2 October, 2010

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist — a Further Note

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by Bradley R. Smith.


“At any given university the Ruling Class will get its shorts (and panties) in a twist over finding that the student masses are being proselytized with a confession structured around simple stories, using a totally accessible language (not an academic note anywhere in it), to reveal how it is possible to question what the Ruling Class holds unquestionable, what it protects with taboo, and has been committed to publicly since the middle of the last century in the most shameful way.”


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  7. 14 Responses to “Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist — a Further Note”

    1. Jim Says:

      The jews will stop at nothing to keep their holohoax lie alive. When the truth finally comes out that jewish losses in WWII were probably around three hundred thousand rather than six million, how can they justify the existence of their parasitical “state” on Palestinian land? The fact that honest researchers in Europe and elsewhere are imprisoned for uncovering the truth regarding this evil libel against Germany, and by implication, against all Aryan mankind proves the truth of Hitler’s statement in “Mein Kampf” regarding the jews as being the masters of the “Big Lie”.

    2. tolmike Says:

      Even if I believed that 6 million Jews died in the second world war, I would say so what. About 75 million people died in that war. What makes the Jews so special?

      From the Jew’s point of view, the holocaust industry must be kept alive. It has the properties of a pyramid scheme. Because we believed the Jewish lies, the USA got involved in the war in Europe. Then on the basis of Jewish lies, many Germans were executed after the war. Then, one same basis, Israel was created. Then the Germans paid reparations. I could go on, but the point is that if the fraud is exposed, there is going to be hell to pay.

      Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      With a simple click of her mouse the student will be able to access the full text of Confessions, chapter by chapter. She will find out for herself. And with a second click of her mouse of course, the full CODOH Website—the library, the Forum, the Founder’s page, and our new page focusing on the fraud surrounding the Elie Wiesel character.

      With Confessions the student will learn that she is not alone in her fear of facing revisionist arguments about the Holocaust story, not alone in her fear of wanting to avoid the contempt of her peers and those in the Ruling Class at her university. With Confessions she will find a 50-year-old man….

      The average female college student will not be the least bit interested in you or your website, Mr. Smith. She will be on Facebook, or TMZ.com, or on Zwinky making cute cartoon images of herself. Then she will look at all the online photos of what Paris and Heidi are wearing this week. Then she will watch re-runs of the Jersey Shore on MTV. (Do I know how young women think or don’t I?)

      And judging from your photo, Smith, I’d say you were way past 50, boy. Sorry, but no college chippy wants to be all over your junk.

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      I know it is sacrilegious to question the motives of any “holocaust revisionist” and to question revisionism in general on this website, but I have to.

      At the end of the day what is more important to guys like Brad Smith, his ego as a maverick inquirer of the holohoax, or the survival of the White Race? I’ve watched the whole revisionist thing for over 20 years and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these guys aren’t really concerned with the survival and advancement of the White race, but they seem more concerned with finding conspiracies and defending the honor of Germany. I have to agree with Metzger and Tim in his statement above that all this is ancient history to most Whites. Yes, it is interesting to us history buffs, but to the majority of the public you might as well be arguing about why the Romans attacked Jerusalem. It is all very irrelevant to today’s struggle in that even if you were to convince most of the public that the holocaust was a lie, they still would hate you for being a racist and wouldn’t do anything to save the White Race.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m just wondering…..Does B.S. (appropriate initials, those) ever explain why the Jews are constantly promoting the Holohoax? Well, Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith? Hello?

      Bradley Smith: Hooooboy, the Holorhoaks…the Holorhoaks iz….I said the Holorhoaks iz…izzzzzzz……..Let me tell you somethin’ ’bout them Holorhoakses, boy….You wanna know somethin’? (*hick*) I said, you wanna know somethin’? I like you…Yes I do! I think yer alright! (*burp*) Yer a stand-up guy, you know that? And I likes ya for it! Heh, heh, heh! (*hick*)…Yes I do, yer alllright, fella. (*burp*) Yessir, a real standup ….

