26 June, 2011

Apestract Art

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(Above: part of Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion”)

“Apestract” is a good, overall word to describe the crap that the Jewish art world has pushed onto Western society. That crap is everywhere today: in the dentist’s/doctor’s office, at the restaurant and the shopping mall, on the TV show, in the movie. Junk art is like sunlight: you can’t avoid it.


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  7. 26 Responses to “Apestract Art”

    1. old dutch Says:

      Don’t get your shorts all in a bunch. The picture you are showing is not an abstract—it is surrealistic.

    2. rick Says:

      The aim of white art was always to uplift the spirit or catch a mood.
      The single aim of Marxist or ‘Frankfurt’ school of contemporary art is to undermine and cheapen anything of real worth. I know personally so many Europeans who pretend to like this sort of rubbish just for fear of appearing stupid. The herd instinct I suppose.

    3. Doug Says:

      It’s not surrealistic either, it’s shit. Salvador Dali was a surrealist. This stuff is just fly-covered, hay-embedded, bullshit. It’s the triumph of jewish marketing over substance. It’s an ode to their ability to market piles of shit and actually get high-paying customers for it. That’s why they shove it in our face, along with using it to lower our standards. Kids seeing it will think they don’t have to learn how to draw to become successful, never knowing the jewish marketing involved to make these 2D bowel movements popular. I think the best artists today are sci-fi/fantasy, such as Michael Whelan, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, and the old pin up artists of the 30s and 40s (Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, Rolph Armstrong). Look those up for real art.

    4. Big Dick Johnson Says:

      Jews have always been in the forefront in promoting “abstract art”. It is really a sick, degenerate anti-art that is used by the jews to destroy all concepts of Aryan aesthetics and beauty.

    5. Doug Says:

      It keeps bothering me… how did they make a bowel movement in only 2 dimensions?? How… it just seems impossible, and yet there it is. “Pavel Jerdanowitch” pulled a prank on the modern art world to prove it was a hoax, look him up.

    6. Socrates Says:

      old dutch Says: Don’t get your shorts all in a bunch. The picture you are showing is not an abstract—it is surrealistic.

      Read it again: I never called Bacon’s painting “abstract.”

      But it is junk.

    7. old dutch Says:

      The camel’s hump is an ugly lump which well you may see at the zoo. But uglier yet is the hump we get, from having too little to do. —Kipling

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      Looks like a dick with ears to me.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Being an art school dropout I did pretty well on the “fake art” test included in the linked article. I can tell a Kandinsky from a Mondrian from a Chagall, etc, but I also realize that it’s all hype and a joke on the art-loving public. Everyone is supposed to go ooh and aah over a giant canvas with a tiny little red circle on it, or contemplate the “true” meaning of a dead lamb fetus suspended in a glass tank full of chemicals.

      Meanwhile, the “artist” laughs up his sleeve and gets rave reviews from the Times’ Jew art critic and his exhibition is sold out weeks in advance by art mavens and poseurs with their black Steve Jobs-style mock turtlenecks, berets and artsy-looking glasses.

      This is what happens when you let the Jews take control of the art scene or attempt to bring serious art to the unwashed masses. It gets trivialized, sensationalized and vulgarized.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’d say that junk art is like a bunch of dead armadillos on a Texas highway: They’re unpleasant to look at but you can’t help seeing them, because they’re in the middle of the road and there’s so many of them.

      Only a Jew’s deranged, morbid and scatological imagination could come up with such a weird-looking thing like the creature in that painting above. And the fake name “Francis Bacon” is disrespectful to the memory of the great 17th Century English philosopher, scientist and statesmen.

      Here’s another disturbing “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery” type painting from the Jew who calls itself Francis Bacon. After the Revolution, it’s going straight to the Entartete Kunst gallery:


    11. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Art is supposed to do more than just look pretty, it has to challenge the viewer and his beliefs. That is what all of Bacon’s art seeks to accomplish and for that reason alone it truly deserves to be called great art.

    12. Miller Says:

      Francis Bacon. His anti-Catholic paintings got him noticed by the dirty Jews who run the gallery system. That he was a toilet tricking faggot also helped.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      The jew’s promotion of degenerate art serves two purposes; it can make them lots of money out of worthless junk, and it attempts to sever White people’s appreciation of their great and enduring artistic achievements.

    14. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Miller, I don’t understand what an artist’s sexual orientation has to do with his artistic talent. You seem to have a preoccupation with gay people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but your disparaging remarks are totally unfair and inappropriate.

    15. old dutch Says:

      Bacon was an outrageous homosexual.

      He was also from the same family that produced the first American White supremacist Nathaniel Bacon, and the English scientist-philosopher Francis Bacon.

      I’m not a fan of Bacon. But, his best works are his abstract expressionist portraits of Pope, King, and Cardinal. To say that a wealthy & connected man like Bacon needed the Jews for anything is stupid.

    16. jayhackworth Says:

      Another example of the jew taking a dump, and trying to rub the West’s nose in it.

    17. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “Art is supposed to do more than just look pretty, it has to challenge the viewer and his beliefs. That is what all of Bacon’s art seeks to accomplish and for that reason alone it truly deserves to be called great art.”

      Right. In that spirit of true, challenging art, I have a concept for a work featuring a corpse of a bearded Hasidic joo, nekkid except for one of those huge fur hockey puck hatz, hanging from the gallery ceiling by a piano wire noose fastened to itz balls, a Talmud clasped in its hairy ass-cheeks.

    18. Robert Cardillo Says:

      That painting looks like alot of the yentas I know. Big mouths and ugly!!! Hideous slags, the lot of them!!!

    19. Zoroastro Says:

      Francis Bacon (the image used for this thread) was a particularly deranged sausage jockey propelled into ‘celebrity’ status by his fellow butt-surfing Art mafiosi. Truly sick and revolting “imagery”…IMO.

    20. The Red Skull Says:

      I find that picture DISTURBING.Looks like something a sicko=psycho would paint while on a bad acid trip.To call this sort of shit work “art” is an affront to true artists everywhere whose art really does inspire.

      I’ve seen 6th graders turn out better and less depressing “art” that beats the complete shit out of that monstrosity.Where’s that new rope i bought………

    21. Joe Neunzig Says:

      It’s no surprise that Francis Bacon, who practised the abumination of sodomy, should produce such abombinations.

    22. Susan Says:

      When I look at a painting or drawing or sculpture or anything ‘”arty” I just ask myself: Would I want that hanging on my wall in my house or sitting on a table in my house?

      And that pretty much rules out everything done by jews, niggers, or anyone not White. Rarely I am drawn to something “funky” and I usually find that it is done by some jew chick. Maybe a cat drawing or painting or sculpture or something like that. haha

      The main requirement from art for me is to uplift me, to give me a positive feeling or emotion.

      Jews must really hate themselves and must really not find much pleasure in being alive when you look at what they create.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Behold, the most sublime work of art ever painted on a canvas:


    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      I meant it as a joke, dim-wit.

    25. Diablo Says:

      Things have become clearer with regards to understanding “their” art, culture, shameful manipulations after listening to Dr Alexander Jacob lecture recently posted on Voice of Reason podcast network. The lecture is intellectually detailed but stick with it.

    26. abc Says:

      Art appreciation is very subjective. By rejecting all modern art, you will lose people.
      After all, you could also dismiss some classical art as pornographic or homosexual.
      But pointing at all blasphemous Jewish or Jew-promoted art can only pay up.