11 December, 2010

Jewish Swindler Bernie Madoff’s Son Found Dead, An Apparent Suicide

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Despite his lavish lifestyle, there was a cloud following him around. It’s a good bet that eventually more people will be arrested in the Bernie Madoff swindle – after all, it can’t be easy to dispose of $50 billion dollars by yourself. (Trivia for newbies: most of the big-time swindlers in America have been Jews).


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    1. Jim Says:

      The jewish mindset is always polarized negatively, while the Aryan consciousness is usually positively polarized. The individual jew may be highly intelligent, and even may appear more intelligent than the Aryan, however, the ultimate result of the jew’s “intellect” is destruction of all civilized values. Without the negative influence of the jew, the White man is capable of buildiing a prosperous, scientific, and heroic civilization. It is ONLY through overcoming the destructive lies of the jews that the White man will AGAIN become the Master of the Earth.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s possible that some other Jews killed Madoff Jr. and simply made it look like a suicide, Jews who didn’t want anything traced back to them if Madoff Jr. was arrested by the Feds and started talking.

      At any rate, I think it’s safe to say that Bernie Madoff stashed large amounts of his ill-gotten loot in offshore accounts (possibly in Zionist Kikestan) under his family’s various names. Will the Feds have the guts to go after this Jewish crime family the way they would go after some Italian-American crime family? I’m not holding my breath.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jim, the Jew is not so much intelligent as he is clever. He is also a mimic who can give the appearance or illusion of superior intellect without necessarily having it.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hung from an exposed pipe? Duh, is this a 6million dollar apartment? You”d think they could have least afforded styrofoam ceiling tiles emblazoned with mogen davids. Oh and the figure 66 comes up on suspected monies laundered in real estate by Mark and Andrew, the 2 jewish apostles of Bernie the fraud Messiah.. Was the dog leash diamond encrusted?
      Wife in Disneyland with 4 y/o daughter, while pappy is babysitting 2 y/o looking for gainful employment. No, it’s as much a suicide as Robert Maxwell the con-artist publisher, its either a ritual suicide or a mossad hit.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Mark Madoff’s wife, Stephanie, sent her “STEPFATHER” to the couple’s $6 million apartment after . Duh? am I crazy, would’nt her stepfather be Bernie Madoff? Supposedly in a North Carolina resort prison.

      Cracks appearing here in the sidewalks of jew dawk shitty, with Strange Katz lingering in the vicinity gawking: Even a guest appearance from the starship Enterprizes Captain Picard;

      The trustee, Irving Picard, continues to try and recover money for investors. On Friday he filed a pair of lawsuits, a $900 million one against two accountants, and a civil racketeering case accusing offshore bankers of assisting Madoff in his fraud. Taken together, the actions seem to broaden the number of accomplices Pica

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Was this Julius Assanges revenge? Kap’N Picard filing 2 lawsuits, whats the amount of the second one, and who are these offshore banksters???

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Okay I was wrong, Bernie would be her father-outlaw.

    8. Jim Says:

      Tim, you are correct that the jew is not as intelligent as he is clever; however, many generations of eugenic race mixing with the most intelligent “goyim” has produced a race of beings like Bernie Madoff who are both clever and highly intelligent in certain areas such as making money. While the Aryan usually creates wealth through PRODUCTIVE labor and innovations which are beneficial to humanity as a whole, the jew aquires wealth parasitically through financial speculation and stock market manipulation. The current usurous system of international capital that controls the economic life of ALL Aryan Nations today is jewish through and through and MUST be dismantled if our Race is to survive.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Kwa is a bunch of stooges with jew string pullers , they won’t revolt against the puppet master Big Jew as long as Big sky jew Yahveh and son jeboo rule the roost.. The sky will have to fall on disneyland.. Will Madoffs ‘suicide’ bring down the towers of babel? A flushing of the kike sewers, along with all the sewer stooges that gobble up the jew barf, not hardley. How will the wall street kikes react/ what sort of spin will they put on the bottle, the news of the “Disgraced Financiers sons suicide. Before over itz, Picard will be bending over to kiss Bernies Azz or he’ll be suicided by the Mossad

