17 January, 2011

List of “Italian Jews” Stirs Anger Among Jews and Their Gentile Lapdogs

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What on earth is an “Italian Jew”? There’s no such thing. There are “Jews who happen to live in Italy.” But there are no “Italian Jews.” That’s like saying that someone’s a “Swedish Chinaman.” He’s either one, or the other. Not both. To put it another way, wherever Jews go in the world, they are Jews. Period. Just Jews. Part of a hybrid race. Ira isn’t a French Jew, he’s a Jew who currently resides in France but he could flee to Israel next week. A Frenchman is White. So is an Italian. A Jew isn’t White. A Frenchman or an Italian has roots dating back hundreds of years in his country. A Jew comes from rootless people who wandered around the globe getting kicked out of every country they entered, often more than once:

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  7. 40 Responses to “List of “Italian Jews” Stirs Anger Among Jews and Their Gentile Lapdogs”

    1. R CROSS Says:

      The very same applies to all of the other vermin that we are forced to “tollerate”in our societies, “african -american,british muslim,there are plenty to choose from,the point is though,that if these parasites are so proud of thier countries, why are they living in mine?

    2. Henry Says:

      “pompous old reactionaries writing … about how nice it would be to restore the Constitution and prayer in school.”

      Yeah. A lot of them also assume that “Christian conservatism” is automatically a part of it. (Like bread and butter, “Christian” and “conservative” go together.) Call it old fogey conservatism. It’s not just simply prayer in schools, but add to that “family values”, “right to life”, an obsession with anything about marriage, and unconditional “support for Israel” and you’ve got the whole package. Well, that’s not my cup of tea.

      These good, god-fearing people also wouldn’t mind nuking tham thar godless Ayraabs all the way to Allah.

      And, aside from Jesus, many of them by now believe that Martin Luther King was the greatest man who ever walked the earth. (After all, Faux News practically said so.)

    3. Henry Says:

      Oops. That was supposed to go in the MLK thread, under Conservatives.
      Well, it will do.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The EU response to the Stormfront post is surprising, it has certainly touched a raw nerve in Italy. Apparently the jew control of Olivetti and Generali isn’t common knowledge. The city of Ferrara is an important jewish center in northern Italy. A couple of years ago there was a big display in the market square there about how Italy needed migrants from Africa, you know, all those wonderful hard working, honest, and skilled negroes. Walking round the exhibits I noticed that every stallholder handing out leaflets was a jew.
      Mercy is going to be in short supply if and when White people wake up.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      What really makes me sick is the way all these criminal jews describe themselves as ‘authors’, ‘artists’, ‘philanthropist’, and ‘philosophers’. If there was any justice most of them would be philosophizing on the end of a rope.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      What about Epstein, the Puerto Rican, Jew in welcome back Kotter. Again another jootube sitcom promoting duhversity and gender bending subliminally.

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      Have you noticed the joos do nothing of themselves. Gentile minds create something the the joos will find a way to control it

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why would a list of prominent “Italian” Jews upset anyone? You’d think the Jews would be proud of having been so successful….unless, of course, their success was ill-gotten and is ill-deserved. Could that be the case?

      What a bunch of paranoid, neurotic assholes the Jews are. They possess a wildly disproportionate amount of wealth and power, yet the host nation is expected to pretend they don’t notice and keep their mouths shut….Imagine the chutzpah of the Jews, a bunch of unwelcome guests ordering their hosts not to complain about them!

