24 September, 2010

Testimony: DOJ’s CRD Used Race as a Factor in Picking Cases

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Here’s a surprise: Jews gave Blacks political power. Now Blacks are using that power against Whites. Civil rights = Jewish tyranny in blackface:


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    1. Ty Grant Says:

      This is typical Jewish Task Force behavior… Once given rights of a White person, Blacks, try as they might, become less than human. This is something they cannot help nor control. Many prominent blacks who are very, wealthy are unable to find places in White societies due to this very reason. Due in part to the Jew media, many blacks especially empowered nigger woman will seek out safe havens among white communities as well. However this system may be good or bad they, nigger woman become shut-in’s.
      Much of the popular thought about race in Amerikwa is skewed beyond belief… So much so that even other nations are sickened and disgusted by it. Yet as many whites seek out their own safe havens the country will one day be ours…

      The sickness is the Jew, The Jew is another race not of this earth… They say they were kick out of this place and that place and play guilt trips all day long. Yet I say this I may be Guilty of being White, but I have no white guilt…

      Thank You my brothers…