4 May, 2011

The Nature of the Beast

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“My reason for making these historical and theological digressions is to establish the fact that slave dealing is sanctioned by both religion and tradition among the Jews. They can’t get away with it in Europe or America these days, but in Israel, among themselves, they see no reason why they shouldn’t follow their natural inclinations. They must disguise those inclinations, of course. But disguise, deception, is something that also comes naturally. The Jews have a modus vivendi that really is unique among the races of man. For at least the last 2,600 years — that is, ever since the so-called “Babylonian captivity” — and perhaps even much earlier, the Jews have striven to maintain their own separate identity and at the same time to live as a minority in non-Jewish societies. Other races have chosen one course or the other: either to be themselves, among their own kind, or to lose their own identity and assimilate into another society. The Jews always have wanted to have it both ways, and their skill at disguise and deception has been essential in the degree of success they have had.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 07-08-2000.

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