21 December, 2010

Criminality in Kosovo

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The second U.S.-sponsored bandit state (Kosovo) is behaving like the first U.S.-sponsored bandit state (Israel):


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    1. Virgil Says:

      Kosovo belongs to Serbia; all albanians should be deported to Albania.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The map of the Balkans is a mess. There’s no way the present configuration of Muslim, Serb, Croat, etc. territories can hold. That meddling Jew Holbrooke has all but guaranteed another Balkan war. Hopefully, by that time the American Empire will be on the dung-heap of history and no longer able to interfere in other peoples’ business.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Just who or what is an Albanian? In 1830 when Greek national life and independence was being re-established in the small patch of land that Greek patriots had managed to wrest from Ottoman rule, half the population spoke an ‘Albanian’ dialect!
      Bismarck didn’t consider Albania a nation in any sense of the word. I suspect the only people that view themselves as Albanian are the Turkic muslim types who deserve their asses kicked back to Anatolia.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’d like to swap our 50million nigger population for the albanians, but I wouldn’t want to do anymore to destroy Europe, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of swamping themselves with niggers, even though Libya is trying to help keep the niggers out. Well maybe an ice age will come along

    5. festerbestertester Says:

      Jews, The worlds foremost problem…..

    6. Joe Says:

      Utter bunk by Serb disinfo agent Nebojša Mali?.All the allegations against the KLA stem from the Serb lie factory and have long been debunked.At present some 1500 Albanians and 400 Serbs are lsted as missing.Albanians are the indigenous inhabitants of Kosovo and comprise 90 % of the population.Im not saying the KLA were angels,but the Serbs are the root cause of all the problems in the region and even the Montenegrins have given them the leg.The first Yugoslavia was created against the will of the non-Serb population by the west after WW I to serve as an anti-German bulwark in the region and was an artificial entity and the communist version was a similar Serb-ruled tyranny which exacted hundreds of thousands of lives.Aybody half-historically literate decades ago should have realized that Srboslavia was destined for the scrap heap of history,just like the SSSR.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The origins of most of these conflicts is Xianity and its close judaeo clone Mudslimism . The Western xian church helped bring down the wall holding back the Turks when in the 1200’s the crusaders captured Constantinople, the Byzantines never recovered from that blow. We also know that alot of population converted to mudslimism, because they were pagan, and the mudslims didn’t persecute them as much as the xians. The point is how do we engender this same conflict in the kwa, not between religious groups but between races? Divide the enemy but not divide the white race

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      By the 12th century the general culture was infected with a rigidity of belief which was antithetical to individualism, freedom of thought, innovation and wealth creation. It was a culture of superstition, failure, and obscurantism….This is the pro-westxian writer wagging the finger at the byzantines, talk about hypocritical! We still have the same Judaeo Xian nuts spoutin the holyier than though propaganda

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Xianism in the kwa would have dried up on the root without the krusades that led to War of Northern agression in 1861, the creation of Shitreal in the middle east as been a big boon to the current crop of televangilitz after the demise of the evil soviet jewnion, I gotta say the air must be alot fresher in the balkan, than this fukked up judaeo xian repuke business adress know as the kwa.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      Herewith, I present to thee these counter-links to the Kosovo-cuntfilth and I’m assuming some of you like Death Industrial music except that these guys lived through this shit:-

      Download, think what they went through, appreciate, and enjoy.

      Because it’s coming your way one of these days…. mark my words…


      Band-search = EINLEITUNGSZEIT…

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      By the 12th century the general culture was infected with a rigidity of belief which was antithetical to individualism, freedom of thought, innovation and wealth creation. It was a culture of superstition, failure, and obscurantism
      Hell we don’t even get the good of superstition in the 21st century Kwa.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Balkans really get a bad rap, from I’ve seen in the travelogue shows on the vitz, it looks a damn site prettier than this shithole, even after being bombed.. And the people healthy and the women attractive, not like fatso mudsharks and all the half dead populace you see around here. If we could call the kwa after a mountain range, what would it be? The landfill range, Mount Trash and more, Sierra Shithole, the Dune Coons?

    13. John Says:

      Joe sounds like an Albanian, either that or he works for CNN. I bet that he is also mourning the loss of jew Holbrooke.

    14. John Says:

      Joe, Yugolsvia was a prison for Serbs. How many Serbian nationists were executed so that Yugoslavia could exist? All in the name of ‘brotherhood and unity’. Yugoslavia also gave illegal Albanian immigrants more rights than the native Serb population. The leader of Communist Yugoslavia was not a Serb but a Croatian named Josip Broz Tito.

