3 June, 2011

Decades Later, Hollowco$t Affects U.S. Transportation

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The Holocaust racket: interfering with White lives since 1945 and there’s no end in sight!


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  7. 28 Responses to “Decades Later, Hollowco$t Affects U.S. Transportation”

    1. joeglas1 Says:

      Recently perused a book by Hosenite Zara Steiner “The Triumph of the Dark”,dealing with the inter.war period in Europe.It has some interesting stats on Jewish immigration prior to the war,for example,on p. 983:”From March 1937. to September 1938. some 20,000 Germans,the overwhelming majority of them Jews,were admitted into the US.”Thats a period of 15 months.Jewish immigrant stats for the US from Europe during the period 1933-1945,as far as I know,have not been made public and it is virtually impossible to get a straight answer from official channels.For Austria it states that of 180.000 that lived there,by July 1939 97.000 had fled.102.000 Jews settled in Palestine 1933-1939,7600 in South Africa,13,000 in Argentina,47,000 in Great Britain,15,000 in Chile,even 10,000 to Shang Hai,etc.I think you get the picture.Doubtless it was some of these “Holocaust survivors” who never saw war or a camp who ripped off the German govt. for nearly $50 million US last year.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Lets make a list of all these Shabbaz goyim politicoes that whore for the jews, so if the day comes when the tables are turned or the whole fukkin table is thrown out the door, we can demand reparations from them and their kike masters. As far as I’m concerned every politician from the National to the Statehouse will have to be liquidated

    3. old dutch Says:

      O’Malley is just another Irish Roman Catholic politician sucking Jew ass for dollars & support.

      Test question: Can you name an Irish Roman Catholic politician who ain’t a homosexual, or advocating for homosexuals?

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The jews seem hellbent on making sure that what didn’t happen to them during WWjew will occur in the future.

    5. torrence Says:

      CW-2: I was just thinking the same. Their preoccupation with the little ‘h’ does nothing less than ensure the upcoming big ‘H’.
      They are a relentless people in the promotion of their own destruction.

      ‘Why us?’ they always ask. They still haven’t figured it out.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Jew Gets Free Money for Jumping off Train

      By Barbara Kleinfeld, Associated Jewish Press

      Annapolis, Maryland (AJP) Leo Bretholz, 90, is one of approximately 40 million Holocaust survivors, ages 39 and up, who are still living and are demanding justice. “I vass helt kaptiff by Hitler himself in hiss perzonal train, vich vass full uff gess chambers, said Mr. Bretholz, who was presented with a check for $100,000,000 from Amtrak for his wartime heroics, even though Amtrak, a poorly-run government railroad, was not established until 1971 and never operated in wartime Europe. “Ze train vass fuelt by ze gasst korpses of Chooze. Dey trowed dem into ze furnass to make ze train run faster. And zey made us eat nutink but those verkate peanut butter crackers, I’m tellink you.”

      Mr. Bretholz escaped from Hitler’s Train of Evil just before he was to be gassed by using a miniature helicopter that he manged to smuggle on to the train before it left Hitler’s castle. An Amtrak spokesperson apologized to Mr. Bretholz profusely before getting down on his hands and knees to present Mr. Bretholz with his check, an oversized Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes style prop that could not be presented by either Ed McMahon or Dick Clark.

    7. Mel Brooks Says:

      Old Dutch..you’ve been banging that pot for so long now, you must have formed it into a nice set of trap cymbals by now.

      And once more, this Dutch and deeply-lapsed Catholic puts it to you..where are all those Prot’ politicos, in their cloning hordes, standing fast against those wordly Jews and their endless demands?

      “The jews seem hellbent on making sure that what didn’t happen to them during WWjew will occur in the future.” Precisely, CW-2.

      Just when you begin to think they can’t come up with any more completely jaw-dropping whoppers, the Chersen Pipples manage to pull something implausible (but unquestioned!!!) out of the ole kippah. How long, one might ask..will it go on until like those naughty black gals in that Oakland theater that laughed at Schindler’s List..the entire world laughs at the weeping jew on the stage with his violin. The last curtain call. At last.

    8. Mel Brooks Says:

      Hilarious TMc..but you left off the bit where he marries Tinky Rabinowitz and spends a harrowing night under Tom Metzger’s compound.

      Like I said, very funny. It reminds me of that guy a few years ago who placed a personal ad in a Jewish paper describing himself as a 27 year-old Holocaust Survivor.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks Mel, but I meant to write verkakte peanut butter crackers. And I should have added that Hitler’s castle was a magic castle.

