leverage over the 98% and so dominate, control…but only as much as you/we let them. That’s the key. However in Israhel, the foreign enemy has bn dropped & deployedw/every imaginable advantage while ALL outlets for & from the locals hv bn choked/blown up, etc. If your mind starts believing a lie, but your body not, you misfunction. We empathize w/these souls so much cause we see how much they’re capable of, being trampled on, abused so traumatically by Earth’s scum, we ask ourselves how much longer can it last? The Rift Valley’s lowest point on Earth ?

    9. Emily Says:

      Why the land there was so fertile. From a veritable Heaven to Hell.

    10. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Tim McGreen: You can’t you fucking tell he is clearly an Arab JEW…look in his fucking eyes, they are Jewish through and through, as is his demeanor. And here in lies the God-damn fucking problem, and why Whites will always be fucked, Jews don’t give a shit about skin color, they collude with all fellow Jews regardless of petty appearances. Most of Somalia is populated with black Jews.

      Bin laden is a Jew, Gandhi was a Jew! They have Latino Jews, and Asian Jews, Arab Jews too.

      Likewise, most Asians are Aryan [all of North Korea]. Iran is Aryan as well, and most of India too. Yet, White Aryans are afraid to talk to other Aryans that do not share the same skin color as they do. This will be [all] the Aryans undoing. Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson are a classic black Aryans, as are most blacks.

      Yet, you nigger fearing children don’t get that they are turning on the Jew in droves. You want to remain separate, which is fine, but as you whine, the colluded Jew to dines on your ignorant minds.

      Unless all the Aryans, of all colors come together, like the Jews do, we will never mount even a remote threat to their dominance, one that took opening their minds too a much higher level to achieve.

      Its people like you Tim that keep the Aryan down, before you speak, learn to recognize all Jews, its not that fucking hard. Do as Darwin did with the animal species, in recognizing and associating similar animal characteristics and learn how to recognize the Jew by assimilation to other known Jews.

      Once we have colluded the entire Aryan race, and defeated the Jews, then you can go back to caves and be separate, not before, that would be suicide. It’s the Jews Stupid!

      This Arab Jew also knifed a White Aryan as well. I know that Jews secretly hate a blacks’- that’s why they cram the prisons full of them. Let’s not be stupid and deny his Arab Jewish-ness, let’s instead glorify it, in hopes of genuinely enticing all the blacks against Israel and the sub-human Jew.

    11. tbow002 Says:

      Im waiting for my apology from the MSM for making accusations that it was ‘whity’ or ‘a white racist’ that was stabbing random blacks….yeah right

    12. Blackshirt Says:

      Jimmy Smith Says:

      “Bin laden is a Jew, Gandhi was a Jew! They have Latino Jews, and Asian Jews, Arab Jews too.

      Likewise, most Asians are Aryan [all of North Korea]. Iran is Aryan as well, and most of India too. Yet, White Aryans are afraid to talk to other Aryans that do not share the same skin color as they do. This will be [all] the Aryans undoing. Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson are a classic black Aryans, as are most blacks.

      Unless all the Aryans, of all colors come together…”

      What the hell are you talking about Jimmy? Are you off your rocker? “classic black Aryans”? WTF??? “Aryans of all colors”??? I’m sorry nutcase, but the only Aryans I know are WHITE.

    13. Jimmy Smith Says:


      Aryans are all over the globe and have all skin colors as do Jews – Pulled this from Wikipedia:

      “The word Aryan was adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to native Indo-European speakers as a whole, including the Albanians, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Latins, and Germans. It was soon recognised that Balts, Celts, and Slavs also belonged to the same group.”

      Check this site too:

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jimmy Smith, you crazy old drunk Indian…I told you to keep away from the White man’s firewater!

    15. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Blackshirt, Tom Mcgreen:

      Name calling: thats all you Jewish loving cocksuckers know how to do – argue the point with facts, fucker!

      There is no doubt in my mind that these two heeb loving shobbos suck-ups are here for one purpose: to help the Jew mis-inform the dumb ass Whitey Aryan into suicidal Genocide.

      Whites can’t collude – thats why name calling is so effective for these pair of wank-spewers.

      Aryans exist in every skin color and every location on the globe [check into it]. Just like the tyrannical Jew. The difference is that the Jews “get it.” Stupid.

      You fucking retards can’t even argue the godamn point, Duh-Hu!

      New facts is how you move foreward, not spewing the same old common knowledge and hopping for change – that’s the definition of insanity. fucking calamity!

    16. Blackshirt Says:

      Jimmy Smith Says:

      Aryans exist in every skin color and every location on the globe [check into it].

      You fucking retards can’t even argue the godamn point, Duh-Hu!

      I’m a retard? You’re the one posting on this website saying “Aryans exist in every skin color”. You’re fucking crazy.

    17. Susan Says:

      I haven’t felt as much anger and disgust at the jew media in a really long time as I have felt toward them in the way in which this situation has been handled.