    15. Joe Says:

      Joe is Croatian and Tito was a doctrinaire Bolshevik and Stalins most fanatical follower and fifth columnist for whom nationality meant nothing and who with the aid of greater Serb elements fought to set up a bolshevik Yugoslavia.He carried ou the largest genocide in Croatian history,murdering,by conservative estimatether some 200 thousand Croats during the post-war period (primarily from May to Sept. 1945.).In Slovenia alone 650 mass graves of post-war communist victims have been discovered and of the at least 200 thousand murdered there some two-thirds were Croat POWs and civilians.In Croatia another 980 mass graves have been located and in Bosnia some 90.In Eastern Srijem,the area given by Tito to Serbia,several thousand Croats were killed and many elsewhere,such as in Subotica where Serb partisans on Oct. 1. in the local cemetery massacred 864 Croat males aged 12 and upwards.The period from 1913. to 1918. was,for example,the most tragic in Macedonian history,whwere Serb troops in western Macedonia alone destroyed 130 villages and killed thousands.I was,as a member of the Croatian army,badly wouned and captured by Ser forces and witnessed what the Serb occupation forces and JNA did to people in districts where no militatry operations took place (its pretty easy to confirm what a UN commission established a decade ago,namely that 90 per cent of the atrocities commited in Bosnia in the recent war were commited by Serb forces).The bottom line is the old maxim:”tyrannies do not improve,they perish” and the devil isnt done with Serbia yet.Considering the hundreds of thousand murdered in the quest for a Greater Serbia in the past century,the Serbs fared extremely lightly in the NATO bombing campaign.They deserved to be bombed back into the stone age.A pox on the house of anyone that can today justify Serb actions in the recent wars.Its comfortin to know that they,for,example,got their asses handed to them in Vukovar by a garrison of some 1500 defenders who fought off attacks by tens of thousand supported by hundreds of tanks and APCs.Although the town fell,the invaders lost at least4600 dead and well over 100 tanks and APCs.

    16. The Red Skull Says:

      The Kriminal-Jew-State of Kosovo is a joke.Except to the poor Serb Minority that has to put up with “minority” status in what used to be “their” country.Americans will soon be in a similar position.

      From what i can gather,the Jew-created states best businesses are organ trafficking,heroin smuggling to the rest of Europe,and now White slavery and prositution.Yep,sounds like a bunch of scum-bags and jews run that show.

      The real purpose of the E-jew state of Kosovo was to punish the Serbs for wanting to keep their racial,cultural,and religious identity intact.WHAT??!!??–Some Goyim vant to keep their identity and defy us?!-OY VEY!!—Ve can’t have any nation of GOY kepping dare identity!!!Thats for us CHOSEN alone!

      So they Proceeded to Create Kosovo to detatch the most sacred part of what was ancient Serbia from the rest of the country.Americans-can relate as if some foreign power said we had to give up Philidelphia Freedom Hall and all of New Jersey.(Not that in their present racial and financial state we would miss them).

      I’m for the Serbs ,as they are WHITE,Christians,and had the balls to stand up to ZOG.The Only reason Russia didn’t step in and back them up was they were too cluster- fucked from the turmoil they were in.Russia still hasn’t reconized Kosovo as a real state either.Fuck the Albanians–they are leftover human turds from the rotten Ottoman Turk Empire.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      @ JOE

      Joe-You might be Croatian and i admire that the Croats fought with the Nazis in WWII,and like the Serbs less because they fought against the Nazis,You are a fucking prime Example of why BIG Jew could beat us down Finally.———–WHITE INTER-TRIBAL RIVALRY AND BICKERING!!!!

      I hate what the Yankees did to my kin in the War between the States,but i don’t let that cloud my vision from the fact that White inter-tribal ,Sectional,religious,and territorial disputes—no matter how ancient—Hinder us and enable our Enemies to divide us Further.They MUST BE SET ASIDE!—–IF we are to survive as a RACE on the planet.

    18. The Red Skull Says:

      The only solution to a problem like “joe” where one White Nation State hates the other so bad,and the blood thats been spilled between them too much to forgive(at least for the living generation),is to make a buffer zone between them,and fill it with some type Aryan peackeeping force.

      Unfortunately–Because the ENTIRE WHITE RACE is only a little over 10% of the World population,we need every swinging richard on board “Team White” if we are going to get anywhere.WHITE FRATRICIDAL WARS such as between Croats and Serbs,Germans/French, British/Irish,Yankee/Southerners etc etc . will not be allowed!!!

