26 May, 2011

Serbia: Only Whites are Arrested for (Exaggerated) ‘War Crimes’

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In Serbia, Muslim Albanians/KLA members are never arrested for ‘war crimes’ or ‘genocide’ [1]. Only the White, Christian Serbs are arrested. Interesting, huh? Also, the Muslims started the fighting in the first place. The Serbs only retaliated against the Muslims. The Serbs are the victims, not the bullies. By the way, this arrest of Mladik will buy the “new, pro-Western” Serbia’s entrance into the European Union.


[1] if Muslims are arrested, they are acquitted later on

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  7. 27 Responses to “Serbia: Only Whites are Arrested for (Exaggerated) ‘War Crimes’”

    1. torrence Says:

      Just the past week I was reflecting upon how the effort to promote of ‘international law’, international war crimes tribunals, the Hague Court of Justice and other associated concepts are little more than a tool assisting in implementing ‘a new world order’ (the very term Obama used in addressing the UK Parliament two days ago).

      Targeted are those who resist Anglo/American/Nato policy. It is also used to maintain a Zionist-friendly and Isreali-centered Middle East. It is a legal cudgel -yet another weapon – available in the armamentarium of those implementing policies of domination in Europe and the Middle East and to a lesser degree in Africa.

      Never used against Israeli crimes.
      Little application in the Orient.
      Used against Libya, but not against Saudi Arabia or Tunisia.
      The Americans have exempted themselves from this ‘justice’ through bribery, threats and other pressures.

      Find joy that we have a proper understanding of things, that we can perceive beyond the obvious and grasp the deeper meaning of things. Most people do not possess our instincts. Few are impervious to propaganda. Few have the insight to discern truth from falsehood and fact from fiction. They need our help.

      BE SURE to share things you learn from VNN with others.

    2. Virgil Says:


    3. Virgil Says:


    4. Virgil Says:


    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Serbians are the Whitest-looking people in Europe. They are also the most nationalist-minded. So is it any wonder they are always being vilified? Apparently the only form of nationalism that is always acceptable is Jewish nationalism, a.k.a., Zionism.

    6. Dean Dio Says:

      A good example on how the USA & Western Powers use Muslims (Albanian Muslims) to invade a country like Serbia in order to cleanse the area of white natives. Then, of course, white Serbians are blamed for the massacre which justifies muslim murders as pious. Never forget, muslims hate whites just as much as jews and will pounce on an opportunity to be given white land and white women to do with as they please. These Albanians will go around in Serbia playing the victim in order to justify their racial instincts and desire to hijack white women & their genes…

    7. John Says:

      torrence Says:

      Targeted are those who resist Anglo/American/Nato policy. It is also used to maintain a Zionist-friendly and Isreali-centered Middle East. It is a legal cudgel -yet another weapon – available in the armamentarium of those implementing policies of domination in Europe and the Middle East and to a lesser degree in Africa.

      Never used against Israeli crimes.
      Little application in the Orient.
      Used against Libya, but not against Saudi Arabia or Tunisia.
      The Americans have exempted themselves from this ‘justice’ through bribery, threats and other pressures.

      It will never be used against Mugabe who has murdered Whites. This Hague Tribunual is a Zionist creation designed to go after Whites who attempt to defend themselves agasint jew led muds.

    8. John Says:

      Another thing, this arrest will not hasten Serbia’s membership in the EU. It has been made clear to Serbia that it will also have to recognize the Clinton created illegal muslim Albanian ‘state’ of Kosovo, grant autonomy to another muslim area of the country known as Raska, ban all nationalist groups and ‘hate’ speech, along with many other demands.
      This is good though because no real nationalist wants to join the jew EU.

    9. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      When the economy goes into the shitter for good….then the Nazi’s will be back!!
      …how much longer can 16 million JEWS along with their self hating white traitors keep up their genocide against 900 million whites and 1.3 billion muslims?….not much longer!
      History will repeat itself once more…. here is how it works:


      ….then the JEWS get slapped around like monkeys and the process repeats itself.
      …pretty simple eh?
      …You see the Nazi’s where a gang and not a political party,
      ..the Nazi’s where a white gang that you didn’t fuck with.
      The Nazi’s understood the problem (who was fucking them over and pimping out thier women and children..)

      The Nazi’s scared the fuck out of the JEW!!
      …today deep down every JEW knows its comming!! …the real holocaust.
      The day is comming when the so called Nazi’s are going to controll every white country.
      …the day is comming when Nazi’s are going to nuke Israel and take every JEW in white homelands and put them in the ovens alive!!
      ..Do not get down white man ….we will take back power by what ever means nessasary.!!


      World War Two was just a warm-up JEW-BOY….part two is comming!!

    10. Neptune Says:

      After WW2 the jews did learn how to solve their problems. Race mixing is their ultimate weapon, their new destructive tool. Jews got the power in White socientes and then honorable White people took them down. The cycle repeated many times over millenia. When the White race becomes extinct, jews will worry no more.

      Race-mixing is genocide at the molecular level. Jews are destroying the White race at the molecular level.

      By the year 2035, the White population of the USA will be less than 50%. By the year 2060, the White population of the entire European continent will be less than 50%. England, the Netherlands and France will be the first non-White countries in Europe, this will happen around the year 2030. Right now 40% of the population of London is non-White.

      Only an ice-age combined with a depletion of fossil fuels can save the White race.


    11. torrence Says:

      “the Nazi’s where a gang and not a political party.” ?

      Honkey-Tonk: Your heart is probably in the right place, just please find a more appealing (and accurate) way to promote our cause.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      40 million people were killed in WWII, half of whom were White. By contrast, only about 250,000 Jews were killed, if that. So stop being such an idiot, Honky Man.