      This latest improbable Holohoax tale about the bad choo-choo train reminds me of a book I once read years ago, before I realized the severity of the Jewish Problem. It’s a crazy novel by Saul Bellow called Mr. Sammler’s Planet, which describes how the kindly old Holohoax survivor and noted New York intellectual Mr. Sammler once managed to dig himself out of a mass-grave of Jews who were murdered by the SS. As you can guess it’s just another scatological, narcissistic Jewish fairy-tale of a story.

    10. old dutch Says:

      @Mel Brooks, as in isn’t Mel Brooks a Jew? LOL.

      Irish Roman Catholic Martin O’Malley has already announced he will sign a gay marriage law into law in Maryland.

      It’s not the fault of us Protestants that your Roman Catholic politicians have gone queer.

    11. Syd Spada Says:

      Let us not forget: It is not only the jews who are perpetuating these crimes (though they are ultimately the architects and engineers of the scheme), it is the system which allows it, even encourages it, which, unfortunately, includes many collusive, despicable whites.
      After all, if there was a queue on the street where “they” were distributing wads of cash, political clout, special privileges, “entitlements”, etc, you and I would be right there with our hands out, would we not? We cannot blame the jackals for picking easy prey. We cannot blame the jew for sticking his filthy fucking nose in every pot, or the negro for collectng those government checks, while at the same time, mugging the helpless and dealing drugs to the reckless. But we CAN and must hold responsible our kindred who have aligned themselves with the enemy; who keep the wheels greased with the blood of respectable whites. For they commit nothing less than treason.
      When will enough be enough? Seemingly not until EVERY LAST ethnic German (read:Nazi) person, institution and ideal is subdued, debased and eliminated.
      Where is the public outcry against THIS genocide? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?!?
      It is solely ours, volks … and we are a desperate and dying breed.

    12. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      If ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is OK, ILLEGAL DEPORTATION is OK. If Americans must accept illegal immigration now, aliens must accept illegal deportation when it comes.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      First off, why does an American state like MD decide to award a contract for something as important as operating its commuter trains to a FOREIGN company? Isn’t that something, if at all possible, that should be given to an AMERICAN company? Is everything in the USA now up for sale to the highest foreign bidder? What next, will Mount Rushmore be sold to Mitsubishi or Gettysburg National Park to Cell Com Israel Ltd?

      Secondly, you’d think the old Jew prick Bretholz would just be happy that he is still alive and able to feed like an intestinal tapeworm off of gentile society. I doubt he was even in Europe during WWII, since most Jews there scurried off with their diamonds and furs to the USA, Canada, Australia and Palestine long before the shooting started.

      Thirdly, do you think the Governor of a state would set aside any of his busy office time to see YOU? Yet this Jew bastard just strolls through the front door, asks to see the Governor and he’s shown right in. Amazing. Simply amazing.

      And as much as it annoys me to agree with Olde Dutch, he is right to a point. Many Italian and Irish Catholic immigrants got involved with big city politics as a way of gaining power and respectability in this country. Most WASPS never had the kind of enthusiasm for politics that the Catholic types do. Maybe it’s because when the WASPS showed up there was no USA or American political machine to get control of, just a savage, primordial wilderness that needed to be settled.

    14. Jimbo B. Says:

      I think it would be hilarious if the railroad company presented their historical documents and revealed that Mr. Bretholz was never documented as being on one of their trains.

    15. Miller Says:

      We should be planning the next holocaust, not reacting to the last one.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Wasp Blue Bloods of MASS. N.Y. CONN. N.H. VT. NJ. Sold WHITES down the river on April 12, 1861 to the jooo bankers.

      Old Duche Bag, can’t be a White man IMO.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Phuck you douche bag POS, you been an ass since 2000 on the net.


    18. old dutch Says:

      @ Howdy

      Howdy, you are a tard, and a liar.

      Grow up.

    19. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      Immigration has been perverted and abused by sinister and insidious forces since the illegal immigration generated in “Lincoln’s Paradise” by the emancipation proclamation (when jewish slaves were freed by Egypt they left immediately). America, its country and its culture have been destroyed by unconstitutional, undesireable and illegal immigration. There has been nothing legal or moral about the transference of a large segment of the population of mexico into America even though profiteers have allowed it. America is an extension of Middle Europe. All immigration that has deviated from that basis is illegal immigration. It is NOT the case that every person in the world is an American-in-waiting even though the world is full of parasites and wanabes. If illegal immigration has been OK in the past, then illegal deportation will be OK in the future. We will NOT need “laws” to effect deportation when the time comes. And when it comes, there will be no quarter given.

