6 February, 2011

UK: Top Official Says Multiculturalism Has Failed

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Of course it’s failed. But isn’t it interesting how it takes the threat of “Muslim extremism” to get multiculturalism labeled as a failure? In other words, the usual mud crime, corruption and incompetence weren’t enough to get multiculturalism labeled as a failure. Significantly, David Cameron is part-Jewish, and Jews led the push to multiculturalize England:


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  7. 30 Responses to “UK: Top Official Says Multiculturalism Has Failed”

    1. SashaAnis Says:

      Great show, has taken the place of goy fire for the past year now http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/75473

    2. Bob Says:

      Listen closely to the audio version of Cameron’s screed. It promotes INTEGRATION and castigates those who dwell apart.

      This POS was in an Oxford drinking club whose most famous member was a surnamed ROTHSCHILD !!!

      There are no more Great Brits!!!


    3. Krystian Says:

      It promotes INTEGRATION and castigates those who dwell apart.

      Exactly. This is not a rejection of diversity or mass immigration. Not in the least. It’s just a useful segue into the next phase of the elites’ project: Integrationism. In other words, niggers and wogs forced into association with whites at the point of a sword.

      The British elite in its entirety should be impaled on pikes and put in Trafalgar Square for all to see, that they might know the price of treason.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The way I see it the ruling elite are stuck between a rock and a hard place. One the one hand they want mass Muslim immigration to continue and intend using the program of ‘multiculturalism’ to silence the British people, but the reality of the situation is that Muslims don’t want integration they want dominance over the native people of these isles.
      So how will these race traitors continue with their destructive scheme? My bet is they will recognise Shira law and give equal scope to Muslim holidays. Camercoon says, Happy Eid everybody!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      For years, I was warning White activists that we cannot make friends with the Mohammedans, even though we both hate the Jews. In this case, the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

    6. Virgil Says:

      MI5 probably told him that the situation is impossible; they have only so much staff and resources to keep track of the worst among millions of invaders.

    7. Jim Says:

      There would be no Muslim immigration into White Nations if it were not for the jews. I abhor the Muslim religion as much as I do christianity because they both espouse race mixing and egalitarianism, however the Muslims are the ONLY group in the world today that are fighting against the Jew World Order that is hell bent on destroying the White Race. I hope that the revolutions that are now shaking the Muslim world will throw off the evils of the Jewish Money Power even if it means instituting an Islamic legal and economc system over the region. It would be far from ideal from a White Nationaliist standpoint, but at least the stranglehold of International Global Finance would be broken.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      This whole business of letting North African and Turkish Muslims into Europe happened as a direct result of the White labor shortage in Europe after WWII. WWII also caused the final collapse of the British Empire, which resulted in millions of Mud royal subjects to swarm into “mother” England.

      Yet two more reasons why the Second World War was both a short and long-term disaster for the Wiesse Rasse. Of course, no one ever really wins any wars, except for the weapons manufacturers, the bankers and the you-know-whos.

    9. R CROSS Says:

      Dodgy dave also married into the astor family,a key component of the nwo, i am always astonished that no matter how many times these criminals lie to the people,the sheep seem to have no long term memory,and are enthusiastic for the next miserable piece of self harming propaganda.Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me!

    10. Luke Says:

      Heads up, White man. This appears to me to be more of the same kind of deceptive bull manure that Angela Merkel was spouting a few months ago, regarding the admission that multiculturalism had failed. This shows me that the virulently anti-white, white genocide craving enemy ruling elites of all our White majority nations are communicating with each other behind the scenes, and have decided to synchronize their message and adopt this new strategy, as outlined by Merkel and Cameron.

      From what I can surmise, the strategy works like this: Pay lip service to the rising awareness and boiling hot outrage and anger that is fueling the long overdue rise of European Nationalist movements and political parties – and admit the obvious. However, mark my words, this current crop of jews and race traitorous white elites are not about to abandon their schemes to genocide and destroy European people and eliminate whites worldwide from having dominant control over their own nations.

      While publicly making statements that seem to show an acceptance that these multi-culturalizing schemes have been a failure, these rats will continue to keep importing thousands and thousands of these non-whites and then switching their agenda to stealing more of the white tax payers money to fund various new programs that claim to focus on integrating these non-whites into the host culture, none of which will work – but they will buy more time for the jews and their stooges to complete their white genocide program.

      And, as always, when whites are deprived of greater and greater portions of their income, they respond by having fewer and fewer children – because they can’t afford them.