      I am in a hurry right now but I will post the link to the USA Today article last week the day before this pos was caught here in Atlanta. There was an accompanying picture to the article as well. I can’t remember exactly which city (Ohio, Michigan?) the DA was pictured in lived but I have never heard such White hating bullshit in all my life. The DA’s name was a name that could be jew. It was something like Leyton.

      But the anti White rhetoric he used to stir up hatred against Whites, before they actually caught the real guy, was some of the worst I’ve ever heard. I’m going to write a letter to the Editor of USA Today either today or tomorrow. I’m on my way to work right now, so I’ll do it later.

      The drawing of the guy that accompanied the article looked just like some White guy, to be sure. Once the real perp was caught, however, you could see the difference between the drawing and how, I am absolutely sure, he was made to look White rather than arab or jew.

      Really, the blatant, undisguised White hating that went on in the jew media the day before this asshole was caught was some of the most anti White rhetoric I have ever seen–bar none. It was simply inexcusable and these fucktards need to be called on it by all of us.

    18. Ein Says:

      I suspect that Jimmy may be confusing Aryans with Caucasians. But he has a point. Carleton Coon acknowledged that there are dark-skinned Caucasians (such as the Dravidians of India), although I don’t know that he said they come in EVERY sikin color. Of course, as an objective anthropologist (when that was still possible), Coon was going by cranial measurements and other criteria than just superficial coloring.

      However, “Aryan” and “Indo-European” are terms relating more specifically to language groups than races. Aryan is not necessarily synonymous with Caucasian. And Caucasian isn’t always necessarily even synonymous with “white”. [You can have dark Caucasians. Arabs (real ones) are Caucasians.]

      It gets very confusing! And that’s the whole idea. There were better racial clasifications 40-50 years ago. Words are tools for thinking. But the Boasian leftist gang that has taken over anthropology has sought to kill all racial distinctions and all racial terminology so that we can’t even discuss the topic, lacking the necessary words to frame our thoughts.

      We are told there is no such thing as race; so how can you discuss what does not exist? It’s a very crafty strategy of the Left. Once perfectly legitimate, scientific terms such as “Negro” have been relegated to the realm of taboo. “Respectable” scientists now fear to use them. And ordinary people know they would lose their friends and careers if they did. The whole subject (of race) is placed outside the arena of legitimate discussion. You can discuss it only if you agree with, and reinforce, all the standard bromides of The Establishment, but no deviation from Correct Thought is tolerated.

      (And we used to make fun of the Chinese communists!)

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I believe this “Aryan” business has its origins in the fact that thousands of years ago the prehistoric White people living along the Black Sea got flooded out of their coastal villages when “global warming” raised sea levels by several hundred feet. Hence the ancient flood story of so many Levantine cultures. Those displaced Whites then migrated to the Near East, India and Central Asia, where they eventually became masters over the inferior non-Whites they conquered. “Aryan” in Sanskrit means “noble”, as in a noble race of people, ie, Whites. The name Iran means “Land of the Aryan”. The Whites who settled deep in Asia thousands of years ago were Scythians and Celts.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Caucasian” refers to the generally accepted fact that it was the Caucus region where the earliest Whites, the Cro-Magnons, evolved maybe as far back as 150,000 years ago. The immediate ancestors of the White Race were NOT little woolly-headed, fliver-lipped and flat-nosed aborigines from Africa like the Jews want you to believe. No, they were highly evolved human and prehuman primates who developed separately from African and Asian hominids. There are probably several hundred thousand years’ worth of evolutionary differences between the various races, with Whites and Orientals being more closely related to each other than either race is to Negroids.

    21. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Here are some more examples of dark skinned Aryans:

      Asian = Bruce Lee, Ichiro
      Latino = Zorro, Tino Martinez
      Black = Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Seal, 50 cent
      American Indian = Geronimo, Sacajawea, Sitting Bull
      Arab = Ahmadinejad [Iran] saddam Hussein [Iraq]
      Korean = Kim Jong-il

      Aryan Animals = Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Mt. Goat, Buffalo, Sea gull, Eagle, Cats, sloth, salmon, dolphin, whale, seal, frog, lizard, Horse, Chimpanzee, Ape, Elephant, giraffe, deer, antelope, hippo, rhino and many others.

      The Jews are out to kill us all [Aryans]. Anything that gets its skull stacked [by a Jew] is Aryan.

      Skull stacking:

      Aryan Christians in Churches of Europe
      Aryan Buffalo in America
      Aryan Cambodians under Pol pot [Asian Jew]
      Aryans in Darfur – manipulated by US Jews

      Who’s next?

    22. Jimmy Smith Says:

      The key to recognizing the Aryan is the rounded Cro-Magnon skull – and blue eyes [not all Aryans have blue eyes though]

      Here is an interesting perspective from Eric Hufschmid:


      I think Eric is wrong about Hitler, Goring, letterman, Oswald, McQueen & Trump though.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      (em)I think Eric is wrong about Hitler, Goring, letterman, Oswald, McQueen & Trump though(/em)

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think Eric is wrong about Hitler, Goring, letterman, Oswald, McQueen & Trump though