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jew rodents are always looking for a cover, used to be , getting damped or submerged and presto a jew becomes a jebooite! I’ve known plenty of jews that play that game. Years ago their was a documentary I watched about an Orthodox family in Brooklyn, poor darlins, couldn’t rake in the shekels like Bernie, so off they go to West Texas, and the stupid goyims take them in, one big fat jewess joins the Baptist Church, all robed up singin’ in the choir, but you could see the hate in her eyes for the ones that took her in, she couldn’t wait to sink her rat teeth into them, called them intolerant, didn’t have enough jungle bunnies in the congregation etc. . The last picture was of the dying old Grandaddy kike, fulfilling his wish of riding a horse.
      When I was in Paris France, back in the 70’s fukkin jews were everywhere, and the mudslims also, the jews still wore the stars of David too. We need to bar code all jews

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The only jews I ecountered in Germany were all working for the Jew Ass oh Vey Government , the army hospital at Heidelburg was flush with the tribe, and make no mistake they made the German civilians aware of who was on top. Most of the civilian workers were Turks, a sprinkling of Yugoslavs. One Bird Colonel was attacked by fired Turkish worker, after he got sacked. Germans are so fukkin messed up , that like that tennis player go off an merry the blackest nigger on the planet.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I can imagine that Gen’l Patton got rubbed out at the Heidelberg army hospital, jews alway get even.

    12. Walter Says:

      Hence, the the Jews in Germany refer to themselves as “Juden in Deutschland”(Jees in Germany), not as “deutsche Juden” (German Jews). They don’t even feel the need to play the game there.

    13. Walter Says:

      Previous comment correction: “Jews in Germany”

    14. WVA8 Says:

      Rabbi Bernstein says: “This mustn’t be publicised..The French andGermans know this, but the Americans still believe we are one of them”

    15. Nom de Guerre Says:

      That’s the Kwa for ya, The place where nuthin’ but jew happens, to paraphrase Hemingway. The jews never had a bend over people like the kwans, and they can thank fundamentalists xianity, but ever dawg has his day, and the jews are gonna back stab um

    16. The Red Skull Says:

      What about “half-jews”?What about 1/4 jews?—How many of you know that over 500,000 half-jews fought as soldiers for the Reich?Our numbers are so small,do we have the luxury of dispensing with people we consider “impure”?

      I know i will take some flak for posing these “tough” questions —–but we really must decide who can be allowed -on our side.Do we accept someone who looks White-Fights White- and thinks White–but happened to be born “Jewish”, but was not raised in the faith and doesn’t practice it or consider themselves “jews”?

      I can think of alot of White Trash i would never fight with in the trenches.–including liberals,commies, nigger-lovers,whiggers,child molesters,crooked politicians,and so on.Where do we Draw the line?

      –I consider myself to be a “hard-core” Nazi in my beliefs,but i see alot of our people who aren’t measuring up to “Aryan Standards”–I don’t accept that all jews are evil bullshit,but i am from the school of reality which shows me there are “BigJews” (the ones we all know and hate) and “littlejews” who are pretty much average everyday people,and don’t really push “judaism” or “Zionism”.

      Hell, there even “anti -Zionist” jews who know what their kinsmen are up to and even protest against the BigJew agenda.Unfortunately, they seem to be a definate,but vocal minority amongst the jews.Is this Fake?Alot of you will say so.We are heavily outnumbered.(per world population.)-

      -How many of you know about Emil Maurice?One of Hitlers earliest personal bodyguards?To be a bodyguard, you had to be aready at any time to lay down your life for the Fuhrer.It turned out a few years later when Maurice had to have a family tree done for SS requirements,it turned out he had some Gelfite somewhere in the woodpile.

      Himmler for sure wanted to can him and cashier Emil out of the SS,but the Fuhrer stepped in on his behalf,and said “he is too old and loyal party Komrade,and has proven his loyalty to the party,to the Reich and to the Fuhrer Countless times-and the matter was dropped.Emil Stayed in the SS.

      –Well Gentlemen?—start the slinging!–i set myself up as the tomato target,but i think it is a valid point i’m making—I would appreciate if your slams are thoughtful instead of just bashes,for daring to think out of the box.

    17. Sean Gruber Says:

      My reply to The Red Skull:

      No jews, just right.

      There are a lot of “little” niggers who would dearly love to kick Whitey’s ass, but are not in a position to do this; instead, they must fawn and fetch-it. However, give these little nice guys half an inch of rope and they would string up as many White men as they could find and fuk they wite wimmins.

