23 March, 2011

Congressional Hearings Planned on Libya Attack

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Big whoop. Congressional hearings won’t lead to any U.S. policy changes. Zionism is at the root of the Libya attack and America is a Zionist country:


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  7. 28 Responses to “Congressional Hearings Planned on Libya Attack”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nuff said.

      As for our STASI force’s rest assured any White straight men are likely to be just a small percentage is my quess, and big reason a Mother Of all STASI/NKVD was created.

      New Hire’s.

    2. the Nephilim return in 2012 Says:

      The Jesuits.


    3. Howdy Doody Says:


    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy is right. That Nephilim guy is full of shit. I notice that not one of those Kahnspiracy Kahn-artists ever blame the Jew for anything. It’s the Jesuits fault, it’s Hitler’s fault, it’s the Mason’s fault….but the Jews are never mentioned, not even once. Why is that, Nephilim? Maybe it’s because you are a Jew and want to distract people from suspecting your Tribe?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Big deal, a congressional hearing won’t accomplish anything. It’s just a formality. Obama is a war-criminal who should be arrested and put on trial. But since that won’t happen America is going to slip even further down towards its doom. And to think that nigger got a Nobel Peace Prize!! What were those White liberal douches in Oslo thinking?

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Word from the Bird

      any attempt to identify the New World Orderlies must abstain from speculation about ‘the Illuminati’ and space aliens, and focus instead on the one fact that draws together most of the powerful people who are actively working to bring about the NWO, namely, the Jewish connection. This is not to say that the NWO is exclusively Jewish, and it is certainly not to say that most Jews are New World Orderlies; but it is to say that the NWO is dominated by Jews and guided by them. Whatever gentile momentum may be added to the NWO by Skull and Bones, the Vatican, the Jesuits, Opus Dei and other groups and individuals is an interesting question, but it will not change the Jewish character of the operation, nor will it release the students of this conspiracy from the obligation to focus on the ties of blood that make the blood of the rest of us run cold.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      focus on the ties of blood that make the blood of the rest of us run cold.
      Kerry, Lieberman, Kissinger, Madeline Albright,, Rahm Emanuel, Jacob Javits, Eenhorn, Arlen Spectre,Pearlman,Howard Kossel, Charles Krauthammer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, just poor lil misguided jesuits

    8. old dutch Says:

      This House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Libya will be a Jew & Roman Catholic circle jerk with crazy aunt Ron Paul in the middle of the circle getting cum on by the Jews & Roman Catholics. LOL.

      Here’s the composition of the committee:

    9. Virgil Says:

      It is time to write a new constitution; all bets are off!

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, OD, Ron Paul is the crazy old aunt who needs to be hidden up in the attic when guests visit. I don’t like that guy and I don’t trust him. No way, no how.

      I notice that one of the members of the House Committee on the Libya attack is my new Congressman, the fanook David Cicilline. And yes, he is a Roman Catholic from Providence. And yes, being a Northeastern homosexual liberal Democrat he will support whatever his mulatto boyfriend Obama-Sotero does. And no, I didn’t vote for that guinea fruit.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      By Andrew Walker

      Economics correspondent, BBC World Service
      The gold could be used to generate millions of dollars in cash to pay foreign mercenaries Continue reading the main story
      Related Stories
      Price of gold reaches fresh high
      Live: Libya crisis
      Libya has declared gold reserves worth more than $6bn at current prices, thought to be held largely at home.

      The reserves are substantial, ranking in the global top 25, according International Monetary Fund (IMF) data.

      They could potentially be used to finance Colonel Gaddafi’s government at a time when it is subject international financial sanctions.

      It might be possible to transport the gold to other African countries and sell it.

      Sahara Desert

      This is rather speculative, it must be said, but the gold could in principle generate millions of dollars in revenue, which could be used for example to pay foreign fighters.

      Raising cash this way would face challenges.

      Transport out of Libya would be difficult – using the country’s Mediterrannean ports would be too dangerous with military action underway.

      Continue reading the main story Forex Gold Index(pm fix) $/oz
      Last Updated at 22 Mar 2011, 12:20 ET
      price change %
      1426.00 –
      -6.00 –
      The alternatives would involve the crossing borders with other African countries in the Sahara Desert.

      It’s also unlikely that Libya could get anything close to the international market price for any gold disposed of in this kind of unconventional way.

      Nonetheless, there are possibilities for a government desperate to raise funds.

      The gold reserves that Libya could dip into are very large for what is a small country in terms of population – with six million people – and in terms of economic activity.

