24 February, 2011

Equalocracy and the East

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To destroy the culture of a country (the traditions, values and folkways), just add democracy. Look at America. We no longer have a real culture. We have a media-driven pop culture. Not the same thing [1].


[1] granted, you could say that America doesn’t have its own culture per se but is a collection of White cultures

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  7. 23 Responses to “Equalocracy and the East”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The fact is that those Oriental countries would still be stuck in the Middle Ages with their shoguns and warlords if it weren’t for Western, ie, White technology. They are very good at stealing and copying whatever our Race invents, but their regimented, unimaginative Oriental minds could never create anything beyond maybe wind-chimes, fireworks or tea.

      In the long run the Chinks will NOT inherit the earth. They have a lot of internal problems they are trying to supress and like the Japs before them they just don’t have what it takes to rule the world. Only the White Race has that ability, although I would not recommend that we use it. Leave the lower races alone, I say. Let them wallow in their filth and ignorance, while we deal with Uncle Shmuley and his goy front-men.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      I fear that ‘Uncle Shmuley’ and ZOG Inc. have big plans to use China against us, just as they used the Soviet Jewnion against a resurgent Germany. We were pretty lucky last time that the valor of the Waffen SS was able to derail the Stalin-Rooservelt-Churchill murder machine.

    3. Jim Says:

      If the Chinks develop the intelligence and cunning to overcome tbe Jewish Money Power, they WILL inherit the earth. Unlike Whites, the Asians have not lost their sense of racial solidarity, and still maintain racially homogeneous nations. I wouldn’t classify Northeast Asians as “lower races”. The average IQ of japs, chinamen, and koreans is slightly higher than the White average, although they tend to have far fewer geniuses, which accounts for their relative lack of inventiveness. I would much rather see the White man overcome the jewish devils and dominate the earth, but for whatever reason, we seem to be far more vulnerable to the jewish virus than the chinks. It would not be to my liking if we had to ride to White Victory on the coat tails of the North East Asians, but it would be better than the total extinction of ALL the higher races through nigger miscegenation instigated by the jews. Back in the nineteen eighties, Nakasone, who was the Japanese Prime Minister at the time, said words to the effect that the reason the U.S. was not competitive in the world market anymore was the presence of too many blacks and hispanics. Could you imagine any leader of any White nation today, having the guts to make such a statement?

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The Chinese are sufficiently intelligent to see that 2 options are open to them, namely to cooperate with jewish money power to achieve dominance, or forge a mutually agreeable balance of power with the White world. My guess is they will opt for the jew program because it appears less risky.

    5. Jim Says:

      If the Chinese were to fully cooperate with the Jewish Money Power they would not achieve dominance. The jews want full and TOTAL domination of the earth. If China were to fully integrate into the jew’s New World Order the jews would destroy the Chinese race just as they are now destroying the White Race. The bottom line is either the White race or the Yellow race must throw off the jewish plague once and for all, or civilization is done for. After the disaster of 1945, the White race has been so demoralized and judaized that perhaps, just perhaps we should consider a TACTICAL alliance with the only race beside the White Race that has the intelligence to build, even if not create a viable civiilization.

    6. Virgil Says:

      The chinkoids will nuke both Mecca and Jerusalem, unless a w.n. led U.S. nukes all of them first! Nuclear weapons might be our ace up our sleeve when our backs are even closer to the wall!

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The nips and other Asians have some redeeming qualities but neither Japan nor China would be economic giants without the massive transfer of technology that has taken place since the 1960’s. Without American and European corporate investment driven by greed the Chinese would still be riding around on their bicycles with goofy smiles on unpaved roads.

      If the white race disappeared tomorrow, the Asian world would quickly stagnate. The Chinese are allowing us access to their labor markets so they can appropriate our technology with the eventual aim of challenging us economically and militarily.

    8. Jim Says:

      Among the races of the world, the White Race is the ONLY race that thinks individually rather than collectively. To a certain degree that is a source of our creativity and inventiveness. On the other hand, when confronted with the cunning of the jew, who ALWAYS thinks collectively. (is it good for the jews), we are at a distinct disadvantage. It may be true, as Sgt. Skull says, that if the White race disappeared tomorrow, the Asian world would quickly stagnate. But unless we take a clue from the Asian world and start thinking more collectively, our lead in technological innovation will not help us one iota. We MUST develop a tribal consciousness that at least equals the jews and the Asians if we intend to survive and establish a White Aryan Imperium.

