15 February, 2011

‘Do As I Say’: The Paradox Of Eugenics And The Jews

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by Cooper Sterling.


“Indeed, Glad’s research suggests that Judaism itself has eugenic implications. He considers Jewry as applied Darwinian theory: the practice of group-based natural selection for successful human traits, such as mental and physical attributes of intelligence (high IQ) and health (reproductive fitness, elimination of genetic diseases, etc.).” (“Elimination of genetic diseases”? That’s funny when you consider that the Jews have more genetic diseases than any other racial/ethnic group):


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  7. 14 Responses to “‘Do As I Say’: The Paradox Of Eugenics And The Jews”

    1. Nom de Guerre Says:


      A countrys health physical and mental is inverseley propotional to the number of Jew wunder parasites

    2. Trezelle Quintaloqacious McMuhdick-Jackson Says:

      The reason that inbreeding is not working for the yehuds is that due to their refusal to eliminate the dysgenic recessive traits rather than the positive recessive traits. Anthrocentric moralism, sentimentalism, and all that.

      Anthony Ludovici and before him, Nietzsche, pointed out that several of their marriage customs, if viewed with sufficient detachment, could benefit Aryans.

      1. Unions are arranged with parental and familial involvement.

      2. The girls are married off as close as possible to when nature itself has decreed them ready to begin their natural tasks. (“If it bleeds, it breeds”…)

      3. The men is usually about 5-10 years older, with sufficient maturity and means of supporting a mate and family.

    3. Trezelle Quintaloqacious McMuhdick-Jackson Says:

      Understand, in my prior post that I am not endorsing jewy customs. Our own people made eugenics literally part of their religion. To the furthest extremes!

      1. The Olympics and the Celtic contests of which the Highland games are but an echo, were designed for elevation, cultivation, and selection. The best men were picked by the best women. Superiority lay in brains and brawn, not the wallet.

      2. The harshness of nature ensured that diabetics, epileptoids, sluggards, mouth-breathers, etc. were not a burden to the living. Thanks to medicine and anti-biotics, vaccination and other abominations, these have multiplied in the billions.

      3. If nature or a wise human hand did not cull the creeplings from our stock, then at the very least these could not do the extent of damage such gene-trash can wreak today. How many forests shaved bare so that a poisoned, crowded planet can have junk-mail and toilet paper? (“It beez muh right as a hoo-man.”)

    4. mrcrouton Says:

      The Jews are heavily inbred, way worse than something they portray rural white “hillbillies” as being in the commedies their “funny men” write. They commonly project their own behaviors on people they hate. And they hate rural people and just about everyone that isn’t a Jew.

      The Talmud teaches that its a mitzvah (a good deed) for a man to marry his niece.
      You can read all of this in Richard Goodmans book Genetic Diseases Amongst The Jewish People (which I bought at Amazon.com).
      And so Jews would only marry other Jews for centuries, and that’s why they are the ugly looking people that they made themselves to be. They should be excluded from any government positions based on being inbred, which goes with dementia.

      I went to a high school in Long Island New York which was over 60% Jewish, and I can tell you that they not only are generally ugly as a group, but weak and often having one ailment or another. Many wore glasses and few of the Jews excelled in sports.

      When I think about those years I wish my father worked elsewhere where I could have gone to school with more gentiles.

    5. Virgil Says:

      After the liberation of our territory, eugenics will be applied incrementally as the birth rate rises. Eventually, the lower half of the bell curve could be sterilized every generation thus forcing healthy, intelligent white women to bear, on average at least 5 children. SuperAryan is around the corner! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4e/Aion_mosaic_Glyptothek_Munich_W504.jpg

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “When I think about those years I wish my father worked elsewhere where I could have gone to school with more gentiles.”

      Herr Crouton! Attending a mostly gentile school would not necessarily have been such a great thing. I myself went to all-gentile public schools and they were fucking awful. The public middle and high schools in my town had such a bad (and well-deserved) reputation that around 25% of the White kids were sent to private schools instead. And because most of those private school students also happened to be the best students, the public schools were stuck dealing with the riff-raff left behind, i.e., the dummies, punks and losers.

      Hey, don’t get me wrong….I despise Jewry as much as the next guy. But those Jewish mothers always make sure their bubalas are doing exceptionally well in school and if there are any problems the Principal is going to get an earful. Behold, a typical Jewish mother:


    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Thanks for the uplifting Mosaic Virgil.Such perfected humanity, no wonder it was anathema to jews. Shame, shame this needs to be destroyed, even Yahveh covered his buttocks when revealing himself to Moishe.. Oh vey the goy isn’t even circumcised.

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      Tim McGreen

      I showed little interest in school because I had no idea what career I wanted to embark upon. It was the seventies and I was caught up in typical adolescent issues which I wouldn’t trade cancer for. Either way I was kind of miserable during those years
      Things worked out for me nonetheless, and I can’t blame the Jews for me no fitting in because it turns out to be impossible since I’m not Jew. I do think I would have been happier with more of my own kind around. I think I would have fit better, that’s all.

      P.S. I meant Richard Goodmans book Genetic Disorders Among The Jewish People (not Genetic Diseases). My istake.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I read a book about the establishment of Alexandria in Egypt, as a learning center which gave us all the greats of geometry, astronomy , physics, before the dark ages of xianity .. One thing is for sure the force of arms played a great role in establishment of a society encouraging the arts and sciences. We can be thankful to Alexanders phalanxes for a good deal of that.

      You would think learning and science would be free from superstition and bullying , but it isn’t, as the Drunken KGB colonel said “the only answer to any human problem is authority” Jung also was aware of Western mentality that required a lion tamer to enforce that authority.
      It is a world of force, whether we like or not, the majority of meatheads can block progress, they have to be dealt with.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The whole public school system is antiquated and needs a total overhaul, but of course that won’t happen until after the Revolution. I don’t see the point of keeping most adolescents in school until they’re 17 or 18. And I certainly don’t see the need for most people to go to college. Whites must become contributing members of society as fast as they can, but without crossing the line into the shameful child labor practices of the past.

    11. Ein Says:

      Mr.Crouton: Count that school as an unscheduled, unofficial, part of your “education”. In the long run, it may have been one of the most important parts, preparing you to deal with the real world. I have been around a lot of Jews in my life. and in hindsight I consider it all to have been, um, educational….to say the least If I could claim credits, I’d have a PhD.

    12. morris wise Says:

      It is rare to find a Jewish male earning less than 75 thousand a year. they might be disliked but they sure know how to earn a buck. Most Jews are quick thinkers, the rest are throw aways forced to spend their lives masturbating.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mrcrouton, the Jews are most definitely inbred among their own Tribe. That’s why they have so many retarded mongoloids, especially among the Hasidim. Their revolting and mutilated physical characteristics are also a sign of prolonged in-breeding, as is their mentally erratic and neurotic behavior.

      For these reasons, the Jews have largely abandoned their long-standing policy against breeding with humans. If they just kept breeding among themselves their numbers would continue to stagnate and eventually dwindle. That, plus the fact that the most unattractive shiksa is ten times more desirable than the most attractive Jewess.

    14. morris wise Says:

      The tell tale sign of an incest child is ugly features, but most have a high IQ. If I want a job well done I hire the ugliest person available, most are products of an incestuous relationship. My staff of 54 ugly accountants is the best in the city.