27 May, 2011

New Acting Head of IMF – i.e., Strauss-Kahn’s Replacement – is Jewish, Too

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But don’t get the idea that a disproportionate number of international powerplayers are Jews, because that would be anti-Sem…Sem…Semantics.


More about Lipsky [Here].

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  7. 8 Responses to “New Acting Head of IMF – i.e., Strauss-Kahn’s Replacement – is Jewish, Too”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Screw out the old jew, like a bad spark plug
      Screw in the new jew
      The kike money machine ne’er misses a beat

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      What a surprise, eh? Another Jew to head the IMF, or as the Establishment Press would say, another “European”. But I thought the Jews were such noble champions of Diversity and Equal Opportunity? Not when it comes to controlling the world’s money supply, muthafukka.

    3. Miller Says:

      Strauss Khan succumbed to the mental illness plague that Jews worldwide are now experiencing. Jews are self-destructing at a faster pace. Their crimes are getting sloppier and their cover ups are becoming ineffectual.
      Our growing knowledge of them has stimulated this downfall. They will not go out with a bang, but a wimper.

    4. Luke Says:

      I wish I could be as optimistic as brother Miller.

      Actually, I am noticing that Miller is right about the enemy getting sloppier with their criminality and sheer evil, and I think we can attribute that to their tactical blunder of deciding to step out from behind the curtain because they are feeling cocky enough to think they no longer have to always use treasonous gentile front men or women who’ll do their bidding for them and who will be their camouflage.

      But, when we see our nauseating collection of treasonous human scum in Congress giving Netanyahu – who very likely was involved in the 9-11 false flag attack on America – 30 standing ovations during his recent speech, a reasonable man has to ask: What is it going to take to turn this nightmare around?

    5. Miller Says:

      Moshe Katzav, former president of Israel is serving 7 years for rape.
      It is just a matter of time before Netanyahu and the rest of them succumb to their perverted urges and stumble to their downfalls.

      Jewish power is fading.

    6. Ein Says:

      If so, Herr Miller, you can be sure it will be covered up as much as humanly possible. The public will never guess. And the word “Jew” will never, never be mentioned in the press.

      (What? He’s Jewish?!?! Imagine that! Well, so what? What’s his religion got to do with it? Yak, yak…)

      Like Brother Luke, I do not share you optimism.

      We have been through an endless parade of these incidents, year after year after year — the Madoffs and all the rest. …It never ends, and the public never connects the dots.

    7. Ein Says:

      His wife , Anne “Sinclair” (born Schwartz) is much more interesting than he is.
      They are both very rich, but she is much more so (according to some newspapers, she is a billionaire). She was one of the biggest TV personalities in France, and gave up her career to promote her husband in politics.

      Apparently, she has invested a great deal in grooming him for big things and is not about to give it all up now. Unlike most wives, she says she doesn’t care if her’s known as a seducer.

      As I read it, their marriage is more of a business-like arrangement, and he is an investment to her. If she could get him elected president of France, that is her ticket into the Elysee Palace and it would make her First Lady of France.

      She’s put too much into him to abandon it now. Some news accounts are saying that they (the Strauss-Kahn team of high-powered lawyers and investigators) are working on the chanbermaid’s family back in Africa to get her to back down and take a deal Or to refuse to testify. Maybe to leave the country. (There’s nothing holding her here.) A figure over a $million is mentioned. For that amount, she would never have to make a bed again, and her family could live better than African royalty back in their home village in Guinea. What a deal for them! Also, it would be impossible to subpoena or prosecute anyone in Africa for bribery or tampering with the American justice system. How perfect!

      This is what happened with the Michael Jackson case (also handled by the same Jewish lawyer… is it any accident they chose him?). The family of the boy molested quietly accepted a private settlement in the millions; the boy then refused to testify, thus bringing the wheels of justice to a standstill. So Jackson got off. It could be the same with this maid. She may become strangely reluctant, or “shy”, or may suddenly decide to return to her homeland.

      Incidentally, BOTH sides in this case are being represented by Jewish lawyers. Therefore, no matter who wins, the Jews will reap their profits; either way they will come out richer.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m starting to wonder if this whole tale is true. Strauss-Kahn attacks some Third-World trash in a hotel room, when he could have any blonde shiksa arm-candy he wants???? Maybe Strauss-Kahn’s fellow Jews paid the niggress a few million to cry rape, because they want Strauss-Kahn out of the picture for some reason. Jews stick together because they fear and hate the goyim, but they also fear and hate each other, sometimes even more.