20 August, 2010

White Nationalist Philosophy Re: Women

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I had a high-school basketball coach who used to say, “learn, and never forget, the fundamentals of the game.” That was good advice. Well, I disagree with Kurtagic here at the fundamental level. One of the reasons why White men are in trouble today is that they have forgotten a simple but very important fact: they built the West and only they can manage it properly. Western culture is “White male.” Why would White men want more women in the work force? If anything, they should want far less women in the work force. Will we feminize the WN movement before it ever has a chance of succeeding? What would Dr. Pierce think?


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    1. LoveWhite Says:

      The main reason I prefer women not to seek prolific careers is so that they can concentrate on child rearing instead. While I like seeing attractive white women in the workplace from a purely personal perspective, I notice that most are disinterested in bearing children. This masculisation of women is definitely a contributing factor to the falling white birthrate. Meanwhile many of the “white” women I do see pushing prams around are quite ugly, if you know what I’m alluding to.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      If White women want to guarantee the honor and dignity which is due to them they must recognise that ONLY White men and traditional Western civilization are capable of giving them respect and the status of companionable equals.

      White women support your menfolk in the battles that are surging before us!

    3. George Wallace Says:

      America was MADE by aggressive Americans for Americans. American corporations did well and American citizens did well. Some entity decided to take the wealth out of America and spread it around the world. That helped American corporations and destroyed American citizens/workers. American wealth FLOWED OUT of America and Americans lost their jobs. To further destroy America, some entity decided to import foreigners to DILUTE and weaken the American population. The worst manifestation was the loss of the ability of an American man to support his family. This worst manifestion included the requirement for an American man to send his wife out of the home to work. LOYAL American corporations and politicians should have KEPT American wealth in America. But corporations and politicians sold out America and Americans for the own personal benefit. American corporations and politicians have ENRICHED foreign countries and themselves while selling out the American people.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The fantasy artists who make those Red Sonja type graphic novel characters are usually fat, goofy nerds who could never get a woman like that in real life, so they draw her instead. People like that really annoy me. And the whole graphic novel/Heavy Metal art genre is tiresome.

      I was not prepared for those horrible photos of the mutilated women. Photos like those remind me of just how awful non-White countries really are, especially the Mohammedan ones. Sure, sometimes women need to be smacked around a little to keep them in line, but what mother would ever raise her son to commit such horrible crimes like those against a woman?

      You liberals can take your “diversity” and shove it up your ass. I don’t want vicious subhumans like that anywhere near me or the continent I live on. You want to embrace multiculturalism? Go over to Hellhole-istan and do it.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      “While I like seeing attractive white women in the workplace from a purely personal perspective, I notice that most are disinterested in bearing children. This masculisation of women is definitely a contributing factor to the falling white birthrate. Meanwhile many of the “white” women I do see pushing prams around are quite ugly, if you know what I’m alluding to.”


      Very well said. I’ve noticed all that too. With the notable exception of the “hot young mom”, most beautiful young White women don’t even think about having children, even if they have a steady boyfriend and a good job. But the fugly girls always have tons of babies. They never seem to have a problem finding some stupid guy willing to impregnante them. Amazingly, their babies are usually very cute. How can that be?

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      There are few topics that divide White racists more than the status of our women. I’m sure Socrates knows what he is doing when he posts something like this since it is bound to stir up some debate.

      First of all, you can thank WWI and WWII for pushing large groups of women into the workforce, especially in the USA. The feminist movement actually played a very small role in that. I don’t think it was some vast conspiracy to f*ck over White men, just the economic necessity of wartime. As a matter of fact, Hitler’s resistance to having German women fill in the factory jobs German men left to go to war ultimately hurt the Third Reich’s war effort. But that is another debate for another day…

      Second, I agree with Kurtagic’s basic premises. I’ve seen it all too often here on VNN whenever this subject comes up- the whole “let’s get the women back in the kitchen” attitude. What is laughable is the seeming bewilderment that these very same guys present at the dismal representation of women in our struggle. Geez, what woman wouldn’t jump at the chance to fulfill the roles you guys fantasize about? LOL

      I’ve pointed this out before and will do so again- the whole women being subservient thing is mostly HEBREW/Middle Eastern philosophy, coming down to Western Civilization from Judaism via Christinsanity. Yes, the Greeks and Romans had most of their women in matronly roles, but the classical philosophy towards women was far more liberated than the sick Jewish/Christard extremes you saw in the American Puritans or in the evangelical Christards in the Victorian era. Kurtagic is correct in reminding us about how the muslim non-white hordes treat their women, which makes sense since Mohamed got his ideas from the Jewish bible.