      Similarly, and even more so, jews are – one and all, every one of them – not White, and are eternal enemies of the White race, even though not every one of them is the Prime Minister of Israel or Bernie Madoff and in a position to exact major revenge. They exact “minor” revenge daily, though. I have yet to meet even the “littlest” jew who was not politically active or connected to the detriment of White interests. You say there are kwanservative kikes? Of course; the neokahns, pushing Israeli hegemony and MLK-worship. You say there are jews totally unconnected and politically innocent, just runnin’ a bizness? The list of their crooked business activities may astonish you. You might also be surprised at the number of fronts they have, and lies they tell, and how many purely malign actions they take (anti-White).

      I have never found a good jew, never met one I would not have been better off not knowing. In the long run, all turned out to be loxist by word or deed.

      They really are our enemy.

      We didn’t choose this fight. They instigated aggression against us, being parasites first of all, looking to suck the blood, the money, the creativity, the sanity, the life out of us as a host people.

      The Biological Jew by Eustace Mullins

      All other races naturally leave us alone. (The current situation is an artificial one, created and maintained by jews and jew pressure.) Jews are the exception. They can’t leave anyone alone. They can’t live without the host, whom they finally suck dry and kill. They are similar to vampires, which is a reason for the recent vampire vogue in movies and books for youngsters. Those movies and books merely reflect the zeitgeist of a dead West, with merry maggots spooning and glamming in the still-warm corpse.

      I could say more, but why do so, when the greatest minds of history – the greatest minds of our race – have warned mankind about the jew? I suggest you read their words of hard-won wisdom.

    18. Sean Gruber Says:

      PS: Hitler failed – a victim of treachery. Among his last words before blowing his brains out in the bunker under Soviet bombardment were (as reported by Paul Johnson in Modern Times):

      “Afterward, you rue the fact that you had been so kind.”

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “To be or not to be, that is the question” Whether your one or many doesn’t matter. I’ve watched countless WW2 films, pro and Kahn, and , you know what? They are still losing. So how much did those Mischlings help them out? Who knows there might have been some like Admiral Canaris that helped plot the attempted assasination on the Fuehrer. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Trust me? Adolf

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      On the one hand he was the great protector of the German opposition against Hitler – on the other hand he was at the same time the one who prepared all the big expansion plans for the acts and crimes of Hitler in the Third Reich. While he highly protected and motivated the opposition members who were eager to fight against Hitler, he was also hunting them as conspirators – one of the many contradictions he was forced to live with to stay in control of the Abwehr.

      All in all pretty damn good for the jews, so he had to play a double game , and back stab some of Hitlers opponents.


    22. Arminius Says:

      “Where do we Draw the line?”—“Do we accept someone who looks White-Fights White- and thinks White–but happened to be born “Jewish”, but was not raised in the faith and doesn’t practice it or consider themselves “jews”? …”

      I think Red Skull touches a basic problem–“Where do we Draw the line?”-
      From all my observation of societies, secret societies, churches, companies etc. I have concluded that the huge dividing line is not drawn where the public is supposed to see it:
      Jew-Gentile, clergy-laity, masonry-profanity, blue collar workers- tie wearing staff etc..
      In fact the razor-sharp dividing line goes always right through the middle: Jewish”proletariat”- Upper Jewry, lower clergy- high clergy, lower staff- executive staff. In the army the dividing line between captain and mayor is more pronounced than between private and officer, and so on. Everyone with open eyes sees these real and invisible lineS almost daily. Regarding Jews:
      It is also a well known fact, that the Jewish uppity has only contempt for their lower (..not money endowed…) brethren,
      BUT I would never trust a Jew, whatever inferior position he occupies in the Jewish hierarchy.
      And nobody on both sides trusts a renegade- maybe sometimes a tragedy, but so is reality.

    23. Henry Says:

      “PS: Hitler failed – a victim of treachery.”

