4 March, 2011

Jewish Spy Coplon Dies

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Espionage seems to be in the blood of Jews: 90% of all the “red” spies were yids:


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  7. 16 Responses to “Jewish Spy Coplon Dies”

    1. Neptune Says:

      Regarding communists:


    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      Isn’t it a logical error to state (in effect): “most red spies were jews, therefore most jews were red spies”? (“Espionage seems to be in the blood of jews.”)

      I have no doubt spying – and far worse – is indeed in the blood of jews. But you ought to be logically impeccable and put your statement in some such form as this >>jews are the stuff spies are made on<>espionage seems to be in the blood of jews<<.

      And is it really espionage that's the problem in this story? Isn't it communism? After all, what kike is spying *in favor of* WN?

    3. Big Man Says:

      Yep, the enemy among us.

    4. Arminius Says:

      Ms. Coplon? Nothing stuck on this jid, more appropiate her name was Teflon?

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      Drat, screwed up the sentence. Here’s the corrected one:

      in some such form as this: “jews are the stuff spies are made on”. As opposed to “espionage seems to be in the blood of jews.”

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Captain of U.S.S. Liberty protested at the East gate of the whore house when Clitoon was leaving and giving get out of jail cards.

      Regime shows US thugs and proven enemy aliens sent to prison serving time, but get pardoned. Vat a cuntry.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews cannot be trusted…Not one of them, not ever.

      What I don’t understand is how a Jewess who was a member of the Young Communist League one year could be hired by the US Justice Department the next……And during a world war, no less? It sounds to me like Ms. Caplon had a pretty good life, one that was long and full of special breaks and privileges that only the Jews are entitled to. Yet the old bitch complained anyway, because that’s what Jews are best at.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      Israel’s spy in the White House, Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor of Chicago. His first act was to dump Chicago’s white police chief who had made some great progrress with crime reduction and improving the slovenly, and corrupt police forces discipline. So the police chief job goes back to a nigger who has been a big part of the problem. The nigger aldermen have been jumping up and down like chimpanzees for three years because they wanted a nigga police chief. Only goes to prove how the jews will kiss nigger ass against qualified whites.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Emanuel gave himself that name.

      Thanks for that news, though it is par for the course.

      Planet of Ape’s movie production was paid for by jooo’s.

      Their movies have been like race war weapon’s to beat US with since that severe S.T.D. Woodrow Wilson was placed in power.

      Wilson getting and the F.R.B. of 1913 shows you plainly that joos knew how to corrupt as playing the violin, and really Henry Ford was a late arrival to kike problem. They took over NYC by the 1900, and every pos Mobster movie is and was about them.

      By 1983 the enemy aliens plainly pulled the curtain themselves putting the money up for this.


    10. Howdy Doody Says:


    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s really something how just a few weeks ago the Jew Emanuel was judged to be legally unqualified to run for mayor of Shitcago. But since he’s a powerful, arrogant and well-connected Jew with dual Israeli citizenship, the mayor’s job was handed to him on a proverbial silver platter. Fuck Chicago and all its scumbag politicians.

    12. Virgil Says:

      Chicago will be obliterated!

    13. Joe Says:

      A campaign for the political rehabilitation of Senator Joseph McCarthy fielded by American patriots should be undertaken and a statue erected in his honor,preferably in Washington.Recent revelations show that he was on the money in regards to the judeobolshevik peril and that it was ensconed in higher echelons and to a greater extent than imagined and included at least one US senator.Its utterly perfidious that this mans name should to this day be a by-word for unwarranted persecution of political “innocents”.To digress,some years ago I watched a movie about the arch-traitors the Rosenbergs (I think the title was “Citizen Kohn”,where in one scene the two after having been sent across the river by Old Sparky appear as “angels of light” at the deathbed of the prosecutor who was instrumental in their conviction to goad his “guilty” conscience.Wild,whats the world of the Matrix compared to Hymiewood.

    14. Fred Says:

      Joe’s comment, above, is just about peerless in my view. More, give us more!

      Ann Coulter’s book “Treason” states rather incontrovertibly that McCarthy was indeed 100% correct. I used to teach school—as a Rightie subversive! I had the kids in my advanced-placement history class read Romerstein and Breindel’s “The Venona Secrets”. Oddly, considering the author’s names, this work makes very evident the virtually saturative amount of Jews among the traitors to this country. Ditto, at “Hanoi-on-the-Charles” in the 1960’s, SDS and the like were nearly 100% Jewish. I was there, and Bawnie Fwonk was a dean in my dormitory. Appalling.

      Obama, the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief, may have porked the pooch with every motion he made, and he surely is a freakin’ Bolshie, BUT he’s right on Israel. I am sensing that there is a national revulsion against Hebes. Be it Heffner, Hebiewood, Dershoshits, et al, Madoff or any number of public enemies, the image of the Jews is catching up with reality. Even though he had Kissinger under his bed, Nixon had stipulated that his staff NOT “hire any Jews”. He knew, not that it did him any good. The Hebe media hanged him because he tried to cover some trivial crap up. What if he’d been porking a little intern—especially if she was a little kosher heifer? Only if he’d been a Dumbocrat would Nixon have gotten away with that.

      Having taught for 32 years at the secondary-school level, I can tell you that the Fix was in—for decades. The entire education establishment first removed, from several generations, any vestigial shred of admiration and knowledge of our great history. Then it proceeded to erase the desire to excel.

      Anyone who hopes that the US will survive must first get to the bottom of the outrage of how we let a gang of treacherous pustules, who comprise less than 3% of the total population, not only run every single aspect of the show, but do so in a manner which was premeditatively designed to destroy the host country. People are forever telling us the “Americans are waking up”. Horse manure. When the vast majority of your population is sub-100 in terms of IQ, they aren’t going to wake up until the floor burns out from under their feet.

      Sic semper moroni…..

      Politikikes are vermin, or worse, they are actually termites.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      But Senator McCarthy had that homosexual Jew Roy Cohn working for him! Didn’t Joe get the connection between Communism and World Jewry?


    16. Joe Says:

      Maybe Cohn tried to take the onus off his kinsmen ,hence the effort to be more “Catholic than the Pope” and ran interference for his tribe to obscure the glaring fact that Jews virtually to a man supported communism and the SSSR.Thus,the possibility of damage control exists.Be that as it may,he was a key player in the Rosenbergs getting the death penalty. As to whether McCarthy new that Cohn was a bum-blaster,I dont know.Caspar Weinbergers pa was Jewish,and the spy who did more damage to US security than anyone in history,Pollard,was sentenced to life on his watch and as the result of his efforts.Surely Mr. McGreen must be jesting,or its a possibility that hes just naive.I used to live in a communist country and many of my relatives are no longer alive to tell the tale.People in the west generally have no clue as to the treason which prospered in their midst for decades and I suggest Mr. McGreen direct his efforts towards their enlightenment.I dont know where he hails from,but if its Great Britain,theyve amnestied a number of those who admittedly spied for the SSSR for decades.In the US , multi-millionaire (and surprise !-Jew)Armand Hammer used to make regular trips to the Soviet Union to pick up funds to fund Soviet spy operations in the Soviet Union,and thus far no one has been called to account from his immediate circle of family and friends 8to cite just one case).