      Also, let me remind you all about how hearty and strong pagan Nordic and Celtic women were. They were just as active in their communities during ancient times as they are now. The only difference is that in pre-Christard times the White woman was considered a partner with her man and not little more than a slave like it was for most of the Christinanity period.

      What it all comes down to is that you aren’t going to get our women to join our cause by selling them the Jewish/Christard vision of female servitude and to have them pushed back into some version of a chaste Victorian woman. The reality is that White men cannot win our fight alone by alienating our women. Even with our women with us it is going to be one hell of a fight, so let’s get the misogynist shit under control.

    7. Frank Toliver Says:

      Everyone here has half of the solution. It’s about women yes, but it is more about us. Each of us needs to strive to be a high status male and then set the rules. Women are good at setting rules on a small local level, very few are able to do that on the national level, mainly because most women have no racial loyalty, only loyalty to their own happiness and their uterus to put it politely. You see this in the majority of marriages now where women make the rules, not even loyalty to the man they supposedly love.

    8. Karen Says:

      Well said Blackshirt. Old and new testament nonsense is not an Aryan thought what so ever.

    9. Anonymous female Says:

      Thank you for your post, Blackshirt. Attitudes like the ones you’ve outlined in your post are among the reasons I’ve stopped supporting the White Nationalist movement. Maybe someday, I’ll regain my faith, who knows. Not counting on anything changing.

    10. Joe Says:

      Blackshirt has posted a load of half-baked feminist crap. With “friends” like that, who needs enemies. Alas he’s typical of the feminized WN now a common occurence.

    11. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Blackshirt is right on the money. The problem is STUPID women in the workforce. The typical IQ of women who passed for White is 70, similar to an African Negro. Only one White woman in 10 is fit to breed at all. One in a hundred is an asset to the White race. We need to use the stupid ones as wet nurses to the smart ones who are treated like Queen bees. Use the smart ones as egg donors and let the rest of them to carry their eggs to term. White Nationalist women are Einsteins compared to the average Whiggress.

    12. Blackshirt Says:

      Joe Says:

      “Blackshirt has posted a load of half-baked feminist crap.”

      Really? Why don’t you rebut some of my arguments then, instead of talking out of your ass?

      “Alas he’s typical of the feminized WN now a common occurence.”

      I think not, I’m probably far more of a man than you are, internet toughguy/sniper. I’m be waiting for your reasoned arguments against what I posted here…

    13. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Blackshirt made another good point about Rosie the Riveter. German hausfrau were sitting on their asses all thru WWII. That alone explains why Germany lost the war. It was close as it was. The hausfrau is for normal times, not for war.

    14. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Workplaces can be easily designed to accommodate nursing mothers in most cases. Larger workplaces can have nurseries to give the mothers a break from constantly having to watch their babies. It doesn’t hurt fathers a bit to do their share of bottle holding.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t buy your “smart woman/stupid woman” argument, Pauly. What we need are lots of beautiful White women giving birth to lots of beautiful White children. I don’t give a shit if they’re “smart”, I just want to see a world full of healthy, happy and attractive White people instead of what we have now. You go ahead and save the unattractive “smart” girls for yourself, Valentino.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      But I agree with you wholeheartedly about the idea of daycare centers in workplaces that are filled with young mothers. I once worked in a factory full of young single mothers who out of necessity had to go to work instead of being with their small children. You’d think the asshole boss (a mean, fat old piece of shit) would have had enough decency to build a daycare center for all the young moms who worked for him, but no, it probably never even crossed his mind, the fat miserable old fuck.

      So because of cruel, selfish employers like him, the Federal Govt will have to eventually step in and mandate that employers provide daycare facilities. Why can’t they just do the right thing without having Washington force them to do it?

    17. Emily Says:

      In our case, yes we need to accommodate the present day woman to wish to fulfill the role of motherhood. That can only happen when she has found a/the man to be the father of her children. Do you see what has to happen? The man has to be every bit of man possible & woman also. Purpose of marriage is to create prodigy. How many couples feel that? It’s the biggest responsibility. Everything you want, fight for and work towards is so your own kind enjoys a better world. What kind of place is it if you have no one to share your experiences or dreams with? Not losing sight of your goals is like keeping your hands on the rope in the dark. It will always lead you to the next step.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Emily, the only thing worse than losing sight of your goals is not having any goals to lose sight of.

