3 October, 2010

Utah: Israeli “Art Students” Return?

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You might think that the Jews would no longer use the 2000/2001 “art student trick,” now that lots of people know about it. But then again, Jews are famous for chutzpah:


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  7. 6 Responses to “Utah: Israeli “Art Students” Return?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey, thanks for protecting our sacred “homeland” against those Israeli spies, Department of Homeland Security. The head bureaucrat at DHS, Janet “the Ugly, Incompetent Dyke” Napolitano, is the worst man possible for that job. But then again, DHS was never meant to protect the U.S. from another terrorist attack or from unwanted foreign intruders. No, it’s job is simply to add yet another layer of bloated bureaucratic tyranny to our lives, to help remove whatever tattered remnants of freedom and dignity we might still have left, all in the name of “fighting terror.” Fuck you, DHS.

    2. Virgil Says:

      The DHS will be obliterated!

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      Every government statement, including department names, is the opposite of the truth.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      Some true things are told by government, but not on purpose, and always buried in the fine print. (For instance, we can suss out the color of crime from G-man stats buried in charts and graphs. Though no way are those stats the full story.)

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      Note that the “art students” went to Utah. A land plumb fulla gullible goyim. People never heard of the “famous” (?) “art student” ruse out there. Hell, they probably never heard of jews. “Shucks, them folks from the holy land are awful’ nice.”

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Morons, I mean Mormons, probably think very highly of the Jews. You know, “People of the Book”, “The Apple of God’s Eye”, etc. All “good” Christians are expected to feel that way towards the Self-Chosen.

      Christianity: The export version of Judaism.