15 April, 2011

U.S. Border Patrol Ordered Not to Arrest Illegal Aliens

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America: sinking almost as fast as the Titanic. Dr. William Luther Pierce said that, one day, even the stupidest people will realize that something is very wrong with America. That day doesn’t seem far off, does it?


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  7. 19 Responses to “U.S. Border Patrol Ordered Not to Arrest Illegal Aliens”

    1. Brittanicus Says:

      Judge for yourself?

      Remember the TEA PARTY will kill any new amnesties, including so-called Immigration reform, Sanctuary States, Chain Migration, The dream act or any underhand way of passing any more AMNESTIES. By not enforcing restriction illegal immigration laws, should look to examples of the very serious over populations in border States of California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico that have massive money problems; attributed by the illegal alien invasion. States that are not overrun or have implemented strict laws such as Georgia, can view illegal aliens skipping out, taking their economic families to feed of the generous welfare programs further afield. Learn more about the astronomical costs and Statistics at NumbersUSA or just typing into Google, illegal alien costs.

      It’s your America; not the 20 million plus foreigners and not the politicians who cower under the bombardment of open border lunatics. Join a local TEA PARTY and become an activist in the tens of millions other others fighting for jobs, cutting obsolete government agencies, building the real border fence and station permanent National Guardsman. Make E-Verify mandatory to catch criminal businesses hiring illegal aliens and make it an enforced police policy for every jail to use Secure Communities to fingerprint and process all individuals to verify their immigration status. The country is in the worst predicament of owing Chinese and foreign investors over 14 Trillion dollars and now want more taxes from ordinary Americans. So if this is the case, why are we not removing economic illegal immigrants from our shores? Hundreds of billions would be saved and, then would start returning jobs to our own citizens and legitimate residents.

      A dirty business that attributes profits from illegal labor must be dealt with in the harshest way. No slaps on the wrist or mediocre fines, but judged on its incorrigible merits. With Fines from $50.000 up; confiscations of all business assets to fund ICE. Businesses with large ratio’s of illegal labor, a term of at least a year in prison on first offense. This should not be home incarceration, but in a federal correction facility. That should determine that hiring foreigners carry a nasty risk of committing a felony. Same with people, who scorn our laws to enter America illegally, should carry a penalty of not a worthless civil infraction, but a justifiable felony conviction.

      Shouldn’t prudent Americans wonder why this has never been the case? It makes sense that this was intentional to allow illegal immigrants to enter our lands with impunity? Janet Napolitano can gesture all she wants about the border being better secure? Then perhaps she would like to buy London Bridge from me. One major problem is over a thirty year period, those here of certain racial groups who entered America and was legally processed, but allowed family members to join them who cheated our laws. So its obvious there is these mixed groups, who are between “A Rock and a Hard place.” However, this is a sovereign nation and there are no excuses for breaking our law and they will be deported or remove themselves.


      Read about illegal alien widespread Tax fraud at http://www.thesocialcontract.com/ the Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” http://tinyurl.com/o6r27 and the report “DRAINING AMERICA INTO POVERTY” at http://tinyurl.com/3mv3vzm These are reports that the Leftists, US Government Czars and radical open border zealots or lobbyists prefer you didn’t see.

      IN 2012 budget we must enforce the Grand old party with new injection of TEA PARTY candidates, otherwise the future for our families are at financial risk. NOT FOR ONE MINUTE THINK THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU? IT COULD BE YOUR JOB NEXT?

      Today, Tennessee to stop illegal aliens voting passed a law to demand picture ID at registration. Low income Americans who are verified through birth records can apply for a free Identification card.

      Attn: Gaining momentum is Billionaire potential President Donald trump, who has already spoken out about the Chinese Free trade treaty that is a rip-off, the same as Nafta and Cafta that must be negotiated. He also views Saudi Arabia as unfriendly to America, after everything we have accomplished for them, such as the Gulf War, when Iraq invaded. Now Opec that Saudi Arabia is associated with is cutting back on its oil supplies and our nation is being gouged by speculators in Wall street. Open up Alaska and anywhere we have oil reserves and a pox on the environmentalists. Other budget lowering legislation must include a reduction or closing obsolete government agencies and returning them to State jurisdiction. Even the defense monopoly should be examined, to see if a we can cut back on overseas military reservation and demand those countries attribute to their own protection.

    2. Waldo Starr Says:

      Let’s see, if doctors are told by Medicare to not diagnose or treat anymore cancers, as there seems to be an epidemic and the public is becoming concerned, then we know not treating the disease will cause the patient to die a painful death. But, the greater good is lower medical cost to patients with hangnails and runny noses. The untreated cancer of letting mestizos and other third world trash freely enter this country will bring death to the America and our way of life. I am having a hard time recognizing the country I grew up in.

