24 November, 2010

Moral and Aesthetic Idealism Among Whites: The Constant Gardener

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.


“This altruism on behalf of the other is often accompanied by punishment of one’s own people—the phenomenon of altruistic punishment. They will move heaven and earth to destroy their own people on behalf of a moral ideal. In the current cultural environment, people like Tessa would be expected to favor the entire program of the multicultural left as a moral imperative—no sacrifice would be too great.”


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  7. 10 Responses to “Moral and Aesthetic Idealism Among Whites: The Constant Gardener”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rachel Weisz is just a Jewess, so I don’t care if she sleeps with every nigger in Africa. Years ago, a lot of White TV fans were upset that the Mod Squad actress Peggy Lipton married the Negro composer Quincy Jones. But so what, Lipton is also a Jewess.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      An excellent article from Dr MacDonald and he develops similar ideas covered by Dr Pierce in many of his broadcasts, but whereas Pierce in his energetic and combative style gets straight to the point, MacDonald takes a gentler and less direct route to the problem.
      The problem is secularized religious insanity. The plot of ‘The Constant Gardener’ is new to me, but what sort of man, particularly an Aryan man would tolerate his wife bedding down with a negro and bearing a colored kid! Any normal man would go ballistic. The fact that the husband tolerates such behavior indicates a serious problem, it is as though he has lost the will to live and is merely the hypnotized shell obedient to the capricious whims of his wife and her negro lover.

    3. Virgil Says:

      Nuke Hollywood!

    4. Tim McGreen Says:


    5. CW-2 Says:

      Lipton doesn’t look the least bit jewish! Though looking a bit closer her hair was possibly curtesy of clairol and there are strong indications of a nose job.

    6. Luke Says:

      Well, I’ve never approved of race mixing between whites and any other race, but if the non-white races want to do it, I say full steam ahead.

      Realistically, we’ve all probably known a few whites who’ve become race traitors. Sometimes it might be just some white individual we are casually acquainted with, or sometimes it might be a long time friend who started out behaving the right way (dating, marrying strictly white) – but who finally succumbed to the jewish media white-genocide brainwashing, and after getting a divorce, has a major brain fart and – out of desperation, perhaps – scoops up a non-white. I’ve seen this happen to a guy I have known for over 30 years – and, even though I didn’t approve of it when he did it – I had the foolish notion that it wouldn’t cause him to change his White Southern male beliefs and values.

      Boy was I mistaken. This guy is a classic, text-book example of how absolutely destructive and suicidal race mixing is for a white man or woman. His wife is a Filipino – and not a bad person, actually, and I do find that I like her okay. But, due to that choice of marriage partner – this white guy has been helping her import her relatives from the Philippines, who, once here and legalized, turn around and do likewise for their relatives, and so on. This guy has turned into a enemy of the race he and I both belong to. He also has made comments to me that indicate that he wishes some of his wife’s Filipino nieces could be paired up with the white sons of some of his other old military buddies. Race mixers are not content with their own role in helping to destroy their own race; they want everyone else to do it, too. This is not only sick and racially destructive, but I consider it to be a form of pathological, mental illness.

      So, you see? Race mixing is a DEATH SENTENCE for the White race. It isn’t simply a personal choice that affects just the two individuals who engage in it – it has long term, extremely NEGATIVE consequences for the White race and for our desire for survival. This guy is no longer a white man; he is a 6″3″ tall Filipino. He will never again be able or interested in taking the side of his own race in any dispute or conflict that involves racial competition. He reeks of white death and white genocide – a perfect exhibit for Kevin MacDonald’s analysis.

      Hence, whites absolutely must adopt a zero tolerance policy for race mixing and if it means terminating friendships or ostracizing family members over violations of this policy, then so be it. The stigma of race mixing absolutely MUST return.

      Oh, and by the way. If any white nationalist thinks that the jews who push race mixing on whites are not aware of the EXTREMELY negative, LONG TERM consequences of this poison – then, that white nationalist needs to get their name on a waiting list for a brain transplant – because the one they’ve got now has malfunctioned.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said Luke, but I think even the most unpleasant racial stains in an individual’s genetic history can be washed out after a few generations. We all have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great grandparents, and so on. If you trace your ancestry back 500 years, you will discover that you have about 1 million ancestors! So it would hardly be surprising if somewhere back in time you had an Injun, a Mongol, a Spic or an Arab for a distant ancestor. Maybe even a nigger or two (God forbid!!!!) got into the DNA woodpile. But so what? You still have thousands and thousands of White ancestors to wash away any unwholesome traces of a non-White ancestor. So the damage CAN eventually be repaired.

      You know what’s funny? If a White person discovers he has some Cherokee or Apache ancestry, he will brag about it. He will think it’s really cool. He might even give himself an Indian name. But if he finds out that he had a Black great-great grandpappy, he will become extremely embarrassed and deny it up and down if someone should ask him about it. Then he will frantically examine his face in the mirror for hours to see if he can detect any trace of a flattened nose or big lips.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Whites in ALL Western Nations have no Leaders, and potential leader get the Steel treatment.

      Its disgusting to see Big FAT OLD White with Ugly S.E. Mongols and Flips, and when they croak the widown alien gets the retirement and is a coonmunity pain or just plain nutz.

      They should be a Rice paddy squatting with a Camel in dangling from their lips.

      Read that “years go” on VNN by either NB Forrest or Tom Chittum if I am right.

    9. Luke Says:

      Tim McGreen – Dr. Pierce did a few broadcasts, in which he mentioned this bizarre and mentally twisted tendency by so many whites to boast about their mongrel dna, as though they believed it made them somehow superior to their non-mongrelized white friends. Maybe they think it gives them some kind of magic immunity to being called a racist, if they can tout their impurities to their anti-white accusers?

      As for the extremely remote possibility that I had a negro ancestor, I’d place those odds at less than zero. My roots are Scots-Irish, and according to the statistics I’ve read, Scots-Irish are well known for their lack of reckless promiscuity, as compared to a number of other ethnic groups.

      I guess after putting in hard day’s work in the fields, the Scots-Irish guys were just too pooped out to go out chasing women. Or, as the rule goes, we’re better fighters than we are lovers. Which the Yankees certainly learned the hard way, for the first 2 and a half years of the War of Northern Aggression, huh?

    10. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      My born again father had some conversation with a christian counselor. This guy did semi-exorcism/therapy. One of the first questions he would ask: “DO YOU HAVE ANY INJUN BLOOD?”

      If the counselee said yes, the preacher almost said- oh shit.
      He viewed it as a very bad sign. Yet this view pertains to genetics- weren’t we all made in g-d’s image?