25 March, 2011

Arizona: Freedom Coming to College Campuses?

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Jew: “Oh, my G_d. That sounds like freedom of association. Do you know what that really means? It means Nazism and bigotry!”

Liberal: “We must do something quickly, before fascism breaks out!”


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    1. M. Kraus Says:

      Arizona is well on its way to becoming The Most Hated State in the Nation. It’s interesting to watch late-night television “talk show” hosts doing their comedic monologues these days. The number of anti-Arizona “jokes” they tell is increasing. Of course, these media whores are nothing if not shills for Israel and cultural Marxism, which makes them a reliable barometer of official kike opinion.

      I’m taking a class at a technical college. It’s not even a four-year “university”, but it is absolutely SATURATED with cultural Marxist clubs, lectures, book displays and posters. Most of this shit comes from the “liberal studies” or “general studies” departments–i.e., the ones which offer classes to satisfy the general requirements for students who are going to continue their studies at a four year “university”. No surprise there, really, but all of this crap is now considered mainstream thought. This school does not even pretend to be “fair” and “balanced” by offering, for example, lectures from conservative speakers. Colleges did that sort of thing 20 years ago, but it’s no longer necessary, apparently.

      If Arizona schools attempt to rebel by allowing their students freedom of association (and thought), you can bet that the federal government will bring the hammer down on them. Maybe the National Guard will be sent into schools to assure that every stinking piece of subhuman filth will be allowed to infiltrate any association it chooses.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Inside of every liberal beats the heart of a Stalinist. Liberals don’t really believe in childishly naive concepts like “fairness” and “equality”. They know that’s all bullshit. What they really want is power and control over YOU. Effeminate nonsense like “fighting discrimination” is just an excuse to confiscate your property, ship you off to a re-education camp in Mongolia and then shoot you in the back of the head.

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      all of this crap is now considered mainstream thought. This school does not even pretend to be “fair” and “balanced”


      Remember that the average student at a technical college or community college or a two-year college, etc., is not a bright bulb, and neither is the average professor at these places. Dumbos swallow The Line more easily, because they aren’t exactly sensitive to logical contradictions, or mental nuances of any kind. They take their bullshit straight, no chaser; and they never regurgitate. They are followers. If told to beat the hell out of any white man, they would do it.

      Get what you can out of that place, but remember where you are. Dumbo central.

      As to the “better” colleges, they are nothing but cynical credential-mills for the various grades of elite. They have about an even mix of shitheads, nihilists, and slick operators. The very “top” colleges, like Harvard, are mostly connected operators and nihilists, plus a sprinkling of legacy doofs.

      The entire “higher” education system of America, at least in the humanities, is a totalitarian gulag and sewer. Like I say, get what you need and get out quick, and don’t look back. Treat it as if you were a soldier carrying out an objective.

    4. George Wallace Says:

      “I must write you these words so that you will not feel sad over our end here in the shelter. It is rather we who are filled with sorrow because it is your fate to live on into the chaos that will follow.

      Are we there yet?

    5. M. Kraus Says:

      The entire “higher” education system of America, at least in the humanities, is a totalitarian gulag and sewer. Like I say, get what you need and get out quick, and don’t look back. Treat it as if you were a soldier carrying out an objective.

      Yes, that’s a good way to think of it. Taking this class is part of my “penance” for being an undisciplined punk in the 1980s, and not finishing what I started.

      I was talking to a waitress, a girl in her early 20s, the other day and she said she felt depressed because most of her friends had graduated from college and were starting their “careers”, and she was still waiting tables for a living. (She had gone to college for one semester and then left. It wasn’t for her.) I told her that she was the lucky one, because most of her friends now had a mountain of non-dischargeable debt to pay off, and she had nothing but money in the bank. She agreed, but I could tell that she still felt that she had missed out on something.

      The American obsession with “higher” education is absurd. Unless one is strongly motivated and talented enough to enter a field which actually requires a four year degree, one is better off working and saving than wasting time in a glorified Cultural Marxist re-education camp. A two-year technical school diploma is a more useful credential, but as I said, even this formerly unpretentious, apolitical type of institution is now overflowing with morons spewing anti-White propaganda. A totalitarian gulag and sewer, indeed. It’s a sad thing for me to witness, because I can remember a time when it wasn’t like that.

