9 December, 2010

Tribal Thinking

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Quite often I make fun of liberals on this program: you know, feminists, egalitarians, New World Order enthusiasts, the kind of people who identify with Bill Clinton as a fellow child of the ’60s and who admire Hillary as the very model of the modern American woman; people who have filters on their minds to keep out Politically Incorrect facts and ideas; people who refuse even to look at the world except through Politically Correct goggles.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 11-20-1999.

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  7. 11 Responses to “Tribal Thinking”

    1. Luke Says:

      This was one the absolute best and most memorable broadcasts by Dr. Pierce. But, the peculiar thing about this idea of ‘tribal thinking’ – when I’ve brought it up in conversations with my closest white friends and family, is how most of them are too brainwashed to see that it is the solution to nearly all of the problems that face our race of humans. Like Pierce, I will try to use the jews as an example – they think tribally all the time, and that’s a large part of their ability to elbow our race off the stage and steal control of a nation that is ours, not theirs. They stick together and they network together, and they ostracize any other jew who doesn’t toe their established rules for ethnic loyalty.

      This formula of tribal thinking is the only weapon that can defeat this enemy, and that should be one of the absolute easiest concepts to grasp and then add to our arsenal. But, instead of doing this – whites seem to prefer to knife each other in the back, to betray their own race in any circumstance that might benefit them financially, or to elevate their social status among their liberal friends by proving they aren’t ‘racists’.

      A baffling situation, indeed.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Very true. Most Whites are atomized individuals with no cement to bind them to their racial brothers, it’s tragic. The guy at work who knifes you in the back in order to gain some temporary and trifling advantage, will a couple of months later expect a favor of you. These people don’t understand Nature’s regime of actions and consequences.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      when it comes to stupidity I believe that conservatives take the prize.

      The Doctor was “right” on the money there, but going a little bit further we find behind all the worship of success is the Xian religion, most notably the puritanical sects that really are the established religion of the Kwa.

      Who would have ever thought that nation like Sweden would charge somebody with a sex crime? What’s the precedent there? Lutheran Protestantism, the same hypocricy that leads to million of Swedes and fellow Scandinavians to take trips in the Baltic to get into a drunken stupor and barf their guts out.

    4. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      Right now White people only see themselves as individuals and not as a race, or even a unifying group with the same goals. However as the racial demographics change and White’s become a minority in their own lands, they will have to unify or they will die !

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The solution is not how to keep the masses of asses from being indoctrinated, and going over the cliff, it is to find a better immune system.
      “Behind every great success, lies a great crime”

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The secret to jews success is that old saying “nothing succeeds like success”,
      And that is to say, set up a legalistic system of laws and tabboos, and sell that to a bunch of de-racinated Whites as a formulae for pie in the sky. Concoct alot of stories about fabeled leaders who broke all the rules and still came out smelling like a rose in yahwehs eyes. Then you have to have a boogey man who sees what you’ve been doing, and frowns on the most natural of human instincts like having sex with a member of the opposite sex. Whites will never regain sanity until they boot out the Xian religion

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Everything in the ‘kwa is pseudo: pseudo libtards, pseudo kwanservatives, you name it and claim it’s all a mirage! And who should be the experts on mirages? But the desert tribes of kikes. How can you expect anything logical to come out of this shithole? Right , left, right, left, all a kwan lives for is the right of way, even if it runs him/her/itz into a tree, it was the trees fault

    8. festerbestertester Says:

      Whats so sickening is Whites stabbing their own race in the back to gain favor with a Black. Blacks never talk badly about their own race to a White and if they hear Whitey so much as utter a bad opinion about another Black, its their racial obligation to report that fact to their racial kinsman. No matter if a Black secretly hates another Black, they always unite to defeat the White. Our young Whites are nothing but patsies to the Blacks.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Fester, I’ve seen a lot of Blacks who really, really hate each other. Tens of thousands of Blacks are killed by members of their own species every year in this rotten country. The same goes for the Spics. Thankfully, many hospitals in the ghetto and the barrio have been closed, so that helps keep the mud death-rate even higher.

      Tribalism is good, but only to a point. I don’t want to see a return of the Reinhard Heydrich mentality, where Germans regard Pollacks as being Asiatic subhumans or the French think of the Germans as the filthy “bosch” or the English have contempt for those no good Irish potato-heads. First and foremost, we need to think RACIALLY.

    10. Luke Says:

      “Tribalism is good, but only to a point.”, said Tim McGreen. I tend to agree. Tom Metzger has repeatedly said that whites worldwide need to see themselves as part of one big family and, once we’ve managed to issue one-way tickets to the white race traitor elites to the wood chipper and then fed their mangled remains to the drooling hyenas, we will then be able to organize ourselves and restore our dominance in and over the lands of our ancestors.

      Oh, and it might be a good time to remind white nationalists that make the fatal mistake, which I have dubbed the ‘jews look white to me’ gaff in judgment – that the Linder Principle of No Jews, Just Right – is the only sure-fire way to organize our ranks and form our resistance to the enemy who seeks our destruction. These creatures do not share our agenda, and cannot be trusted – under any circumstances.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Even if somebody is a half-Jew, he will be raised to think and act like a full-blooded Jew. Guaranteed. I suspect even quarter-Jews possess the destructive JewThink mentality. All traces of Semitism must be eradicated from our minds and our gene-pool. It CAN be done. It MUST be done.