2 May, 2011

Catholic Actor Blacklisted by Jewish Hollywood

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This is sort of funny, since Catholics used to have a lot of social and political power, e.g., the “decency code” (Production Code) in Hollywood was written by Catholics. The code ended in 1968. Maybe the Catholics should have fought harder against Jewish power…


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  7. 15 Responses to “Catholic Actor Blacklisted by Jewish Hollywood”

    1. van helsing Says:

      not surprised

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I never liked the Hollywood Production Code. I thought it stifled artistic, political and creative expression in the movies. But having said that I see nothing but stupid, puerile garbage coming out of Hebrewood these days. Once the sluice gates have been lifted they don’t come back down.

      And aren’t the Jews always whining about how some of their fellow tribesmen were blacklisted in the ’50s? Yet the Jew and liberal-controlled media blacklist people they don’t like all the friggin’ time. Yet more proof of Jew/liberal hypocrisy and double-standard-ness, as if more proof were needed.

    3. Luke Says:

      I must respectfully disagree with Tim McGreen on the Hollywood Production Code issue.

      Unless and until Whites in America, and in every other White Western nation, decide to take the long overdue steps to remove jews from any and all involvement in the mass media and entertainment industry – and I am talking here about a complete and total purge from top to bottom – jews will continue to use their media control to subvert, demonize, ridicule and destroy White culture and the white race by pushing race mixing and every other conceivable form of destructive degeneracy imaginable. They’ll also continue to use their media control to intimidate our politicians and to threaten to ruin their careers if they step one inch out of line with the anti-white jewish agenda.

      When the Production Code was in effect, the shackles it placed on the media jews at least helped to slow down a sizable amount of that anti-white agenda, although when I watch pre-1968 movies, I can still pick up many subliminal anti-white themes in their scripts.

      Post 1968, however, the “artistic, political and creative expression ” that Tim claims was stifled – has translated into turning the jews loose to openly push their rabid anti-white hatred and to deliberately incite non-whites to commit violence against whites (movies like Roots, Machete, etc.), and at the same time brainwashing our women to crawl into bed with blacks.

      Hence, this enemy has to be contained in some way and not allowed to set their own rules of conduct and standards good taste – of which, they have none. All these people have is venom and raw hatred for the White race.

    4. molly hayes Says:

      Re: Luke — The truth of the matter is, the same embargo should apply to allowing them to write our history books or their “political commentaries”
      and yes, even serving as politicians. The abuses in Hollywood should serve as a bell weather .

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Right off the bat, I can think of two movies made during the Code era starring Gregory Peck that were supposed to be great films but in reality were just anti-White propaganda: “Gentlemens’ Agreement”(1947) and “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1962). “Twelve Angry Men”(1957) was also pushing a liberal Jewish agenda, using Henry Fonda as a front to do it. And James Dean’s last film, “Giant” (1957) likewise had a race-mixing message thrown into it.

      True, the Hebrewood Jews were forced to operate under constraints back then, but that didn’t stop them from churning out lots of pro-WWII agitation movies, like “Sergeant York”(1941) or even a Holohoax flick or two, like “The Diary of Anne Frank”(1959), etc, etc, etc.

      So you see, the Jews managed quite well to use the Code to their advantage. The Code was used to help get the U.S. into WWII, end the death penalty for capital crimes, promote racial “tolerance” and lots of other Jewish poison, all under the guise of wholsome entertainment. But since the Code has been lifted the Jew’s mask of decency has been pulled off of his scaly reptilian head.

      The Hollywood Production Code was, unintentionally, helping to promote Jewish subversion, not control it. Watch out for Christian do-gooders and their campaigns against smut, alcohol, drugs, etc. Those self-righteous assholes always create more problems than they attempt to solve with their “moral activism”.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      Look at all of Quentin Tarentino’s movies as he is definately in bed with the Joos. All of his movies involve race mixing and interracial sex. His Inglorious Bastards was a remake and a total abomination. The movie was insipidly, stupid. But when one becomes a Hollywood insider by being a race traitor, Hollyweird rewards one well.

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      Newly declassified KGB and soviet documents show that McCarthy was right. Many Hollywood and New York joos were heavily involved in communism, spying and subversion.

    8. Mel Brooks Says:

      I’m glad I read your comment mentioning Quentin the Intolerable before having my breakfast, BigDuke..it’d be a shame to waste a New York steak.

      Getting back to the actor mentioned in the article…there’s nothing not to like about him, seemingly..until a bit of research turns up the fact that he and his wife adopted two Chinese babies, one of them a cancer patient. SO he’s drank the very VAT’ II poison Mel’s dad warned Catholics about, apparently. Ironic, considering his Eastern European background and all the suffering children waiting for homes in that part of the world.

      Come to think of it, I think I’ll skip breakfast.

    9. van helsing Says:

      they had to work a lot harder wbw. now it is just too easy. but lo and behold… most moneymakers really arent the jews’ pride and joy.

      i’d lay off caviezel too. he isnt perfect. he got sucked into some jew bs.

      what they are doing to him still isnt right.

    10. Klassikality Says:

      “there‚Äôs nothing not to like about him, seemingly..until a bit of research turns up the fact that he and his wife adopted two Chinese babies, one of them a cancer patient”

      There you have it. How am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Yeah, he’s a vicitm of the kikes, but that’s race treason right there. He ain’t on our side.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, the Hollywood Production Code ended in 1966 and was replaced with a movie ratings system in 1968, which consisted of G, PG, M and X ratings. Midnight Cowboy was rated X when it was released in 1969, but it would barely qualify for a PG-13 rating by today’s standards. Ditto for Last Tango in Paris (1972).

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Sure, when leftist, communist, anti-white Jews get blacklisted it’s cry me a river time and cacophonous cries of aunti-semitism (sic) and knotseeism (sic). Bigoted yids using the medium of Hollywood movies to impugn the character of the white gentile host and degrade his culture is the very essence of freedom in America is it not?

      By their fruits ye shall know them and the jews have proved time and again that given the opportunity they will undermine us at every turn. We continue to pay dearly for our unfounded and idiotic sentimentality towards the jewish people.

    13. Miller Says:

      Boycott Jew media.

    14. jayhackworth Says:

      It goes without saying that this T.J.B. permeates all segments of the media, as well as academia.

    15. Susan Says:

      There have certainly been a lot of jew garbage foisted upon the American White public since the beginning of Hollywood but there have also been a lot of great movies showing great White values, lifestyle, culture, and people. What’s even more amazing is that this managed to come through despite the fact that jews were everywhere in Hollywood.

      What we must remember is that since the jews wormed their way into all aspects of American White life, nothing has been the same or what it would have been had the jew not been involved. We will never know what America would have become had the jew not been allowed to infiltrate our country and culture. But we can certainly imagine how great we would be now if we hadn’t had to contend with the jews, niggers, or other third world garbage foisted upon us.

      I suspect that life without jews, niggers, or any third world garbage would still be nothing short of paradise, kinda like what life was before the nigger and the third world were unleashed upon us in the fifties and sixties in this country. Had the jew not unleashed the nigger and other third worlders on us, we probably could have survived and still be a mostly White country.

      But adding the third world into our country and culture doomed us. No country can overcome the horror of having the third world unleashed upon it.