      Shrewd investment

      The IMF data show Libya’s reserves to be 4.6 million ounces, a figure of nearly 144 tonnes. At current market prices the value is over $6bn.

      There are twenty countries with larger gold reserves. But, with the exception of Lebanon, they are all much richer or much larger in population.

      Britain for example has twice as much gold, but ten times the population and an economy more than 30 times the size.

      A closer comparison is Algeria, which is, like Libya, a North African oil producer – it has 20% more gold reserves, but more than five times the population.

      So why does Libya have such a large holding of the precious metal?

      Given how the the gold price has climbed in recent years, you might argue that it is the result of shrewd investment decisions.

      But Colonel Gaddafi does have past experience of being on the receiving end of international sanctions.

      So the fondness for gold could well reflect a desire to have an asset that can be kept at home, away from foreign enemies.

      It is not one that is easy to turn into cash in current circumstances.

      But it is more usable than financial assets or stakes in firms in the countries that are trying to starve him of funds

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Sant Claus must have been good to Virgil.

    13. Sean Gruber Says:

      Obama is a cunt. First he poses (or is posed) as a pro-black, I’m-different, anti-colonialism kind of guy. Then, despite some feet-dragging at first (just the Fetchit routine), he tumbles for the jews and — bombs the hell out of black people in Africa!

      Hell, Col. Gaddafi is on every nigger nationalist’s mufuggin hero list. Farrakhan blew his top on the radio and cried “Who the hell do you think you are?”

      So get this: Obama betrayed his alleged principles and loyalties – all that shit he allegedly wrote in his two books, the shit about the meaning of Africa, his family history, his identity commitments – and why? All to dance to the white (actually kike) tune. He failed as a black man.

      But instead of embracing his new role as a Woodrow Wilson, he tries to offload on the European allies the war he started.

      In all this, he has betrayed or disappointed literally everyone on every side of everything, except the jews.


      Or shall I say, nignominious.

    14. Sean Gruber Says:

      Gee, will the Libyan people and their sponsor, Facebook, regard White Nationalists as heroic freedom-fighters if we ever march on D.C.? The average IQ in Libya is 84, btw.

    15. Adam Kepler Says:

      Actually this once I am glad the Zionist cabal went to war in the Middle East.

      I know Obama does it to cash in on the popularity of the democratic movements. I know Washington has been propping up Arab dictators for decades so they’ll make nice with Israel. The Washingtonians get no kudos from me. But it is still good if Qaddafi doesn’t get to run Libya any longer. Qaddafi is anti-al-Qaeda. I want al-Qaeda to have success in its fight against Israel and pro-Israeli dictators. With Qaddafi gone, the “Islamists” (a Middle Eastern resistance that expresses itself through religion) will be able to speak freely in Libya, and cooperate with Islamists elsewhere. There are MANY Islamists from eastern Libya, who have helped al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.

      Qaddafi used to be anti-Israel, but in 2003 he bought some nuclear garbage on the black market and handed it over to Bush, declaring that “Libya is abandoning its nuclear program”. Bush got a propaganda victory and sanctions against Libya were lifted. Since then Qaddafi has been cooperating with the CIA against Islamists.

      Of course the Zionists will try to get some influence in Libya. But it can’t be worse than it already was. And look at Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood is standing strong now. Similar to Islamists in Tunisia. Let’s hope for the same in Libya. It is good for Whites.

    16. support prime minister stephen harper Says:

      From Julia and Henry Koschitzky

      57 York Downs Drive Toronto, Ontario

      Dear friends, It is our privilege to host a special evening in support of the Conservative

      Party of Canada and our Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen


      Under Mr. Harper’s leadership, the Conservative Party has proven to be a true

      friend of the Jew- ish people and steadfast supporter of the State of Israel, so much

      so that Canada is now widely considered to be Israel’s staunchest ally.

      We believe that we need to support this government, particularly during what

      will likely be an election year, and there is no better way to do so than at the ballot

      box. We can also demonstrate our support of the Conservative Party and give our

      Community a stronger voice by helping to elect Mark Adler – the local Conservative

      candidate in York Centre.

      An upstanding member of the Jewish community, Mark was born in the riding

      and he and his wife have two children who attend Hebrew school at Adath Israel

      Synagogue. As the founder and president of the Economic Club of Canada, Mark

      is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Mark would be an excellent

      representative for York Centre.

