25 February, 2011

Surprise! New Films About MLK Coming Soon

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This news comes as King’s 30-foot statue is being readied for unveiling in Washington, D.C.:


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  7. 26 Responses to “Surprise! New Films About MLK Coming Soon”

    1. Sean Gruber Says:

      Behind the monster and fraud Martin Luther King Junior stood his handler and puppet-master: jew Stanley Levison.

      “Civil rights” is jewish tyranny in blackface, as someone once said (Linder, I think).

      Pop culture figures, meanwhile, are getting wise to the eternal jew.

      First there was Mel.

      Then (just the other day) Charlie Sheen denounced his boss as a “rat” and “psycho” and “leech” – and called him “Chaim” (a jew name, but apparently not the jew boss’s actual name). Abe Foxman consequently emitted his standard protest. Sheen has joined the ranks of eeeviiilll anti-semites.

      And now, tonight, comes THIS news:


      >>”Fashion house Dior has suspended its British creative director John Galliano over claims he racially abused a couple in a Paris restaurant.

      Police briefly detained Mr Galliano on Thursday night after the couple accused him of making anti-Semitic remarks. He also allegedly traded slaps with them.

      A lawyer for the 50-year-old designer said he denied the allegations.

      Dior said it had “zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist words or behaviour”.

      The firm’s chief executive Sidney Toledano said in a statement: “Pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities.”

      Mr Galliano took over the creative helm at the company in 1996.

      He has been awarded the title of British Fashion Designer of the Year on four occasions.

      Making anti-Semitic remarks is punishable in France by up to six months in prison.

      “For the moment we don’t know what led him to address the couple,” an unnamed police source told AFP.

      “We don’t yet know if they knew each other or not.”

      Police said the designer had drunk the equivalent of up to two bottles of wine.

      “We don’t know the precise nature of the incident but Mr Galliano was detained after a couple made a complaint last night,” a Paris police spokesman said.

      “The level of alcohol in his blood was tested and he was then released. He had been drinking quite heavily.”

      Mr Galliano’s lawyer, Stephane Zerbib, told AFP that the designer “formally denies the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him”.

      Mr Zerbib said his client would take legal action against those making such accusations.

      Thursday night’s incident is believed to have occurred on a cafe terrace in the Marais district, which has historic associations with the Jewish community and with the gay community in more recent years.

      A “wall of names” memorial was recently installed in the quarter to commemorate the 76,000 Jews deported from France during World War II. <<

      Which celebrity will be next to name the jew?

    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      Note who is making the movie about King’s execution: “Paul Greengrass.”

      Interesting name.

      Sounds sort of jewish.

      Doesn’t it?

      The film will be the MLK equivalent of “The Passion of the Christ,” apparently: all about the sufferings of an executed hero. (This film will be called “Memphis.”)

      Why make this movie? To inspire the faithful, like Mel did.

      In other words, in this case, to stoke black rage.

      To keep the hate-whitey fires burning.

      To keep niggers politicized.

      The jews’ goal is always to stir up the savages against whites.

      The jews’ goal, more generally, is always chaos and murder among non-jews.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sean, I’m afraid you haven’t exactly provided overwhelming evidence to support your argument that celebrities are turning against the Jews. However, I do remember that Marlon Brando pissed off the Jews in a 1996 Larry King Live interview:



    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I sincerely hope that all those new King movies do as well at the box office as that movie about Jewish spy Daniel Pearl did (remember “A Mighty Heart Fart?

    5. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Greengrass is the same kike who made a film about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania on 11 Sept. Why don’t they cast a White Man in the role like they did with the new Thor movie having one of the heros played by Idris Elba a black actor? See how well that shite would go over!!!

    6. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Yes Tim, I too remember when the kike Pearl had died. You would have thought a head of state had passed away. It made me sick all the attention this jew-boy got. I also was tired of seeing his wog wife and her subhuman mug too!!!

    7. JJ Says:

      30 feet? How wide is it, 25 ft?

    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      Oh, I just recently came into possession of something very interesting: video of Jared Taylor’s Jewish wife, “Dr.” Evelyn Rich.

      There are no pictures of her on the internet, because Jared has been trying to hide her all these years. I’m going to fix that.

