12 March, 2011

VNN Forum Poster Held in MLK Parade Bomb Incident

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To think that there are people who don’t appreciate The Doctor’s efforts…


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  7. 27 Responses to “VNN Forum Poster Held in MLK Parade Bomb Incident”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Sorry, but I never saw any of his posts.

      But that may be the way of it. Johnny Cash used to live in my neighborhood, and I never even saw him.

      Advocacy of violence is just plain stupid, and I have not seen it seriously advocated on this website. Maybe some frustrated chest-beating now and then , but nothing to take seriously.

      If the man was planning violence, then he should be arrested. But after the Edgar Steele frame-up, I do not trust government accounts. What, exactly, was this “weapon of mass destruction”? A bunch of firecrackers that scared the government pussies?

      But . . . neo-nazi, extreme right-wing website! Woooo,ooooo,oooooooo–are you scared?

      That dude that shot up that congresswoman, why no linkage to left-wing shit about him?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Advocacy of violence is just plain stupid, and I have not seen it seriously advocated on this website. Maybe some frustrated chest-beating now and then , but nothing to take seriously.

      Are you saying that violence against the Iron Heel is stupid (like hell it is) or that advocating such violence is stupid?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jewish fag who wrote the Media Matters article characterized the VNN website as being “crudely racist”. I think most of the people posting on VNN are rather articulate and smart. And in most cases they have families, jobs and lead normal lives.

      So where’s the crudity? Oh, I found it….it’s on Jewish-owned MTV, it’s on the Jew Howard Stern’s radio show, It’s on Jewish-owned Viacom, it’s found in Al Goldstein’s Screw Magazine, it’s in the poetry of the Jew Allen Ginsburg, it’s in the raunchy “humor” of Jewish comedians, etc.

      You want crudeness? You go to the people who created it, viz., the Jews.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, Tim, I say that it is stupid.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Could you be a little more specific?

    6. M. Kraus Says:

      Maybe the Media Matters kike meant “crude” as in “blunt” or “brazen”. This would be in contrast to the “subtle” racism of, for example, the Tea Party and conservative Republicans and other “mainstream” White people who don’t “like” non-Whites. In that case, I agree. We’re crude, blunt, brazen and don’t hide behind coded speech. Good for us.

      What’s especially funny about this is that the writer said “crudely racist, anti-Semitic website.” What does “anti-Semitism” have to do with MLK Day? Ha ha ha! David Holthouse, you’re wearing your Star of Moloch on your sleeve.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, even Edgar Steele said, as I recall, to keep a low profile.

      The nail that sticks up is the first to get hammered down.

      I am not saying that violence is never necessary–but it should be a very, very last resort. To say otherwise is to nullify the American revolution against Britain.

      But to try to bomb a parade–sheer folly! What was to be gained?

      If that is indeed what happened. But I am not so sure. I tend to believe that maybe he just had some firecrackers or a smoke device that he was intending to set off, to scare the spooks.

      I sure don’t trust anything that the pussy Eric Holder says.

    8. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I agree with Tim. If you want to see all that is foul and crude, just simply look at what is defined as humour these days. All of the filth that passes off as “entertainment” you get from the kikes.

    9. Sean Gruber Says:

      These days, who isn’t a VNN’er?

      We have federal agents galore reading and posting. We probably have Mel Gibson. Hell, we’ve likely got Natalie Portman and Babs Streisand sending in long diatribes daily.

      Your next door neighbor, your friendly mailman, your high school principal, the TV weatherman, the lady who works down at the day care center… Everyone reads VNN, but no one wants to admit it.

    10. mrcrouton Says:

      If you are going to advocate violence then to avoid being a hypocrit you have to go first.
      And if you are going to do something violent plan on spending the rest of youir life in prison. So why waste you life on a failed bomb that did nothing when you could have raised many children (ie future soldiers)?

      I think it’s better to advocate white nationalism and working on building an all white army of our own, since that is the only real solution.

      Promoting white babies is building our white army of the future.

    11. Bigduke6 Says:

      I agree with Tim and Robert nothing is more crude then the filth promulgated by the Jewish entertainment industry. And the sheeple of Joocago elected a foul mouthed, obnoxious jew to be emperor for life, Rahm Emanuel a jewish fagala dancer. Rahm Emanuel is one of the nastiest bastards in politics and of course he is a jew and worked for that nigger Obama. Obama is a hypocrite he acts like mr. clean and look at the caustic people he surrounds himself with, Rev. Wright and Rahm Emanuel How come this jewish, commie, fag does not write about the loud mouth liberal scumbags.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      Speaking of crude look at that nigger phoney Jew Whopee Goldberg. One of the foulest, most racist, products of the Jewish filth factories in Hollyweird. There are plenty of clips of her immature, and obnxious behavior on youtube.

