15 May, 2011

Headlines You’ll Never See

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You won’t see anything like this: “Grandchildren of Jewish Bolsheviks Confront Past.”

However, you will see headlines like this one.

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    6. 6 Responses to “Headlines You’ll Never See”

      1. Tim McGreen Says:

        On the front page of tomorrow’s New York Post:

        Elie Weisel: “I lied about my Holocaust experiences so I could make a lot of money”.

      2. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

        On the frontpage of the New York Post,the day after tomorrow :
        Elie Wiesel confesses he lied about his Holocaust experiences,
        shows at a press conference he has NO NUMBER TATTOOED ON HIS FOREARM.

      3. Miller Says:

        Grandchildren of Jewish Bolsheviks Control Past

        News at eleven.

      4. Joe Neunzig Says:

        Miller Says:

        16 May, 2011 at 7:53 pm

        Grandchildren of Jewish Bolsheviks Control Past

        News at eleven.

        “Who controls the past controls the future”

        George Orwell, 1984

      5. James Trainer Says:

        The Article has been repaired:

        “Grandchildren of Bolsheviks Delve into Past”

        Read: http://bit.ly/jXcfza

        -James A. Trainer

      6. The Red Skull Says:

        Heres a Headline you’ll never see—

        Federal Reserve Bank Admits its a Giant Ponzi Scheme–
        Subtitle–Bernanke agrees to turn himself in for Criminal Prosecution as a Traitor and Swindler.Bank to be Disbanded and Audited.

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