4 February, 2011

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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    1. Barry Soetoro Says:

      MUST SEE !!!

      New documentary debunks Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning holohoax documentary “The Last Days”


    2. Krystian Says:

      A brief word aimed at longtime readers. I’m glad that even though this site was shut down for awhile (don’t know why that happened), all the regulars found their way back here and continue to make this site the best place for a racist to speak his mind. Hail to you.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      RIP Maria Schneider 1952-2011.


    4. Tim O'Brien Says:

      Yahoo article: “Dutch Jews want fast punishment for anti-Semitism”


    5. ted Says:

      “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

      –Étienne de La Boétie

    6. Virgil Says:


    7. Virgil Says:

      Craig Cobb’s most politically incorrect blog is a tour de force: http://the–daily.blogspot.com/

    8. Virgil Says:

      This site is the best english language Israeli open source military intelligence on the web. Find out what they know and think. http://www.debka.com/

    9. Virgil Says:

      David Irving is the greatest man of letters alive today. http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/index.html

    10. festerbestertester Says:

      There is nothing that makes me sicker than a White girl being so brainwashed as to imitate the black way of talking…..

    11. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Is there a sexual element to Obama’s power, as there was to that of Tiger Woo?

      Tiger Woo’s kundalini energy came from the synapse between his clandestine sexual dalliances with White women, and the adulation he got from the White boy-men who cheered him on, thinking him pure and white, even while he was despoiling their women.

      Now that the truth is out, Tiger Woo’s kundalini energy has collapsed, as has his golf game.

      If Obama is using kundalini energy to hold on to power, expect him to collapse just like Tiger Woo.

      Something will be revealed, if this is so. What is hidden in secret, Jesus said, will be shouted from the rooftops.

      The Samyutta Nikaya states:

      “According to the seed that’s sown,
      So is the fruit you reap there from,
      Doer of good will gather good,
      Doer of evil, evil reaps,
      Down is the seed and thou shalt taste
      The fruit thereof.”

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I seem to recall, somewhere deep in the mists of time, that Sri Hagen-Daas, the Mystic Yogi Bear of the Krispy-Kreme, previously posted that Tiger Woo Kuntalini jive on this site. In response, I achieved Nirvana and gave him…….


      In my state of supreme enlightenment, I then strung him up to his prayer wheel and, invoking the power of the Four Noble Truths, (Dukkha, Dukkha Samudaya, Dukkha Nirodha and Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada)………………


      Not satisfied with my pupil’s progress, I proceeded to hang him upside down by his ankles and called up my friends Lord Brahama, Khrishna and Vishnu to come over and help me….


      Of the four paths to realization, karma yoga is the science of achieving perfection in action. Through repeated ass-kickings, my pupil has now attained moksha, i.e., the liberation from samsara.

      Now, let us hear no more of Tiger Woo and his Kundalini. He is but a nigger and is therefore incapable of atma-jnana.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Have you noticed that all of Ken Burns’ documentaries always feature a black and white photo of an old man with a beard standing next to a mule in front of the Grand Canyon?

    14. Miller Says:

      It is high time to develop a selective genetic bio-weapon to exterminate the Ashkenazi and the Negroid genotypes.

      We must remove both of these vile races from the face of the earth for eternity.

      The Jews’ main weapon is the nigger.

      Let’s do Adolph Hitler one better and remove the Niggers with the same
      urgency and vengeance with which we resolve to remove the Jews.

      The science is now possible. DO IT!

    15. Miller Says:



    16. George Wallace Says:

      I know what an American is. I know what a Mexican, African, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Flipipino, Armenian, Iranian, Argentinian, Indian, Pakistani etc., etc., etc. are. There is NO SUCH THING as a combination-man! There is no such thing, for example, as a Bangladeshi-American. You’re Bangladeshi or American. If you’re not an American and you’re one of the aforementioned dubious foreign biological entities, you need to repatriate. I know what an American is. The concept of the American “melting pot” came from the European “melting pot.” The “melting pot” was to enhance the gene pool, not dilute and pollute it. American today, American tommorrow, American forever!

