24 September, 2010

A Third Reich Pamphlet

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Folk Community

by Alfred Kotz.

“You know the colonies of small gardens on the outskirts of large cities – participation in the fatherland, the joy of the flourishing flowers and the growth of practical plants on this piece of leased land. One would think that at least here a community, carried by a deeper purpose, would be affirmed. We have almost forgotten how poorly the community looked just a few short years ago. There was a harvest festival, but it didn’t always bear the face of our community.

I remember the end of one such festival. The colorful lights went out. A last laugh sounded, and then a latecomer, a musician, played into the quiet night: “Deutschland über alles!” — What courage! Germany had become in bad taste in Germany. Enraged men fumed. They felt “provoked.” A few notes from the German national anthem meant a declaration of war to them. Misery surrounded the people and misery surrounded Germany. Germany stood before its death hour. German hearts had been devoured by the crookedness of the political parties. Equality of all with a human face was preached, but one smashed his brother’s skull! The men standing at the machines during the workday felt no joy from the swing of hammers and the turning gears. They sang nothing other than the song of deep hatred.”


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