    19. Jessica Says:

      Well, the pro-feminists have one thing partially right..Men and women are equal, but not in the way they’d want us to believe. Men cannot do everything women can and women cannot do everything men can, obviously. But, men and women are equally IMPORTANT to our cause.

      One reason our society has declined so much is because the family structure has begun to break down. In order to produce good, healthy white children, who will be successful in keeping our race alive and thriving, there must be a mother and a father involved in raising them. Not the modern day man who stays at home and makes his wife work or the “yes dear” husband who does not have any clout. But a man who’s not afraid to work for a living, even if he has to work two jobs to make ends meet so his wife can stay home with the children. Not the modern woman who feels the need to go to college and have a career before even thinking of settling down and has her first child at the age of 40. But the woman who is nurturing to her children, stays home and runs the household. A real woman who is a mother and wife first!

      I’m not saying that woman are inferior to men or that men are inferior to women, they both play a vital role in our cause.

      Children are not raised right now a days. They come from broken families. Divorced parents, families in which both parents work or families where the traditional roles are reversed. They are raised on T.V. and video games. Why? Because the parents both work, it’s easier..They’re not there to raise their children right, to instill the right values in them.

      If white people are to survive, we must try our damnedest to restore the family roles back to what they originally were!

    20. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Mr McGreen has rushed to judgement. Personal experience has shown repeatedly that you can’t tell the difference between the good looking ones and the ugly ones in the dark. You can always tell the difference between the smart ones and the dumb ones in the dark.

      I have to hand it to the Jewish Princesses. They are not significantly less cunning than their Jew males. I can’t say that for our Whiggresses when compared to White men. That is why the Jews are winning. That is why they keep dumbing down our women.

    21. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      We need to get the redhead riding the gorilla at http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/authors/Kurtagic-Women-As-Allies.html a smaller sword with a better fitting handle. She will then be able to swing it faster and more accurately.

      The redhead on the horse could use a little bigger ram’s horn.

      Red Sonja needs a smaller battle axe with an eye toward greater accuracy and faster swinging.

      That being said, I will propose marriage on the spot to any or all of them and demand to be made their love slave.

    22. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Women understandably get cabin fever from taking care of babies all of the time. Fathers need to give them a break. It doesn’t hurt the latter a bit to help change diapers and hold bottles.

      Raising kids is too important a job to be left to unsupervised women in those cases where their intelligence is severely limited. We need a bunch more daddy’s girls out there. Maybe a lot less of them would grow up to be Whiggresses.

    23. Jessica Says:

      Pauly said:
      “Women understandably get cabin fever from taking care of babies all of the time. Fathers need to give them a break.”

      I’m a stay-at-home mom and I completely agree with you. Most women will go a little nuts if they’re cooped up in their home. And kids do too! That’s why I joined a local playgroup, so the kids can get out of the house and interact with other children and I can have adult conversation with other women. And because of where we live, all but one of the ladies is white! I pick and choose when I go so my kids are not around her and her mutts.

      Another reason I don’t think I’ve lost it is because my husband gives me a break every once and a while. Either we will go out and spend some time together without the kids or I’ll go out with my mom friends for a few hours. So maybe this is why I never feel shut off from the world or maybe it’s because I haven’t been brainwashed by the liberal feminists and I know that my place is at home with my children.

      As I said in my previous post, children need to be raised by both of their parents. My husband helps out when he can with the kids. If I’m making dinner, he’ll read to them or play with the baby to keep him quite. Kids need both, the softness of their mother and the toughness from their father.

      Men and women balance each other out, unless they aren’t real men and women (ie: most modern men and women). That’s why we need both for our cause.

      Daughters raised by a single mother tend to have WAY more problems than those raised by both. Their moms are more worried about their daughters liking them than they are about raising them and being firm with them. They usually end up being more of their friend than a parent and these girls tend to grow up to be “man haters” because that’s how their mother feels. Girls raised by just their dad seem to be more masculine. Their dads need to relate to them in some way so they teach them to play sports or work on the car. The girl doesn’t get that soft, feminine personality that comes from a healthy mother.

      If a boy is raised only by his mother, he’ll end up too soft and usually a delinquent because he doesn’t have the firm hand of his father. If a boy is raised by their father, they don’t usually learn to respect women. If they don’t respect women than they won’t be able to have a healthy marriage. They won’t be able to produce productive children.