      Smith then passes out on the floor. A group of small Moroccan boys suddenly scurry out of a nearby alley, turn him over and quickly pick his pockets while chattering excitedly in Arabic. They then flee into the night, laughing like hyenas. And no, this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened to Mr. Smith, let me tell you.

    6. Jim Says:

      Does it really matter whether or not the Nazis gassed six million jews or if the “Final Solution” meant resettlement in Madagascar and most of the jewish deaths occurred either on the Eastern Front where they were shot as partisans or commissars, or if they died from Typhus when the Allies bombed the supply lines to the camps? Your goddam right it does. If the Aryan Germans would deliberately exterminate six million men, women, and children ONLY because they were jews, they would be no better than the jews themselves. The Aryan way is honor and justice. Mass gassings NEVER were part of the NS agenda.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Any thinking, rational individual would realize that it’s physically impossible to gas 6 million people by marching them into closet-sized laundry disinfectant rooms over an 18-month period (Or is it 11 million? Sometimes the Jews throw in a few extra million Gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to add some diversity to the fable). Not one gassed corpse, not one reliable witness, not one “gas chamber” ever found, just ordinary camp showers and air-raid shelters. But like Blackshirt says, it doesn’t even really matter to most nitwits if the Holohoax story is true or not. If you question it, then you’re mean, you’re antisocial and you’re crazy. You see, Holohoax Denial is the only form of “mental illness” that is still acceptable to ridicule.

    8. Blackshirt Says:

      I actually think that millions of Jews were killed by the Nazis. Not as many as they claim though. Honestly I don’t care one way or another. I am convinced of the righteousness of our cause and I’m not a Third Reich fetishist, so I’m not overly concerned about “Germany’s honor” or cleaning up the image of National Socialist Germany. Like Tom Metzger says, when they ask you whether the Holocaust happened or not, the BEST answer is to say “I don’t care”. It’s very simple and it completely disarms your opponent in the debate… by refusing to care you don’t allow them to take the any moral high ground. You are refusing to play by their rules and you take control of the conversation.

      My #1 concern over anything else is the 14 words. I don’t worship Hitler or the Third Reich and what happened then is irrelevant to today’s struggle. National Socialist Germany is never going to come back in the same form, and if we were ever able to come to power our system probably wouldn’t look much like 1930s Germany with exception of some philosophical similarities. I grow very tired of these peripheral issues… it’s just a hamster wheel.

    9. Sean Gruber Says:

      The Hollow Hoax is important because it’s being shoved down the throats of White children every day. They are taught that “racism” is bad, that being in favor of your own (White) people is “racism,” and that the ultimate result of “racism” is…burned and butchered bodies of women and children. Ew…gross!

      Kids have nightmares over this shit. You don’t want to be a monster, do you, White Johnny? Then embrace diversity! If you don’t, then you have the soul of a mass-murderer from the lowest and scariest pits of hell….

      And those poor sufferin’ jews! Oh Gawd – what “we” did to them! Should one cry or only retch?

      Having gotten over the programming, too many people here shrug their shoulders regarding the Hollow Hoax — totally forgetting how many little minds are being warped, daily, by this formidable bullshit.

      The guilt leads them to be, if not rabidly anti, then very hostile indeed to any form of race realism, eugenics, nationalism, etc. You want to expel illegal aliens? Hey dude, that’s like Hitler! That’s like…gas chambers, dude! Millions dead!…You are EVIL EVIL EVIL (shuddering at the thought of photos of corpses in stacks).

      Don’t discount the impact of an outrageous horrific lie from hell being belted into the nation’s children for years from preschool on up.

      Our kids’ brains are being rewired – scrambled – by the Holy Cause. It ain’t an industry for nothing.