    20. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      When America was founded, the vote was restricted to European males of 21 years with estates of 50lbs Sterling or 50 acres. Responsible men voted for their families to promote a vigorous and free nation. The vote has been abused and perverted…affirmative action recipients, foreign parasites, freed slaves and governmental workers vote for free money. Politicians give huge pay raises to governmental workers, affirmative action recipients, welfare and food stamps to parasites for their votes. Affirmative action recipients, foreign parasites, freed slaves and governmental workers should not be allowed to vote as they vote for their own personal benefit only. Government employees work for the taxpayer, not the other way around. The right to vote in America should be restricted to actual Americans once again.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      50 lbs sterling would be a little over 500 ounces of Silver

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Only allowing wealthy landowners the right to vote would be dumb and unjust. They would only vote for laws that would benefit their class at the expense of everyone else, so screw that idea. All normal, mentally stable White males 21 and up should have the right to be heard, not just those whose families own large cotton plantations.

    23. Mel Brooks Says:

      Thanks for the link Alter Cockers..I mean Olde Dutch, but anything with a level of initiative beyond that of lichen knows that Mel Brooks is a jew. I’ll light a candela for you and say a Hail Mary. And it’s comforting to know that there’s not one, single, gay, Protestant, Pro-Israel politician in the United States. Not.one.

      Calling Dr. Pavlov., white courtesy telephone.

      And fuck the FF’s and the Constitution. Did the greatest men of our history…come from big-ass land-owning families? It’s always struck me that the FF requirements to excercize the opportunity to vote sounded an awful lot like what we fought Merrie Olde England to free ourselves from.
      The Constitution was draughted at a time when high tech consisted of designing a chamber pot that a drunken land owner could hit with a unhealthy dose of brandy in his system. And whatever the intent, the document itself guarantees nothing specifically FOR WHITE PEOPLE exclusively. The entire thing is full of holes. And then there’s the endless “amendments” that have rendered it a Frankenstein’s Monster. That’s FrankenSTEEN, OD.

      I’m sick of this nonsense..there’s few comforts in this struggle and even fewer allegiances. I’m fed up with feeling like a space alien amongst my family and friends. It’s time to increase my hideable, genuine personal wealth, stash away supplies and improve my self-defense skills. None of which will be acccomplished by having it out with flaming forumdorks and their pettiness and red marks.

      Good luck to the best of you..screw the rest of you.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Tim McG drops his bottle of Old Grandad and stumbles to head off Mel Brooks at the door.

      Hey, Mel (*hic*), I said HEY MEL!!! Don’t go, man, don’t go…..You know those guys were just kiddin’ around, they don’t like them cotton plantations no more’n you or I do, heh-heh (*hic*). You wanna know sumthin? I s-s-said you wannna KNOW sumthin? I like you, man, I really, really, really do…You is good people, I sez to Harriet, He’s good people…(*hic*) So waddya say, you gonna stay or wat? So waddya…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    25. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      The American Founders restricted the vote. America is a republic. The definition of republic follows:

      A state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.

      A “body of citizens” indicates a restricted vote. “Entitled to vote” means that a person has demonstrated “mental stability” and compentence sufficient to build an estate. People who receive entitlements, immigrant/affirmative action benefits, a welfare check or a pay check from the government will simply vote for bigger checks and benefits. We have that now and those people are called democrats. America is a fiscal and cultural disaster today because the vote was unconstitutionally granted to every living entity that could sneak or slither into this country. America is a republic, NOT a literal democracy. Democracy is its own worst enemy. It was said long ago that democracy would end when the people discovered they could vote themselves largesse. With $14 Trillion in debt to the Chinese (communist) and Arabs (monarchy), I think we are there. The inmates have taken over the asylum!

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      I understand that debt is automatically built in to the US Dollar, because each dollar the US Govt wants to spend has to be BORROWED from the “Federal Reserve”, a Jewish-controlled group of 12 privately-run banks. So naturally the Fed charges interest on the money it loans to the US Govt. That’s how the Jews get their gentile slaves into permanent debt, because even if the Govt wanted to pay back the principle on its debt it would still have to borrow money from the Fed to do it.


    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true that the US owes the Chinks, Arabs, Gooks and other foreign creditors trillions of dollars, but most of the debt is owed to US lenders, especially the Hebrew Central Bank, aka, the Fed.

      Do have that right? I think so.

    28. Diablo Says:

      Yet, Israel has no problem with Deutsche Bahn performing consulting work on their Apartheid Express. Incidentally DB recently drop their services to the zionazis after pressure from German and other activists.