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Henry Ford said, the term “melting pot” is a disrespectful term to describe the American Republic. No doubt a Jew came up with that term, just like a Jewess named Emma Lazarus had her ugly poem about the “huddled masses yearning to be free” deface the Statue of Liberty.

      The so-called melting pot has become a chamber pot.

    18. M. Kraus Says:

      What does sports obsession do to a White American man’s mind?

      This is a true story: I’m in a bar having lunch. A television is on, broadcasting a football game. White men are all around me, cheering for “their” team. On the screen, a White player carries the ball and an “African-American” defender tries to tackle him. The White man next to me gets very agitated, because “his” negro defender seems to be having trouble bringing down the White ball carrier. He yells, as if the television can hear him, “KILL WHITEY!” That’s right. A White–or more accurately, former White–man actually uses those exact words, without a hint of sarcasm or humor of any kind. I look at him, expecting him to start chuckling about his own bad joke, but he is dead serious, and extremely upset.

      This is what sports obsession does to the mind of a White American man. When jews and their White flunkies “integrated” professional sports, they achieved a propaganda victory beyond their wildest dreams.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      The White (idiot sports fan) next to me gets very agitated, because “his” negro defender seems to be having trouble bringing down the White ball carrier. He yells, as if the television can hear him, “KILL WHITEY!” That’s right. A White–or more accurately, former White–man actually uses those exact words……

      I would have thrown my beer in that asshole’s face. As I get older I get bolder…..and less patient with stupidity.

    20. Blackshirt Says:

      Fuck the super bowl!

      I absolutely hate this time of year when the sports mania hits a fever pitch. I open a webpage to check my e-mail and there is a sweating ape face waiting for me… I’m at the laundromat and there’s another game with sweating nigger faces waiting for me… I’m at a garage waiting for my car to be fixed and there are magazines with sweating nigger ballplayer faces on them…

      Is this not a living hell?

    21. whtdev Says:

      White idiot sports fans can be the worst.

      I was at a bar and grill getting some lunch one day. I was approached by a white idiot sports fan. The white idiot sports fan was trying to start a conversation with me while I was eating my lunch. He was asking me about this team and that team and finally I told him that I had no interest in sports. I was annoyed at that point and he knew it. He asked me “What are you, some kind of homo?” I replied “No, I am not a homo. But, with the way you like to watch those monkeys in the field, I take it you are a nigger lover.”

      The bar and grill was very quiet for several minutes after I made that statement and the white idiot sports fan never bothered me again.

    22. Zoroastro Says:

      Far from any exalted ‘kundalini’ energy in Obongo, just nigger-nature taking advantage of the mechanism that created him out of thin air…

    23. Luke Says:

      Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:
      4 February, 2011 at 7:04 pm

      Is there a sexual element to Obama’s power, as there was to that of Tiger Woo?”

      Yea, there is. In fact, if the millions of white males in this nation who are griping about the obongocare ripoff of white middle class tax payers had half a brain in their heads, they’d be able to identify that throbbing pain in their rectums for what it is.

      Obongo’s John Henry.

      And, this is just the beginning, White man. If we allow blacks and mestizos and jews to reduce us to subjugated minorities and then rule over us, it will only get worse. Much worse.

    24. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim McGreen, you write very well! Are you also Nicholas Stix, in addition to being Ian Jobling, Socrates, John PM, and the others whom I cannot remember right now?

      Anyway, I read in this mornings newspaper (whose day of extinction is fast approaching, for which I rejoice , because this paper has for writers a bunch of liberal twits who have not done a damn thing in their lives and thus do not know reality on its own terms) that the Edgar Alan Poe house in Baltimore is to have its city funding cut off. It gave the name of the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake or something, so I looked her up.