    13. ED! Says:

      Tim is right-on about advocating violence, do not do it. As a young man back in the 1970s we were told in a union meeting that if we did not fight with everything we had we would be replaced with imported (spic) labor. Many in that meeting believe the speaker was advocating violent action against AGC members/owners of the construction companies. All construction in the Houston area is now 100% spic labor. Union members did not engage in violent acts and we lost. Over one million White people have lost their jobs and homes however, we did prove that we were civil.

      I think of my self as an educator, and that is the way I view VNN, Alex Linder, and all those who participate on the VNN site, we are educators. I talk to blacks all the time, hell, they are everywhere here in the South. One would be surprised how many do not like Obama and now see him as another figure head. They know that the Jews are behind high gas prices, and were the bankers for the slave trade.

      People now know, in spite of the BS on Fox News and other Jew news spin networks, that Wall Street Jewish speculation is what is driving high gas prices. You can bet that those at the SPL and the ADL read VNN every day and fume because we are telling the truth. The truth puts a white-hot spot light on the duplicity of organized Jewry, and they hate it, it keeps them up at night! GOOD!

      When it comes to bomb throwing and terrorism it is the Jews who killed members of the Russian Royal Family and the ministers of their government. It is the Jews who blew-up the King David Hotel and killed around 100 people. It is the Jews who have terrorized millions of the Palestinian people and pushed them off their land. We call them Jews but in fact they are Khazars who converted to the Jewish Faith around 740 AD and have NO legitimate claim to that land, NONE!

      The time has come to ask this question: How can an ugly punk Khazar Jew like Rahm Emanuel come to America from Israel, make (STEAL) over $18,000,000 on Wall street inside two and a half years, become White House Chief of Staff, and then go on to become Mayor of the nations third largest city (Chicago) all when so many people are loosing their homes, their 401Ks, and their jobs?

      Khazar Zionism is a disease and there is no better place for it to spread than in the rotting corpse of Christianity!



    14. Sgt. Skull Says:

      VNN is crudely racist? Are the Media Matters kikes that ignorant or are they willfully blind to the crude racism directed at whites by Jewish, mestizo and nigger radicals? Kikess Susan Sontag and her declamation that whites are the cancer of human history certainly qualifies. How about kike Tim Wise and his hateful screeds against white people?

      And as far as VNN poster Kevin Lapham being the alleged bomb maker in the Seattle MLK day parade – I don’t believe it. The FBI and the so called Justice Dept. have no credibility so why should we believe any information that originates from those sources? Why would a would be white supremacist bomber build a bomb then leave it an area where it could be easily discovered and sensationalized by the authorities?

      Methinks the black supremacists and left wing extremists in Obongo’s government are attempting to build a case against racially oriented (pro-white) political dissent. They’re trying to sell the narrative that pro-white political dissent eventually leads to violence in order to justify more surveillance, bigger budgets and eventually leading to curbs on free speech.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, Sgt. Skull, the FBI has no credibility whatsoever. After all, they set up a bunch of unfortunate niggers and charged them with preposterous crimes that the coons had no ability at all to pull off, like trying to blow up the Sears Tower, Times Square, etc. An “Underwear bomber”? How stupid does the government think we are?

      Obviously, there is no level too low for the Feds to stoop in order to make themselves look as if they are heroically “fighting domestic terrorists”. And that includes charging a pro-White activist with a clumsy attempt to bomb an MLK parade. If a racially conscious White man was going to do a thing like that, it wouldn’t have been a half-assed job.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      A very good post ED!, except for that “Khazar” business. That makes identifying the Jew unnecessarily more difficult. Simply put, Jews are Jews, no matter what region or continent their immediate ancestors came from. Some groups of Jews have lived in Central Asia or the Near East for many centuries while others have lived in Europe or North Africa for a very long time. But they are ALL still Jews and they ALL still share a common Jew ancestry.