    9. Mel Brooks Says:

      Hopefully, the next person to name-the-lampshade is in France..pissing up a wall of names.

      Pearl got set up by his own people. Pity for him he didn’t see that. To those who don’t believe that there are Jews..and then there are JEWS..please keep in mind that the most powerful jews think nothing of sacrificing their less influential brethren in the name of Greater Jewry..the idea, the race, the religion, the world.

      They’re not unlike the white elites that have nothing but disdain for the rest of their own. Except for that the peon Jews, unlike the goyim, haven’t learned to mistrust their leaders to the extent that the goys have. And that’s why you can’t trust any of them, though they might be half-way decent folks, day-to-day. They won’t jump off the Jew ship, no matter how many holes are blasted into it’s bow.

      Pathology’s a bitch.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Here’s “Doctor” Rich’s husband, Mr. Evelyn Rich (aka Jared Taylor) making a speech in the Taco Bell parking lot (next door to Hooters) about how scholarly he is:


    11. Sean Gruber Says:

      Tim, using a scatter plot, please mark the number of national mainsewer celebrities who publicly criticized a jew qua jew – and were denounced for anti-semitism – over the past, say, 20 years. Three or four dots in the past three years…a blank wasteland before that.

      And remember, these ain’t Taco Bell employees or something. Mel: A-list movie star (at the time). Charlie Sheen: A-list TV star. Galliano: Dior’s number one designer. In quality (if we can call it that) as well as in quantity, there is a significant jump.

      Is it a trend? In a world of copycat behavior, it has a chance of becoming so.

      We should encourage it.

      One of you smarties might, for example, obtain the Greater Los Angeles Scientology mailing list…and send them some VNN literature. Or just a single 4-by-5 card on which is written –


    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:

      26 February, 2011 at 6:45 pm

      Here’s “Doctor” Rich’s husband, Mr. Evelyn Rich (aka Jared Taylor) making a speech in the Taco Bell parking lot (next door to Hooters) about how scholarly he is:


      0 0

      Horse rear, what did horse do to deseve any similiar looks.

      Such horror.

      Such dissappointment.

    13. Virgil Says:

      Martin Lootin’ Coon and Mandela are the N.W.O’s lawn jockeys!

    14. The Red Skull Says:


      This is a CLEAR indicator of how sick this society has become!—yes,lets see;lets erect a 30 foot statue (at taxpayer expense no doubt-ie-white folks) of Motherfucking King Kong,who just happened to be:

      A Plagerist
      A Communist
      An Adulterer
      A Liar
      A Pervert
      A Fervent Fucker of White Prostitutes
      A Beater of Women
      A Man with a Jewish “handler”
      A Stealer of Speeches
      A Bad Example for Uppity Niggers Everywhere
      A Complete Fake who never legally changed his name
      A Negro who felt he WASN’T a Negro when he was Slammin’White Ho’s
      A Nigger with his “very own” Holiday-that we don’t even honor the Father of our Country with anymore

      Let me just conclude by saying that when that statue comes crumbling down,hopefully the Whole Rotten Edifice that Erected “IT” will too.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Off topic, but…..

      Happy Birthday Brian Jones.

      February 28, 1942-July 3, 1969


      Wherever you are.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Speakin’ bout koon films, the last good flick I saw was Eddie Murphys ‘Vampire in Brooklyn’. The most hilarious part was where Eddie(Max) posseses the nigger evangelist Rebberin Pauley, and moves the rollicking koon Kongregation out on the lawn for a sermon. If we need a koon statue I’ll go with Eddy the Vampire.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I about burst my sides with laughter at the end. where Eddys side kick gets in the limo and pretends he’s the head nigger, while he has another nigger as chauffer. Then he finds Eddys ruby ring, and puts it on, and bingo , the Vampire is resurrected. Amen Bruthers n’ sistahs.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yeah the society is sick, sick of jews more than anything. So the niggers still are lower on the totem pole, the Jews get Holyhoax museums at taxpayers expense, free bailouts of trillions of dollars, a homeland for budding crooks, and haven for the tribe in Itzreal.
      And the niggers, well they’ve been useful tools for the jews in destroying the Whiter race, just like the jews plan to use the Mudlsims and Mexicans. Jews are vampires par none, with enough propaganda you can make heavin hell, or hell heaven