      According to the historian, John Toland, Hitler was surrounded by spies and the German government was so thoroughly riddled with them that Stalin knew EVERYTHING that was going on in Berlin (though not vice versa).

      The only reason that Stalin did not act on this information was because he was so paranoid that he did not believe anything his spies told him.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, even the Jews, those enlightened rascals, discriminate against their own kind. For example, European Jews are the ruling class in Zionist Occupied Palestine, with the near-eastern Jews occupying the lower rungs of society as soldiers, farmers and blue-collar workers. Zionism was always intended to be for the benefit of European Jews only.

      Funny thing….Jews like the poet Allen Ginsburg, who converted to Buddhism, are still regarded as Jews by their fellow tribesmen. But Jews who convert to Christ-insanity are regarded as dead. The Christianized Jew’s family will actually sit shiva for seven days, as they would for any other deceased relative. Some Jews who convert to Christianity, like Mordechai Vanunu, become “good guys” who expose Israel’s crimes to the world. But Jews converting to Xianity is so rare that it’s hard to analyze what effect Christianity has on the converted Jew.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Allow me to rewrite the last sentence a little:

      “But (the phenomenon of) Jews converting to Xianity is so rare that it’s hard to analyze what effect Christianity has on the converted Jew.”

    26. Henry Says:

      “Our numbers are so small, do we have the luxury of dispensing with people we consider “impure”? I know i will take some flak for posing these “tough” questions —–but we really must decide….Do we accept someone who looks White-Fights White- and thinks White?”…R. Skull

      It IS a tough question, and a valid one. Many have asked it. You’re not alone. True, we don’t have the luxury of being picky, but can we afford the luxury of NOT being picky?

      I don’t claim to have the answer. But I’ll respond with some questions of my own. How do you KNOW how someone “thinks”? How do you KNOW who can be trusted? It’s not a matter of who is “impure” but who is trustworthy. Why would a Jew want to be on your side (except for opportunistic reasons)? What reason would you have to trust him? What reason would he have to join you?

      That is the fatal crack in the dyke: once the water starts pouring through, how do you turn it off? Once you start making exceptions, where do you stop?

      To suggest poking a hole in the dyke seems incredibly naive.

      Jews have a demonstrated history of infiltrating organizations (companies, parties, universities, entire professions) from within by penetrating them, subverting them, and ultimately taking over. It is one of their main strategies. Just look at the neo-cons! Entire industries have fallen to them this way. First, they come in as a few friendly advisors (they just want to help!). Then they bring in more of their tribe — especially the non-obvious ones that you wouldn’t even guess. The mixed’breeds, the michlings who can pass among you undetected are the most dangerous. They look like you, but they are NOT you. Like any parasite working its way through your system, they instinctlvely find their way into key positions of control, and then help their tribesmen to do the same. Next thing you know, they are running the place, you are working for them, and your organization is theirs!

    27. Henry Says:

      The converted Jew is not all that rare in America. In fact, quite common here. I think there must be an enormous number of them. In America, people change their religions like they change their clothes. But a converted Jew is still a Jew in the eyes of his tribesmen …. and in his own. In many cases, their “religion” is just a matter of convenience. They are Presbyterian on Sunday, and Jewish the rest of the week.

      The important thing to understand is that Jewishness is not a religion. (Many gentiles just can’t comprehend that.)

      The very “Big Jew”, Armand Hammer, CEO of Occidental Petroleum, passed all his life as a Christian Scientist. But he returned to Judaism on his deathbed. I’ve read of a number of them like that, who later in life returned to their origins. Probably where their loyalties really were all along.

      Most modern Jews (at least those I’ve known) are not “religious” anyway. So whatever religion they choose to put on for convenience sake is irrelevant to the others. They are still Jews, whatever hat they’re wearing today.

    28. Henry Says:

      “It is also a well known fact, that the Jewish uppity has only contempt for their lower (..not money endowed…) brethren” ….Arminius

      I don’t think that is true at all, nor any “well known fact”. Yes, they are very money and status conscious (in fact, they are obsessed with those matters); but they DO take good care of their poor, their elderly, their unfortunate. That is what they are “well known” for (and it’s commendable).