    17. ED! Says:

      Thanks Tim! I do see your point that Jews are Jews. The Talmud is an operating system that can run in the mind of any Jew…


    18. Bigduke6 Says:

      talk about advocating violence, look what Abbie Hoffman and the Chicago 7 did during the 1967 Dem Convention. This joo writer better look at hiw on before criticizing whites.

    19. New America Says:

      This issue comes up far too often to come up by accident, so I revist my earlier comments on the use of violence, and the advocacy of the use of violence.

      Edgar Steele’s great mp3 of “Let’s Get Small” is loaded with sagacious wisdom we would all do well to read, listen, and tattoo on the inside of our skulls.

      Terrible Tommy Metzger said, of those who advocate violence, that they are trying to get YOU to advocate or do something violent. As Metzger so astutely observed, “If they want to do something like that, what do they need you for? You are being set up.”

      This might be the one time Metzger and Dr. David Duke are in total harmony. Dr. Duke noted that, if someone is even discussing the use of violence with you – and why would they, if you weren’t being set up? – then tell them in a loud, clear voice (makes it easier for their microphones to pick up!), “I don’t know what you are talking about. Leave me alone or I will go to the police!” Then, if they keep talking to you about violence, GO TO THE POLICE!”

      Now, if the frustration is so strong that it leads to the advocacy of the inappropriate use of force – violence – then that frustration can be harnessed into more constructive activities, bettering your self, to be the living foundation of a better Racial community.

      The deeper foundation of that frustration – self-selecting for impotence in the face of a bad situation – can be dealt with by choosing behavior that lead to your being effective, as the living foundation of a new, much better, nation based on a Racially Conscious Community.

      One example would be to follow the advice of VNN’F’s “Hugh,” in the “A Better World” thread in the Forum. Being better IN the System allows you to build a better System, for us, when we can.

      This is unquestionably the approach the late David Lane and the late Robert Mathews would have supported, and justly so.

      Ask THEM about the wisdom of the inapproriate use of force, the uselessness of violence. They learned, the very hard way, and today, would follow “Hugh’s” excellent advice.

      Speaking of that, have I mentioned that Harold Covington has something called the Northwest Republic, which offers an ideal analytical framework for such issues?

      I didn’t?

      My mistake.

      For those of you who criticize this, the reason for mentioning the Northwest Republic is it gives us something to live for, rather than something to define ourselves in oppositional impotence against.

      The Northwest Republic is a very good idea, and a very good place to start.

      Why not with you, and why not now?

    20. Bigduke6 Says:

      Let everyone feed the pigeons at the MLK colossus idol and hope the pigeons catch on

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      The North Koreans’ statues of their Great Yellow Leader are made out of some kind of highly polished metal so that they cannot be defaced by vandals or shat upon by pigeons. Fortunately, the new MLK statue in DC is perfect for vandalism AND pigeon shit. In fact those are the only two things it’s good for.

    22. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I believe in the Southeast Migration for Covington, Negroes and Jews.

    23. Glenn Miller Says:

      Here’s Kevin’s address (I think) for those wanting to write him a letter of support:

      Kevin Harpham (Inmate)
      Spokane County Jail,
      1100 W. Mallon,
      Spokane, WA 99260-0320

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      New Amerikwan Says:
      13 March, 2011 at 11:02 pm

      Speaking of that,

      I didn’t?

      My mistake.

      I mentioned that Harold Covington has something called the Northwest Republic, which offers an ideal analytical framework for Miss Dancer was looked after by Lady Tempest, to whom she intended to leave her fortune. However, when Miss Dancer died, it was learnt she had not The Northwest Republic is a very good idea, and a very good place to start.

      This issue comes up far too often to come up by accident, so I revist (sic) my neighbor Lady Tempest sent him a gift of a trout cooked in claret. The weather was frosty and the trout arrived frozen.

      This might be the one time Metzger and Dr. David Duke are in total harmony.

      Northwest Republic

      Northwest Republic

      Northwest RepublicNorthwest RepublicNorthwest Republic NorthwestNorthwestNorthwest

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is no god but Covington and New Amerikwan is his prophet.

    26. Howdy Doody Says:


      Time for a French sing along ?

    27. Sean Gruber Says:

      Martin Luther Coon was run by a jew named Stanley Levison. Coon was simply a puppet that jews used to further their agenda: destruction of white society, white genocide.

      Niggers are no more than puppets and pets. Tools of the jew. Weapons of the jew.

      The jew is the problem.

      The problem must be dealt with.