      This is my basic gut instinct about what is now unfolding. Do not be fooled by it, White man.

      The solution is simple: Arrests, genocide charges applied, genocide trials held, followed by swift convictions and even swifter public executions of every ruling elite who has had a role in the promotion of White European genocide. And, let’s come up with a method of execution that is as absolutely gruesome, frightening, and as painful as possible.

      These genocide fanatics need to be forced to scream their way all the way down to Hell.

    11. J├╝rgen Says:


      I so totally agree! You nailed it on the head!
      Always watch what someone DOES, not what
      they SAY.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “I abhor the Muslim religion as much as I do christianity because they both espouse race mixing and egalitarianism” says Jim.

      the race mixing and egalitarianism are minor sympthoms, the real reason the jews created these pseudo-faiths for the goyim , the real threat is jew domination . When xianity has done its chore of paving the way for the jew world odor, and mudslimism has completed obliterated the Whites by integration , then the jews will dispense with both of them

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Romes heyday was 200 years prior to the Caesars, when they still relied on their own for farm production and military service.. What destroys Whites faster than anything is empire, which brings in hordes of muds for temporary jobs, and a little economic shot in the arm to compete with other empires. Hell, when the Romans of the Republic decided to build a fleet, they didn’t go to the pirates of the Mediterranean, they had no experience themselves but they put together a navy that put the wup on carthage. then along came the Empire and all that wealth, pretty damn soon things went to pot, gangs of muds employed in farms now plantations , peasant farmers gone broke and flocking to the Shitty of Rome, or joining up with Caesars legions.. Even Romes legionaires got a better mustering out bonus than ZOGs joopers, if they survived they usually ended up with small farm in the provinces.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Everyone in the Roman Republic was either a soldier or a farmer. Hence the “fasces” symbol, which features a soldier’s axe wrapped around a bundle of wheat. No idle class of parasites, no cosmopolitanism, no multiculturalism, no vast armies of slaves and beggars looking to some alien religion to save them from their lot……The Romans sealed their fate when they allowed Octavian to declare himself Rome’s first Emperor.

    15. Tina Carter Says:

      Have you guys notice this sneaky comment came right when Arabs nations are trying to throw off Jew’s installed governments. What top official (jews’ puppets) are saying is that we should disregard Muslim because they can’t be trust (because they refuse to love and obey cancer of the earth aka israel.

      Therefore they don’t want us (white American/European) to start throwing out our leaders, and take over our media from Jews.

    16. Tina Carter Says:

      @Tim McGreen

      During 9/11 when everyone was buying flags to show support, I was one of few who refuse to buy a flag or post it on my car, because I said Enemy of my enemy is not my friends. To me buying a made in china flag was insulting for two reason. My fellow white american were lost their jobs, and factories were moved to a communist country (enemy, and run on jew base system!)

      So I understand what you are saying, BUT, I suspect that government (& Jews) are scared of protest in Arab world, and they fear that same storm may come in western world so they are playing with our emotional, and patriotic feelings as they have done it before.

      Muslim (Arabs & Turks) and us European/White have fought in my part of the world (Europe) for over thousands of years — Pre-Roman times — Crusade.

      We would never like each other — never. Just as we didn’t like Mongolian, or Blacks, and Chinese. However, right now both sides are being used to kill each other by Jews. Jews are using our natural hatred to destroy each other so when we are weak , and they take over both sides. With their complete media control in western world, and war on terrorism (what ever the F that is!) they are almost they.

      Dr. William Pierce have pointed out million times.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Tina, it’s play peter agin paul, and rob from all. The jews like ronnie raygun the darlin’ of the neo-kwanservatives have a teflon coating. The jews real intentions aren’t quite as noble as they like to play , just let us live and exist, they are out to exploit.

      The blame is the Roman elite and society, who produced the first one world religion jewdeo-xianity. Okay the jews pushed it among the lower stratum, but it was Romes elite that set it up in high places.

      Look how long that kahn faith kept Europe at each others throats?
      I’m surprised the Mudslims and Mongols didn’t completely obliterate the West .. Read History, at the same time the West was sending off armies to conquer the sand box in the middle East, the Mongols were leading armies into Poland!