    13. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Funny thing indeed that Muslim KLA butchers of white Serbs are never made to account for their crimes or paraded in disgrace before the televitz cameras. Jews are suddenly pro-Muslim when the latter turns its murderous ways towards white Christians in Serbia or anywhere else in Europe.

      Yet when Israeli kikes are threatened by radical Muslims American goy soldiers are sent, at great expense to our racial well being and national security, hither and yon around the world to utter destroy them.

    14. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Some people seem to think that Albanians are not white. All I can say is that all the Albanians that I have met would be classified as white by most standards. The Albanians that I have met would range from typically Greek or Southern Italian looking with olive skin with dark brown hair to typically middle European looking with mid to light brown hair and medium white complexion. Tim McGreen says, ” the the Serbians are the whitest looking people in Europe.” The Serbians I have met follow the same range that I said goes for the Albanians. I have met enough olive skinned Serbians in my time. In the Balkans you see the three main racial subsets of Europe, Nordic, Alpine and Mediterreanian represented.

      I would agree however that the Jews are using the Albanians as they used the negroes in the USA to divide and conquer. Serbia has been set up for the harshest treatment because it is the most nationalist and has been resisting the iron heel of Zionism more than any other Balkan nation.

    15. Sgt. Skull Says:

      True Leviticus. The Serbs and Albanians are racially very similar but are divided by religion. In fact, the modern day Albanian Muslims are descendents of Christians who converted en masse to Islam when the Ottoman Turks conquered Serbia and adjacent territories as I understand the history.

      Years ago I found a online video of what I thought was Serbian Christian soldiers shooting up a mosque because 2-3 of the soldiers involved had blondish hair and fair skin. Then the narrator explained that these were Muslim soldiers desecrating a Serbian Christian church. The dark skinned soldiers in the video were Arab mujahideen assisting the white Albanian Muslims.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Serbians are whiter in appearance than you claim, Lev. Next thing you’ll be saying is that the Swedes range from being short and swarthy to being shorter and swarthier?

      Behold, a Serbian girl: http://worldcupgirls.net/girls-pics/serbian-girl_world-cup-2010_10.jpg

    17. John Says:

      Racially the majority Albanians are Turk Armenoid. There are some white ones, they are the ones with Slavic roots as there was heavy Albanization of Slavic population of Kosovo during the Ottoman rule.

    18. John Says:

      Serbian people are very tall Albanians are generally short.

      Serbian girls from Belgrade



    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      John, I always wondered how much Turkish mongrelization took place in the Balkans when the Ottomans ruled that region. It seems the Serbians escaped with little if any Turk contamination. Of course the Ottomans did make it all the way up into Austria, so there must have been a little DNA pollution along the way. Fortunately, such undesirable genes can be completely washed away in a few generations.

      PS..thanks for the photos of those lovely Serbian Slav girls. If the Nordicists can’t appreciate how beautiful they are, then the Nordicists are truly a bunch of homos.

    20. John Says:

      Tim, the problem with the Balkans and East Europe are not really Turkish genes but the infestation of gypsies. Many gypsies in countries like Hungary Slovakia Serbia Croatia Romania and Bulgaria declare themselves as members of the indigenous ethnic group of that country.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      gypsies. Many gypsies in countries like Hungary Slovakia Serbia Croatia


      Sadly, even for those who are fully awake to the enemy aliens in our mists, gypsies are un KNOWN.

      Warning to you all of you, those let them near you are do any business with them will be sorry. They had a great time on the East coast 1950’s to 80’s, but they ventured out to Western parts of Canada and US.

      They are supreme hive of physical con’s and b.s. on Whitey.

      Consider your self warned about Gypsies.

      NO White country would allow them in, if it was run by Whites.

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Warning to all of you, do not let those supreme ass holes get near you or your family, and do not dare do any business with them are you will be sorry.

      Think of it this way.


    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hollywood has had a way of projection, and laughing at US.

      It is a projection what they mean IMO.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:


    25. Dave Says:

      The first girl looked very Slavic to me.
      I have dealt with gypsies before. Harshly I might ad. (with my fists lol). I always have to laugh when I hear those rediculous 60’s songs about gypsies. How pathetic!

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      In the 60s and 70s gypsies were thought of as colorful itinerant hippie types. But in reality they are a bunch of, as Cher sang, “tramps and thieves”.

      I didn’t realize Gypsy blood was contaminating Euro populations, as I thought Gypsies kept pretty much to themselves. Those people are believed to have originally come from somewhere in India, so they can hardly claim to be “indigenous” to Europe.

    27. Steel Says:

      This is in response to the “honkey tonk” and subsequent posts above.

      First, the jew is the most destructive sociopath on Earth and here’s why: the parasitic jew ALLOWED the Holocaust to reach its fullest potential to A) Trim the rift raff off its own population, and B) Create the victim story that gave the justification necessary to create the illegal state of israel, as well as the diversion (smoke screen) needed so the scum could propagate its evil deeds in banking, the press, Hollywood, etc.. The jew had many opportunities before 1939 (and after) to save its own and refused.

      Second, the jew is a parasite that WILL kill its host, aka you and I. The jew is psychotic enough to destroy all of us and the entire world, and thus kill itself.

      Whether or not we can regain control before it’s too late is still debatable. When I look around and see the nauseating state of political correctness and sympathy for these rats, coupled with nigger-loving white whores, and all the other problems we the White Race face today, I am very cynical about the future. Victory will take a lot. It may be too late already. I fear we are not making progress, if any, at a rate that will save us. What we need NOW are leaders with viable ideas, not ideas that isolate us further. We need to separate, absolutely. We need our own, self-sufficient communities, not just remote compounds. I’d like to see forums like this promote more in the way of ideas, not just the obvious criticisms of parasite jew that we all accept.