      But you’re right: “Nobody on either side trusts a renegade.” And why should they?

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      People here are debating whether or not any Jew or mischling Jew can ever be trusted. But it is an indisputable fact that the majority of White people cannot be trusted, either. You will find that most of the worst people you will ever meet in your life are your fellow Whites. And your White neighbors will call the police or notify the FBI if they suspect you are engaging in “racist activity”. If you are dragged away by a Federal goon-squad, your so-called White friends will deny they ever knew you and will not lift a finger to help you. You will rot in prison without ever being visited by anyone. And a lot of Whites in so-called “neo-Nazi” groups get flipped by the Feds or simply flake out.

      So like it or not, there will be some instances where it will be a better thing to have a part Jew, a Colored, a Mestizo or a Red Indian on your side than a flaky, unstable or untrustworthy White in your organization. Many Negroes, Creoles and Red Indians fought nobly for the Confederacy, as did many Arabs and Orientals for the Nazis. You get your friends where you can find them.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t believe that old “canard” that the Jews always help each other. The Jews fight each other like wild dogs when they don’t think the goyim are watching. For centuries, there were impoverished Jews living in Jerusalem who didn’t get shit from the wealthy Jews living abroad. Whatever libraries, hospitals and schools existed in Jerusalem were set up by the Christians and Mohammedans, not the miserly Jews.

    31. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Tim McG:
      Tim you have taken the issue,and encapsulated my argument perfectly—

      “you get your friends where you can find them”

      It is my contention that True Nazis use the Human material at hand.

      Example:Ernst Rohm and his “gang of fairies” as someone refered to the upper SA circle.Hitler wouldn’t allow open homoness,but knew Rohm was Queer.Why did he associate with Rohm so long?

      Answer: Because Rohm was useful to the party and had a reputation as a brawler,and thug.He was also known as the “Machine-gun King” for all the machine-guns and weapons he had stored after the War.Someone with their own armory is useful.After Rohm Became a loud -mouth threat,Hitler had him Removed and had the guts to do it personally.

      I personally Draw the Line at any kind of Queers.But that is an example of how Nazis would use the human material at hand to achieve their Goals.Why not? the Jews use their human material at hand ala Shabazz Goy.

      That is another point where i disagree with the Fuhrer—If he had made proper use of the human material in Russia,and saw the Slavs as a Branch of the White Race,We would be talking about the Joint Nazi Germany/Imperial Japan Planned Colony on Mars.Not worrying about whether we are going to survive another Jew-Fed Reserve created Depression.

      I also would emphasize that any partial Jew who was taken in would only be allowed to advance to NCO in rank, and they would have to work TWICE as HARD as any Gentile to prove their Loyalty to their Tribe /group/organization,etc.

      There is one angle too you all aren’t seeing–if you accept people who are part jewish,you will automatically DEFUSE the jews accusations of “anti-semitism”.The Zionist jews would be beside themselves with consternation.

      Use the Human material at hand.Eventually,the jewish-blood taint will be bred out by careful breeding and selection.

    32. The Red Skull Says:

      One more point:

      You never hear about any of the Wealthy Jews,such as Rothschilds,Warburgs,Bleichroders or any of the other(German) Jews being put into the camps did you?–Nor did they “immigrate” or what have you.From what i have read and understood,is that the Wealthy Jews bought their way out of the camps,by funding —YES I said Funding—through front companies,or persons,the Third Reich apparatus.

      No you have to ask yourself,and summon all your “jew-know”,would/could some wealthy “Big Jews” sacrifice some poor/nobody “little jews”–(however many really died is irrelevant)—-so they could see out the fullfilment of a greater objective?

      In that line of thinking—Jews are like Arabs in they think—I against my brother,I against my cousin,—But I my brother and my cousin against the outsider—sorta works for mexicans too.