    6. Franlkin Ryckaert Says:

      If a Jew objects saying that he feels discriminated against if he cannot join a Christian club,ask him whether he will allow FUNDAMENTALISTS MOSLIMS to join a Jewish club.If he says no,accuse him of religious bigotry,islamophobia and racism.Tell him that in that case ALL the members of such a Jewish club should be immediately arrested and shipped off to a Stalinist re-education camp(unless of course they grant everybody their freedom of association).BTW people should be allowed to associate not only on the basis of convictions (religious,political or whatever) but also on the basis of IDENTITY.Yes that would mean:gender,age group,sexual orientation and… RACE!This should be valid in ALL spheres of life:work,living,recreation,religion or whatever.The state has no business to determine with whom it’s citizens should associate.This “freedom of association ” should be made an amendement to the constitution just as the right to freedom of opinion is.It would undo all the destruction Jews and their black
      minions have brought on society.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Anything that might benefit normal, straight, patriotic white people will simply not be allowed in the kwa. That Arizona is flexing its state sovereignty muscle is a welcome development but if they succeed they will have to weather a torrent of abuse from left wing media dick heads and probable legal action from the feds and anti-white groups like the ADL, SPLC and NAACP.

      It’s time for states to stand fast and thumb their noses at Tel Aviv on the Potomac.

    8. Luke Says:

      M. Kraus hit the nail on the head. In fact, Alex Linder did one – or perhaps more than one – podcasts on his RadioIstina program where he discussed the incredibly transparent scam that college education has become. I highly recommend those podcasts.

      Its all about usury, in a nutshell. The enemy promotes the false idea that every white kid can’t survive unless he or she and their parents go deep into debt in order to send their kids to an expensive 4 or 5 year college to get a degree in some useless field, for which there are very few jobs available – most being filled by H1B Visa non-whites who work for scale wages. If the kid graduates, either he or his parents or both – are burdened with massive debt and will spend the next 20 or 30 years trying to pay off their college loans, instead of using those dollars to help plan for their own future needs.

      Tip: The next time you drive past a synagogue, roll down your window and listen: You’ll hear howls of laughter echoing out of the place.

    9. John Q. Republic Says:

      Sgt. Skull:”…………….Tel Aviv on the Potomac.”

      he he he. How true. I like that.

    10. Bigduke6 Says:

      All these colleges coast to coas are shoving awfalkwan culture down the students gullets. Particularly Ghana. They get Ghana up the keister. So white boys and girls dress and dance like niggers, and play african drums. There are trips to Ghana and all other types of happy horseshit. The niggers are laughing all the way to the bank. Dopey dipshit white kids are paying thousands of dollars to go to an african village and live like a caveman. The stupid white women give these so called chiefs guru status and give their bodies and money to these nigger bastars. All promoted by your jewniversity.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      After what we have witnessed or read that regime has done since 1945.

      It is IMO that they would love to try and use military/NKVD new security forces to give the East Block treatments they gave Eastern European Nation prisoners in the 1950’s and 60’s.

      The Attack on Belgrade a country with no international debt at the time back in 1999 was attacked for DEFENDING its HOME land. Plus they had always been a Friend of US.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bigduke6 Says:

      26 March, 2011 at 12:55 pm

      Rest assured half joo leftis pos’s read here and I would guess they love giving out the wonderful Cherries to US.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:


    14. Coup d'Etat Says:

      It’s like teaching a child that it is okay to be different. Apparently, the civil rights idiots/marxist communists need to be taught the hard way.

      If the family structure is to teach this to children, in any type of family environment, in order to function in society, then how are adults going to function in a society when they are told the opposite? They may function for a little while, but over time their self-esteem will erode and their independent thinking will disappear. That is what the civil rights nuts/marxist commmunists want. They want to tear down self-esteem and self-identity.

      Factors that we learn to acquire, such as self-esteem, and to catorize differences into separate groups are accomplished in toddlerhood. In fact, this doesn’t have to be taught. It is naturally acquired because our brains are naturally wired to function as such. However, the civil rights nuts/marxist communist want to change what our brains naturally acquire. They are against anthing that is natural or different and they are adamant toward any Whites who think differently or any idealogy that is different, which poses a threat to their political agenda.

      However, I wouldn’t put too much faith in this article. If the speaker is making generalizations and using religions to water-down the true meaning behind “freedom of association,” then you will be seeing mixed races in separate clubs, which is no different than the way it is now. It will be just another political ploy to make fun of our independence.

      Nothing is going to change until we physically remove the Zionists and remove the communists jackals from our media.