      To show our support for Mark Adler and for Prime Minister Harper’s government,

      we would like to invite you to a fundraiser at our home, 57 York Downs

      Drive (just east of Bathurst Street), on Monday March 21 at 7:00 p.m. In attendance

      will be the Honourable Jason Kenney PC MP, one of the Prime Minister’s closest


      Together, we can ensure that Mark Adler has the necessary support to get elected

      to the House of Commons! We look forward to greeting you at our home on

      March 21st. All the best, Julia and Henry

      March 20th, 2011

    17. jews are fascists Says:

      Tudjman, Aser, Kvaternik, Macek, Ratzinger, Frank

    18. Arkan Says:

      The Qadhafi/Chavez/Ahmadinazad triumvirate is scaring the shit out of the Jews. I wonder what country they’re gonna make us bomb for them next.

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Word from the Bird:
      As I have said before, all it would take is a hundred good men, maybe not even that, to turn this nation around with a few well-placed bullets — indeed, to turn the entire world around. But unless the white race can get its act together — can show itself at least as intelligent, courageous and resourceful as the Jews or the Arabs — then we and our race and our civilization don’t have the chance of an ice cube in Hell.
      1 bullet per senaturd

    20. CW-2 Says:

      I’m all for going for the head, but are the Senaturds really that important? They are just lackeys, when big jew says “jump”, they ask “how high?” The middle level functionaries and facilitators in both the media and politics are the ones deserving of our ‘attention’, because without them the destructive policies can’t be implemented.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I was simply reading between the birds lines. What other body consists of a fixed number of 100? A CENTIPEDE?
      Don’t underestimate how high a senaturd can jump, or how hard they can land.

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Rome would have went on millenia without the Caesars, but when the senaturds were finished off, that was it.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      America has alway been empire, its only civil war was what is euphemistically referred to as the Revolutionary, war of Independance, when it actually took up arms against its fellow citizenry employing French mercenaries, so much for the British using Hessians who by all rights were subjects of King George.
      Its imperial war against the Southern States, relied on foreign mercenaries, recent German and Irish immigrants, to take the hit for the gutless yankees. You don’t think the senaturds had a problem with that do you? Every time the Zog needed some new mercenaries it increased the foreign population, or employed muds as occupation troops as it did in the South. How is Zog going to call Gaddafi on the carpet for employing mercenaries to attack “His own people.” Now our burrorat infested nwo alphabet soup agency the ATF is okaying guns sales to Mexican drug cartels, tell me the senaturds are connected to using the Messicans to shoot us in the back.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The South wanted to play a Gentlemens war with a pack of banditoes . The road to DC lay open after the battle of Bull Run, strewn with picnic baskets, dead bodies, and wine bottles, as the Yankee senaturds fled back to the shitty for protection.

    25. CW-2 Says:

      NdeG, no criticism was intended. ‘Men of valor’, if we have any, will have to start somewhere and the senaturds are as good a place as any, but the going will get very tough after the first few have said hello to Isis or whatever deity they believe in.

    26. Miller Says:

      Obama’s Mother was a JEW.

      Therefore, Obama is a JEW.

      Also, Sarah Palin is a JEW.

      She was sucking Netanyahu’s ass while Obama bombed Lybia from Brazil.


    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miller, it doesn’t really matter if the two pieces of shit you mentioned are ethnically Jewish, even though they aren’t. They are obedient slaves of the Jews, along with other loathsome wretches like John McCain and John Hagee. For every actual Jew there are 20-30 shabbos goyim who are only too eager to front for the Jews. In fact, the Jews wouldn’t be able to do squat without those goy enablers.

    28. Sean Gruber Says:

      As Craig Cobb pointed out in Goyfire 59, Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) is the latest tool of the nation-wreckers. Go here and look around: movements.org.

      In the past, the jew mindfucked the people through TV, getting the people to dismantle their own nations culturally. This process could be likened to releasing an acid that ate away at the fabric of Western societies.

      But these days, in less sophisticated (stupider) Third World countries, the jew uses social media to play on natural divisions among the people there and to plunge those nations into revolutions and civil wars. Remember, low-IQ muds are generally touchy and erupt into violence quickly. This process could be likened to lighting fuses or even tossing grenades.

      In both cases, the jew is wrecking nations. As he always does.

      Look at Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria. All in flames and taking a bath of blood…because a hive of young international kikes, AYM, stirred up their mobs for the sake of what the jew is calling “the Arab spring.”

      Jews are evil and must be destroyed. They do the identical evil deeds, century after century after century.