      Another thing I’ve seen with single mothers is that they tend to move back in with their parents. The child is then raised by their grandparents so the mother can work. The grandparents don’t encourage their daughter to go out and find a new husband to help raise and support the child. They just feel sorry for her because she found a bad man and it didn’t work out. So when they should be retiring they’re now having to take care of a young child again…

    24. festerbestertester Says:

      I may be a little off topic here but have ever noticed a White woman with a little half breed in tow? They think they are “trendy” or seem to dare White men to say anything to them. SCUM SCUM SCUM

    25. Tim McGreen Says:


      Valerie Solanis….Society for Cutting Up Men/S.C.U.M. Manifesto….Andy Warhol, June 3rd, 1968….Viva, Ultra Violet, Fred Hughes…….The Factory, The New York Post, RFK asassination.

      Midnight Cowboy/Jon Voigt. Max’s Kansas City.

      I shot Andy Warhol.

    26. Jim Says:

      In order for the White man to regain his lost dominion over the earth, it is ESSENTIAL that he regains the love and respect of his help mate, the White woman. He must throw off the yoke of yoke of jewish mind control, and again become in tune with his inner being. Virtually everything in the last fifty years that has driven a wedge between the White man and his woman has been the work of the jewish conspiracy against Aryan civilization. In the future Aryan Society that we shall build, Masculine power and intelligence will be forever united with Feminine love and intuition. Unlike our present decadent jewish age however, the love of our womenfolk will be devoted SOLELY to her husband, children, and the greater Folkish Community. The White man’s strength that he derives from his inner contact with his Race Soul will be utilized to conquer ever new living space for the future of his growing racial family, and the love that he derives from his Aryan woman and Soul Mate will be used to forge a mighty Aryan Civilization that will triumph forever over the decaying carcass of the Jewish Money System.

    27. Shaun Says:

      With the sudden influx of “white women” threads, i’d guess that the jews are concerned that White awareness may actually be succeeding and find the need to use their old weapon on it – feminism, for example they’re actively pushing feminism in many muslim lands too. Feminism is a means to destroy. Feminist doctrine is sure death to any people. Women will join a movement once it’s popular, safe and at least close to mainstream. It will take men to bring any true White movement to that point. With an influx of feminist apologists any White based philosophy will be weakened, liberalized and coopted. It may appear to be more generally accepted but thats only becuase a feminist infused doctrine will never be truly in the interests of Whites.

    28. Thom McQueen Says:

      A man asked this lass to stop nursing her baby while he was eating his steak. She told him that he could eat his cow butt and she would keep on nursing her baby.

      Lads, we orselves need some womanly bitchness!

    29. CW-2 Says:

      Well said, Jim. Some years ago I saw a very poignant war memorial in Austria, it depicted an Aryan man holding a sword in one hand while the other grasped a shield behind which his wife and children sheltered.

    30. GeorgeSt Says:

      The article is ridiculous; White men have not relegated nor demanded that White women be childbearing kitchen slaves; the opposite, White men’s technology has liberated women from the household to the extent that housework is an afterthought to the day. Women, on the other hand, have wholeheartedly embraced everything except being women. Lets get it straight, It’s women who abandoned being women which has led to non-replacement birth rates. It’s women who reject at all junctures White recialist philogphy in favor of any non-white inspired and White-destructive philosphy of the day.

    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jim, I know you mean well but please, let’s not over-romanticize the White Race with a lot of sentimental jive about “Race-Souls” and “Folkish Ways”. I doubt most Whites ever had any real feelings of love and kinship for their fellow Whites based on Race alone. You should know that most people have never and will never think like that. All we can do is to neutralize once and for all the enemies of our Race so that they can’t hurt any more of our people in the future or retard our Race’s progress. What our descendants do with their freedom from Jew bankers and Black rapists will be up to them.

    32. Jim Says:

      I wil stand by what I said in my last post, Tim. If you don’t like the terms, “Race Soul” or “Folkish”; fine, use some other term. Without a new cultural and spiritual revolution, there can never be a permanent White Revolution. The morals and values of today’s decadent, greedy, and dedaying “society” can not and will not carry oveR into the glorious Aryan future that our children and our children’s will build. The builders of our Aryan Fokish State will be tried in the furnace of trials and struggles that no one today can even imagine. The reality will of course, never equal the ideal, but a noble ideal must be our goal and WILL give our Aryan Freedom Fighters some thing to live for AND DIE FOR. l

    33. Hammerton Says:

      While Alex Kurtagic praises women and blames men (as usual among nerdy WN writers), he includes pictures of CARTOON women with unnaturally sexy bodies. Dressed in metal bikinis. If Kurtagic had more contact with real-life women he would know what they think about that. Maybe it is an idealising idea of women he likes.

