27 September, 2010

Book Quote

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“We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” — Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch to General George Marshall, 1938, one year before WWII began. From the book “Which Way Western Man?” (Hillsboro, West Virginia; National Vanguard Books, 2003) by William Gayley Simpson, page 922. (By the way, this book is online, Here. You can also buy the paperback edition of the book, Here).

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    1. Jim Says:

      Next to “Mein Kampf”, “Which Way Western Man” may be the best book even written on the WN philosophy. William Gayley Simpson, like Revilo Oliver lived during the early decades of the Twentieth Century and both these great men lived through the transformation of the United States from a relatively homogeneous White Country to the judaized and negrified shit hole that it became in the latter half of the century. A new generation of White Nationalist thinkers that will emerge in the Twenty First Century will not remember the world that used to be. The last time that there was even some sanity left in this country was in the nineteen fifties, before the jews took total control, and a man would have to be at least sixty years old to have even a dim memory of those times.

    2. Bill Ayzoo Says:

      I can understand Baruch. What I can’t understand are the weasels, Churchill and Roosevelt.