2 April, 2011

Pennsylvania vs. Jewish Money Practices

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Heavy interest payments? Sounds Jewy. FYI, newbies: the Catholic church used to prohibit the taking of interest on loans [1]. Further, the religion of Islam still prohibits the taking of interest.


[1] the taking of any interest on a loan was considered to be “usury” by Catholic leaders until approximately the 17th century

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  7. 17 Responses to “Pennsylvania vs. Jewish Money Practices”

    1. Joe Cortina Says:


    2. Texe Marrs Says:

      Inventors of evil things


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      This is what happens when you allow over 10 million good paying American jobs to be exported to China and India. The few jobs that have taken their place pay shit and offer no benefits. So, lower incomes mean less tax revenue, which means the govt has less money for everything.

      At the same time, politicians are welcoming millions of Mud invaders into their cities and states with open arms because more Muds translate into more votes. But it also means that govt services are stretched to the breaking point because most of those Muds are on welfare or in jail. Whitey sees the Muds show up and he flees to remote locations in hopes that the Muds won’t follow him. With the White tax-base destroyed due to globalization and nonstop immigration, Mud-infested towns like Harrisburg, PA and Los Angeles cannot pay their bills. Neither can mud-infested states like NY, Illinois and Michigan.

      The only way this is going to end is through revolution and race war. I can’t wait.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey Texe, you say that Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were Jews? So were Jesus, St. Paul and all your other Bible heroes, you schmuck.

    5. Emily Says:

      No, Jesus wasn’t. He was their annihilator. He saw the devil in them from the beginning. Why he denounced them. Jesus was/is the antipode of the Jew. He will be their slayer and return to finish the job. Death has no power over him. Be encouraged. Like a physical property in physics that can never be destroyed, it just changes. Like love being greater than hate. Because you’re here!, and because you matter! Don’t overlook it. It’s what nurtures, saves, & arms you and destroys evil. They don’t want you to find it, but find it and keep it you must, in order to prevail. If your power is light, while theirs’ is darkness, they will only succeed by killing off themselves!! So why did you get here? You’re part of the great scheme that all comes together to help light the way. Never alone. And all as One. Be at peace!

    6. Arminius Says:

      Come off it, Emily, who told you all that B.S. you believe?
      Read the Bible, but with brain engaged, for example the Passion stories, all four of them, as it is fitting these weeks.
      If that does not sober you up and makes you say to yourself:
      Oh my god, what a contradictory nonsense are these “holy scriptures”-

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Arm., I’m in the process of doing just that, i.e., reading the Jew Testament with a sober and skeptical frame of mind. I’ve just finished with the “Gospels” of Matthew and Mark. When you strip all the hyper-emotionalism and religious drama away, when you read those books with a critical eye, you’ll see they don’t have much substance. In fact, three of the four Gospels are just slightly altered copies of the other one. And the story of Jesus is at least somewhat similar to the stories of Chrishna, Horus, Mithras, Zoroaster, Prometheus and Buddha.

      Seriously, if some Jew came up to you today and told you that he wants to introduce the “real” god to you, a god that he himself never met except once when he was temporarily blinded by a mysterious flash of light that no one else around him saw and heard a voice speak to him from the sky that no one else around him heard, would you believe it?

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Texe, ‘born agains’ such as yourself are always going on about the Spanish Inquisition and how it was persecuting Lutheran and Calvinist ‘true believers’. The fact is, Protestants were very thin on the ground in post-Reformation Spain, a few thousand at most, no, the real interest of the Inquisition was in sniffing out converso Jews and Moors. Anybody with a suntan who acted suspiciously on Friday evenings could expect a visit from the Inquisition. The term ‘blue blood’ dates from that period. A person fair skinned enough to show the blue veins on the back of their wrists was judged to be an ‘old Christian’ that is, a European and therefore not a danger to the state.
      Although the Inquisition may have impeded economic development it prevented jews from destroying Spain. However, looking at Spain today the jews and Juan Carlos are busy making up for lost time.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I really don’t get it…Those “Identity” Christians like to think they’re Jew-wise, but then they turn right around and worship a Jewish Messiah from Judea! Thankfully, such irrational fringe-types are and always will be an obscure minority.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What irks me is all the hullabaloo about interest. Now if these Xtian leaders really meant business, why didn’t they forbid the kikes within their realms from charging interest, seems to me like they handed the monopoly over to the jews. Cui bono , heh?

