13 May, 2011

Georgia: ‘Controversial’ Immigration Bill Signed Into Law

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Oh, gee, the controversy! Protecting your state from illegal Mexican invaders is so darn unconventional! This is good news, sure, but it’ll take how many days/weeks for a federal judge to void this law (just like Arizona’s and Utah’s immigration laws)?


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  7. 13 Responses to “Georgia: ‘Controversial’ Immigration Bill Signed Into Law”

    1. walter Says:

      Controversial? CNN would say that, but then again look at the name of third world turd who wrote it. Gustavo Valdes. Good thing CNN is a has been news organization.

    2. M. Kraus Says:

      But some who support the Georgia legislation — including Deal and Phil Kent, a spokesman for the conservative group Americans for Immigration Control — said it is not about discrimination but rather about protecting taxpayers.

      Exactly the kind of tepid, wimpy response we’ve heard dozens of times from conservatives. These people need to grow a spine and say, yes, this is about race. This is about a foreign, alien race of people who are invading this nation with the full support of their foreign, alien government. Until conservatives do that…well, they won’t, so why speculate.

      “Controversial” is anything that non-Whites don’t like.

    3. Syd Spada Says:

      It’s a fucking shame that (average, viz: working-class)whites have a difficult, almost impossible time when attempting to emigrate and repatriate to white homelands, yet non-whites essentially waltz (wait…not waltz. Pop and lock? Bump and grind? Funky chicken?) right in with a free pass and make themselves quite at home, in, quite literally, the homes of their masters!
      Where is OUR Right of Return? After all, it could be argued that I was taken, forcefully, generations before my birth, from a white homeland, to this god-forsaken melting-pot, and by virtue of being born an American I am not welcomed anywhere I dare tread, ESPECIALLY in the lands of my ancestors.
      Machiavelli mused on whether it is better to be feared or to be loved…
      I wonder what his thoughts were on being despised. And by our own racial kindred…

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Controversial indeed. Mexico is letting poor, violent whites stream across their Northern border to take jobs, fill up hospitals and prisons, and subsist off the public treasury, so the least we could do is reciprocate.

      And I expect a fanatical left wing judge to strike down the law within the next two weeks. Come to think of it, are there any federal judges that aren’t extreme left wing, anti-white bigots these days?

    5. Luke Says:

      “Fanatical left wing judges”. There is a remedy for this, but the entire GOP would have to soak their pea-sized gonads in a bucket of miracle gro for at least a month before they could grow a pair big enough to do it.

      Remedy: Draw up a prepared set of Impeachment paperwork, leaving only the name of the judge blank. Draw up a corresponding set of criminal charges for High Treason, and again leave only the name of the judge blank.

      Also draw up a set of criminal charges, based upon the officially codified definition of the crime of Genocide, as defined by the 1947/1948 Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide. For a refresher, let’s take a look at Article 4, which outlines who’s covered by this law:

      “Article IV: Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals. ”

      Then, within one hour of any of these fanatical, anti-white, left-wing and usually jewish judges issuing one of these clearly white genocide promoting rulings, begin immediate impeachment proceedings on that judge, get his stinking ass impeached and removed from his office, then follow-through with the criminal indictments for High Treason and for participation in a conspiracy to engineer the genocide of White European people.

      I would bet a case of a good German made beer, St Paulie Girl, for example – that by the time the GOP got finished impeaching and convicting about a dozen of these fanatical left wing mostly jewish judges, who would hopefully be sentenced to death for their charge of promoting genocide – that we would see an amazing turn-around on these kinds of rulings.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      This just shows the arrogant attitude of stupid mexicans. The mexicans think they don’t have to follow the sovereign laws of any country. And the wortlss govt of mexico criticizes U.S. laws, but parasite mexico takes millions in foreign aid. Another example of asswipes who want special rights and treatment. Boycott all mexican goods and U.S. businesses that hire these greasy scumbags. In Spicago you can’t go anywhere without having to deal with spicatude so I shop in Indiana.

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      Anytime these liberal sodomites want to boycott a state that just gives me more incentive and I hope others to visit Arizona and Georgia. With the internet I can order from businesses from states that get it.

    8. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      Lincoln’s confiscation of private property, opposition to Confederate secession, circumvention of immigration laws for slaves and war were ALL unconstitutional. Most subsequent Amendments are unconstitutional. The income tax, tax on corporations, Social Security, Medicare, welfare, affirmative action, wars for Israel etc. are unconstitutional. A president without two parents born in the U.S. is unconstitutional. Subversive and treacherous immigration that is destructive to the American culture and nation is clearly unconstitutional. The transference of a large segment of the population of Mexico into the U.S. is definitively not for the benefit of America or Americans, an invasion, NOT immigration and is unconstitutional. Every parasite in the world is an American-in-waiting. America is “governed” for the benefit of aliens. In “Lincoln’s Paradise,” Americans produce only to be taxed to provide for leeches. Who the hell is running this country?

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Every living thing on the planet has to face the consequences of its actions, it is called evolution. However, jews, federal judges, and professional politicians seem to escape, temporarily, the karma of action and consequences. These people aren’t gods, they need to be brougt down to earth with a bump.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      But some who support the Georgia legislation — including Deal and Phil Kent, a spokesman for the conservative group Americans for Immigration Control — said it is not about discrimination but rather about protecting taxpayers.

      “The illegal immigrants in our state have been swamping our hospitals and schools,” Kent said. “It’s a very expensive proposition. We just want to make sure that people are welcome here and that they come here legally. And then we can cut back on the illegal immigration.”

      What a typical right-wing eunuch Phil Kunt is. ALL right-wingers are good-for-nothing eunuchs, geldings and castrati. Never think for one second they are going to help save the White Race from the Mud Flood. Kahnservatives are the enemy every bit as much as the government, the churches, the press and the Jews are.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      As much as I hate the Left, they deserve some grudging respect for their fearlessness in openly fighting against everything they don’t like. They are well-organized and relentless, whereas the Right is always blubbering and apologizing for everything.

      Too bad those lefties can’t be converted into pro-White revolutionaries. They would have been a most valuable asset. So I’m afraid there’s nothing for it but to machine-gun them into the same pits with those worthless right-wingers.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Miss USA: Did Arizona immigration hurt Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard in loss to Rima Fakih?
      By Ethan Sacks

      Originally Published:Monday, May 17th 2010, 11:04 AM
      Updated: Thursday, May 20th 2010, 10:49 AM

    13. Mary O Says:

      Is it possible that Mexican/Central American immigration is actually on the decline since March 2011 or even before?

      With the construction industry gone, and the fed gov actually cutting back, maybe it’s not so easy to come here any more?