    3. M. Kraus Says:

      The senior supervisor agent is telling me about how their mission is now to scare people back,” Dever said in an interview with FoxNews.com. “He said, ‘I had to go back to my guys and tell them not to catch anybody, that their job is to chase people away. … They were not to catch anyone, arrest anyone. Their job was to set up posture, to intimidate people, to get them to go back.”

      I’m not sure what it means to “set up posture” and “scare people back”, but we’ve been hearing for years that arresting these brown slugs and then releasing them back into the wild does no good whatsoever. Like any invasive species, they just keep coming back.

      Sounds like it would be good hunting down there on the border. There must be a few citizens and “renegade” border patrol agents who could take advantage of this.

    4. Krystian Says:

      Stupid people already realize something is fucked up with America, it would be hard not to at this point. But they trust in solutions that legitimize the system like this Tea Party bullshit. It will fail because the system cannot be reformed by working within it because it is designed to be immune to that. The system is all about redistribution of wealth from middle class to darkies, preventing upward mobility in white middle and working classes, preserving the wealth of the wealthy if they go along with the multicult program and giving disproportionate power to bureaucrats who like more than anything else to fuck with the common people. You can’t reform a system like that; whitey, you are the ATM machine and they’re not going to let you vote your way out of it.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      LOL, but LOL at the airport with Sheboon’s and other various turd World shits EYEING White Folks for Security and Checking YOUR belongings.

      In your Face Mr. Patritard.

      As for Leftist’s they are dolts who deserve turd World crime and starvation.

    6. Jürgen Says:


      The Arizona Citizens Militia has heavily-armed Nazi patrolmen on the border, ready to rock. Does anyone know about the other bordering states.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Imagine the nerve of that ugly man Janet Napolitano lying about the southern border being more secure than ever. Piece of shit bureaucrat.

      I hear there are a lot of suicides among Border Patrol agents, no doubt due to the fact that they are punished by their superiors if they are doing a good job at catching the greasy brown rats scurrying into the country. They are being made to feel like THEY are the criminals by anti-White liberal scum, Federal bureaucrats and politicians. ZOG has basically declared war on its White citizens, the same people who are paying the taxes and obeying all the laws.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      It is only a matter of time before there is a shootout somewhere along the border. When it happens let’s use our imagination and make sure the beaners get the blame.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Brittanicus, I was going to call you a right-wing idiot and a bunch of other names, but then I realized that your post was just a joke. OK, I’ll admit it was kind of funny. You had me going there for a minute or two.

      The Tea Party….pffft.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right something is definitely fucked up with this country. Nature its self is taking up an offensive posture against mexishits, in the form of drought, that has converted large swaths of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico into scorched earth, it even goes as far east as Arkansas and Louisiana. Guess where the dividing line is, I-35 that major corridor for mex shit invaders, weathermen are baffeled at the dividing line of wet and dry .. Guess these idiots never realized what a snow fence does, or the effects of a trans continental railroad and telegraph lines did to the buffalo herds.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      This drought is not just a flash in the pan 30’s dustbowl, its a long enduring ,perhaps millenium long change, that will wipe out all “human” habitation from the great basin in Nevada in the west, east to the woodlands of Missouri, Arkansas, and East Texas. It will be bounded on the North by he Missouri River and its tributaries.
      Texas us now crying for federal disaster relief, ain’t that funny when you see the shitties of Houston and Dallas, swarming with mex shits and niggerss and wogs? Are they gonna shut down those 5 dollar car washes? Restrict the mudz to riding bicycles? Hell no.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      A track is a track is a track, I don’t care what kind of surface it has, dirt, gravel, asphalt it is an impediment, and worse, its a habit. Nature Always, tries to throw impediments in the way of invaders,
      instead of following natures inclinations, Whites from the very beginning cast caution to the wind, and took up residence in areas best left uninhabited. How would the mexhits have invaded northward, if it wasn’t for fueling stations provided? How would Atttila the Hun, or Genghis Khan have invaded as far westward into Europe, infGermanic tribes, or civilized states hadn’t have provided the bread basket for the hordes to feed on? Oh America was warned , numerous times to live such spaces open, but greed ruled the day, the dog and the bone like in aesops fable.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Every army marches on its stomach-Napoleon Bonaparte.
      The mexshits, the congoids, wogs etc. will only go as far afield as Whitey allows by providing food and fuel. Is Whitey going to wise up, or will he take the food out of his own gut to feed them?

    14. Hans Schneider Says:

      This amounts to high treason to allow illegals into the country. On the other hand we seem to have money to defend and pacify all sorts of countries around the world to our financial detriment. How logic is taht ?

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:

      16 April, 2011 at 8:02 pm

      Imagine the nerve of that ugly man Janet Napolitano lying about the southern border being more secure than ever. Piece of shit bureaucrat.

      I hear there are a lot of suicides among Border Patrol agents, no doubt due to the fact that they are punished by their superiors if they are doing a good job at catching the greasy brown rats scurrying into the country. They are being made to feel like THEY are the criminals by anti-White liberal scum, Federal bureaucrats and politicians. ZOG has basically declared war on its White citizens, the same people who are paying the taxes and obeying all the laws.


      Yes your on the bulls-eye.

      To show how crooked out joooed fucked system is that BITCH DYKE was foisted on the a Majority WHITE older population who actually Voted for her as the Governor !

      Surely when she ran the leftist anti White neo con’s must have put up a giant steaming pile of shit for her to have won.

      It is insane.

      That POS Helen Clard who was the PM of N.Z. for over ten eyey cried in the the London Times that the worst thing she ever did was have a sham marriage so she could get elected P.M. of N.Z.

      WHO were her Advisors doing the polling working day and night to get her elected ?

      Rust never sleeps and the STASI/NKVD state is growing every day is far worse than it was in the USSR and East Germany.

      Stalin Ran the USSR.

      Stalin would never have gotten the supplies to beat Germany and Start the Korean WAR, or would hte USSR had Helped North Viet Nam had NOT the banksters in NYC and London Said NO way. Believer it.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Helen Clark P.M. of New Zealand in the past.

    17. CW-2 Says:

      There is something to be said for a scorched earth policy, but even a desparate rancher in Arizona isn’t going to set light to his life’s work if he has some hopes of evading the Aztec invasion.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rust never sleeps and the STASI/NKVD state (that) is growing every day (here in the West) is far worse than it was in the USSR and East Germany.

      Very true. At least in the old USSR Stalin could light up his pipe in the office without anyone bitching about it…..No political correctness in those days. And East Bloc countries like the DDR and Czechoslovakia were, despite their Marxist and Internationalist trappings, some of the Whitest countries in Europe. The political repression in those countries was mild compared to what is happening now in so-called democracies like Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.

    19. Andrei Justschinsky Says:

      Border agents catch 13 illegal mestizoes all wearing ZOG marine uniforms ’embroidered with the name Perez’

      By California Daily Mail Reporter-Andrei Justschinsky, male reporter
      Last updated at 6:27 PM on 23rd March 2011

      Two ‘Americans” arrested with the brownskin invaders
      Border Patrol agents have caught 13 illegal mestizoes wearing ZOG Marine uniforms at a checkpoint near San Diego.

      The mestizo illegals, who happened to been born illegal, were in a van that was stopped along Interstate 8 on March 14.

      The van had a U.S. government (ZOG) licence plate with an altered number, mestizo Border Patrol spokesman Michael Jimenez said.

      “He did not know” where the group obtained the military uniforms. There are conflicting reports that each of the 13 uniforms were embroidered with the surname ‘Perez’.

      ‘This effort is an example of the lengths illegal beings will go through to avoid detection, and the “skilled and effective” police work of the agents and the customs and border protection,’ he said.

      Two “U.S. citizens” (North American spics) who were with their tribe were arrested on suspicion of brownskin smuggling.

      Three of the illegal mestizos were being held in federal custody as witnesses and the others were returned to Mexico, their shithole of origin, he said.

      The Naval Criminal “Investigative”Service and Border Patrol were conducting a booze-joint investigation of the incident.

      NCIS spokesman Ed Buice said he couldn’t discuss details, but ‘there are several obvious questions that need to be answered.’

      It is not known if the two “U.S. citizens’ (North American spics) who were arrested have been in the ZOG-military.

      Officials believe the van entered ZOG-North America. at Calexico. The vehicle is registered in Yucca Valley California.

      The fake number plates actually belong to a van registered to the ZOG Marine Corps

      Spic under arrest: The uniforms were reportedly all embroidered with the name Perez

      California Daily Mail Reporter’s male reporter-Andrei Justschinsky reporting….

      Read more: http://www.californiadailymailreporter.com./news/article-1369077/Border-agents-catch-13-illegal-immigrants-wearing-ZOG-marine-uniforms-embroidered-Perez.html#ixzz1KSnCadUY