    19. Mel Brooks Says:

      Not at all, Tim. Jones was the genius in the Stones and his (Aryan?) desire to move the band forward is best typified by this chunk of psychedlia here:


      The audio stinks, but it’s a cool document of the band, and then there’s Jones’ tremendous work on that infernal piece of white creativity we call the Mellotron. Only Whitey could envision such mechanically monstrous and wonderful instrument.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks Mel, that was an excellent clip. Very Piper-at-the-Gates-of-Dawn-ish. I guess Brian had a lot of problems with drugs and that German bimbo Anita Pallenberg. The last time he performed with the band was on The Rock and Roll Circus TV special in 1968. For some reason that special wasn’t commercially released for over 25 years. Definitely worth watching.

    21. Bigduke6 Says:

      Years ago the joopapers wrre all abuzz about an artist who used elephant dung as a medium. That would be good material for the MLK statue if they could stack ot that high

    22. Mel Brooks Says:

      Just a note: EweTube appears to have yanked that Stones clip…it’s getting to be that when I hear the term “copyright”, my solar plexus twitches. Perhaps the SA government would be so kind as to produce rolls of toilet paper with the images from those Jews Against Apartheid
      postage stamps? It’d bring up a chuckle from those of us old enough to remember Tricky Dickie paper.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      The concept of the legal copyright can get absurd. A few years ago a team of Jew lawyers from the Disney Empire descended on a day care center(!!!) demanding they remove a wall-mural depicting various Disney characters. So let me see if I understand this…the symphonies of Mozart and the plays of Shakespeare are in the Public Domain, but Daisy Duck is not???

      Notice how many Jews have scurried away from South Africa as a result of the end of White rule. The Jews kept pushing for an end to Apartheid, yet they don’t want to live in the new, improved South Africa!

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sherman, set the way-back machine for London, December 12, 1968.


    25. Andrei's Ghost Says:


      Wayward Colored Boys Charged With Raping Negress, 11, At Sleepover & Crack Party

      March 3, 2011 5:43 AM

      Wayward colored boys Steven Johnson (left), Daniel Rucker (Lansing Police Department)

      By Andrei Yustschinsky, authority on negro-style rape
      Updated 03/03/11 – 12:09 p.m.

      LANSING, Ill. (BLUE NETWORK) – Two have been charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old negress during a sleepover (pajama party) party and crack party in south suburban Lansing.
      Negro Steven Johnson, 19, and negro Daniel Rucker, 20, both very naughty, were both charged with predatory criminal sexual assault, a class X felony, according to a release from Lansing police.
      At the Markham courthouse Thursday morning, Johnson was ordered held on $750,000 bond and Rucker on $500,000 bond, according to Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin.
      Police say negroes Johnson and Rucker were at a sleepover & crack party this past weekend for the 12th birthday of one of the girl’s classmates. The party was held at Johnson’s family’s crib, in the 17800 block of Chicago Avenue in the now shit-hole Lansing, police said.
      Other negro kidlings and adult-teenage family members were also present, police said.
      The party started Saturday and went on late into the evening, as the young negresses played some hot games and slo-danced. When bedtime arrived for the little coco drops, the 11-year-old negress was sent down to the basement to get blankets, police said.
      It was at that point them naughty charcoal boys Johnson and Rucker attacked and raped the little negress, police said.
      “As a parent you would never think something like this would take place at a 12-year-old’s birthday party,” Lansing police Detective Sgt. Cas Dumbrowski said in the release. “What happened to this young pickininy i would never allow for 2 hours in my house, never, and i really mean it, honest injun.”

      The negro Johnson was arrested Monday night, after Lansing police executed a search warrant and combed the basement for evidence. Negro Rucker, of the now shit-hole Calumet City, was arrested the following evening, police said.
      Counseling agencies are currently working with the “victim” and her kin, the release said. Police are also working with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services regarding the case and are seeking cooperation from Johnson’s hatchlings.

      BLUE NETWORK’s Andrei Yustschinsky contributed to this report from on the spot & in the parking lot of the Calumet City Police Department.

      Copywrong 2011 by the BLUE NETWORK, all wrongs reserved….

    26. Mel Brooks Says:

      Mr. Peabody rocked!