4 May, 2011

Ok, What About Our ‘Civil Rights’?

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Let’s pretend, just for a minute, that “civil rights” are real, and not just Jewish constructs cooked up by Manny Celler and the gang to sabotage Whitey [1]. Let’s play Manny’s game. What about our civil rights? For example, our right to be safe and secure from invasion by illegal Mexicans? Or, our right to be judged by all-White juries, not ones full of hostile muds? What about our right to be treated by White doctors (not Third-World rejects)? What about our right to live in safe neighborhoods, not graffiti-sprayed, gang-infested slums? What about White civil rights?


[1] American law is based on the U.S. Constitution, and “civil rights” aren’t mentioned anywhere in that document. Nor did America’s founders mention them. “Civil rights” are as real as the Tooth Fairy

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  7. 2 Responses to “Ok, What About Our ‘Civil Rights’?”

    1. Arminius Says:

      If Gov. Herbert is worth his salt, he will see to it, that Utah ignores any federal court, suit, injunctions, resolution or whatever immigroups are trying against this State law.
      Just the same as Israel ignores every foreign interference, i.e. UN resolutions, suits, “civil rights”, “human rights” or whatever.

    2. Paul Kersey Says:

      On 14 May 2011, the Indiana Supreme Court decided to nullify the Fourth Amendment which guarantees the right of American citizens to be free from unlawful search and seizure. Indiana citizens/residents are no longer safe in their homes if/when any law enforcement officer suspects any kind of unlawful activity or possession of any items prohibited by law.