2 December, 2010

Jerry Abbott on the AJC

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Abbott comments: [His blog].

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Some interesting observations in the blog, but what really shines out is Alex’s comments in Part 2. Why aren’t we winning? after all our position is perfectly reasonable. Well, we are not winning because we are being defeated. Read the whole paragraph, though I suspect we are less effective than we could be simply because we instinctively engage in self-censorship. At this stage in the war we have nothing to lose by turning up the volume and appearing somewhat offensive to the fearful and gelded White suburbanite.

    2. Susan Says:

      Jerry: Do you live in the metro atlanta area? If yes, how about meeting for coffee sometime? Just to chat and network and exchange ideas.

      I’m not coming on to you. Bring your girlfriend or wife or whatever with you, if you want. I’m probably old enough to be your mother anyway.

      Your thread on the forum about the blonde singer, I forget her name, is kinda silly, though.

      She’s an entertainer, she exists in another world from you Jerry. Who the fuck cares what she does, or who she does? What does that have to do with real life anyway?

      Of course, she’ll be jewed soon. They all are eventually.

      And why shouldn’t she get jewed?

      Why? Because there’s no other voice out there right now. All the so called good White men are too busy posting silly threads on the internet to be bothered with actually doing something worthwhile.

      This goes for any other White man or woman in the north Georgia area. Why not start networking and at least laying the groundwork for something later?

      What the fuck are you all so afraid of? Your own shadow?

    3. Susan Says:

      Wow, the response has been………underwhelming. Haha.

      I’m reminded of Pink Floyd when I post things like the above, and get NO response at all:

      Helloooooo. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me?

      Is there anyone at home?


    4. Susan Says:

      See Jerry, I just thought if you WERE in the Atlanta metro area, maybe we could just compare notes and thoughts. I do a lot of phone calling around talking to various police officials, media folks, asking questions about crimes, etc.

      Just thought maybe at some point some of us could actually meet in real life and see that there really are White people out there who feel as we do.

      Maybe there aren’t, though. Maybe this is all just phony baloney internet buffoonery.

      I had a dream the other night about one of you guys who emailed me a pic of himself. I dreamed I met him in real life, and he didn’t exactly look like his pic. He was only an inch taller than I was in the dream, even though he told me he was 5’10” in real life. And he was heavier than he said he was. And he wasn’t quite as handsome as his pic showed.

      I woke up and thought my dream was really funny…..and strange.


      I’m not saying all of you are dishonest, but I certainly think that there is an awful lot of cowardice and paranoia on the internet that goes beyond ridiculous.

    5. Jerry Abbott Says:

      I live in West Virginia. I notice things that happen in Atlanta GA. But I don’t live there and never have, except as a temporary guest in someone else’s house.