    19. Joe Says:

      Im fully aware of the destruction which international Jewry has wrought upon the west and have devoted much of my life to making others aware of that plague.But whats at issue here is simple self-defence.In the recent war Serbs showered tanks passing through Belgrade headed for Croatia with flowers.Croats didnt bomb or shell or raze Serb towns and villages in Serbia.Croatia had to fight for its independence from Serb -communist rule.Im more than willing to bury the hatchet with every Serb of good will,but it has to work both ways-but many and their politicians still insist on peddling the same old propangadistic crap.To attempt to disabuse them of such nonsense is doing them a favor.

    20. Joe Says:

      PS:I wouldnt even press charges against the Serb who cut off my ear after an AP round shatterd my thigh.Id buy him a drink.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      “…………..Tito was a doctrinaire Bolshevik and Stalins most fanatical follower and fifth columnist for whom nationality meant nothing and who with the aid of greater Serb elements fought to set up a bolshevik Yugoslavia.


      I’m no expert on Marshall Tito, but he did manage to break Yugoslavia away from Stalin’s orbit in 1948, which was a very brave thing to do. And the standard of living in Yugoslavia during his rule was actually very good, comparable to East Germany/DDR.

      As late as 1984, Yugoslavia was a prosperous and stable country. The situation didn’t deteriorate until the Jews, NATO and the international plutocrats began preparing to turn Europe into a Superstate. Part of that evil plan meant breaking up nationalist Yugoslavia and bringing the Balkans under plutocrat/NWO control. And so the Internationalist crowd began pressuring the Moslem and Catholic parts of Yugoslavia to declare their “independence”. And we all know what a nightmare followed after that, a nightmare that benefited only our implacable shekel-counting enemy.

    22. John Says:

      So Joe is a Croat, well that explains everything. The Croats will always side with the muslims, albanians and NATO against the Serbs. The fact is that the Serbs wanted to divide Bosnia with the Croats but the Croats refused this offer and instead joined with the Bosnian muslims, who were backed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, various mujahadeen shitskins and the US, and attacked the Serbs. The biggest genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Balkans war was the ethnic cleansing of over 250,000 Serbs from the Krajina region which is now part of Croatia. Were was the international outcry when this happened? America even supported this with arms and air strikes.

      Joe also lies about Yugoslavia benefiting Serbs which is ridiculous. After WW1 Serbs could have created their own nation state, a Greater Serbia, and told the Croats to fuck off. Instead of this logical move, they sacrificed their statehood for a multi ethnic/religious Yugoslavia and granted every piece of shit in this country the same rights as Serbs, which was a fatal mistake.

      One must also not forget the atrocities that the Catholic chauvinist Ustasha committed againt the Serb population during WW2, where 700,000 Serbs were killed and about half of that number were forcibly converted to Catholicism and turned into ‘Croats’. The Croat regime of Pavelic also attempted to create a so called ‘Croatian Orthodox Church’ in order to turn the Serb population west of the Drina river into ‘Croats’. Even the Germans and Italians noted the brutality of the ustasha and expressed concerns to Hitler that such actions will only lead people into the arms of Partizans. Of course while this was going on the Serbs themselves were engaged in a civil war against each other with the Chetniks versus the Partizans, which was just a bloody as the Serb Croat conflict in the NDH.

      Joe also fails to mention that the communists slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs towards the end of WW2 for being Monarchists, collaborating with the Germans, and for so called ‘anti people’s activities’. The entire Serb intelligentsia was wiped out by Tito and his thugs. Tito also drew up the borders of communist Yugoslavia and gave historic Serb populated lands to Croats Bosnian muslims Albanians, he also created a fake nation of Montenegro and Macedonia from southern Serbia, in an attempt to further decimate Serbs. There was a saying at the time, “WEAK SERBIA = STRONG YUGOSLAVIA.”

      Joe doesn’t tell us none of these facts, he simply parrots worn out ZOG media lies about Serb aggression and mass murder against poor innocent muslims and Croats. His posts are like something one would read from Christianne Amanpour on CNN, which was instrumental in leading the anti serb campaign in the West.

    23. John Says:

      Why are my comments not appearing?

    24. John Says:

      What is going on here?

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      If the Serbians were treated so badly in the Yugoslavian union, then why did they fight so hard to keep it from breaking up?

      I’m afraid all of the ethnic groups in that former union are guilty of something. Serbs, Bosnians, Croats……They should all be ashamed of themselves for their barbaric behavior towards each other. Their common foe is our common foe.

