5 December, 2010

Multiculturalism: A Disease That White Countries Caught From Jews

Posted by Socrates in Big Lie, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, France, jewed culture, jewed media, Jewed science, Jewish 'experts', multiculturalism, Socrates, Turd-World people, Western culture, White future at 11:40 pm | Permanent Link

Big Jew: “You should flood yourself with millions of third-world losers.”

White Country: “Really? Why?”

Big Jew: “It’ll make you stronger.”


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  7. 19 Responses to “Multiculturalism: A Disease That White Countries Caught From Jews”

    1. Jim Says:

      Multiculturalism seems to be a disease that only affects White people. It is ONLY formerly White Nations that are committing genocide by opening their gates to the scum of the Turd World. Virtually every White country has a birth rate that is far below replacement level and is slowly dying year by year. True, the jew is the source of our march to destruction, but at some point, we ACCEPTED the lies that the jews were dishing out. Ultimately, we have no one to blame but OURSELVES. We must either awaken soon and destroy the jewish matrix of evil, or the Greatest Race that ever walked the earth will be but a memory.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      White people, other than the trendies, haven’t ACCEPTED multiculturalism and mass turd immigration, the elites presented these evils to the native people of their countries, particularly the White working class, and told them to get on with it. We weren’t consulted or ask to vote, it was just forced down our throats, and if we object we can look forward to time in the slammer.
      Middle class Whites have up to the present been able to escape the worse effects of the turd tidalwave by using their money and connections to get into safe neighborhoods, good jobs, and desirable schools. But that is starting to change as competition in these areas increases.
      There is the religious aspect too. Most Whites still have vestiges of Christianity and although some profess residual ideas such as ‘we are all God’s Children’, most are deeply suspicious of Muslims. This ambivalence within the minds of Whites has actually served big jew quite well up to now, but Muslims being what they are will seek dominance wherever they can. This increasing polarisation within general society is something the globalist would like to avoid, but is an opportunity for us to present the facts to our racial brothers and sisters.

    3. Jim Says:

      “Muslims being what they are will seek dominance wherever they can” Very true, CW2. That is why the only way we will win is to formulate a new MILITANT Aryan religion that can compete with the race mixing religions of Islam and jew christianity. Islam, being a dynamic and militant religiion which encourages martyrdom will ALWAYS win out over a merely political philosophy. That is why libertarianism is a dead end. What we need is a strong, militant, COLLECTIVIST Warrior Religion based on Blood, Soil, Kith, and Kin. If the White Race is to triumph over the jewish lie machine, we will triumph AS A RACE and not as a bunch of atomized individuals.

    4. Virgil Says:

      Multikulti will be extirpated. Anybody that reveals even a hint of sympathy for this suicidal cult will be taken out and shot.

    5. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      At this point only armed resistance will save the white race. White para-military groups(cells) will have to take the fight to the JEW and the self hating white traitors.
      When you are feared you get respect and people listen.

      ….The time for talk has ended. …..when elite Jews start appearing in youtube video’s having their heads slowly cut off….then you will get their attention.
      When traitors have their cock cut off and shoved down their throat before getting a 9mm vacination then the white man will get his message out world wide.
      The white para-militaries will have to list their demands and countinue fighting until they get what they want
      …… No JEWS, no non-whites and every traitor executed!

      Remember…”If you are not feared you will get no respect”

      “You want it back white man?
      …..then you are going to have to kill for it!”

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Honky Tonk Man, you have nailed it! Quote of the Week award for you. Just take this coupon to any participating Olive Garden and get 10% off your second order of pasta fazool.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      That “Weez all God’s Chillun” shit is so gay. Christianity is for homos and little old ladies.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      HT Man is probably right, BUT we don’t yet have the tactics, resources and numbers for a successful confrontation. Going off half cocked will be a massive mistake and will set us back years. For the time being we need to concentrate on building a critical mass of support ready for the time when the enemy over-reaches and suspends the Bill of Rights or infringes the right of free speech.

    9. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      ATT: CW-2
      We have always had the numbers and guns but lacked the balls to be ruthless against ZOG. The armed resistance should of started in the 1960’s…..WTF
      Professional freedom fighters know what to do. Going off half cocked is for niggers and idiots.
      Only brave white man with giant sized balls and brains are going to save us.

      Att: Tim McGreen
      I’ll take the girlfreind to the olive garden tonite. Thanks for the coupon.

      “One brave man makes a majority”
      …..Napoleon Bonaparte

    10. Ray Says:

      Actually Jews are against multiculturalism. They have said so clearly in the Jewish/white liberal ideology that is neo-conservatism. They are, however, for multiracialism.

    11. Bigduke6 Says:

      Olive Garden, generic Italian food made by illegal Mexi-can aliens.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      We send billionsin foreign aid to Israel, a country no bigger than the State of Rhode Island. What they do with all the money the U.S. sends them? If there was peace the US would probably send them less money. So maybe they keep the shit going on, while they laugh all the way to the bank

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      On top of the billions sent to Kikestan every year from US taxpayers, the Jews extort billions from the German taxpayers, too. And then, we have to send billions in bribe money to shit-hole countries like Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan every year so they won’t try to attack Israel. On top of all that, we have to spend 10 billion dollars A MONTH in Iraq and Afghanistan in a futile effort to keep those two places under control so that they won’t attack Israel either.

      Let’s face it…This country is doomed. Our “special relationship” with the Zionist Entity is more like a suicide-pact. Thankfully, Israel will eventually implode, as will the Jew-ridden regime in DC. They’re already living on borrowed time.