      Yep. I think most of the city council of Baltimore is, with names like “Latasha”.

      Whites are going to lose their monuments, because the cities in which they are located—they are controlled by blacks, who will cut off the funding.

      Historic houses will crumble, bronze statues will corrode, while the historic spot where Langston Hughes ate some cornbread while writing one of his poems will receive all the funding.

    25. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim/Nicholas–I know, I know–I left the apostrophe off “mornings.” Should have been “morning’s”.

      I am also confused about the period–does it go in the quotes or outside the quotes?

      Alex is also a stickler for good punctuation . . .and writes very well .. . . hmmmmm . . .

    26. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim McGreen is Jared Taylor.

    27. Howdy Doody Says:

      Paris Lapriest Powell

      A former death row inmate was arrested Friday, accused of involvement in a gang rape at an Oklahoma City apartment in October. Paris Lapriest Powell, 37, of Oklahoma City, was identified by DNA evidence as a suspect in the assault of two women, police reported. The victims said three “males pushed their way into their apartment” sometime after 2 a.m. Oct. 6 “and raped … and assaulted both of them throughout the night,” police reported. One woman described being tied to her bed and blindfolded during the attack. Three young children were in the apartment at the time.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:

      “Dutch Jews want fast punishment for anti-Semitism


      It will be impossible for any one with an I.Q. above 90 not to see who our tyrant’s are clearly.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      Re:Baltimore……Can you imagine what the world would be like if all the Whites were gone and our great cities were over-run with mindless swarms of anthropoids? Imagine how they would pee all over Grant’s Tomb to mark off their territory, tear Rembrandt’s The Prodigal Son off the wall and jump up and down on it while grunting and scratching their armpits, spray paint “suk muh dik” all over the Mona Lisa…….

      This will be your future, White Man, if you’re not careful.


    30. Thom McQueen Says:

      Sir Snigger Das, I believe you got something going on.

      You were dead right on about Tiger Woods. How in the world could you have known.

      Tell us more about this kundalini stuff.

    31. Thom McQueen Says:

      and am I right about Tim Mcgreen being Jarod Taylor?

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      If I was Jared Taylor, my posts would be formal and pedantic, like Apollonian’s are.

      Unless I am using multiple online personae?

    33. Antagonistes Says:

      There is a possibility, a slight one, that Tim McGreen is the entity known as Roy Masters.


    34. Thom McQueen Says:

      Holy ONe, I have been thinking about Tiger Woods and Obama. I think that they are just boys so I don’t think they could have those enormous peckers that you are talking about.

    35. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “. . .Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. . .”

      Isn’t Freed a jew name?

    36. Arminius Says:

      “Whites are going to lose their monuments, because the cities in which they are located—they are controlled by blacks, who will cut off the funding.”

      Plans are on the drawing boards, but unfortunately lack funding at present, to replace said monuments with Holocaust (R) memorials.

    37. Dave Says:

      I can relate to these stories. I often worry about my home town and it’s wonderful offerings. San Diego! The zoo for instance. Who will maintain it when we are gone? Those fucking apes won’t. the spics will just try to eat the animals and the kikes will likely sell them off.

      There is a nigger that works at the ace hardware here in town. This nigger thinks he’s smart. I avoid going to ace because of him. Sometimes I need something they have though. This nigger bitch was “helping” an elderly white couple next to me,they were looking at black hinges. This yard ape says to his co-worker, ” I think they like the BLACK…uhhhh…hinges hehe”

      That isn’t the first time I’ve heard that bitch make perverted racial remarks to customers either. Fucking coon.