      Interestingly, Yugoslavia was an invention of Churchill, Wilson, the League of Nations and that whole wretched crowd. Yet it was that same crowd of plutocrats and war-mongers who were responsible for breaking up Yugoslavia 70 years later!

    26. John Says:

      This is what I get, yet the post is not showing up.

      Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    27. John Says:

      “Tim McGreen Says:

      25 December, 2010 at 9:47 pm

      If the Serbians were treated so badly in the Yugoslavian union, then why did they fight so hard to keep it from breaking up? ”

      They didn’t fight to stop it from braking up, they fought to protect their lives and secure their ethnic territories. The biggest lie out there is that Serbs wanted to preserve Yugoslavia at all costs, they didn’t. They simply wanted whatt the other nations in the country wanted, their own ethnic state.

      If Croats can break away from Yugoslavia why can’t Serbs break away from Croatia?

    28. John Says:

      It has some similarities with Northern Ireland. The Protestant population there doesn’t want to become part of a United Catholic Ireland.
      Of course unlike with the Serbs, no one will bomb Britain in order to force Ulster into the arms of Dublin.
      That is also one of the reasons that most WN Loyalists in Ulster support Serbia 100% as opposed to the Catholics who support Croatia.

    29. The Red Skull Says:


      Testing.Testing!–Yes one or 2 of my posts have disappeared!Its not easy to re-write whatever kind of Genius Commentary i write and then have it disappear into the electric void.WTF!

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Too bad Serbia didn’t bomb the USA when the bloodthirsty tyrant Lincoln used force to keep the South from breaking away.

    31. Joe Says:

      “700 thousand Serbs killed by the Ustaša in WW II”.Yeah,right thats right up there with the 6 million Holohoax victims.At the very most some 400 thousand Serbs lost their lives inWW II,of which most fell in battle (as ?etniks or partisans-up to Feb. 1943.,for example,over 90 per cent of Titos forces in Bosnia were made up of Serbs),while tens of thousands of others were killed in German,Hungarian,Bulgarian and Italian reprisals or by the Ustaša or bombings,Axis and Allied.A few basic facts for the know-nothings who waste peoples time with their ignorant clap-trap:In 1986. in the Croatian capital, 65 per cent of the uniformed police and well over 80 per cent of the secret police were Serbs (who comprised some 12 per cent of the population).If that doesnt tell you virtually the whole story then your seriously mentally challenged.”Yugoslavia a prosperous country till 1984.”-stick to booze,pal.Yugoslavia had to all extents and purposes by then collapsed financially and was being kept on life support by western loans (Srboslavia got more money from the west than Germany rereived for post-war reconstruction)Another key factor which kept the artificial Frankenstein alive was the hard currency which Croat immigrants from the west pured into the economy-to the tune of $7 billion US. .Ask me and hundreds of thousands of Croats (who had to seek their bread abroad because they were second class citizens in their own homeland) how “well” they lived in Serb-ruled Yugoslavia.Croatia earned upwards of 80 per cent of the money from tourism,but it all went to the cleptocracy in Belgrade.Serb lands my ass.The Serbs in Croatia were settled in the 16th and 17th century by the Hapsburgs,and during the first Srboslavia at the very least a hundred thousand were colonised on Croat territory between 1918. and 1940.Serb colonization and state terror also changed the ethnic picture of Vojvodina,Kosovo,Macedonia,Montenegro and Bosnia.Millions of acres were confiscated fromnon-Serbs and given to Serb colonists.State terror was the order of the day.In 1935. .for example,96 Croat peasents and two Catholic priests were killed by Serb gendarmes and extremists.Who called the shots in former Srboslavia is best illustrated by the fact that in September of 1945.,after a one-day show-trial farce,in Belgrade,16 Generals of the Croatian Armed Forces and four colonels (after grisly tortures)were shot in their underwear by the Serb communists. The Serb daily “Politika” of 24. Feb. 1951 carried the parliamentary speech of the head of the “Jugoslav” secret police Serb (who else)Aleksandar Rankovi? which in part read:”From 1945 to 1951 through our jails there passed 3,777,776 people and we liqudated 568 enemies of the people”.The vast majority of those killed were non-Serbs.Its simply uncanny that after all these years that anyone can still spout Serb propaganda thats been debunked for decades.In Croatia we have an old sayin “You lie like a Serb”.Its unfortunate that there are so many that are still unwitting dupes of Serb fiction.To digress,my brother in his brigade had a company of German rightist youths who came to aid Croatia i its battle for independence.When I was wounded,my battalion was pitted against elements of two Serb armoured corps (over one hundred tanks and APC-not to mention artillery and aircraft) while the heaviest weapons we had were two recoiless guns.I dont know what else will appear on this forum.I guess some moron may show up and condone the Katyn woods massacre,the death of 50 thousand plus women and children of the German minority who died in Serb camps from1945 to1947,the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states and the subsequent genocide…