      And like so many other WN men posting online, maybe he has the thought in the back of his mind that some single racialist woman might be reading his text and contact him. That would explain all the women-praise/men-blame.

      What is the REAL reason there aren’t more women in active WNism? Take it from someone who has seen it: they leave because they don’t want to be outside approved society. They are herd animals. They don’t want to risk and lose for no personal gain. They tire of men who speak of ideals and sacrifice, and are willing to live without careers and much money. That’s not what women want. They are at least five times more selfish than men while pretending the opposite.

      ALMOST ALL long-time WN veterans are men, with just a few women in the bunch. And ALMOST ALL of these men have been abandoned by their girlfriends and wives because of their racial activism.

      That is the pattern in every nationalist party. The divorce rate is sky-high. Happy marriages are the exception. The women abandon the men.

      Alex Kurtagic can say whatever he likes about how men drive away the noble battle-ready bikini-sexy women. It’s all crap. He doesn’t know what the reality on the ground looks like. Women are given so much space and concern in nationalist parties that you’d think they were all princesses. Still they divorce their husbands and take the children with them.

    34. Howdy Doody Says:


      Eye’s must wide open, and the ear’s listening to what you may be getting into.

      Good Luck.

    35. Howdy Doody Says:


      Jeanne Crain in concluding scene from Leave Her To Heaven

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      HD, exactly how old are you, anyway? Either you’re in your 80s or you’re one of those fruits who idolizes old-time movie actresses.

    37. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I fail to see the connection of “Leave Her to Heaven” to the issue of gender science.

    38. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Howdy Doody must be posting in the wrong section by accident. This section is for studies of gender science.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy Doody, Film Studies 101 is in Room 204. This is Room 304, Gender Science Studies.

    40. Virgil Says:

      Vive la difference!

    41. Howdy Doody Says:

      Gentlemen, at ease.

      Pardon me for any distractions on a issue that has affected the West as a knife in the back.

      Post-War Woman and Her Legacy
      by Sabine Barnhart

    42. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hammerton Says:

      24 August, 2010 at 4:58 pm

      This regime would use a Trident Sub to attack any Father who stand aginst the criminal regime who supports any disturbed women yelling in a court room.

      I have seen divorce courst smash a man when the children did not want to live with the mother. End result screwed up failed adults today.

      Victory for divorce court yet again.

    43. Howdy Doody Says:


      The regime if found a super White Father where the whole county say would stand up to the liars and say no, they would launch from a Trident Sub if thats all that could get the father.

      Pearl Harbor, Korea, Gulf Of Tonkin, Mass murder and insurance fraund in NYC again and again the lunatic maniac’s prove they wiil and can do anything to keep their position.

      Mad they are.

    44. Susan Says:

      I don’t see how any meaningful change will come to the White race until we eliminate or separate ourselves from the jew influence, along with the accompanying nigger influence.

      I think that many Whites are unhappy people, but most don’t have a clue as to why that is. They don’t understand how the jew has completely turned our once upright world upside down! They don’t know why they don’t want a happy marriage with children, they just don’t want it.

      I’m old enough to remember that the White woman was once the epitome of class, decency, loyalty, honor, femininity, motherhood, and wife before she was ruined by jews and niggers. The White woman was the one creature who stood for complete goodness in our culture. I guess it’s why the jew had to bring her down. She represented the one figure who held her family together, against all odds.

      I also remember a time when it was almost only White men who abandoned their wives and children for a piece of younger ass. Of course, it wasn’t a problem for men until White women began doing it to their husbands.

      Yeah…..what goes around comes back around, I guess one could say.

      We White people need to remove ourselves totally from the jew in our lives before we can begin to resurrect our race.

    45. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I think that many Whites are unhappy people, but most don’t have a clue as to why that is”

      You got that right. Tens of millions of White people in this country alone are in therapy, on anti-depressants or contemplating suicide. The niggers never have problems like that, do they? Because they think Whitey will always be there to help them out of their messes.