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      The “Roy Masters Entity” created the Foundation for Understanding, Caring, Knowledge, Youth, Opportunity and Understanding in 1961 as his everlasting gift to Humanity. You see, Roy was born Reuben Obermeister and his family was in the diamond-cutting business in England. But Roy decided he could be of more value to Mankind by starting a “church” that was based on scientifically sound concepts like meditation and hypnotism. Roy also dispensed far-out advice to the Gentile listeners of his radio show for many years and (allegedly) used to beat up his ex daughter-in-law a lot (“She hit me first!”).

      With his con-artist demeanor, diamond-cutting experience, kinky hair, crooked nose and Neanderthal type brow-ridge, many have speculated that Roy is a Jew; Not to worry. In a 1992 open letter, he said he was a former Jew who founded a ministry that some unfairly viewed as New Age because of “often mean-spirited media coverage.” Truth be told, even L. Ron Hubbard looks respectable next to Masters.

    39. Antagonistes Says:

      But how strong, O Tim, is Roy Master’s kundalini energy?

      Is that the secret to his success? If it is, I don’t think that it will deflate like Tiger Woods’ because Masters, for all his egregious faults, is a Puritan.

      It is also rumored that Masters is the power behind Michael Savage.

    40. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Here, Uncle Roy explains that “He is not God” (in case anyone has doubts). Same old narcissism. He is similar to “Werner Erhard” (Jack Rosenberg) of EST,or Natan Blumenthal (Nathaniel Branden), whose name means “Son of Rand”.


    41. The Red Skull Says:

      The Future Genocide of Whites is happening right now in South Africa under Commie -Jew Nigger Rule,and all who want to look at what the future holds for us if we become a very small minority like the Whites there.Their monuments in Pretoria are now decaying,or untended,Johannisburg is a giant shithole,the streets are being renamed in honor of various suspect negros-ALA Monkey “King”,

      Niggers Everywhere you look,Muds of some Description Everywhere you look,drastically dropping farm production,and “appropriation” by nigs w/ a grudge,Official Gov’t Policy of Discrimanation toward whites –except where
      certain whites are used to keep certain infrastructure going,like the Romans kept useful Greek Slaves/Teachers around,………..

      Whites now suffer mass POVERTY–Especially Afrikaners.

      Rapes out of control,Whites live in secured compounds or communities,Farmer massacres and heinous murders,ala Eugene Tereblanche,decling production,electric shortages and brownouts,increasing corrution typical of “negro-ruled”towns and communities here,and more.

      That is what the Future holds for YOU –WHITE MAN–Tell all the Football fans to take a look at whats happening–to Whites in South Africa if they want to know what the future holds for all our people.

      Before…….When the Whites ruled South Afrika,all you heard about was the “poor -oppressed negroes” from the marxist/liberal/Jew Press here.Now that there is virtual multi-angled carefully orchestrated GENOCIDE going on over there against the remaining Whites–

      How much have you heard the JEW Press Cry/whine and carry on about that?….I hear chirping crickets………from the jew press here…

      Your extinction wont be trumpeted,it will just occur everyday–in a slow racial -suicide way….Unless we WAKE UP,……It will be our future in all White Countries Where we allow ourselves to boxed into a corner.

      The Future isn’t looking pretty for YOU –White Man,But the Superbowl is on and the Beers in the Fridge!

    42. The Red Skull Says:

      “In the Beginning of a Change,The Patriot is a scarce man,–Brave,Hated, and Scorned.When his Cause Succeeds,however,the timid join him,for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”

      Mark Twain

    43. The Red Skull Says:

      “Everything we admire on this earth today–science and art,technology and inventions–is only the creative product of a few peoples and originally perhaps of one race.On them depends the Existence of this whole culture.If they perish,the beauty of this earth will sink to the grave with them.
      However much the soil,for example,can influence men,the result of the influence will always be different depending on the races in question.The low fertility of a living space may spur one race to the highest achievements;in others it will only be the cause of bitterest poverty and final undernourishment with all its consequences.The inner nature of peoples is always determining for the manner in which outward influences will be effective.What leads on to starvation trains the other to hard work.

      All Great Cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning.

