30 August, 2010

White Architecture

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(Click on photo to enlarge it)

Arundel Castle, West Sussex, England. Only Whites are capable of building things like this, and the muds know it, which is why they hate us (and fear us):




More about Arundel Castle [Here].

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  7. 19 Responses to “White Architecture”

    1. Henry Says:

      I think it’s also particularly interesting that things like this were built BEFORE the European age of empire and expansion had begun.

      I say that because blacks and their apologists love to say, “You see how much you owe us?” They claim that we couldn’t even count if they hadn’t taught us. They love to claim that Europe and its wealth and civilization were built on the backs of millions of slaving blacks and browns in colonies overseas (which we plundered) who gave Europe its riches and made it what it is. In other words, we became rich because we made them poor.

      Wrong! To the contrary, the splendid chateaux of the Loire valley in France, the great gothic cathedrals, many of the great English country houses, many palaces, St. Peter’s basilica in Rome, were built before there were any foreign colonies sending wealth into Europe. These things were built by Europeans entirely ON THEIR OWN.

      And besides, when you come down to it, what did sugar and tobacco contribute to Europe? All they did was rot people’s teeth and give them cancer. Some “contribution”!!! And what did cotton contribute? Industrial cities, crowding, crime and slums.

      And Moslems love to claim that Europeans were primitive barbarians living in squalor who didn’t even know enough to bathe. Hell, Britain had baths with hot and cold plumbing dating back to the Romans — long before there were any Moslems! Even the Vikings had their saunas. We didn’t need anyone to teach us to bathe. As for not knowing arithmetic, were all those splendid buildings designed by architects who couldn’t count?

    2. torrence Says:

      Mr Linder – I have two entries “awaiting moderation’ in the August 28th post entitled “Book Quote”. The first post was to educate readers in understanding how Muslim-bashing is indirect service to Zionism and to explain the behavior of Muslims.

      My second post was a request to Tim McGreen to justify in detail his absurd statement:” “As bad as it is having the Jews around our necks, having to put up with the Muslims might be even worse.” I provide a list of reasons to put his proposition to rest once and for all and I ask him to further butress his assertion in response. Tim, are you out there? Come in from the cold, please, and comfort yourself in the warmth of truth, enlightment and understanding.

      The software program used to filter out unwanted or undesirable postings is impressive. It is able in a matter of seconds to decipher any challenge to prevailing and popular positions this board harbors.

      Censorship apparently is not only the purview of the Jew media. What is it they don’t want you all to know?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Of course, not all White architecture is sublime:


    4. CW-2 Says:

      Well said, Henry. Thales, Euclid, and Apollonius were laying the foundations of advanced mathematics at the time desert Semites spent their leisure hours interferring with camels.
      Our innate intelligence and desire to explore enabled us to expand too quickly without giving weight to the importance of consolidation. The discovery of the New World was a mixed blessing, to say the least, for Spain. At the time when White leadership in Spain should have been thinking about consolidating and increasing the presence of Whites in recently liberated Al Andalus, the nation’s most enterprising and adventurous men were heading to South America to have their genes irrevocably lost through miscegenation. It took Spain over a century to recover from that loss.
      China, however, has taken a deliberately long term view of history and has expanded only when sure of its own internal and external strength.

    5. ajiarcher Says:

      It is unfortunate but true that the sub saharan blacks never developed mathematics, the written word or even the wheel. Their highest form of transportation appears to be a hollowed out log, while whites built the space shuttle and jet airliners, among other fantastic achievements.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, that picture of Vegas is a fine example of jew vulgarity and money grubbing.

    7. Waldo Starr Says:

      One of the dumbest statements made by black race hustlers is that blacks built this country. The truth is that they did manual labor and only worked because the alternative was harsh treatment. They chopped some cotton and when the industrial revolution took hold they became obsolete farm equipment. They have never built a civilization and cannot maintain one that they inherit or overrun. Examples would be South Africa, Haiti, and Detroit, to just name a few. What all these black utopias have in common is high rates of; murder, rape, robbery, mayhem, AIDS and assorted STD’s, failing schools, unemployment, crooked politicians, drugs and assorted moronic behaviors not tolerated in civilized white societies. Blacks can mimic white people in dress and speech but they lack IQ, intuition and compassion. See how they treat each other, especially their children and god only knows how they treat animals that are in their care. Blacks should not be allowed to live among white people.

    8. torrence Says:

      The more I read this forum the more bullshit I see being spread.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Congoids love the Phocking Pit Bull’s which have been bannd in a few states, and too very sad that Congoids can not be banned from certain states along with those dogs too.

      Sad that any dog/god is allowed to be owed by savages.

    10. Justin Huber Says:

      I’ve been to Arundel Castle. I enjoyed it. Albeit with a bad hangover. I can also say the same thing about Tim’s picture of Glitter Gultch in Vegas.

    11. Justin Huber Says:

      From what I recall of Arundel Castle, it had a lot of great oil paintings. I don’t think I had to pay much to get in either.

    12. Degrelle Says:

      Has anybody ever seen a congoid at Arundel Castle?

      Not only are they incapable of designing and building a work like this, they have no interest in looking at it.

      This applies to so many museums and galleries in Europe; they are of no interest to the black. Their inherent primitivism simply precludes any appreciation of the magnificence of white culture.

    13. Reck Says:

      That’s not white, it’s a jew cash-cow dead valley of die-versity…

    14. Jim Says:

      White Architecture can most clearly be discerned by viewing the magnificent architecture of ancient Greece and Rome; in other words, the Classical Style. Modern architecture as well as modern art is jew inspired. The origins of so called modern architecture can be traced to the Bauhaus School that flourished in Germany before Hitler sent them scurrying to Jew York City in the thirties. In Russia, after the jew revolution of 1917, the kikes pushed modern architecture and art on the newly communized Russian masses. Old Joe Stalin was one mean SOB and a butcher of millions, but one good thing that he did was to restore classical art and architecture. Probably the best examples of White Architecture was the Architecture of NS Germany in the late thirties.

    15. th Says:

      aryan architecture is marvelous! aryan music is the same, as well as our literature, philosphy and invention. our women and children are beautiful. our homes are clean and taken care of. our desire to work,succeed and better ourselves are no match. no jew pandering or attempts to claim that niggers are equal to aryans will change any of it. the proof is in the pudding as they say. what have you done jew? thats right we are the supreme ones.

    16. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Las Vegas money pits?
      Thats not architecture, its Jewcatecture.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Romans were such great architects that even today the ruins of their civilization continue to astound us: http://photos.igougo.com/images/p319361-Rome-Palatine_Hill.jpg

      Now, compare that noble ancient ruin with this monstrosity, designed by the Jew “architect” Daniel Liebeskind: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/ca/Royal_Ontario_Museum.jpg/800px-Royal_Ontario_Museum.jpg

      After the Revolution, no traces of Liebeskind’s hideous atrocity will be left standing. I guarantee it.

    18. ernst blofeld Says:

      Goethe said that architecture is frozen music, how true!

    19. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto looks like it has been hit by a UFO! I have been to Toronto and it is just as bad as any American city. Niggers and Muds everywhere! They deserve such ugliness but probably don’t care as darkies don’t go to museums! The Jews probably built that monstrosity to constantly remind the people of Toronto who really is in charge. It will be torn down in a few years anyway as such buildings are nightmares to maintain and with all the stupid darkies that are probably working there they will only exacerbate the deterioration of the structure, through neglect.