15 May, 2011

White Nursery Rhyme

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“I am a baby Aryan; not Jewish or sectarian; I will not marry an ape or Rastafarian.”

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    6. 4 Responses to “White Nursery Rhyme”

      1. Tim McGreen Says:

        The itsy-bitsy nigger

        climbed up the chain-link fence

        Down came The Man

        Who killed him in self-defence

        Out came the moolies

        With their protest signs

        And all the Jews

        With all their sighs and whines

        But the itsy-bitsy nigger

        Won’t ever hold up that Korean grocery store again.

      2. torrence Says:

        I believe the lead-off thread quote is from the great contemporary historian David Irving. That was held against him in his Lipstadt trial; don’t know why it should be, but it was. It was probably introduced to convince people he was a ‘racist’. It is a quote I can abide with quite well.

      3. abc Says:

        It comes from this:

        No less hidden was David Irving’s alleged racism. Revealed in court was a racist ditty that he sang to his daughter as they passed “half-breed children” in the street: “I am a baby Aryan; Not Jewish or sectarian; I will not marry; An ape or Rastafarian”. Irving claimed that this song was a response to a smear in Searchlight, “of whom you will no doubt hear more,” he warned ominously.

        So, voicing disgust at half-breeds is bad? I want to be bad!

      4. DMS Says:

        I think they got the verse wrong, the “I will not marry” of the third line doesn’t fit.

        More likely it goes like this:

        I am a baby Aryan
        Not Jewish or sectarian
        I will not be marryin’
        An ape or Rastafarian

        I will not be marryin’
        An ape or Rastafarian.

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