      In the long run, WE ARE GOING TO WIN.

    14. Luke Says:

      “Bigduke6 Says:
      6 December, 2010 at 10:51 pm

      We send billions in foreign aid to Israel, a country no bigger than the State of Rhode Island. What they do with all the money the U.S. sends them?”

      I’ll answer this question: With the direct complicity of our white race traitorous politicians, these billions of our stolen tax dollars that are given to Israel in “foreign and military aid giveaways, plus all these loan guarantees which are always “forgiven” and never paid back” – a sizable percentage of that money is then funneled back into this country and winds up in the hands of AIPAC, who then proceed to use it to buy and control our elected representatives.

      In essence, the jews have a system set up whereby stupid gentiles are being forced to fund and finance their own nation’s enslavement to the jews and to their agenda, friends.

      Remember, Israel is the only nation who gets foreign aid from the US Government who is not required by law to specify in writing where those dollars are being spent. They also are the only nation to get their entire year’s foreign aid on January 1st, in one gigantic lump sum – which the US has to borrow, at interest, from their jewish bankers at the Federal Reserve. The jews in Israel then put that huge lump sum payment in the bank, and collect millions of dollars of interest on it. Hence, the jews are fleecing our nation from every conceivable angle.

      Since 1913, this nation has had these jewish vampire fangs buried in it’s neck and these bloodsuckers are not going to voluntarily pull those fangs out of our necks. I have a feeling that they are going to need some encouragement.

    15. Bigduke6 Says:

      Israel has the toughest immigration and tourist visa laws of any nation. But the US joos are doing everything to dilute european culture in the US and Europe Too bad we can’t ship all the sock monkeys, New York Joos and frito banditos to Israel.

    16. Bigduke6 Says:

      Thanks Tim McGreen and Luke for the answers. Shit we send enough money to Israel to build a freaking space shuttle. Yeah when Jimmy Carter worked out the Camp David accord he did not do it through a stroke of brilliant diplomacy, he just bought everyone of thse bumf#ck, parasite nations with foreign aid.

    17. b. b. shaw Says:

      The Jews have gotten control of America’s certification mechanisms (i.e. to get a job in social work or teaching, one must imbibe massive doses of multicultural swill – the same in busines for the MBA) One must be completely indoctrinated to practice in these professions. Then this happens: Truth is what money says it is. Once certified, anyone who questions the the virtue of multiculturalism, is automatically both evil and stupid. People who question diversity or Lewontin’s theories, are questioning the way you feed your family; and you don’t like people to question the way you feed your family. Ergo: to question diversity is evil and stupid. Truth won’t feed your family.

    18. Sean Gruber Says:

      The idea is importing millions of turdworlders will help businesses talk to and deal with turdworlders. If many of your customers are niggers, dot niggers, latrinos, etc., then you need some niggers, dot niggers, latrinos etc. to be talkin dat shit wit on da “customer service” line.

      No one ever tells these multikulti companies they are largely creating the very problem they are allegedly solving.

      These companies are too busy mopping up after the diversity’s mistakes in the boardroom and management offices to notice that muds per se suck. And if they DID notice, the law doesn’t allow them to do a damn thing about it.

      Diversity is our greatest strength! But who is “our,” or “us”?

      It’s jews greatest strength because

      a. It gives them a lot of freaky people to hide behind, and

      b. It destroys nations of White people, i.e. good people, i.e. jews’ mortal enemies.


    19. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Irish Times, December 1, 2010

      Israel approves African migrant detention (concentration) camp

      By Andrei McYustschinsky in Jerusalem

      ISRAEL WILL build a massive detention facility (concentration camp) in its southern Negev desert for thousands of migrant-niggers from Africa who have crossed into the country seeking work.
      Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting that the move was a “humane” gesture designed to provide the illegal “infiltrators” with “food, shelter and medical care (Dr Mengele type experments)” until they could be deported. “We do not intend Zyklon-B gas any charcoal-skinned refugees from war, yet”.
      “We allow them to enter and will continue to do so. But we must stop the mass entry of illegal nigger infiltrators who are looking for work due to the very harsh repercussions that this wave will have on the character and future of the state of Israel and the Jewish people, especially our beautiful women.,” he said.
      Many African niggers seeking a better future now prefer to risk the land-crossing into Israel, via the Egyptian Sinai, rather than the treacherous sea journey to European destinations. Earlier this month, Israel began constructing a 150 foot tall red electrical fence along its border with Egypt in an effort to keep out the African migrant niggers, who have swelled to more than 34,000.
      Mr Netanyahu said the open detention facility (concentration camp), which will be completed within six months, will resemble similar centres built for Gentiles & run by Jews in the former Soviet Union in the 1930’s.
      “Human” rights groups condemned the government decision saying it would do nothing to stem the tide of refugees. Assholes Without Borders issued a statement warning that the new facility would damage the physical and “mental” health of the nigger migrants.
      “That victims of torture, rape, war, carjacking, crack-cocaine abuse, goat molesting and genocide are to be imprisoned indefinitely, without the supervision of a judicial authority and against the international treaty on the protection of refugees is a stain of shame on the state of Israel.”
      But interior minister Rabbi Eli Tookshit warned that if action was not taken, the tens of thousands of immigrant-primates would eventually reach a million and threaten Israel’s kike-female majority. He said only a tiny proportion were genuine refugees. “We must stop all gentile people, especially darkies who have no place here, clarify that there is no work here and send them all back to there motherfucking shitholes of origin,” he said.

      Andrei McYustschinsky reporting Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine…