19 April, 2011

The New Hungarian Constitution

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After being Jewed twice, it looks like Hungary wants to make a comeback. But as long as the Hungarians cling to a turn-the-other-cheek, egalitarian religion birthed by Jews (i.e., Christianity), they aren’t going to be very successful in the battle against the NWO/JWO [1].


[1] The Old Testament was written by Jews. Some say that parts of the New Testament (e.g., Matthew) were also written by Jews. But even if parts of the NT weren’t written by Jews, the NT quotes/interprets the OT

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  7. 19 Responses to “The New Hungarian Constitution”

    1. abc Says:

      However, the Old “Testament” wasn’t 100% Jew. Some of the myths were more universal, like the Genesis, the Flood (Deluge), etc.
      What’s disgusting is that they’re now seen as “Jew folklore”, while they were just copied from another source (their “host” nations).

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The Magyars are a proud warrior race with a long tradition of fighting successfully against our common enemies. We tend to overlook the fact that of all the peoples of central and eastern Europe they were the only ones with the balls to fight the Soviets during the Cold War.
      Christianity is deeply part of their national consciousness, we shouldn’t criticise them for that, however, I suspect they haven’t woken up to just how far the churches have been subverted by big jew.

    3. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, maybe some of us understand the subversion of all other people’s religions but it would seem that the mass of peoples never suspect it let alone see it. The general population of a nation state has always been credulous and always need a strong leader to steer them to survive. It this takes a form of somekind of religion well let it be so, as long as it is not of the Asian influence when it comes to the Aryan race.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said abc. Many if not most of the stories, psalms and prayers found in the Mold Testament were “borrowed” from the Jews’ Assyrian, Sumerian and Egyptian neighbors. For example, there is a Noah-like character in the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh, which was written about 1500 years before the Mold Testament was. There is also an “Abraham” character mentioned in Gilgamesh too, if memory serves. Gilgamesh himself shares many similarities with King Solomon. The story of Samson is similar to the legend of Hercules in that both are derived from ancient Oriental solar cults.

      The Jews want everyone to believe their religion is completely original and special and that it was unlike any of the “fake” pagan religions of their ancient neighbors. Nonsense. The Jews have copied everything about their culture and religion from their hated gentile neighbors and hosts. The Jews cannot create anything that is truly original, all they can do is imitate what others have done first. And then take all the credit for it.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      In addition to rising up against Soviet tyranny in 1956, Hungary was an ally of Germany in WWI and WWII, until Admiral Horthy flaked out on the Fuhrer and Col. Skorzeny’s SS boys came in to straighten things out. Hungarians are a damn good bunch. I think if any country can succeed in getting the Jews off their backs it will be them.

    6. Emily Says:

      Well said, abc, CW-2, Tim McGreen; all exactly to the point.

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      The Hungarians are a staunch and stalwart people!–Certainly they are Aryans and tough ones at that.The Austrians tried for years to “beat ’em down”–in their early Empire-Finally realized they were too tough a nut to crack,and finally said–“if we can’t beat ’em-join em!”—hence the Austro-Hungarian Empire and second billing.Yes they were also one of the backbone tribes in the Empire,besides the Austrians themselves.Their women are hot,but the language is from outer space to me.

      They were the ones i picked out a couple years ago to be the first in Europe to throw off the yoke of BigJew.Lets hope that we see that development,as it could be a model for others.However,Big EoroJew won’t go quietly.

      However—I want everyone to please TAKE NOTICE that what we are talking about as far as BigJEW,or Racial Issues——–Or White Freedom—are ALL ILLEGAL in Europe!!!(ZOG is working hard to make it so here too Lemmings…) I believe that the EuroZOG has already passed some Orwellian Jew Laws—-that repress ANY speech about the “jews” that is negative,or muslims—so that in effect Whites over There may not even complain about it or critisize the foreign peoples involved—ie;The Jews(the Cause) and the Mudslims—–(the invaders and battering ram).The Wogs over there perform the same function the Mexican Invaders here in AmeriKwa perform—–They are both “BORG” (for you Trek Fans out there) Mud races that Assimilate and destroy—-You either BECOME part of THEIR COLLECTIVE OR ARE DESTROYED!

      Whites in General are the only peoples STUPID Enough—and by that i mean we have lost our racial identity— to let these peoples in to our Cultures and think they are going to assimilate as “ameriKwans” or Frenchmen,or danes or whatever –and its a Communist –Jew Think Idea that will KILL OUR PEOPLE___if it Continues to proceed.

      The Noble Magyars are fighting for their Identity,and they are heavily Catholic–and thats ok with me and The Fuhrer Thought they were a stand-up bunch—-I can only hope and pray that they they succeed in their Struggle—Like we all are–for their Unique White Tribal Indentity!

      The Red Skull Gives a BIG SIEG HEIL and Salute to the Honorable Aryans

      PS:They were also one of the most reliable Axis Allied Armies in World War Jew(II) and were up there with Finns in Whoop-Ass on the Commies.

      Notably they are related linquistically to the Finns–Who also recently scored HUGE gains in their parliament with the True Finns Party.—An interesting Co-ink-a-dink.

      14 WORDS

    8. Jim Says:

      If the world had listened to a MAN who was born one hundred and twenty two years ago today, the jewish enslavement of mankind would have been only a distant memory. We can only dream of the world that might have been. 14/88

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      “We can only dream of the world that might have been. 14/88

      Surely it’s not too late to make that world a reality? Nature Herself is willing to help us.

    10. Walter Says:

      CW-2: Yes, the Hungarians are people who love their freedom and defend it. However, it was also the Germans (June 17, 1953) who took up active resistance against the Soviet power, but just like the Hungarians, they were defeated by Soviet tanks which ended that revolt. June 17 used to be national holiday in (Western) Germany, but no more.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      What part of the New Testament wasn’t written by Jews? Most of the NT was written by a Jewish rabbi named Saul. And the four “gospels” were written by Jews too. So what’s left?

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What part of the New Testament wasn’t written by Jews?
      The central charactar of the jeboo myth is the son of David, lion of judah, and its central tenant is worship of a jew god. Written by jew or plagiarized from other myths of surrounding Gentile nationan its still a deadly concotion guaranteed to unsettle the White mans mind and drive him insane with jew crapola. Constantine and the Roman elites bought into because of its univerisality, and cult of the Emperor gained anothe 150 years of life. Was that good or bad?

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It’s never enough for one brave nation to throw off Big jews yoke,applaud that as you may. I do have a sneaky suspicion that the Hungarians as their linguistic cousins the Finns are more shamanistic than Xians. Hope they succeed.
      Oddly enough its alot more difficult for big jew to build a coalition , or inflict embargoes on land locked nations. Now big jew doesn’t have the Soviet jewnion to crush Hungary with tanks.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Big jew has plans for the mudslims as refried mexishits. Saw an issue of the “American Legion” with white woman and a mudslim woman, the White woman was wearing a chador, and the caption was -Under the Gold Star, Mothers of Fallen heroes ’embrace’ the people of Iraq. Jew slop and swill for the patriotards.

      Notice you don’t hear much bullshit coming from the jewmedia about Osama bin Laden anymore, even jack and rexalla van pimpy have toned down the anti-mudslim rhetoric in favour of the coming European dictator, now they tell you that the Mudslims believe in the messiah, but he’s not the nice n, cuddely jeboo. Big jew wants to over run Europe with mudslims, then if theres a popular revolt bring in their mexican and groid troops from the kwa.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just finished re-reading the Gospels of Matthew and Mark and I don’t think they were written by Jews, but rather by Greek bishops of the early Church, c. 75-100 AD, if not later. It was around that time that Christianity began to become more Greek and less Jewish. The anonymous authors refer to the Jews in the third person, as in (paraphrasing) “It was the custom among the Jews” or “The Jews didn’t believe Him”.

      The authors also seem to be somewhat unfamiliar with the Jewish culture, the geography and the history of early First Century Palestine. Additionally, the earliest NT texts are written in Greek, not Hebrew, although it’s possible that the Jews back then were more conversant in the former than in the latter.

      Three of the four Gospels are just altered versions of the other one. Either Luke or Mark is said to have been written first, although there is nothing in the texts to indicate who wrote what or when. But if only one Gospel was used, the NT Bible would have been very slim indeed, so several versions of the same Gospel story (along with a re-hash of the Book of Daniel called The Book of Revelation) were included to fill it out.

      I could be mistaken, but I don’t recall “St. Paul” ever having quoted any passages from the Gospels in his letters/sermons, so that means he was speaking at a time before any of them were written. He is said to have been executed in 67AD, so the Gospels and Acts had to be written after that date, and not by him. The destruction of the Jewish Temple happened in 70AD, but the post-70AD authors of the Gospels gave the (nonexistent) Jesus credit for having “predicted” its destruction several decades earlier.

      The best thing to do is to read the Bible with a clear, sober and skeptical mind, to strip away all the centuries of accumulated emotionalism, hoopla and nonsense surrounding it. Then you’ll see that it’s just a collection of Semitic fairy tales that were based on earlier pagan fairy tales.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom, the reason you don’t hear much about Osama Yo Mama anymore is because even the most simple-minded dolt has finally realized that the guy is dead. But ZOG will never admit that fact, because they need him as a boogey man to justify their continued wars against “terrorism”. No Bin Laden, no more reason for the existence of the $800 billion a year bureaucracy created to find him!

      ZOG created all those wars against terrorism, drugs, poverty, jock itch, etc. as an excuse to make itself bigger and more powerful at YOUR expense. “9-11” has turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened for the US government, a real taxpayer-funded gravy train that hasn’t run out of steam yet.

    17. -jc Says:

      Ever spent any time in so called Eastern Europe? In Hungary? Observing for yourself the architecture and people themselves? I recommend it.

      It is remarkable how energized some become when certain topics come up on this forum. Why do you suppose? http://www.seek-info.com/race.htm and http://www.seek-info.com/israel.htm are simple starting points for your own research into race and religion topics about which so many have evangelical zeal here to straigten-you-out about.


      ” … The word “Hungarian” is thought to be derived from the Bulgar-Turkic Onogur, possibly because the Magyars were neighbours (or confederates) of Old Great Bulgaria in the 6th century, with one of the leading tribal unions being called the “Onogurs” (meaning “ten tribes” or “ten arrows” in Old Turkic; see below).[18][19] – a tribe very closely related to the Bulgars. It might be possible the ancient Hungarians were a mixed Uralic and Turkic population.[20] Additionally, the Hungarian people refer to themselves as ‘Magyars’, instead of the term ‘Hungarian’ which was mostly given to them by Western Europeans (e.g. British)…

      “… The Magyars around the Don River were subordinates of the Khazar khaganate. Their neighbours were the archaeological Saltov Culture, i.e. Bulgars (Proto-Bulgarians, Onogurs) and the Alans, from whom they learned gardening, elements of cattle breeding and of agriculture. Tradition holds that the Magyars were organized in a confederacy of tribes called hétmagyar (lit. seven Hungarians). The tribes of the hétmagyar were; Jen?, Kér, Keszi, Kürt-Gyarmat, Megyer, Nyék, and Tarján.

      ” Migration of the Magyars, and the conquest of the Carpathian Basin (Hungarian: honfoglalás)Around 830, a civil war broke out in the Khazar khaganate. As a result, three Kabar tribes[40] of the Khazars joined the Magyars and they moved to what the Magyars call the Etelköz, i.e. the territory between the Carpathians and the Dnieper River (today’s Ukraine)[citation needed]. Around 854, the Magyars faced a first attack by the Pechenegs.[39] (According to other sources, the reason for the departure of the Magyars to Etelköz was the attack of the Pechenegs.) Both the Kabars and earlier the Bulgars may have taught the Magyars their Turkic languages. The new neighbours of the Magyars were the Vikings and the eastern Slavs. From 862 onwards, the Magyars (already referred to as the Ungri) along with their allies, the Kabars, started a series of looting raids from the Etelköz to the Carpathian Basin–mostly against the Eastern Frankish Empire (Germany) and Great Moravia, but also against the Balaton principality and Bulgaria.[41]… “

    18. Reuben Wallace Says:

      Am I correct in saying that you guys believe the Old Testament is predominantly Jewish and that it details the history of the Jewish race as God’s ‘chosen people’? If so then you’re incredibly mistaken.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Reuben, the Jews had no real history of their own so they borrowed the legends of others. Eventually they wrote down the Judaized versions of those legends, prayers, psalms, proverbs, etc. when they developed a written language (courtesy of their Phonecian neighbors).

      The New Jew Testament was written partly by Jews and partly by Greeks. It contains the export version of Judaism. It too is made up of stories, prayers and prophecies that are borrowed from others.

      Anything that becomes Judaized becomes “unclean” for us Gentiles to use.