    32. CW-2 Says:

      How the commies, globalists and jews love it when White nations attack each other. It is tragic that jews are able so easily manipulate the nationalist feeling of valiant nations such as the Croats and Serbs. I don’t know how White inter-ethnic reconciliation in the Balkans can occur, but it won’t be long before big jew turns on the negro tap, as they have done in Italy and Spain.

    33. Joe Says:

      The war in “Jugoslavia” was not only against Serb hegemonizam and overlordship,it was also a struggle against communism.How can any white nationalist side with a communist, totalitarian one-party state whose leader (Tito) is ranked amongst the 10 biggest murderers of the 20th century(as has been confirmed,the majority of those killed were Croats).Upwards of per cent of the Slovenian electorate by way of referendum opted for independence from Yugoslavia,ditto for Croatia and Macedonia,and all the nobn-Serbs in Bosnia.The Montenegrins have also decided to go their own way.I guess the will of various nations expressed counts for nothing.The Yugoslav leadership was one of the few which sent a delegation to commemorate Caucescaus final anniversery in power,(all save several communist block countries were ashamned to be seen there).That should speak volumes.And the Serb “Jugpslav Peoples Army” prior to the conflict said that it would defend communism at all costs and would not allow the red regime to fall as it did elswhere.So much from me,and with every best wish for the new year to all the members.

    34. Joe Says:

      PS:should read “…upwars of 90 per cent.

    35. Rescue Slavic Women Says:

      Hey Joe! Where do you live? I think it’s time you had a visit from your Serbian neighbors who can demonstrate for you what the Bosnian Turk slime Ante Pavelic, and Jewish pussy fucker that he was, and his Jewish henchmen, Kvaternik and Macek, did to Serbian children and women in front of their men and in the special children’s camps at Jasenovac, the church at Glina, the pits at Medjugorje and all over the province of Lika, Kordun, Banija, areas in Dalmatia and Hercegovina. Hitler was shocked at the sadistic brutality of the Croats and there is a monument in Germany attesting to that “save us from the plague and the Croats” but retarded motherfuckers like you can’t get it through your retarded heads so it’s really time you met some Serbians. Tell us all where you live? Maybe you would enjoy a sharpened wooden stake up your ass without vaseline, or maybe you would like to watch your baby daughter getting gang raped and tortured and bled to death, and you would like to catch her blood while her throat is being slashed and you would like to watch your wife get gang raped, have her nipples chopped off and watch her get her eyes gouged out because Ante Pavelic’s favourite delicacy was the eyeballs of Serbian children, which he presented to Bishop Stepinac. Where do you live MOTHERFUCKER? Tell the Serbians in YOUR FUCKING JEWNICTED WHITE ANGLO PEECHKA STATES? Don’t be afraid. The Serbian are nice people.

    36. Rescue Slavic Women Says:

      The military frontiere of the Krajina Lands NEVER belonged to Croatia and stop rewriting your history. The Serbs freed from your Hungarian overlords and the Serbs had a kingdom Duklja right up to the Adriatic sea so stop preaching to the brain dead white anglo saxon peechkas because Croats have nothing. You stole everything from the cultures around you. The Serbian monarchy carved out you nation. All you ever had was a tiny kingdom around Zagreb centuries ago and a you even killed your little king Tomislav. Shut the fuck up and ZOG created Croatia and your danke danke ZOG deutschland. You went with the Mudslimes against the Serbs and now you’re what, white nationalists together? How many Serbian girls from the Krajina do you still keep in your brothels? MARS U PICKU MATERINU PSIKOPAT Bosnian Turk black haired, blacked pavelic and jew psycho path. The SERBIAN LANDS OF THE KRAJINA WILL BE RETURNED AND THE SERBIANS WILL DECIDE WHO LIVES AND DIES THIS TIME. WHERE DO YOU LIVE LITTLE CROAT HRVAT, OR KRVAT, SINCE YOU KRVATS LIKE SLASHING THROATS JUST LIKE THE JEWISH TALMUD TEACHES. JEW FUCKERS AND POPE COCK SUCKERS. CHILD MOLESTERS…PUJ, MARSH!!!!