3 October, 2010

TV News Anchor Fired Over Comments About Jews-in-Media

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America is supposed to be the one place where people enjoy genuine free speech – unlike most other countries. If that’s true, why do people get fired for talking about Jews?


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  7. 13 Responses to “TV News Anchor Fired Over Comments About Jews-in-Media”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      Yes, mentioning, however vaguely, that jews
      control the media, is today’s unpardonable sin
      in ZOG-occupied America. For God’s sake,
      Hitler said the same thing in Mein Kampf
      (“they’re all jews!”), so the Sanhedrin certainly
      will want to crucify Sanchez at half-time
      during the next Super Bowl, with Mel Gibson
      on the cross to the right and, hmmm…let’s see,
      Ahmadinejad on the left.

      I certainly don’t weep for Sanchez: he’s just
      a snide, cocky communist prick. Hey, at least
      he and I now agree on something at long last:
      that he has truly committed the “unpardonable
      sin.” Plenty of jobs for you in Cuba, Rick.

    2. tolmike Says:

      You can call any one Jew in the media a transsexual Satan-worshiping child molester and get away with it. As soon as you mention the Jewish domination in the media or question the holocaust industry, your career is over.

      The next time the kikes over at CNN hire another spic, they will be sure he is better house broken.

    3. Klassikality Says:

      Sanchez is a dirty anti-White spic, but I think its a very good sign that non-Whites recognize the jewish problem. I’m glad Sanchez called out that smug little rat-like kike Jon Stewart. Maybe more non-Whites might start to realize that “White people” don’t control the media.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      What did Sanchez say that was so outrageous? He simply expressed some (presumably) honest skepticism that the Jews should be regarded as an oppressed minority in this country. I think the real reason CNN got rid of that little spic is because the network is in the ratings shitter and it is becoming increasingly desperate about trying to re-brand itself. Sorry, Jews, but nothing is going to work. CNN is soyesterday.

    5. Luke Says:

      Unless my memory is failing me, wasn’t this the very same Rick Sanchez (hispanic) who was whining about the 10th Amendment to the Bill of Rights being ‘racist’ – just a few weeks ago? Which fits perfectly into the totalitarian ideology of Communism, which this Sanchez creep surely embraces. Can’t have those pesky ‘angry white males’ being allowed to control their local states and communities, or else they might vote to put a stop to the non-whites proclivities towards parasitism and being able to free-load off the sweat of the white man’s brow.

      Incidentally, this incident – where Sanchez expressed his ethnic disdain for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, both of which were products of the 100 percent white brains of our 100 percent White Founding Fathers – ought to be a perfect illustration of what will happen to our freedoms and liberties, should whites become a subjugated minority and placed under the steel boot of non-whites like Sanchez. We can kiss what’s left of those sacred documents goodbye.

      Whites who are still sitting on the fence, paralyzed by the Cultural Marxist Political Correctness intimidation tactics, and terrified of being called a ‘racist’ for daring to oppose the genocide of White Western people – might want to think about this idea, and ask themselves whether they want to be subjugated to the likes of Rick Sanchez.

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      This was a Double- Good-Good for us.We got rid of a smarmy Commie Pinko who hates Whites,(at least until he resurfaces like pond-scum somewhere else),and the Jews got exposed again,which they hate.If he can find another job in the jew-run media is another question.He especially didn’t like Lou Dobbs for his anti-invasion confrontational stance,as all good marxists would,and could barely conceal his contempt.Good riddance to the bastard.

      In this jew-run POS Country you can question the reality/legitimacy of the tooth fairy,Santa Claus,the Moon Landings,and all the Hollywood Drivel one can consume,—but don’t you EVER-EVER QUESTION THE HOLOCAUST or mention the jews control of the media.The entire jewmedia machine then goes into OVERDRIVE to smear the uppity offender of the Sacred Jewish Cows,as a “hateful anti-semite” when all’s they did is voice an opinion.

      Remember White Man,the more jews there are in your society,and the more CONTROL they have,The LESS FREEDOM you have,to speak out–or own guns,or even think “improper” thoughts-as defined by the marxist jews in power here now.Remember–“anti-Semitism” was a “crime” punishable by death or exile or torture in the Soviet Union.It’s getting to be that way in the Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKwa now.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews control Hollywood, you say? They control Wall Street, too? And they got us into wars against Iraq and Afghanistan for the benefit of Israel?

      Oh, those are just canards facts.

    8. morris wise Says:

      Recently a Jewish couple was booted off the Queen Mary 2 after loudly complaining about an ethnic slur. They should have been sitting in the kosher dining room abroad the ship, but they possibly thought their own kind was too loud and boisterous. This incident has changed their whole outlook on life, because on their next cruise they will be eating latkes and gefilta fish.

    9. Larson Says:

      Ironically I use to say Sanchez was a Jew tool but I give him a little respect for calling them out. But the big mistake he makes is calling Jews whites when Jews are anything but white.

    10. Sean Gruber Says:

      He said jews control the media and suppress people who aren’t like them. To prove him wrong, his jewish bosses who own the network fired him immediately for disagreeing with them…. TJB.

    11. festerbestertester Says:

      Maybe Sanchez can get a job at a 7-11

    12. Virgil Says:

      The taboo is the proof!

    13. Sean Gruber Says:

      “Jews Run Hollywood – SO WHAT?”

      by JEW Michael Medved

      (yeah, that Medved…the “conservative” “Christian” columnist, writing in jew-rag Moment magazine)