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hal Lindsey says, we need to pray for Jesus’ return so he can take over management of the Planet. He did say anything about the rule with the rod of iron,. Guess Jesus is really nothing more than a CEO.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Gods sure aren’t what they used to be.

    13. Arminius Says:

      Tim, reading the gospels can sometimes be funny, only true believers take them seriously. The pivot, the culmination of Christian faith is the crucification tale, for that outdoes in absurdity everything imaginable. Look:
      After preaching to Jews (Jesus disdained other humans) for years up and down the country (but rejected totally in his home province, Marc.6.4), doing miracles: i.a. resurrecting a stinking corpse (John11,39) Jesus enters noisily Jerusalem, which he knew quite well, but was there completely unknown (according Matth.21.10), however, John 11,57 and 12,18 asserts the opposite, he was eagerly awaited. Curiously enough, not one of his capital worshippers had offered him home, bed and breakfast, so the next morning he gets up hungry from sleep in the open. He forgets, that he once fed 5000 with a few pieces of bread, two fish and a good prayer, that he turned water into wine. Forgets prayer this morning, too. Looks for something to eat. But only an idiot would try to find figs in springtime on a tree. Jesus, claimed to be of superior wisdom, furiously throws some nasty tantrums and curses the innocent tree.
      I could go on and on pointing out similar low-level banalities. What should win the prize in the crucification tale? Perhaps the scene how Peter, surrounded by heavily armed troops, untroubled dares to raise a sword and chops off the ear of a soldier? Very funny, for his weapon stopped miraculously short of cutting through the man’s throat and shoulder! Eventually he was not even arrested and charged for attempted murder. Or Jesus “heals” that ear back on the man?
      Or should we wonder, why the highest ranking Roman officer in the province deals personally with a half-starved, homeless, destitute, barefooted, shoddily clad Jewish wandering preacher for no reason at all? Just imagine that situation- laughable, isn’t it?
      Well, the most amazing thing are not the tales and improbable miracles. Amazing is, that a Jew from the circle of Jesus’ personal enemies, the Pharisee St. Paul, got into it from behind, succeeded to turn dim-witted, baseless Jewish fantasies into the most profitable and enduring business in the history of mankind. Literally billions of bi-peds fell and paid for it.

      In two weeks or so time we will see the promoters of modern Christianity in the limelight, celebrating the annual recurrance of the Crucification Hoax, from Ratzinger to an apprentice pastor in the remotest corner of Vermont. They will claim, the tale of Jesus is alive and well (“HE has risen from the dead”) – and their collection cash flow will prove that.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Arminius, I resent how the Christlings have hijacked our pagan Spring festivals with their Resurrection myth. Notice how Jeebus comes back to life every year at the start of Spring? Pure symbolism. The Christ story is based on mythology, astrology, the vernal equinox and the lie of Jew supremacy. Deep down most so-called Christians (and Mudslums) know the Bible (Koran) is a lot of nonsense, but they feel the need to passively and casually accept some kind of religious belief, so they’ll just go along with whatever religion is currently popular in their country.

    15. Karen Says:

      Mr. Marrs and others we have to remember are catering to the laymen.

    16. Arminius Says:

      I agree, Tim. Hijacking pagan festivals, popular events, achievements, culture etc. in general has been always part and parcel of their business practices and religion belongs to it like any other. If there is a shekel to be made, they will go to any length to grab it. And they will see to it, that the number of paying fools does not diminish, even if they despise Christianity per se.
      I remember, most OLD places of pilgrimage in Central Europe have been erected on top of former pagan sacred places.
      Again, what a thriving business that is to this day!
      For the same reason, they shifted the birth of Christ to Mithras day (25.Dec.) in A.D.360. Easter- the word reveals why they forged/ stole it.

    17. Justin Huber Says:

      I wish I could find out more about what the old Pagans really believed. I tried to read Alain de Benoist’s On Being A Pagan, but soon became bogged down in its overly philosophical nature. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.