    10. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Excellent comments above from S. Gruber! All so very true. In fact, it seems there’s a museum to the Holy Cause in just about every major city nowadays (and some smaller ones too) where the kiddies can be taken on class outings and properly indoctrinated in self-hatred and race-guilt. Gotta catch ’em young!

      Out of curiosity, I looked up “Holocaust Museums”. Here’s a list I got: http://www.science.co.il/holocaust-museums.asp

      Yes, we already know that a few anti-German bigots dont care, for their own undisclosed motives; but most of us do.

    11. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “Our kids’ brains are being rewired – scrambled – by the Holy Cause. It ain’t an industry for nothing.”

      It sure ain’t!

      Now that the Versailles reparations are at last coming to a close, they’re got to keep the flow of moolah coming — from somewhere.

      Btw, it’s worthy of note here that the LAST of Germany’s World War ONE reparations has just been paid. (That’s ONE, not two!)

      Yep. After 92 years, Germany has finally, finally coughed up the last of the blood money.

      “West Germany, formed after defeat in 1945, took on responsibility for most of the outstanding principle and interest, settling the bill in 1983. But there was a clause in the Debt Agreement that interest on multi-million pound foreign loans taken out in the Weimar Republic era, to pay off the reparations bill, should themselves be repaid if Germany were ever reunited.

      ‘On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany,’ said Bild, the country’s biggest selling newspaper.

      The German government did not reveal how the money will be disbursed but it is understood that it is transferred to a holding account before being sent to the relevant bond and debt holders.
      Most of these are American and French.”


    12. Yahoody Doody Says:

      PS: I would interpret that to mean, “Most of these [debt holders] are living in America and France.”
      I suspect that would be more accurate.

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      Testing,testing….my previous brilliant post disappeared!WTF!

    14. The Red Skull Says:


      @Sean Gruber
      Herr Gruber,my compliments on your entire above post,as to why Holocaust indoctrination is such a weapon against us.I was going to say there were 16 HoloHoax Museums,but thanks to that nice link by Herr Doody, i see iwas mistaken,there are 25!—check that–25! HoloHoax Indoctrination Centers in the JewSA alone!Holy Propaganda Scam Batman!

      The jews get a “two-fer” with their early indoctrination of our children.They learn to hate themselves and their heritage,as we are only evil wicked white people who burn jews and enslave negroes.Then after they’ve had their Holohoax programming,by high school,they move on to their Marxist college professors,for final indoctrination in “progressive Liberalism”,where the end product is a Self-Hating,race-mixing,ANTIFA,who thinks “we’re all EQUAL” and doesn’t mind being replaced by 3rd world scum.

      Through Holohoax Indoctrination,they also are conditioned against any type of “United White” movement,as they have been brainwashed to believe that organized Whites automatically lead to piles of corpses and gassed Jews in the Chamber.NOTHING is worse…..the jews teach,than an EVIL-HATEFUL-RACIST-NAZI!Somehow,you are the scum of the earth,and their anti-White propaganda has been very successful.

      Through the dumbing down process,all most young whites can tell you now about WWII is that Hitler killed 6 MILLION JEWS,and the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

      Most of them,when the time comes,will be gunning for you,like the good little lemmings they’ve been taught to be,you Evil hateful Nazis.

      Hitler was right!AS ALWAYS!(just kidding Blackshirt!)He was right though,about the need to educate our young,and bring them up as good WN.The jews always point to the “evil Hitler youth” and how “Monstrous” it was to indoctrinate kids to love their people and race.Funny how the jews don’t have the same view about teaching White kids to hate themselves to the point they will be wiped out eventually.Holocaust Indoctrination is just one part of the overall Geneocide Planned for our People,it is the foundation of the hatred they have for us and build upon.

      In the Future New Aryan Nation–Revisionism will be State doctrine,and HISTORY!–will be an emphasized subject to teach our young to appreciate themselves,their heritage.and our Great and Glorious past.The Jews and their shenanigans will also be required study.