29 May, 2011

Words That You “Can’t” Say

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(He’s from Surrey – well, that changes everything!). Anyway, is your language pre-approved by Jews, Blacks, Browns and fags? Maybe you should find out, because in The Waste, you “can’t” say things that aren’t “politically correct.” By the way, the term “politically correct” came from the Jewish-built Soviet Union [1].


[1] Anton Semyonovich Makarenko, a Soviet education guru, coined the term

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    1. M. Kraus Says:

      Nigger is different. Admittedly it has been appropriated by rappers in the same manner as the word queer was reclaimed by the gay community, but in the mouth of a white man it remains deeply offensive.

      There is no “double standard” when it comes to political correctness. You are White, therefore you are wrong.

      The problem isn’t that these jew-trained niggers think like this. The problem is that cowardly White people obey them. “Political correctness” would wither and die if Whites would merely decide that they were not going to allow Others to define acceptable parameters of speech and behavior.

    2. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      The only “double standard” in PC is when it comes to Muslims.You may freely criticize Islam,ridicule its prophet in cartoons,advocate the expulsion of all Muslims or the invasion of their countries and the taking of ther oil or even the bombing of Mecca with atom bombs.
      All of this is allowed because the Muslims are the enemie-du-jour of the Jews.There is no logic in PC.Ultimately the only criterium is : is it good for the Jews?

    3. Syd Spada Says:

      Really. If one decides that he wants to talk to a negro (who would, anyway?!), or finds himself in a situation where verbal contact with the beast is unavoidable, one must speak the negro’s language in order to be understood.
      So you gots ta come at a nigga spikkin ebonics an shit, nigga caint be talkin like a punk-ass, faggot-ass white-ass muhfucka. Nigga. You fillin me?
      Then, you get smeared for it and called a racist.
      It’s a variation on the old “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” rule, which begs the question of who’s really in charge. But we know the answer to that question, don’t we?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      ….After spotting my companion, an elegant (White female) executive at a glossy magazine, a curly-haired man looked me up and down and then asked her: ‘Are you with him?’ His response to her affirmative nod stopped me in my tracks: ‘You’re a nigger’s bitch, that’s what you are………

      …..he went on to repeat the insult no fewer than seven times (I counted). I said: ‘Excuse me?’ He answered: ‘Yeah, nigger?’ ‘What did you say?’ ‘Nigger.’ He appeared to enunciate the word with some relish. ‘I think that’s a bit off,’ I said. ‘Would you mind not using that word please?’ ‘What, nigger? Nigger? Nigger’s not offensive. Nothing wrong with nigger. I know loads of niggers.’….

      I am not going to name him – while he is an offensive idiot, I have no desire to destroy his career – but suffice it to say that this individual is every bit in demand today as he was….in the Nineties…….

      Here’s the curly-headed man who verbally assaulted the colored boy and his elegant executive:


    5. Paul Kersey Says:

      We won’t be able to use the term “muslim” much longer. I have noticed that some people use this word in reference to the niggers. Yes…, I said NIGGERS. That is what they are. They are apes that have not completely evolved yet. I have the right to associate with whomever I choose and to disassociate with whomever I choose. I have no desire to mix or mingle with niggers, greasers, rag heads, dinks, or queers. I have no problem with who I see in the mirror and my conscience is clear.

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      Niger is a country in Africa.
      Niger is the Latin word for black.

      Say Niger real fast about 50 times.

    7. Doug in Canada Says:

      As ever, the fact that the word nigger is a taboo in our culture and we are not supposed to say it, makes us want to use the term even more. My friend and I jokingly call each other nigger all of the time. Who gets to tell me and my friend what we can call one another?