12 August, 2010

What Will Work

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by Farnham O’Reilly.


“More than anything else, our future is determined by how we see ourselves. So, to control the future of us as a people, it is only necessary to control how we view ourselves. It follows then that to destroy a people one only needs to get them to feel bad about themselves. There are two weapons used to accomplish this, and they work flawlessly: shame and guilt.”


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  7. 13 Responses to “What Will Work”

    1. Antagonistes Says:


      This guy had some great articles in National Vanguard Magazine–“Our Aryan Values” and “Our Aryan Creativity.”

      Glad to see him back.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Furthermore . . .

      Great article. But I suspect that these word-twistings of the Enemy would not work in a culture without TV and movies.

      And . . . maybe, just maybe earlier generations were innoculated against the Jew by the self-proclaimed curse in the book of John–“Let His blood be on us and our children!”

      The words of Paul, condemning “the Jews” in no uncertain terms (a tradition continued today by Brother Nathaniel), further innoculated our ancestors, perhaps?

      But, as O’Reilly said, our people are moved by emotion, and the Bible no longer has that power.

      I look forward to his next column on what is to be done.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      I think articles like this are directed at newbies. For guys like me who have been in this thing for over 20 years this article tells me nothing new.

      Yes, the White race created incredible empires, artwork, culture, etc., and yes, we are being bred out of existence. Our culture is mocked and denigrated. Our children are taught to hate their ancestors and culture. The Jewish and Capitalist elite are the primary instigators of all this.

      I know these things already.

      The real questions we should be focusing on are how are we going to get ourselves out of this predicament?

    4. festerbestertester Says:

      We can hurt Shylock by constantly reminding him about the Gaza strip and the terrible treatment the people there receive. We can remind everyone that there are three Jews on the Supreme Court who harbor hatred and ill will toward all non Jews. Remind the Jew about Jules and Ethel Rosenberg, Jonathan Pollard and swindler Madoff. Always disagree with them, make them know that they have been in a fight. Frustate them often by reminding them about their support for the seperation of church and state.. i.e the removal of Christian symbols while there is no removal of the Jewism mennorah. As Rocky’s manager said in the movie, “dont let them breathe!”

    5. Emily Says:

      Tell your children Who they are .and why they’re here. Absolutely. Denying Satan his breath forces change. The good parent is the hardest job in the world; but the most rewarding. The good teacher is the most noble.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I didn’t read the article thoroughly, but did Seamus O’Reilly mention the guilt, shame and fear that the Catholic Church and Xianity in general have inflicted on White culture for the past 1700 years? You touch yourself, you’re going to Hell. If you even think about touching yourself, you’re going to hell….. No wonder our Race is so neurotic and emasculated.

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      You’re correct Tim. Jewish Christinsanity has much to do with why our people are so fucked in the head now. 2000+ years of polluting White people’s minds with unnatural guilt and middle eastern mysticism. This cancer has been living in our people for all this time, but now it is getting dangerously close to killing us for good.

    8. th Says:

      Blackshirt is correct. Nothing new to most of us. White people need to ask the jew one question, why is it us that has to be tolerant of everything that our race is against? Why should we accept all your shit? Then politely beat his face in and tell him your refuse. No one is asked to accept us for being superior.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      My Celtic brother Tim, I wish these black fellas would stop touching themselves walking down the street squeezing thier black peckers.

    10. the haas Says:

      only way to solve problems some time is with violence .figure ways to get back at jews and implement that plan.alls fair in love and war .start with top jews holding power positions dont waste time on cross eyed losers

    11. Ein Says:

      festerbestertester Says:

      We can hurt Shylock by constantly reminding him about the Gaza strip …We can remind everyone that there are three Jews on the Supreme Court …Remind the Jew about Jules and Ethel Rosenberg, Jonathan Pollard and swindler Madoff. …As Rocky’s manager said in the movie, “dont let them breathe!”

      Sorry, Fester, I’m not so sure what good that will do. It may even be counter-productive. I’m looking for ACTUAL RESULTS, not “feel good” results.

      What will you have ACHIEVED? Nothing! — beyond letting off some steam and feeling smug about it. At most, it’s a petty triumph that wins you nothing. Then, after that, they will re-double their efforts against you, write to their congressman demanding more restrictive laws, and increase their contribution to ADL. So what is really achieved? Who came out ahead — they or you?

    12. Ein Says:

      By the way, I think it is very appropriate that the title of this article is … “What will work.”

      It doesn’t say “What will make you feel good.”

      We need to stop pandering to our emotions and seek solutions that WORK.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Great article! If only I could get my relatives to actually read and absorb it.