    10. Bigduke6 Says:

      and who did little Chelsea Clinton marry. The son of a joo congressman embezzler, if that tells you anything.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Bigduke, the jews and shabbazgoyim have formed an elite in the kwa through marriages, example besides chelsea is Al Gores daughter married to the Grandson of Jacob Shiff(ty) the bankroller of the bolshevik revolution.
      I look for Obongo blue lipz to be out of the house after one term on the shitter, and replaced by a more repulsive charactar, a true joo like Michael Bloomber? Jew Dawk shittys head jew, who is going to bring us into a more Soviet Totalitarian state.

    12. Arminius Says:

      The number of corpses is not counted, when there are billions $ to be made.
      In such business it doesn’t matter anyway, if a few compromised rotten Jews are lifted by rope to Father Abraham.

    13. Andrei's Ghost Says:


      Ind. Supreme Court suspends Highland, Indiana-based kike-attorney for at only 3 years

      By Andrei Yustschinsky
      [email protected], (219) 669-3396 nwi.com | Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 12:00 am

      INDIANAPOLIS | A former Highland-based sheeny-attorney who bilked a non-English speaking Gentile client out of $24,000 has been suspended from practicing law for only three years.
      The Indiana Supreme Court voted 5-0 to suspend the uppity self chosenite Jerry I. Shapiro for violating eight separate rules of professional conduct, including “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”
      According to the court’s order, the Jew Shapiro was hired in 2006 by the daughter of a deceased Lake County woman to handle the probate of her mother’s estate, consisting of a home and two bank accounts. The daughter, the sole beneficiary, lives in Poland and has limited ability to communicate in English, according to the court.
      The descendant of Christ killers, Shapiro had the home sold but failed to close the estate, pay state inheritance taxes, file an inventory, respond to the daughter’s requests for information and made unauthorized payments of $24,000 to himself from the estate’s assets, the order said. After the daughter hired a new attorney, the wise guy kike Shapiro ignored a court order requiring him to give the records of the estate to the new attorney, resulting in a warrant being issued for the hooked nose Shapiro’s arrest, the order said.
      Contacted Monday by The Indiana Dispatch, kike-Shapiro said he had no comment in response to the suspension.
      The 44 year old “holocaust survivor” Shapiro who NOW says his mother, father and grandparents all were gassed by the Nazis in the “death” camps 23 years before he was even born, now lives in Jew infested Munster, is suspended from practicing law until at least Nov. 30, 2013. He will have to ask for and receive approval from the Indiana Supreme Court to resume his practice after that date.
      The mischief making Jew also is separately suspended in a previous discipline case for failing to complete legal education requirements, pay dues and cooperate with the court’s Disciplinary Commission.

      The Indiana Dispatch’s Andrei Yustschinsky can be reached at (219) 669-3396

      Copywrong 2010 theindianadispatch.com. No rights reserved. This material can & will be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    14. morris wise Says:

      It is not too late for Bernie to accept the savior and be forgiven for his sins. After receiving a presidential pardon, he will walk out a free man and born again Christian.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mr. Wise, it’s true that a lot of prisoners “find Jesus” while in jail. I don’t think that makes the Baby Jeebus look so good myself. I mean if you have to rob, rape or murder someone in order to be “saved” is it really worth the effort?

      Besides, if Madoff converted to Christ-insanity his fellow Jews would abandon him and maybe even kill him. Look at how the Jews have forsaken Mordechai Vanunu, a fellow Jew who exposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program and then converted to Xianity. The Jews hate him more than they hate Reichfuhrer Himmler.

      Maybe Madoff should consider converting to Islam instead, like Cat Stevens did.

    16. Nietzsche Says:

      Show me the body.