      The Ultimate Cause of such a decline was their forgetting that all culture depends on men and not conversely;hence that to preserve a certain culture,the man who creates it must be preserved.

      This preservation is bound up with the rigid law of necessity and the right to victory of the best and stronger in this world.

      Those who want to live, let them fight,and those who do not want to fight in this eternal world of struggle do not deserve to live.

      Even if this were hard—that is how it is!Assuredly,however,by far the harder fate is that which strikes the man who thinks he can overcome nature,but in the last analysis only mocks her.Distress,misfortune,and diseases are her answer.

      The man who misjudges and disregards the racial laws(of nature) actually forfeits the happiness that seems destined to be his.He thwarts the triumphal march of the best race and hence also the precondition for all human progress,and remains, in consequence,burdened with all the sensibility of man,in the animal realm of helpless misery.”

      By Adolf Hitler

      Pages 288-289

    44. Dave Says:

      The Red Skull says:

      That is what the Future holds for YOU –WHITE MAN–Tell all the Football fans to take a look at whats happening–to Whites in South Africa if they want to know what the future holds for all our people.

      The typical american says: What? did you say som…ohhhhh yeahhhhhh SUPER BOWL wooooh

    45. Virgil Says:

      The Super Bowl will be obliterated!

    46. Z.O.G. Says:

      Alex Jones Exposed


    47. Z.O.G. Says:

      The Jew Roy Masters’ son, Mark Masters, owns and controls the Talk Radio Network, the network that syndicates Michael Weiner’s show, along with several other conservatard radio shows.


    48. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Masters has visions, and he spins them out as he speaks. The Talk Radio Network president and CEO sees talk radio as a “pressure relief valve” for underserved citizens. His hosts perform “intellectual and emotional acupuncture” that lets them become part of the listener’s inner life. Masters is a visionary, but he’s no mere romantic. He’s a sharp and savvy businessman who’s launched one successful show after another in a wildly competitive part of the business. And, as you’ll see, he thinks about sales, and loves a good seller, as much as anybody in radio. Perhaps his most fundamental vision of what talk radio can be? “The bait on the hook to recruit the best salespeople in the industry.”


    49. Tim McGreen Says:

      Laura Ingram? Barry Farber? Jerry Doyle? Monica Crowley?


    50. Tim McGreen Says:

      Is Monica Crowley supposed to be some kind of a joke? She’s an even bigger nit-wit than Laura Ingram. Too bad she’s so hateful, as I rather fancy her:


    51. Neptune Says:

      I found this YouTube video with a theory about the origin of the races, I am not sure how serious it is. There are several theories about the origin of the different races. One is that all humans descend from the same ape. Other theory say that the different races descend from different primates. Some believe God created humans. I just do not know. I only know the races are different, physically and mentally:

      Origins of Races

    52. Antagonistes Says:

      I recently saw a film called, “Whip It”, about female roller derby skaters.

      And I started thinking about the old Roller Derby with Mike Gammon and Big Charlie O.

      “Mike Gammon and his wife Judi McGuire are leading practitioners of one of the world’s most demeaning professions. They are stars of the New York Chiefs of the roller derby which is closer to third-rung Minsky or carny than organized sport. Their six-game-a-week 51-week season is an escape-less loop of one-night stands, in smoggy arenas, with nothing in between but smelly buses, crummy motels and junk food. The circuit is a demanding test of their family’s ability to stay intact. They get to see their 12-year-old daughter Sharilee only about once every six weeks. And the Gammons put up with all these indignities to perform before lunatic crowds, bellowing the foulest of four-letter abuse, pelting them with old sneakers and plastic cups full of beer, and generally carrying on in a manner that makes ice-hockey rinks seem, by comparison, like Wimbledon. ”


      SIX games a week, for FIFTY-ONE weeks of the year? Geez-o-meezus!!
      This is wage-slavery!

