20 May, 2011

U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Mexican Leftist Cesar Chavez

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(Above: Chavez [r.] with communist activist Humberto “Bert” Corona)

How appropriate! If you’re going to have a multi-racial navy sailing around the world fighting wars for non-Whites, then why not name a ship after a non-White?


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    1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      NO FOREIGN ALLEGIANCES is what the Constitution requires of the President when it requires two parents born in America through the use of the phrase “natural born citizen” which was coined in the “Law of Nations” published in 1758. The Founders precluded all lineages to foreign countries through foreign-born parents requiring the highest form of citizenship: two parents born in Ameirca. As the U.S. Constitution was controverted and obviated by comrade Lincoln and the “Lincoln’s Paradise” liberals more than a century ago, elimination and preclusion of allegiance to America is now accepted by the one-world, U.N., globalist communists. Global communists in America celebrate and honor illegal alien day-labor invader peasant parasites…just what Marx ordered!

    2. Jimbo B. Says:

      The hidden history of Cesar Chavez is what I find most interesting. I have read that he was AGAINST the wetbacks and had his own groups of border enforcers to help keep his law breaking Mexican brothers from getting in illegally and taking up the good jobs that the legal ones came in for every harvest season.

    3. mrcrouton Says:

      “César Chávez Foundation spokesman Marc Grossman told Fox News Latino that Chavez would have been humbled by the designation.”

      Sometimes things get so surreal in multicultural America that it gets god damned ridiculous.

      I guess since there are very few literate or English speaking latinos, so a pushy Jew speaks for a latino group. Jews like Grossman are absolutely shameless, so they can morph into anything the Jewish agenda wants at the time.

      I have a feeling the nickname for the ship will soon be the USS Wetback.

    4. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Nothin’ new under the sun. It all started with naming everything after Martin Luther King. Then Mandela now Chavez. It is a strategy of the Jew to stick the heroes of the enemies of our people right in our face. I look forward to the day when the streets of Tel Aviv and New York are named after the great heroes of Germany in WW2 and the Jew gets it shoved in his face.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wait, wait….the head of the Cesar Chavez Foundation is Marc Grossman? Shouldn’t it be some beaner instead? But then again, the Jews have to control everything, especially non-White/anti-White organizations and movements.

      I used to have respect for the US Navy, but now they are just a bunch of homo lovin’ anti-White fudgepackers. Hopefully some Chink submarine will torpedo the USS Cesar Chavez and it, along with its crew of greasy maricóns, will go down to the bottom without a trace.

    6. M. Kraus Says:

      Just wait until the Iranian navy gets a glimpse of the USS Mao Tse Tung on the horizon. Be afraid, anti-Semites…be very afraid!

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      IMO they are trying to get a reaction like the thug criminal F.D.R. was, as he and his Cabal panicked for over 18 month’s trying to find ways to get the Japanese to attack US.

      Let it all hang out.

    8. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      This is only the beginning.Don’t be astonished when you will get Navy ships with names like: The Martin Luther King,The Michael Jackson,The Che Guevara and-as a gesture to
      “our best friend and ally”-The Jonathan Pollard… Also expect the celebration of “National Gay Pride Day” on the decks of those ships. The officers corps will be nearly entirely “diverse”:50% women,the rest Blacks,Hispanics,Moslims,Indians,Chinese and a few “token”-Whites.That will be the final triumph of our kosher friends.

    9. Mel Brooks Says:

      Even amongst liberals I know, the resentment over all these landmark renamings is high. Whenever some news show wag mentions Cesar Chavez Street someone will say, with an undercurrent of annoyance..”ARMY STREET”.
      If it wasn’t for half-Mexican Joan Baez, would anyone even know who he was?
      And her father, Albert Baez, was no bracero, he was of the elite. Ms Baez herself lives in one of the most expensive towns in the SFBA..Woodside, which is lousy with lefty-liberal celebrities. The sort of place where the “help” had better be out of town by 5:00PM..celebtaring diversity only takes place during business hours.

    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      At some point every ship in the U.S. Navy’s fleet will be renamed after our many plastic gods of multiculturalism. This must be a ham handed attempt to placate the fast growing mexrement population. I wonder if Mexico will be christening one of its new ships the Sam Houston? Or how about Israeli hebes naming a ship after Yasser Arafat?

      The kwa needs to be put out of its misery.

    11. The Red Skull Says:

      If this Bullshit naming goes through —then the US NAVY will not only dishonor the ship crew,but the entire Navy itself!—-Good Greif!

      Does the multi-culti Left and the friggin’ Jews know any boundaries?

      Is there nothing from putting Niggers in the new THOR movie to naming new ships after Greasy,Communist,Traitorous,Beaner Scum, that they won’t do to defile and besmearch what was Good and White before?

      Yes–i already know the answer………………..

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      So the photo was taken down, and across the net as well as VNNF, its over one cares.

      Is there any Espri decor left in the officer ranks ?

      I read the the aliens have complained that the army officer corps at 77% had to change for more non Whites.

      When that happens it will much easier to use the legions against Whites here at home IMO

    13. Howdy Doody Says: