16 November, 2010

You Can Count on Your Surgeon, Unless…

Posted by Socrates in double standards, jew mentality, Jewed workplaces, Jewish arrogance, Jewish racism, medicine, Socrates at 10:23 pm | Permanent Link

Can you imagine the outcry if the tables were turned and a gentile surgeon walked out on an Original Bigot during an operation? That fellow would never work in the field of medicine again and he’d probably have to move to another city as well in order to escape notoriety [1]:


[1] Original Bigot = a Jew

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  7. 5 Responses to “You Can Count on Your Surgeon, Unless…”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      This hateful incident reminds me of an interview I recently heard on National Pinko Radio, where a Jewish “Nazi Hunter” explained in his whiny, nasal voice that he didn’t care how old any so-called “Nazi war criminal” was, they all needed to be prosecuted (persecuted) until they died.

      I’m convinced that the Jews go out of their way to be as loathsome, vile and obnoxious as possible, because they derive a sick thrill out of being hated. And you’d think that Jew doctor in Germany would just ignore the tattoo and be a professional. You’d think he’d be grateful that he can live and practice medicine in Germany again. But no, he has to be a little Jew crybaby instead.

      It’s going to feel real good dispensing some rough justice on those beady-eyed, rodent-faced vermin.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      A jooo doctor in Roseburg oregon a mill town did this about twenty years ago, because a mill worker had a Swazi Tattoo on his arm.

    3. Luke Says:

      The bigger and far more amazing question that ought to be asked is this:

      “What sort of white moron would allow a jewish doctor to treat him, let alone perform surgery on him?”

      Any white man or woman who has done even a moderate amount of research into the jewish Talmud would see that killing off the best of the gentiles is a prime imperative of this tribe and, while they usually try to do it in a sneaky way – like conjuring up World Wars or regional wars that get lots of white guys and now white chicks killed off, or now by radiating our white asses with Michael Chertoff’s testicle and boob cancer inducing scanner machines at the airports, and soon at shopping malls and lots of other places where whitey frequents – the field of medicine is a great occupation with plentiful opportunities to misdiagnose or find countless ways to speed along whitey’s death.

      Tip: Avoid going to doctors who you know are jewish, White Man. it isn’t worth the risk, to hope you find the one in a hundred who might be legit.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Some times folks don’t know are it is an emergency.

      Harvards medical grads are a majority NON White.

      That is by design and willful HATRED of Whites conspiracy.

      Whites have pushed in to other fields!

      This is really a very Serious issue people.

      Not a joke or some b.s. conversation, but IMO a part of the crime of GENOCIDE against Whites. Whites CAN NOT be assured OF HAVING WHITE medical help.

      I had surgery for an injury, by a enemy alien bastard that was the head of surgery at a county hospital group etc.. He was a MF-ing demon from hell who phucked me, and did all kinds of shit wrong and was an Asshole who I should have sued! Scum bag, I would let him work a Dog.

      I found a GERMAN american doctor “World Acclaimed” for his innovative work, raised in Texas and his wife is surgeon too, they confided to me while fixing the botched work that they had never viewed work like that, now doctor’s don’t usually say a word against bad doctors. This was years ago.

      NO enemy alien doctors or Congoids doctors should be allowed near you, but if your in an accident you may be at the mercy of who is hired in the ER.

      Imagine if a White or Asian doctor refused to work on a patient who had a hate star tattooed on them, the media would be on it day and night and the doctor would be fired or have his license removed IMO.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


      I would not let that enemy alien work on dog, not kidding.