      Roller Derby was founded by Leo Seltzer.

      My guess is that he is a Jew.


    53. Tim McGreen Says:

      Neptune, if you look at a Negro’s palms and the bottoms of his big, dirty feet you see that the skin there is much lighter than on the rest of his body. That tells me that at one time in the distant past the Negro was a lighter-skinned and probably more advanced aboriginal-type homo sapien. The Negro Race is an example of evolution in reverse, a regression towards an earlier primate. It’s also been proven that the Caucasian Race and the Mongol Race are more closely related to each other than either one is to the Negro Race. Perhaps around 200,00 years ago all early humans on Earth were basically the same, but they have clearly developed at different rates and in different directions since then.

    54. Thom McQueen Says:

      What about Atlantis? All human have gone in reverse since then.

      “Way down below the ocean where i wanna be, she may be”

    55. Tim McGreen Says:


    56. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wear your love like heaven!

    57. Antagonistes Says:

      What is going on here?

      McQueen, are you trying to say that Tim McGreen is in actuality the Scottish folk singer, Donovan?

      I thought you said that he was Jared Taylor.

      McGreen seems quite ready to accept the Donovan identity, with his videos and quoting of Donovan lyrics.

    58. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim McGreen is either Jared Taylor or the Scotch folk singer Donovan.
      I am sure of it. BTW, Ant, did you ever bork your French teacher?

    59. Dave Says:

      Damn me being the car nut that I am. This is pure evil temptation but i will resist. There is a lotus Europa for sale in town that is in excellent shape. It is completely within my price range. But! I cannot do it because I am saving cash to buy a house outright for my family so we don’t have to keep making these jew pigs rich anymore.

      It’s very much like this one here.

    60. Tim McGreen Says:

      I used to have respect for Cynthia Lennon, seeing as how her husband John went insane and ran off with that Jap. But I’ve just learned that Cynthia’s current husband, (who is also her fifth husband!), is a spade. Have all the English lost their minds? It’s sort of like when Jackie Kennedy married that Greek. A lot of people lost respect for our former First Lady after that.

    61. Howdy Doody Says:

      Greek ?

    62. Tim McGreen Says:

      Aristotle Onassis was bad enough, but then Maurice Templeman????

    63. Antagonistes Says:

      Aren’t Greeks caucasians? Why would anyone object?


      Thom, I am not going to “bork” anyone, except my wife.

      But the Madam is an enchanting pixie, a delightful elf (about 4′ 11″) who knows what I am thinking about just by looking at me, and who knows what I am going to say, even before I say it. Even though (I think) she is in her late fifties or possibly early sixties, she is svelte and alluring (and married!)

      If this is the femininity of the Latin countries, or the old patriarchal societies, we are very poor for not having it, and are cheating our young people of something precious. In other words, we sold out for money and some cheap tinsel dream, and lost our sexual identities somewhere in between.

      I can now completely understand why the French do not like “Americanism.”

      But I think that the proficiency that I display in learning French might come from the “synapse of energy” that has occurred since my French kundalini has been activated. I hope it does not collapse like the kundalini of “Tiger Woo.” :-)

    64. Tim McGreen Says:

      Onassis was a mean, ugly old prick who Jackie O married because he was a billionaire. That’s why she lost so much respect from the public.


    65. Antagonistes Says:

      Women! Running to security! But, can you blame her, after her adulterous husband had the top of his head blown away? Who wants to be married to a half-head?

      So she married this ugly old prick who, even though Greek, probably did not know the first things about Greek philosophy, drama, art, or science!

      But biologically speaking, isn’t that the way of women–looking for a safe haven?

      I think that “superior beings” , whether male or female, can rise above the pricklings of biology, but they are few and far between.

      And I guess that is why the young lasses are so naive–if they did not fall for the “sweet lies” of their beloved, they would never get married! I am sure that Kennedy, even with half a head, had he survived, could have talked Jackie into staying with him!