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      “Establish a White Aryan Imperium”—-I like the sound of that!!

      But it will never happen unless we develop the a”tribal conscience” we used to have naturally.The Jews are masters at using Proxies.The Chinese will eat our lunch if it comes down to it unless it goes Nuclear.

      As Far as an American “culture”—Nigger Please! Our “culture” has been carefully provided to us by a group of treasonous scum who want to destroy everything good,noble,and White that America used to stand for.

      Niggerball,American Idol,Entitlement,and High Consumer Debt where Zombies watch the Boob-Tube every night.Thats American “Culture”.

      Oh,i forgot to add…lots of me!me!me!me! all the time and Greed,lots and lots of Jew-taught selfish Greed…Its all about ME!–Fuck everybody else!That too,is modern American “culture”.Exellent post!!–A frigging book could be written on this alone.Our Culture–WTF?!! happened!!??

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      You chaps are right when you say the yellow Mongoloids of NE Asia should not be lumped in with Niggras, Aborigines, Hmongs, Puerto Ricans and other riff-raff who are by-products of human de-evolution. As I recently stated on another thread, the Caucasoids and Mongoloids are more closely related to each other than either one is to the Negroids. In fact, many of the better-bred Japs and Chinks have little or no slant of the eyes, little or no broad, flat Mongoloid facial characteristics and some even have a whitish-looking complexion, of which they are doubtless very proud.

      However, the Asiatic mind is not compatible with the Aryan mind. Asiatics delight in inflicting excessive cruelty on their victims. And the Asiatic’s love of decadent pleasure and sensuality go hand in hand with his love of cruelty. Their insect-like conformity and their slave-like submission to authority, even to the point of allowing their heads to be chopped off by their masters, are incomprehensible to the Aryan. The typical Oriental is a sly little fellow who under no circumstances can be trusted or even understood.

      I agree with Napoleon, who once said that China was a sleeping dragon that should not be woken up.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder what the Japs, Gooks and Chinks think of all the pushy, money-hungry Jews who visit their countries on business? Are the Jews merely thought of as an unusually obnoxious and unpleasant kind of White?

    12. Emily Says:

      I’ve never met an IQ test I can respect. So, that point proves they follow, imitate what they see, along the lines of the sounds their language makes, wh language is in short sound spurts compared w/European language skills or Arabian aka Middle East ones. Man’s ultimate expression is in what he can create. It’s what a society creates that matters. THEN you can compare and ask why,how,what,when & what’s your legacy? I do like Peter Stuyvesant’s article you link up to.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right Em, those IQ tests remind me of the SATs. None of the results from such tests are an accurate or honest measurement of what the test-taker is capable of or what he’s really all about. I think Orientals do slightly better (emphasis on “slightly”) on those kinds of tests because their brains are wired differently from the Occidental brain. They mentally analyze things in a more rigid, mechanical or computer-like way than Whites do. Whites employ highly abstract and creative thinking processes when mentally analyzing a problem, whereas Orientals do not. It would be like asking a computer to compose a book of original poems or a symphony in addition to maintaining its ability to perform billions of mathematical computations per second.

      Of course, Mestizoes and Coloreds have little if any ability for higher mental activity and are therefore incapable of doing well on any kind of test. However, the Mestizo’s score will be slightly higher than that of his Negro “homie” only because the Mestizo has some trace-elements of Asiatic and Mediterranean White ancestry in his otherwise worthless blood.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, scratch that last part of my previous post, where I said the Mestizo will outperform a Negro on any test because of the Mestizo’s Asiatic ancestry. The Mestizo is not part Chinaman or Korean, his Asiatic ancestry comes from the New World Indian, a people not exactly renown for their intellectual prowess. So whatever intelligence the Mestizo possesses comes from his Mediterranean White Spanish ancestry ONLY and not from his Red Indian or Moorish background.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      While focusing on China we tend to overlook another potentially big player, India. The Hindoos are the only group who have opposed China’s expansion and fought several minor wars with Peking over strategic border areas.