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “War on terror”? What could be more Orwellian than that? Like the Xian admonition “take every thought captive”.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      NdG, I heard that the Mongols only stopped their westward invasion because of the Pripyat Marshes in Russia. That, plus the Black Death, a plague that the Mongols themselves might have been responsible for, because their vast armies of cavalry kicked up clouds of plague-infested dust as they rode across the Steppes, clouds that eventually floated over the Mediterranean.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right on both points Tim. The Pripyat marshes were too muddy for the squat mongols, thats the only thing that saved Novgorod . On the plague, I understand it was brought to Europe aboard a Venetian galley, that been carrying passengers away from a city besieged by Tatars, who flung diseased carcasses of both man and beast into the city. Think it was Sevastopol.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      In 1346, the bodies of Mongol warriors of the Golden Horde who had died of plague were thrown over the walls of the besieged Kaffa (now Feodosiya). It has been speculated that this operation may have been responsible for the advent of the Black Death in Europe.[1]

      Call Multiculturalims and Diversity by its real name BLACK DEATH

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Novgorod Republic managed to escape the horrors of the Mongol invasion, because the Mongol commanders probably did not want to get bogged down in the marshlands surrounding the city and turned back 100 km from Novogorod.

      In the meantime, the west-xian army was sacking the east-xian capitola city of Constantinople i.e. Istanbul With friends like jeboo who needs enemies?

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      In the meantime, the west-xian army was sacking the east-xian capitola city of Constantinople i.e. Istanbul With friends like jeboo who needs enemies?

      Exactly. White Christian Crusaders trashed the White Christian capital of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, when they should have joined forces to fight against their common enemy instead, i.e., the cunning, merciless Jew. Once again, Uncle Shmuley laughed up his sleeve while the goyim slaughtered each other in the name of their imaginary Jew god.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Looks like history is about to repeat itself, or rhyme. The West or whats left of it is going to launch an expedition to “fight” for Democracy and Shitreal. Surrealistic itz, with record deficits, invading mexishits, bankrupticies, home fore closure, high unemployment, agriculture in a tailspin, don’t matter we jes gots to protect gawds chosen.

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Like Nietzche I marvel, 2000 years without a new god, modern man definitely lacks imagination

    26. WN Says:

      “Significantly, David Cameron is part-Jewish, and Jews led the push to multiculturalize England”

      Incorrect. Jews sought and seek to mutliRACIALIZE white nations.

      Jews – specifically neo-conservative Jews – are passionately against “multiculturalism”.

      They are ardent supporters of Western culture and its liberal legal paradigms, etc.

      WNs need to get wise to the neo-conservative agenda, and stop thinking that Jewish neo-cons that say “multiculturalism has failed” are our friends.

      They are not, and that agenda is not.

    27. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Whitey is fucked up because of xianity. Exhibit 1. Whites signed petitions when Ronnie Raygun asked them in order to make them compliant with amnesty for neighbor invaders. Ronnie the all American boy.

      Exhibit 2. At offices runs by the state, staffed mostly by muds, and White women, who coddle the aliens more than the niggers do. throw out the red carpet to them.

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      oh those smilin’ faces, jes can’t say no to Pedro and co., oh but when the Shmuel cracks the whip those Ronnies would fire bomb Hamburg or Dresden, murder little girls and boys.

    29. Virgil Says:


    30. English Visitor Says:

      Cameron may have said that about multiculturism, but today it was announced in the news in the UK that “white couples will have a greater opportunity to adopt” non-white children as they have changed the adoption rules so they no longer match children and parents using race, culture, language and religion. In other words they will force white people to raise non-white kids. These unfortunate white people will no doubt be expected to learn the ways of these invaders so they can raise little Rastus according to his culture. If Cameron, Merkel, etc were serious about ending the multiculti hell-holes their countries have become they would tell them to go home. I don’t know what it’s like in America, but far too many people in Britain are afraid to speak out against being made into third class half-citizens because of fear of being attacked by extremist left-wing thugs and anti-white non-white invaders.

      Ever noticed the way some of these communist vermin boast that by 2020/50 the white race will be a minority in all current white-majority countries? These traitors accuse everyone who questions their policies of racism. In fact these communist filth are the real racists. They are practicing genocide against and discriminating against white people. Children are brain-washed in schools into thinking that white culture isn’t really culture, white history is irrelevant and to marry and breed with non-whites. The same propaganda is broadcast 24 hours a day and shoved down people’s throats daily in so-called newspapers.

      I sometimes think that the mark of the beast in The Book of Revelations in the New Testament is blind acceptance of this Marxist crap.