      Oh, God! To be young, so full of expectations, and . . . no, forget it.

    66. Tim McGreen Says:

      PS…I did not mean to imply that Greeks aren’t White. They most certainly are White. And Greece is an important barrier against nonstop Turkish immigration into Europe.

      There are some Americans of the “Camelot” generation who saw Jacqueline’s marriage to Ari Onassis 5 years after JFK’s death as a somewhat blatant attempt on her part to push her way up the social ladder at all costs. But like Ant. says, Jackie O did want security after the assassination of JFK (as well as the assassination of her alleged lover RFK), both for herself and her kids.

    67. Howdy Doody Says:


      1958 commercial Women with four children, but look what they were promoting.

    68. Tim McGreen Says:

      The YouTube clip kept breaking up, so tell me HD, what was Mom pushing? I know…Sweet Lady H!

    69. Howdy Doody Says:


      George Lincoln Rockwell – Brown University (3

    70. Howdy Doody Says:


      ricvive vignon rouge

    71. Antagonistes Says:

      que, salut doody?

    72. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:


      To think that a hundred years ago, we could have all been driving electric cars. All the world wars, where millions died, were for Rothschild control of the world’s natural resources, when Nikola Tesla taught the world how to harness the endless energy supply that nature gives us. FREE ENERGY means a world where Jewish Ashenazi Rothchilds’ would have no reason to create wars, revolutions and genocide so they get control of resources, and the only man who could have exterminated the Rothschilds was Hitler. Hitler has failed the world by letting the Rothschilds live. Long live Nikola Tesla and FREE ENERGY and no wars or genocides for the Rothschilds and all their gentile whores and stooges.

    73. Tim McGreen Says:

      Tesla had some intriguing ideas and inventions, but not all of them were practical. The fact is that 100 years ago there were as many electric and steam-powered cars on the road as there were gas-powered vehicles. The gasoline engine won out because it was the most practical. Tesla was supposedly dedicated to peace, but in reality he was trying to assist the Allied war effort until his death in February 1943, in NYC.

    74. Dave Says:

      @ Tim. For what reason we will never know. Inventors are not known for their political or racial sanity. He was a great man.

      I would gladly give up our military base and deal with the economical “side effects” if it meant I could get rid of these jigs. Get this. I live in a city that is still 90% white. Take into consideration the jews and you’re looking at 88% . How then is it that two of my neighbors are mexicans and two of them black! And I live in a good part of town! A new nigger just moved in across the street damn it!!!! A good 25 people looked at this rental and most of them were younger whites. You think this nigger out qualified them? To even be considered when one is white you must be the top white. Then all it takes is one nigger of any shade(hah) and bam. The top white loses.

    75. Howdy Doody Says:

      Moonshine and Bluegrass 180 Proof


    76. Howdy Doody Says:


      more moonshining with Popcorn Sutton

    77. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dave, those spooks and spics probably work for the town as garbagemen or janitors or something. Rentals often attract undesirable creeps, so you may want to consider buying a house in a better neighborhood. Coloreds and Beaners are not responsible enough to be homeowners, so they won’t be able to follow you.

    78. Dave Says:

      The majority of whites Ive seen in my line of work aren’t responsible enough to be homeowners either. Gutters? who needs gutters. I just bought a big screen fuck gutters,or paint and fuck my yard too! Whats an edger? Rake you say? But tv is on! Maybe pedro can do it while I am busy getting fat and killing brain cells. Fuck those too!

    79. Neptune Says:

      Race mixing propaganda:


      This kind of abominations are being taught in schools and in christian churches of all denominations (catholic and protestant).