      I believe the root cause of most of our unhappiness as a race is because of Money, which of course is controlled by International Jewry. Husbands lose their jobs, so their wives and children have to move in with Mother. The bill collectors hound you day and night but you barely have enough money to pay the rent. You’re three months behind on your mortagage payments. Foreclosures, reposessions, bankruptcy court, Final Notices, court-ordered evictions, unpaid medical bills, loss of retirement savings…….All of that misery is money-related. Then, all those unhappy Whites whose lives have been ruined by the Jew-controlled economy run to their Jewish psychologists, psychiatrists and pharmacists sobbing that they need the Jews’ help.

      What the hell has happened to us? Less than 100 years ago we were lynching niggers for whisitling at White womens. Now many of us are blubbering, emasculated eunuchs. Niggers don’t give a shit about bill collectors or the landlord or anything like that. They just live in the moment like animals.


      “I also remember a time when it was almost only White men who abandoned their wives and children for a piece of younger ass.”

      Susan, I’m surprised that a wordly woman like yourself still believes that old myth. I’ve seen and known a lot of couples where the husband cheated on his wife. But almost without exception the “other woman” was no sultry vixen, no young chippy or home-wrecking harlot. She often turned out to be an older, less attractive woman who was more understanding than the guy’s wife, or a better listener or better in the sack or had some other quality that the wife couldn’t or wouldn’t provide.

      As far as women cheating on their husbands, hmmm, I’m no expert on that one. My guess is that they will usually cheat on their husband with the husband’s best friend or business partner, someone they already know pretty well.

      “We White people need to remove ourselves totally from the jew in our lives before we can begin to resurrect our race.”

      Absolutely. Nothing is going to get accomplished until we rid ourselves of Jewish Christianity, Jewish thinking and Jewish money. Only then will we be truly free and truly happy.

    46. Howdy Doody Says:


      Hmm? No tattoo’s, no piercings, no flip flops ?

      Hmm ?

    47. Tim McGreen Says:

      I used to watch The Price is Right (a Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production), even though I was supposed to be in school. Yes indeed, those Price is Right models were very cute and feminine. I especially liked how they would put one hand on their hip and wave their other hand over the crappy merchandise. And always with a big smile.

      Sometimes the girls would do a little mimed skit, like when they were introducing a marine-oriented prize showcase which might feature a speedboat or a cruise to the Bahamas. They would wear their little sailor-girl outfits for that. Cripes, why why can’t White women be like that anymore?


      I wonder if Bob Barker ever “schtupped’ Janis or Diane? Probably not. But I heard Kenny Rogers tried to “do” them all at the same time. Nice try, Kenny, but no dice.

      American daytime TV in the 70s….It’ll never be that good again.

    48. Howdy Doody Says:

      The owner of that vid removed, did some here post something on it?

    49. Ismolinn Says:

      There is woman’s softness, but lets not forget a woman’s toughness which is very different from a mans toughness. Comparing the two is like comparing any other two different elements, men are not tougher then women they are merely different, like air is different from water so to speak. Neither is tougher, both are a necessity to our survival.

      A smart woman can do both, be an excellent mom and have the carrier she want’s, especially if she has the support of her man. My grandmother had a carrier and raised 10 children I swear I never saw that woman sit down, toughest person I’ve ever meet and I know my grandfather would agree.

      I think women should have the choice to stay at home if they want, we should make societies that support that. Some women want to work and some women need to work, both should be supported.

      One of the main reasons birthrates are low is because we have made the simple and natural thing of having children into an complex enterprise (a trillion $ market that feeds on peoples insecurities) women and men are constantly waiting for the “right moment”. To be ready…ect .. There is no such thing, in most cases nature has already provided us with everything we need for childbearing and rearing.

    50. xx.weirich.xx Says:

      I agree with Susan and her statement that we need to focus on defeating the enemy rather than defeating ourselves. Women and men have their differences, and BOTH a mother and father is needed to raise a child. Without this, you end up with a socially screwed-up kid…
      The biggest problem I have seen with NS is that they all seem to believe that women should be beaten and treated like slaves. The ONLY man that I have ever met that believes such a thing shits over the side of the bathtub into a plastic bag, smokes pot all day, doesn’t work, and doesn’t care for his kids. the house is a wreck. True piece of shit right there…
      Work with your women. No movement will ever be successful if the other half of the group necessary to enact it hates the other half because they’re treated as lower beings.
      I’m a girl, and I would never want to just stay at home and rear children. I wouldn’t necessarily want to lead a while country, but I would never join a movement that would make me stay at home as a maid.