    16. Jim Says:

      The coming Third World World War will first and foremost be a conflict between those forces that Support Zionism and the forces that oppose Zionism, or to put it more simply, betweeen NATIONALISM AND INTERNATIONALISM. If a so called “White nation” supports zionism and internationalism, then for all practical purposes, that nation is our enemy, and if a non-White nation opposes the Jewish Money Power and fights for Nationalism, tactically speaking, that nation should be our friend. After the Jewish Money Power has been defeated, the Racial Struggle for World Supremacy will begin. Let the Yellow Race have control over Asia and the White Race have control over Europe, and the Western Hemsphere. Without the influence of the kikes and an economic system based on productivity rather then usury, there will be no one to profit from the War Machine. Racial conflct there will always be, but we must fight our battles on OUR terms, not theirs.

    17. Anno Says:

      “I fear that ‘Uncle Shmuley’ and ZOG Inc. have big plans to use China against us, just as they used the Soviet Jewnion against a resurgent Germany. We were pretty lucky last time that the valor of the Waffen SS was able to derail the Stalin-Rooservelt-Churchill murder machine.”

      Actually it’s the reverse. Germany was used against Russia.

      Stalin was a very late and doubtful member of the Ally coalition. Indeed, the West’s alienation of him, and the Soviet Union, post-WWII shows that they were not on his side. It is indicative of deep disagreements.

      What really terrified Roosevelt and Churchill was an alliance of Germany and Russia. They did everything to prevent it.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how Churchill, a noted anti-Communist, didn’t declare war on the USSR at the same time that his govt declared war against the Reich in 1939. The Second World War started, supposedly, because Germany invaded western Poland, a territory that had belonged to the Reich since the 1700s and had a large ethnic German population. But the Red Army attacked Poland from the east, so why the double-standard?

      The Jews and liberals are always whining about the “appeasement” of Hitler at Munich, but what about the REAL appeasement of Stalin at Yalta????? The Allies obviously didn’t give two shits about Poland, they were just looking for an excuse to destroy Hitler’s Reich. After the war half of Europe was placed under Stalinist and Soviet tyranny for several decades. So much for the Allies’ “liberation” of Europe.

      The Jews do nothing but lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and lie. Lying liars, they are.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      My detailed post, similar to yours Tim, has just disappeared! Can’t write it again, so I’ll just say this.

      After Germany invaded Russia in 1941, to PREVENT the Red Army sweeping into Europe, both Roosevelt and Churchill could come out of the closet and openly support their boy, ‘good ol’ uncle Joe’. So why the falling out of friends after 1945? That is still a bit of a mystery, but I suspect Stalin was getting too ambitious and not following orders. Perhaps he balked at a proposal to bring negroes into Russia? A wild conjecture but a proposal like that would be dear to the hearts of the Rockefellers et. al. Communism is just a half way stage for the globalists to achieve their much yearned for ‘planet mud’.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      The falling out among the Allies at the end of WWII probably had to do with a) How to deal with postwar Germany and Berlin b) How to deal with the growing Red movements in Greece and Italy c) PM Churchill being replaced by Atlee in 1945 and d) Truman replacing FDR that same year. Unlike FDR, Truman did not get along with Stalin. And Atlee apparently did not share Winnie’s enthusiasm for preserving the Empire. But Herr CW-2 would be more knowledgeable of such things than I.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Attlee”, that is. Clement Attlee.

    22. George Wallace Says:

      “Just add democracy.” That is the essential issue. America was NEVER intended to be a “democracy” in which every person voted. The American Founders, for example, could have NEVER imagined, in their wildest dreams, that slaves would be allowed, by their masters, to vote. America was a republic in which only competent, capable, motivated and accomplished citizens had the vote. The republican form of government replaced monarchies but was NEVER intended to turn the nation and its economy over to the inferior masses. The vote in America was restricted. Presumably, a man’s vote was cast for the benefit of his business, family and slaves. At the founding, in order to vote, a citizen must have been a Caucasian European male, 21 years old with an estate worth 50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres. “Democracy” fails because “democracy” is communism and communism is the collective of children who want everything for free without having to work or pay for it. They all vote in China. America was NEVER meant to embrace communism or “democracy.” America was established to be a republic of free, Caucasian, minimum-21-year-old, self-reliant, European men of sufficient means to whom the VOTE was restricted. Restricted vote now, restricted vote tommorrow, restricted vote forever.

    23. morris wise Says:

      The threat of 800 million Chinese that understand calculus is real.
      Spending cuts on education must be stopped. Causes of ignorance is not in black skin color but in their poor food supply. America must feed it`s slow thinkers better food or become third world.