    80. Howdy Doody Says:


    81. morris wise Says:

      Mother Nature made a mistake by locating most of the worlds oil reserves in the wrong place. The mistake can be rectified by building a gigantic pipeline from the Middle-Eastern oil fields to a Haifa oil hub, from there it could be loaded into supertankers. The pipeline would be protected against terrorists by Israeli`s settlers who would build towns and roads along the path of the pipeline. No longer will the industrial powers suffer from the anxiety of losing control of Middle-Eastern oil. 14th centuries cultures would then be at peace, they no longer would be fighting to own oil they cannot use.

    82. Howdy Doody Says:


      Church Lady

    83. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Is this poetic justice commited by this Albainian Muslim? In 1999 the U.S. & Jewish run NATO criminal- military terror bombed Serbia for 78 days so the Christian Serbian province of Kosovo could become a defacto province of Muslim Albainia & make things a little more easy for the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army). So instead of kissing the dirty feet of these same U.S. military invaders who bombed Serbia 12 years ago, raghead Arid Uka decided to wack them. This is funny ass shit!


      UPDATE 2-Germany says shooting of U.S. airmen a solo act

      8:46 AM CST, March 4, 2011

      * Prosecutor says probably no militant network involved

      * Shooter was inspired by jihadist websites

      * Says gun jammed, preventing further casualties

      (Adds detail, quotes)

      By Hendrik Sackmann

      KARLSRUHE, Germany, March 4 (Reuters) – A lone gunman

      enraged over the war in Afghanistan probably acted alone when he

      shot dead two U.S. airmen and wounded two others at Frankfurt

      airport this week, a German prosecutor said on Friday.

      German media had reported the man could be part of a

      terrorist cell, raising fears of further attacks on U.S. targets

      in Germany.

      Arid Uka, a Kosovan national, confessed to firing on the

      U.S. airmen at point-blank range with a 9mm pistol, federal

      prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum told a televised news conference in

      Karlsruhe, western Germany.

      “He wanted revenge for the U.S. operations in Afghanistan,”

      Griesbaum said. Uka had frequented jihadist websites before the

      attack and said he wanted to prevent the soldiers from

      committing crimes against civilians, the prosecutor added.

      “Preliminary evaluations and evidence show it was the act of

      an Islamist-inspired single perpetrator,” Griesbaum said. “There

      is no evidence at the moment the act was coordinated with others

      or that he was a member of a terrorist organisation.”

      Uka, 21, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

      Griesbaum described how the gunman walked up to the airmen

      who were boarding a U.S. Army bus on Wednesday and asked one of

      them for a cigarette.

      After enquiring if the soldiers were headed to fight in

      Afghanistan and hearing it confirmed, Uka shot the 25-year-old

      man in the back of the head, killing him.

      He then boarded the bus, shouted Allahu Akbar (God is

      Greatest) and shot a 21-year old airman sitting in the driver’s

      seat dead. He wounded two others and pulled the trigger on a

      fifth target when his gun jammed.

      That serviceman managed to catch Uka along with police after

      he fled.

      Uka, who was working on a short-term contract at the

      Frankfurt international postal centre at the airport, often came

      across travelling U.S. servicemen, but only planned the attack

      after watching an online video.

      “He said American soldiers had plundered a Muslim house and

      raped the family’s daughter in the video (they wouldn’t do that now would they), and he could not shake

      the images from his head,” Griesbaum said.

      As prosecutors regarded the shootings as a solo act, further

      attacks linked to that one did not appear likely.

      “The security situation can be seen as unchanged,” Griesbaum

      said, adding that the case shows Germany and other countries

      needed to fight against online jihadist propaganda.

      U.S. President Barack Obama has said he was outraged by the

      attack and the Kosovo government condemned the shooting. The

      Kosovo parliament held a minute’s silence.

      (Writing and additional reporting by Brian Rohan ; editing

      by John Stonestreet and Elizabeth Fullerton)

      Copyright © 2011, Reuters

    84. Arvelle Says:

      i am, unfortunately half a jew =(. I really wish I wasn’t, I hate them! they are so annoying in everything they do!! I also can’t stand black people.