      People who identify with us will recognize we are the best hope for Western Civilization.I just think it would be better for the movement,if we accepted that some followers had( or will have) tainted blood,Like Emil Maurice.Do we turn them away or give them a chance to prove themselves in measured,verifiable means?IF it was OK with the Fuhrer,it is ok with me until further notice.

      Lately —i hate to say this folks,but its been White people fucking me over lately when its happened,as i don’t associate with non-whites unless at work and then at a minimum.Lots of Whites have been “jewed”–are infected with “jew-think” and will be the first fuckers to turn you in as someone noted.Especially the rapture-bunnies,and every lefty liberal,as HomoLand Insecurity turns into a Marxist NWO Gestapo,and people score some sort of “cheese points” for turning in your religious/gun-toting/don’t like/suspicious ie:whatever neighbor,who is then interrogated at a “detention center” before their trip to the local FEMA CAMP>

      I’ve noticed there are certain “splits of racial theology” on the right–particularly about the partial Jew or other tainted -blood question.In that sense-we are like the Christians.

      One more thing:I don’t know how many of you out there are for or against smoking POT,but you won’t get very far in some states like Colorado where we love our Green Medication and always have.If your Ideaology doesn’t include a McGREEN Platform,where people can’t have their Reefer,then you ain’t goin’ no where in this state pal.75% of the people in Colorado either have smoked or do smoke pot-Should we kick them out?

      Reefer For personal,medical,and commercial use-will help save a planet that is dying before our eyes from the Unsustainable Jew Consumer society/economy now.

    33. The Red Skull Says:

      I meant to say “CAN HAVE their Reefer”!

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for your support, Red. The ever-vigilant thumbs-down brigade is out in full force today!

      I don’t like disparaging my own Race, but I think we’ll see how things shake out before too long. I daresay you’ll see that I was right when heavily armed agents from the Federal Department of Human Dignity knock down your door at 3am and drag you off to a re-education camp for sensitivity training, because you denied the Holohoax. Will your White friends and neighbors put their necks on the line to save you? I think not. Will the White judge, prosecutor and jury show you any mercy, or will they make an example of you? Well?

      If you get rid of the Jew-worshiping Christlings, the anti-racist liberals, the money-worshiping capitalists, the FOX Jews watching neo-kahnservatives, the niggerball fans, the backstabbers, flakes, perverts and apathetic assholes in our Race, I’m afraid you don’t have much left to work with. But that remaining 15-20% will be damn worth saving.

    35. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just look at that prick who’s the new White governor of Alabama. He sucks up to the coons at a Black church on MLK day, telling them that he doesn’t care what race you are, if you’re not a brother or sister in Christ then he wants nothing to do with you. Sadly, there are a lot of Whites who “think” that way. And the fact that such a miserable race-traitor is governor of a Confederate state shows just how devastating the ongoing Union occupation of Dixie is.

    36. Dave Says:

      The 1/16 rule is what I follow. More than that and I will not get to personal with you. You could flip sides. Less than that and your ok.

      ”You get your friends where you can find them”.

      You should have put emphasis on “friends”. I associate with and discuss race with many minorities. They know my stance. We are cordial with each other,friendly. But I know better than to really trust them. I assume they know too,that when the time comes….

      Furthermore,as mentioned by Tim, It does indeed help when some minority knows you and thinks highly of you knowing full well you are racist. It really fucking confuses the cops! Doesn’t hurt me one bit.

    37. Brigantes Says:

      A small list of Italian Jews causes a stir?

      Here is a bigger list of European Jews.


    38. Big Man Says:

      So silly that Italians reacting to a list of a few of their jews. Man, look at the list for the US – a virtual who’s who of those that have in one form or another destroyed our nation.

    39. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jews aren’t human material. It’s Whites that you should deal with as humans: some are good, some bad. But all jews are bad.

      McGreen is making cheap attempts to blur the lines. Don’t trust him. First he ingratiates, then he slips the knife into the back.

    40. Emily Says:

      r a sub-species.